• Catching Quaffles

    A collection of fics written for QL Reserve League fics. All of the characters, all of the genres, all of the things. Check chapter titles for pairings or characters.
  • Savour The Moment

    It's just one night, but there are monsters in the dark and the fear is real.
  • Bingo!

    A collection of drabbles for the Bingo Drabble Competition on the HPFC. Rated for possible future entries.
  • His Friend (His End)

    Gang!AU: Red or Blue. It really shouldn't be such a complicated decision, and yet, it was.
  • In The Red

    Spending ten days at a Bereavement Retreat wasn't really what Harry wanted to be doing, and yet... by the end of it, he might just be glad that he did.
  • A Tenuous Hold On Hope

    Colin's eyes were bright with unshed tears when he nodded, but Dennis ignored them. Colin wasn't ready to leave the room yet… and neither was Dennis. Warnings in the AN.
  • In Another Life (I'd Make You Mine)

    When Lily gets lost on her way to the safe zone, James isn't the one to find her.
  • A New Pattern

    After the war, Draco isn't doing very well. Chance of fate puts Harry in his path and a new pattern begins. Can Draco get his life back on track, with Harry's help?
  • no holding back (i'm making an attack)

    If only Lyall hadn't opened his mouth, none of this would have happened. (Warnings inside).
  • Not The Type For Canoodling

    In which Severus really isn't one for canoodling, but cuddling he can do. Slice of life fluff.
  • The Only Way A Castle Knew

    She reaches out to them, but they don't always listen. No matter what though, Hogwarts looks after her own.
  • Aches and Pains

    When Harry considers a career change, Kingsley isn't pleased.
  • Wise Words

    When George needs advice, he goes to Harry.
  • Incomplete (Without You)

    When there's only two thirds of a whole left, how do you carry on? Warnings inside.
  • sides in a war (don't matter when it comes to you)

    For Grandma. Rabastan doesn't want Regulus to join the Death Eaters. Can Sirius help him convince Regulus?
  • Down Memory Lane (I Miss You)

    Draco visits Percy and remembers the good times.
  • Tracking Charms

    Draco isn't worried. He isn't! Okay, maybe he's a little worried.
  • Company While Convalescing

    When Kingsley is injured, an unlikely person saves him. (Pre-slash, can be read as friendship)
  • Temptation

    Sirius is temptation incarnate; Remus can't help but give in to it.
  • Listening To The Wrong People

    A booking mishap at a hotel puts James and Regulus in an awkward position. Sharing a bed is bad enough, but sharing a bed with your ex? Ouch.