Silver as the Rain

  • Lioness of House Black

    Placed into a house I did not expect, there I found my true self. A family. Long lost ones too, in fact. With a name to which I knew nothing, I was accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and there my adventure began. Talented, a true genius with exceptional looks, I found a penchant for mischief with my two best friends, my favourite redheaded Weasley twins.

  • Galad en Aduial

    Light of Twilight - What would you do if you were given an audience by the Valar of Middle-Earth? Two girls were given this opportunity and then found themselves tossed into the world they love. Lily and Sky, two very unlikely friends have to prove their strength of mind if they are to save their new friends and loved ones. Without them, everything is unbalanced.

  • A Beautiful Monster

    What if you were the most hideous creature known in your world? What if you had been hunted all your life like a monster, driven out from every home you had ever known? Until the Fellowship I was simply alone. But now my life mission is to protect the hobbits, but no matter what, I could not allow them into my heart. I refused to let anyone in. It seems my heart disagreed with me.

  • Akh'Aegis

    SEQUEL TO GALAD EN ADUIAL! (Or prequel?) Indilwen remains in Middle-Earth, separated from Aragorn. In the events leading up to the Fellowship's quest Indilwen prepares a new hero to save the world. Mirima is a stubborn, headstrong, impatient and impulsive dwarf who prefers to kick butt than talk. However it seems that she is dead set in helping Thorin to reclaim Erebor. But why?

  • My Little Phoenix

    Ever since I was a child I have loved him. He was once a friend. He was once a brother. Now? Now all I wanted was to bring him home so that I could help prove that he was innocent. I have always known he did not commit the crime that has been pushed onto his head, I never once doubted that he was innocent. I have always loved him. Ever since I was a child.

  • Dawn of a Warrior

    When Anahera is left with nothing but her own strength to survive on, she believes that her life was doomed to be one of solitude. When Tsu'tey stepped down as Leader of the Omaticaya, he also believed he was destined to be alone forever. However fate (and a little luck) seems to have other plans when Anahera saves this strange male warrior from a hungry Thanator...

  • Green Is My Favourite Colour

    Cassie is blind. She doesn't mind though because she sees the world in her own way, as well as the people she meets. So when one turtle falls through her window, wounded and in need of a place to hide, you can be sure that their fates, as well as the fates of his brothers, will not so easily be separated. TurtlesXOCs (T because I am paranoid)

  • Wind Master

    To be afraid is not to be without courage, rather it is the acceptance that not everything in this world is perfect. My world was as far away from perfect as I could ever imagine. I'm hungry, I'm afraid, I'm broken and alone. Well, almost. You see, I might be afraid but I am also lucky because I have Faith. However soon, my world and my life will change. Joe style.