Angel Of Darkness 2004

  • Hatred to Love, Kindness to Cruelty

    Harry reflects as he surveys the remains of Hogwarts.

  • Smile Harry

    Harry smiles, even through all the pain.

  • Mutual Dislike

    Remus thinks she’s too perfect. Marlene thinks he’s too bossy and clingy. They try to reach an understanding.

  • Noises at Night

    Molly hears strange noises at night and goes to investigate.

  • Lily's Ring

    James has to answer for something he did.

  • Home At Last

    Harry, after running away so many years ago, finally comes home.

  • One Day

    Ginny and Harry have a much needed conversation in the Astronomy Tower.

  • Calming Harry

    Sirius ends up babysitting and has to calm down the upset Harry.

  • The Unimaginable

    Lily finally understands the grief of losing a child.

  • Love From the Grave

    Teddy visits his parents' graves.

  • Now, not Then

    It didn't matter who he was back then. All that matters is who he is now.

  • To Care No More

    When a new Dark Lord rises, Harry doesn't care anymore. Dark Lords are no longer his problem.

  • Let Me Out

    He was fine. There was space. He was a good boy. He didn't need to be locked up.

  • The Love of a Father

    All Draco wants to do is hold his child in his arms and whisper promises of a happy life. Fate decides differently.

  • Twisted Truth

    The Weasley family finds out Ron cheated on Hermione. After all, that was something he would do... right?

  • Philia

    It was only after Harry defeated Voldemort that he realized he didn't want to be in a relationship.

  • The Kingdom of Death

    Harry, at the tender age of seven, dies. Lady Death takes him to her kingdom that welcomes all those who are good, where he will be happy for the rest of eternity. But when the wizarding world needs him back after discovering that his brother, Arthur Potter, is the wrong boy who lives, Death lays some hard truths out for them. Will Harry come back anyways?

  • Always Close

    Even if she never met her brother, Daisy Potter knew that her brother was looking out for their family, even beyond the grave. Now she is getting married and brings her groom to her brother's grave.