arcane illusions

  • fragments

    : a collection of drabbles :
  • a thousand miles (but i'm right here)

    Sirius was only on a mission. He hadn't meant to fall in love along the way. / FBI!au
  • i am who i'm meant to be

    By day, Hermione is a housewife. By night, she's working undercover as an engineer. / Steampunk!AU
  • blazing stars

    James, Sirius, and Remus board an abandoned spaceship and find so much more than they bargained for. / Space!AU
  • hourglass (time slips through our fingers)

    Sirius's parents give him a pocket watch for his birthday - but it is no ordinary pocket watch. / time travel!au, victorian!au
  • let the devils burn in our wake

    They've been poisoning him for years, but he realizes it too late. / Harry, Ginny, and an almost escape from a hellhole. / Rated M because of major character death and other mature themes.
  • our verse begins here

    Moon Rider and Storm Surge have been fighting for a long time - but things start spiraling out of control once Storm Surge discovers Moon Rider's identity. / Superhero!AU
  • the moon is calling me home

    Fifteen years ago, James was picked up from Earth and dropped onto the moon, leaving behind his love and leadding him to believe that he would never see her again. But now Narcissa is standing before him and he can't believe his eyes. / JamesNarcissa, for Lizzy
  • those windermere peaks look like a perfect place to cry

    Sometimes, heartbreak slams into you out of nowhere, and you have no time to hit the brakes. :: lily, james, and a love too late :: title from "the lakes" - taylor swift
  • what doesn't kill me

    The Marauders, an apocalypse, and a fight to survive.
  • all i want (for christmas) is you

    Sirius and Remus visit a Muggle town during Christmas to have some fun, but Remus is...struggling. :: wolfstar, Christmas, and pining
  • i'm blinded by the lights

    Draco never expects to find his soulmate at a Christmas market. When he does, he doesn't expect it to be Charlie Weasley.
  • turn the pain into power

    Dean never wanted to be a superhero, but he's forced to be one. :: superhero!au
  • our gilded little lies

    When Ginny sets foot on the RMS Titanic, she encounters something unexpected. :: ginnyluna titanic!au
  • my heart's been borrowed

    — but will you give me yours? :: A Wolfstar University!AU
  • i don't want to keep secrets

    — just to keep you. :: george, harry, and realizing what's important
  • tell me where the light is

    Healing is a journey, as Dean and Terry are about to discover - but at least they're together. :: dean and terry and searching for healing in the midst of an uphill battle
  • turn my black roses red

    When Sirius set foot into a flower shop, he never expected his life to change in a single moment — but then Remus Lupin came along and changed everything. :: Wolfstar Florist!AU
  • what will bloom after the fire?

    — when the fire sweeps through, we could lose everything :: lily, james, and fear
  • side by side

    — we'll face the future :: remus and tonks live!au