• The Marauders Fox (revised)

    The forgotten sister of Lily and Petunia. Emma's a little prankster all her own and seems to find trouble, even when she isn't meaning too. Sound familiar? Guess trouble runs in both sides of the family. Smart like her sister but quick on her feet, "like a fox". She finds friends in a an unexpected group, the Marauders being one, to see her past and future, just turn the pages.
  • The Marauder's Fox sequel (under reconstructiont)

    Waking up 3 years later, Emma find her life in ruins. Sirius is in Azkaban and no one believes her of his innocence.Worst of all, she's refused custody of Harry and even as an adult she seems to find trouble. Fighting for her nephew and Sirius' freedom, Emma's lost as to where to begin. But their troubles have yet to come, Voldemort is on the move and thirsty for his returned power
  • Sweet Aralia

    Harry is killed in the Triwizard Tournament! From 100 yrs before her birth, a dying man writes his last letter with an idea that becomes the New Order's plan that could defeat the Dark Lord. But it requires a one way trip back in time with a warning to watch out for Sirius Black and his father. Can she gain the trust of Sirius and Remus, but most of all, trust Severus Snape!
  • The Return of the Marauder's Fox sequel

    Waking up from a coma three years later,Emma finds her world turned upside e love of her life has been arrested and accused of Murdering her family, her nephew is living with Petunia and no one believes her of Sirius's innocents.Worst of all she's refused custody of Harry, several times. To see her fate all you have to do is turn the pages and look. (Book/movie)