• walk all over me (show me some respect)

    All Severus wants is for someone to take him seriously.
  • Bits and Bobs

    Drabble collection. Will feature all pairings/pairing types/genres and so on. Warnings will be in the AN of any chapters that require them :)
  • Bingo!

    A collection of drabbles for the Bingo Drabble Competition on the HPFC. Rated for possible future entries.
  • Falling Back To You

    Harry isn't just going to cave to Draco. He's not. Really. Okay, so he might.
  • Final Victim

    (Warnings inside) A face in the window, a flickering flame. The Asylum had claimed it's final victim.
  • memories of you

    Arguments send Harry running, but a vial of truth serum and an Obliviate bring him right back.
  • Name and Duty

    Draco realises that there are more important things than his name and his duty. Will Harry still be waiting for him, or is he too late?
  • Blocked (I Can Feel You)

    Harry doesn't want to cause anyone pain, least of all his soulmate.
  • Our Time Will Come

    They got one night before the war pulled Harry away. When it's all over, Harry and Neville are hoping it's their time.
  • Reunited

    She glanced back and sighed. It was the worst way to reunite a family. (Warnings inside)
  • Red And White Scrolls

    When Harry doesn't take Lucius seriously, Lucius makes an offer to prove himself.
  • An Exchange

    The Dementors feed from me, as I feed from them. An exchange, if you will: souls for darkness, darkness for souls.
  • Night Off

    Even the Minister is entitled to a night off occasionally, right?
  • No Shortcuts

    There are no shortcuts for heartbreak. That didn't mean Percy wasn't wishing for one.
  • Rightful Feeling

    When Oliver is badly injured and loses the use of his legs, can Percy find a way to make him happy? Warnings posted in the AN.
  • A Particular Proclivity

    Seamus is good at blowing things up, he always has been. He didn't always think that was a good thing though.
  • Of Best Friends And Cheesecake

    A bromance for the ages; love comes in all shapes and sizes.
  • drawing parallels (we're not so different)

    Ron leaves in a fit of anger, but can he find his way back?
  • The One With The Accidental Marriage

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas; unless it's a wedding ring. Oops?
  • Catching Quaffles

    A collection of fics written for QL Reserve League fics. All of the characters, all of the genres, all of the things. Check chapter titles for pairings or characters.