Silver Renaissance

  • Elimination

    "Three… two… one… Run. And we're off. Let's see how well this batch will do, shall we?" Abraxas rolls his eyes at Charlus' faked excitement. "As though it's a surprise, anymore." As though there's any chance of a Muggle-born actually winning.

  • Lightning

    Severus can't help but stare, because why would an eleven-year-old be working for the Mafia of Magical Britain?

  • So Am I

    The intruder's face and hair is covered and she's standing in the shadows of the saferoom, but, well, James has always been able to recognize her voice, recognize who it is who's aiming that gun, stance unflinching, at him.

  • Alone

    "Everyone who was at the Battle of Hogwarts, I think is what we've figured out, has the dreams, so you can drop the act, okay? I know you know who I am - who I used to be - and who you used to be."

  • Tiger

    Lady Jacqueline Finch-Fletchley, of number two, Victoria Lane, was proud to say that she was a perfectly rational person, thank you very much. Some might call her a tiger mother, but, well, she liked to think of herself as a firm, guiding hand.

  • Dance Again

    "Why are you letting the circus, letting what we did to you, take away what you love? Why don't you make dancing, performing, your own again? Maybe not now, but when you're ready?"

  • Null

    Antonin used to be afraid of the dark. That was back when he was younger, of course, back when he could still feel emotions like fear, back when he didn't crave-want-need bottled Emotions to not feel empty inside, back before the Null.

  • Do It

    Just as Narcissa starts talking, Bellatrix breaks off a chunk of the poisoned pastry to take a bite. This is what Lily's been working towards, all her life. But she can't do this.

  • Second Choice

    Subjugated by Muggles after losing the last war, the Talented, those with special abilities, are growing desperate. Children can inherit a mixed talent from their parents. Of course, that leads to arranged marriage and selective reproduction to the extreme.

  • Nemesis

    "They're obviously secretly dating." Except that's not true, because Sirius isn't dating Remus, secretly or not, and their constant disappearances have nothing to do with each other. After all, it's not like Remus is the man Sirius is always away to fight, his supervillain persona's nemesis, Moony.

  • Sus

    "Get him out of here," Tom smirks, and Harry flinches, because despite how many times Tom's said that, in this strange cycle of reincarnation, those are the words on his left wrist - the last words his soulmate will ever say to him. Among Us!AU

  • Apple Green

    The story of a prince (Draco Malfoy), a king (Lucius Malfoy), an evil stepmother-queen (Pine Apple), forbidden love (Drapple), seven not-dwarf siblings (plus their spouses), and the struggle for power. Snow White!AU

  • An Honor

    Maybe it's ironic, that after all they, the resistance, have done to end the sacrifice system, here they are, sacrificing one of their own so the rest can live.

  • Ever After

    At his cousin's wedding, Dudley knows he shouldn't be jealous of Harry, after everything he's been through, but he can't help but wish he was Harry. Cinderella!AU

  • Upon

    The telling of a fairytale, of a kingdom at war and a prince rescued and raised by pirates.

  • Cake

    Of course Walburga Black would order a 'cake' to take advantage of a baker's natural summoning talent to summon a demon. Of course she would.

  • Hematomancy

    When she was younger, she couldn't figure out why she would die from such an obvious trap.

  • Experimental Demons

    Demon-fighting seems so much more fun on TV.

  • Remember

    She's just like any normal nineteen-year-old, except for, maybe, the fact that she's lived in foster homes since she was fourteen. (And the strange memories of Ariana and Albus and Gellert and Abe that keep popping up - but those are just imaginary friends. Right?)

  • Not Again

    The loop may have begun as a punishment and an experiment for the wizard who dared mutilate his soul so, but it is also (arguably) justified no longer, not when the result in every iteration has been the same, not when he's never given an opportunity to change. Until someone offers it.