• Galleons, Sickles and Knuts

    A Gringotts vault of drabbles/challenge fills. Various pairings, warnings, content, genres and subjects.
  • Shooting Stars Across The Sky

    A drabble/oneshot collection. If you have a wish, let me know. Different pairings, genres, and ratings, see the top of the fics for more details.
  • An Elephant Never Forgets

    Zombies were a ridiculous concept. Right? Perhaps not...
  • A New Focus

    Sirius is going mad being stuck in Grimmauld Place, so Kingsley gets him something new to focus on. It goes about as well as you'd expect.
  • Lie To Me (Please)

    Blaise protects Theo from everything. Theo doesn't understand why nobody else can see that. Warnings inside.
  • iridescent in the moonlight

    It was revenge. Pure and simple. (warnings inside).
  • Death By Combine

    The first time, Percy didn't realise until after. Because Amber asked for Serial Killer Percy.
  • A Pin In A Map

    A pin placed haphazardly in a map led him there, but what will keep him there?
  • A Second Chance For A Simple Touch

    When Harry meets his soulmate the morning after the final battle, it's too much and he runs away. Will he get a second chance to get it right?
  • There's No World For Me (Without You)

    With Oliver in a coma, what else can Katie do but wait for him to wake up?
  • His Pillar Of Strength

    No matter what, as long as Blaise was there, Draco could get through anything.
  • Bingo!

    A collection of drabbles for the Bingo Drabble Competition on the HPFC. Rated for possible future entries.
  • Held Captive (Held Free)

    Soulmate!AU, VoldemortWins!AU. When Harry wakes up in a cell, he cannot help but wish he'd made a different choice when he was at the foggy King's Cross with Dumbledore.
  • Nothing To Lose

    He doesn't want to betray his friends, but for his mother, he'd do anything. (Warning for mentions of cancer and character death).
  • Isolated (Until You Came)

    He's been hidden away in a flat for his own protection, except, now there's zombies everywhere, and Regulus doesn't quite know if he should stay inside or try and fight his way to a safe camp. Then Kingsley shows up, and everything changes.
  • Last Summer

    Serial Killer!AU. Last Summer, Rabastan's brother died at Camp. This summer, he's going to find out what really happened. (read the warnings).
  • Breathe With Me

    "It'll pass," Percy said quietly. "You're fine, Charlie. There's plenty of air, your lungs are working. Breathe with me, okay?"
  • The Desired Effect

    It was Hogwarts, but at the same time, it really wasn't. Harry didn't know what he'd gotten himself into this time, but he hoped he could get himself out of it quickly.
  • commit you to memory, before I take yours

    Piers didn't need him there. Protection would be better offered by his absence. Character Death.
  • Drabble Tag

    A collection of fics written for Hogwarts Drabble Tag. Various pairings, genres, prompts... all the things.