• Muggle travel

    For the first time, Draco flies in an airplane.
  • Into the Forbidden Forest

    Theodore Nott wants to get away from it all, the Death Eaters, the war. Witten for season 7 round 6 of the QFLC.
  • Time Rewritten

    In an accident with a portkey Hermione finds her self in an alternate universe. Written for QFLC.
  • Forgotten Weasley

    Molly and Arthur have a disagreement. Written for QFLC.
  • Traditions Don't Last Forever

    Written for Round 3 of Season 7 of the QFLC. What will happen when Draco announces his intention to marry Hermione?
  • Balance

    Draco Malfoy strives to find balance in life, will meeting Hermione change that? Written for QFLC season 7, round 2.
  • A Wolf in a Sheep's Clothing

    Maybe Hagrid is not as innocent as he seems. Written for the QFLC.
  • Hermione, Granger or Black

    Is Hermione a Granger or a Black? Is what the sorting hat told her true?
  • Finding Who I Am

    This is a FanFiction about what would have happened if Harry sat with a young witch on the train instead of Ron. What will happen when Harry realizes that Dumbledore is a manipulative old man? The Weasleys and Dumbledore are not well liked by Harry and Hermione in this story.
  • Former Students

    The night before the first day back to school. Minerva McGonagall is having a nightmare about the war. She dreams about Hermione getting tortured, even though she wasn't there. She dreams about Lavender dying from Greyback. Fred getting crushed by a wall. Colin Creevey killed by Death Eaters.
  • On the Edge

    Susan is getting tired of all the bullying. Written for the QFLC. (Warning talk of suicide)
  • Friends, in the Past, Present, and Future

    Olivia Green tries to go back in time to say sorry to her mother. Not congruent with Hogwarts Mystery.
  • The Youngest Potter

    Written for QFLC. This is a story about Harry's life before Voldemort destroys it.
  • Voldemort's Conscience

    Written for the QFLC. This is a story where Voldemort never tries to kill Harry.
  • Fun at the Burrow

    All of the Order members with kids head over to the Burrow to hang out.
  • Trouble in Fourth Year

    Hermione is stuck between Harry and Ron, during their fourth year at Hogwarts. What will happen? Will romance bloom?
  • Potions with Snape

    Ron is determined to become an Auror but for that, he needs to pass potions.
  • Moving loss

    Tragedy strikes the Longbottom family after they move to Caerphilly.
  • Thought to be Dead

    What will happen when Hermione is killed during the battle of Hogwarts? Is she really dead?
  • Found not Guilty

    During Auror training, Nymphadora Tonks is arrested for casting the dark mark. Written for the QFLC.