Freya Ishtar

  • Heathens (The Werewolf Rebellion Chronicles)

    Fenrir hadn't planned on biting Orias Mulciber during the Battle of Hogwarts. Even less had he considered the newly-turned werewolf would be competition for claiming Hermione Granger as a mate. Hermione, herself, has no idea what she wants, or who to choose, especially when the so-called 'godless creatures' start showing her how good life with them can be.
  • Daughter of Slytherin

    The War was won, and all was well. Or so Hermione Granger thinks, until the night escaped Death Eater Thorfinn Rowle turns up in her kitchen, her broken wand in his hands and a story she can't bring herself to believe tumbling from his lips. (Tropes: marriage law/betrothal, pureblood!Hermione, ancient conspiracy) *WEEKLY UPDATES*
  • Bad Influence

    Falling through the Veil is a gamble; you never know where or when it'll drop you. Thrown into the '70s with no way back, Hermione finds herself hiding out at Hogwarts under an assumed name, befriended by a group of trouble-making misfits, and discovers that the mischievous influence within the Marauders was the one she'd always believed didn't have a bad bone in his body.
  • Consecration

    In bringing Sirius back, Hermione destroys the Arch. Cursed by its ancient power, she's possessed nightly by a dangerous magical force—one that might consume her if left unchecked. Dealing with the fallout of her actions while trying to free her, Sirius can think of only one means of helping her work off that ravenous nocturnal energy. *premise based on the manga Crimson Spell*
  • Glass Heart

    Breaking the memory charm cast on Hermione's parents reveals a shocking truth about their identities—and, in turn, her own—and unexpectedly makes her the guardian of a most unique and powerful artifact. When she and Draco start growing closer, can she be sure it's her heart he's after and not the one she now protects? *SPORADIC UPDATES*
  • Betrayals

    Pushed to her limits by under-appreciation, Hermione turns the weapon that is her intellect over to those who are at least honest about how they see her. Her simple proposition becomes complicated when she finds herself emotionally involved with two Death Eaters, and the not exactly unwilling plaything of an infamously savage werewolf. *dark!Hermione* (poly-fic) SPORADIC UPDATES
  • Lead Me

    Voldemort—no longer in need of his werewolf army after the War is won, and with a new weapon at his disposal—enacts a 'kill-on-sight' law. A secret about her heritage that came to light during the altercation at Malfoy Manor forces Hermione to run and hide, same as the werewolves. Soon, she finds herself relying on Fenrir Greyback, and for more than just survival. SPORADIC UPDATES
  • Deity

    Draco's come to suspect he might have Veela blood, after all, and that his mate might be a girl he's tried to protect, despite loathing her. Yet, the truth of his lineage is far more unique than that, and Hermione will learn how much fun that truth can be. Though even their fun comes at a price as she also learns a truth about herself she never imagined possible. *SPORADIC UPDATES*
  • The Mysterious Professor Kincaid

    When an enigmatic wizard takes the DADA post following the War, Hermione knows he's familiar, somehow. When he begins seducing her, she knows she can't resist long, nor is she certain she wants to. And when his true identity is revealed, she knows it's too late—she may've already fallen for this new incarnation of the Dark Lord that shouldn't exist. [Tomione] *UPDATED SPORADICALLY*
  • The Lies of War

    Hermione'd always known propaganda was a powerful weapon. In the chaos of the Second Wizarding War's end, Remus' body vanishes. When the discovery of Lyall Lupin's memoirs exposes a tragic secret, she's forced to wonder if Fenrir Greyback is the creature of nightmare she thinks, and if learning that secret might be the reason Remus has gone missing. *triad fic*
  • The Wolfsbane Solution

    *AU* Hermione is certain unwilling werewolf Remus Lupin, hates her . . . . Until the effects of a new magic meant to keep his shifts at bay—making his dependence on wolfsbane potion a thing of the past—brings his true feelings to the surface. Remus already knows the fiery witch appeals to him, but he has no idea she appeals to his wolf even more.
  • Revenir

    31st October, 1981. James vanished, assumed victim of an unknown curse that destroyed his body. Corban Yaxley knows the truth—a truth he'll keep 'til the time is right. 16 years later, James breaks free. Trying to help his son in secret, he crosses paths with a young witch separated from her allies. A young witch who's the first kind soul he's met since that tragic night.
  • Red Hair and a Hand-Me-Down Robe

    *Canon-Divergent AU* An abandoned church, an ancient potion recipe, and a feud that runs deeper than anyone realizes. Hermione Granger is about to learn a very jarring truth about herself, and find solace in the one place she never thought possible. *A pure-blood!Hermione story with a twist*
  • Sweeter than This (One-shot)

    (EWE) After leaving her job at the Ministry, Hermione opens a bakeshop for a change of pace. When Lucius hires her to cater an event, she takes the job against her own better judgment. He can't understand why he keeps coming up with new reasons to hire her, and she can't understand why she keeps accepting.
  • Fear, Itself

    *AU* "If I slept with you, Professor, it wouldn't be for a grade," the words fell thoughtless from her lips. Like most at Hogwarts University, Hermione Granger finds handsome Professor Lucius Malfoy intimidating, yet intriguing. She also—while somehow ending up in his bed—finds his legacy ties to the school are darker and more nefarious than even he knows. SPORADIC UPDATES
  • The Golden Mage's Captive (complete)

    *A Companion piece to Canimal's Mage's Captive fics* After Harry Potter's fall, Death Eater Thorfinn Rowle declares Hermione Granger a spoil of war—granted by Voldemort for reasons unknown. Captured after nearly a year running, Hermione faces an uncertain fate as Thorfinn's prize & returns to a world shattered by Voldemort's twisted intentions.
  • Foxglove & Wolfsbane

    *AU* Once an Age, the brightest Muggle-born witch is granted an honor—she becomes a prize in the dubiously-titled Foxhunt, where magically selected wizards compete to claim her. That is, if they can survive the event's werewolf-infested forest. And if the prize can survive an outcome the Foxhunt never before produced—being captured by two wizards. (poly-fic) UPDATED SPORADICALLY
  • Haunt

    Hurled into the past, Hermione accidentally catches Peter in his defining act of betrayal, inadvertently sparing both the Potters and Voldemort. Sirius & Remus, just realizing their feelings for one another, find their hearts and intentions complicated by their need to protect her from a Dark Lord who wants the eerily prophetic woman very, VERY, dead. (triad fic) SPORADIC UPDATES
  • A Moonlit Legacy

    Hermione has no idea which is the worst thing *ever*: Roped into hunting down Death Eaters Thorfinn Rowle & Orias Mulciber? Maybe. Finding out she's got wolf blood? Perhaps. Kidnapped, only to be rescued by the son of Fenrir Greyback's maker? Possibly. Learning all four are in cahoots and that none of this was a coincidence? Yeah, it's probably that last one. *poly-fic*
  • Lie To Me

    It started with a fib Hermione forced out that first day of Slughorn's potions class. Next came her birthday gift from a secret admirer, though it wasn't long before she learned his identity. From those beginnings, the fateful year leading directly up to the Second Wizarding War became one filled with false words to friends, and stolen moments with Draco Malfoy. SPORADIC UPDATES