• QFLC Season 8

    QFLC Season 8 stories. Beater 1. Wigtown Wanderers.
  • Trapped

    WARNING CHILD ABUSE! Fleur Delacour and her younger sister Gab are trapped in an abusive and terrible world.
  • Beneath the Surface

    Things don't go as planned when Hermione indrudeces her new boyfriend to the Weasly family. Will her friends be able to overcome their prejudice? Or will they lose her forever?
  • Fun in the Muggle World

    Draco urges his mother to get out of the house to have some fun.
  • Locked in the Dungeon

    Instead of being killed, Amelia Bones is captured and kept in Lestrange Manor, at the mercy of Bellatrix Lestrange. Written for QFLC, save Amelia Bones. WARNING: Torture
  • The Joke Shop

    Fred Weasley wants to open a joke shop, but his family wants him to get a respectable job at the ministry. What will he do?
  • McGonagall's Flask

    Minerva McGonagall is devastated after the war. How will she cope?
  • Muggle travel

    For the first time, Draco flies in an airplane.
  • Into the Forbidden Forest

    Theodore Nott wants to get away from it all, the Death Eaters, the war. Witten for season 7 round 6 of the QFLC.
  • Time Rewritten

    In an accident with a portkey Hermione finds her self in an alternate universe. Written for QFLC.
  • Forgotten Weasley

    Molly and Arthur have a disagreement. Written for QFLC.
  • Traditions Don't Last Forever

    Written for Round 3 of Season 7 of the QFLC. What will happen when Draco announces his intention to marry Hermione?
  • Balance

    Draco Malfoy strives to find balance in life, will meeting Hermione change that? Written for QFLC season 7, round 2.
  • A Wolf in a Sheep's Clothing

    Maybe Hagrid is not as innocent as he seems. Written for the QFLC.
  • Hermione, Granger or Black

    Is Hermione a Granger or a Black? Is what the sorting hat told her true?
  • Finding Who I Am

    This is a FanFiction about what would have happened if Harry sat with a young witch on the train instead of Ron. What will happen when Harry realizes that Dumbledore is a manipulative old man? The Weasleys and Dumbledore are not well liked by Harry and Hermione in this story.
  • Former Students

    The night before the first day back to school. Minerva McGonagall is having a nightmare about the war. She dreams about Hermione getting tortured, even though she wasn't there. She dreams about Lavender dying from Greyback. Fred getting crushed by a wall. Colin Creevey killed by Death Eaters.
  • On the Edge

    Susan is getting tired of all the bullying. Written for the QFLC. (Warning talk of suicide)
  • Friends, in the Past, Present, and Future

    Olivia Green tries to go back in time to say sorry to her mother. Not congruent with Hogwarts Mystery.
  • The Youngest Potter

    Written for QFLC. This is a story about Harry's life before Voldemort destroys it.