• The Eye of the Storm

    A collection of drabbles about strong witches battling the horrors of war, hence the title. Some will involve hurt/comfort from those who know what it's like to feel alone and afraid, others will manage on their own. Started off as a Dramione one-shot but morphed into something more.
  • Just For A Little While

    It doesn't make sense. She's betrothed. He's a werewolf. It won't last forever, but they can love each other just for a little while. Wolflower.
  • Meet the Children

    The next generation travels twenty-five years in the past and has fun telling their parents who they are. Well, except Rose. She isn't thrilled that she has to tell her dad about her boyfriend again, when he's even less reasonable than when he's an adult. Canon compliant, set in the middle of HBP. Watch the parents react to their future spouses and children.
  • Sing Me A Song, You're My Soulmate

    Harry Potter accidentally unleashes a curse on the wizarding world that forces soulmates to be connected through song. But there's a catch; the curse can only be broken by the most compatible couple in the entire world singing in the same place. Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger struggle against the realization that they're destined to be together, and possibly save the world?
  • Infectious

    James and Lily have been exposed to a deadly virus planted by Voldemort. To save muggle and wizarding societies they have to quarantine. For some insane reason Dumbledore decides that means they need to quarantine together. Will they drive each other completely crazy? Or will they set aside their differences and become something to each other? Jily in honour of 2020 quarantines.
  • Teddy Bear

    Teddy Remus Lupin isn't really a Lupin. The Weasley's Sunday dinner is interrupted by Andromeda Tonks who brings a letter from his mother saying who his real father is. AU fic, two years after the war. Rated T just in case.
  • Tea and Sympathy

    Rose Weasley has a problem. She's in love with Scorpius Malfoy. It's been six months and she knows it's time to tell the family. Wanting a third party opinion, she starts with her Aunt Ginny. She's terrified of telling her father, but she'll do anything for Scorpius. And she wasn't put in Gryffindor for nothing. Scorose.
  • All Hallows Eve

    A Halloween one-shot in tribute of October 31st 1981. Harry reminisces, Albus is curious and James and Lily are proud.
  • Until The Very End

    Lily tells James she loves him. His reaction is spontaneous and James-like. Major fluff. One-shot. Jily.
  • Jolene

    Marlene McKinnon and James Potter are dating. He may seem to love her, but looks aren't always what they seem. Especially when they involve a redheaded beauty and lingering glances. Based on Jolene by Dolly Parton. Oneshot songfic.
  • Moody Moony and the Chocolate Thief

    When Lily's time of the month coincides with Remus' hilarity ensues. How will the moody werewolf react to his missing chocolate? Will Lily get away unscathed? Just for fun fic. Jily if you squint.
  • The Fairy Tale Experience

    Hermione Granger is in desperate need of a pick me up after learning her parents' fate. Fred Weasley is there to help. He creates a product that allows her to be the person she wished she could be as a child, before the thought of war had ever entered her mind. His motivation? Well it's quite simply really. He's in love with her. What fairytales will she enter? AU!
  • Halloween Pumpkin

    One shot. A Potter family Halloween exactly a year before the deaths of Lily and James Potter. Featuring all of our favourite marauders!
  • Umbrella

    A cute Dramione fic after the war. Prequel to All That Matters, but it can stand alone. Draco Malfoy had no idea why Hermione Granger is being nice to him or why she's so obsessed with her lost umbrella.
  • Blue and Orange

    He is reflecting on his love for her on the day of their wedding. A cute oneshot of a couple I have never written before, I usually pair her with someone else. Their names are only revealed at the end, as a mystery of sorts. I guess you could just skip to the end but what would be the fun in that?
  • Fireworks

    Angelina watches George and Fred II and flashes back to the night she finally cracked through his despair over the death of his brother. If she hadn't gotten up the courage to yell at him that night they would never have gotten to where they are now. One-shot, my first crack at a George/Angelina fic.
  • Sing Me A Song, You're My Soulmate

    Harry Potter accidentally cursed the entire wizarding world with soulmate magic which forces people to sing duets. It can only be broken by the most compatible couple on earth willingly singing a song together. Hermione Granger is extremely angry, especially when she finds out there's a possibility that her soulmate could be Draco Malfoy. Not a crack fic.
  • You Look Like Rain

    Harry mimics his first kiss while proposing to Ginny but there's a slight twist. Ginny certainly wouldn't be expecting him to bring a guitar. A short and sweet fic filled with fluff. Based on the Luke Bryan song "You Look Like Rain".
  • Lily-Flower

    Sweet pic of Harry watching Lily grow up over the years. Father/daughter bonding, very loosely based on Night Changes.
  • Sweetheart

    Ronald Weasley has just exited a loveless marriage and is now a single dad. Watch as he deals with the challenges of fatherhood and finding love at last. Mentions of DM/HG and HP/GW. My first try at an OC pairing. AU!