Gryffinclaw 31

  • The Hunter

    All was well in the Wizarding World. When murders started occuring- seemingly at random, Auror Potter was given the job to solve it. How would he solve it with his new skills and new life?

  • Recovery

    A one-shot between Molly and Harry. The aftermath of the war. Set after "To hear your voice again"

  • To hear your voice again

    How does Ginny help Harry get back on track after the battle?

  • The first time

    How does Harry finally say those three words to Ginny?

  • Happy Birthday, Harry!

    Harry's birthdays throughout the years, ending on this year! All characters, fluff.

  • Bedside Talks

    Being an Auror is dangerous, so how do our beloved characters react to Harry's injuries. A one-shot collection of what our different characters do on Harry's bedside, R&R!

  • Imagined

    What if everything was just in his head? What if he had imagined it all? R&R!

  • Who is Harry Potter?

    "Tell me, who is Harry Potter?" Ginny Weasley asked as she sat beside her boyfriend in a muggle park. R&R!

  • Mother's Day Special

    "Shhh, You'll wake Ginny up, James," Teddy Lupin whispered to the three-year-old James, who was looking at Teddy with a sheepish look... R&R! Fluff one-shot

  • An Unusual Brother Talk

    One-shot, Now that Harry and Ginny are dating, Ron needs to get his brotherly duties out of way, but who is he going to talk to if not Harry? Read to find out... R&R!

  • Teddy's Speech

    Six-year-old Teddy Lupin was feeling unnaturally nervous. One-shot Teddy's speech for his primary school about his parents, or people like his parents. R&R!

  • Promise

    A one-shot between Harry and Ginny before his first day in auror-training. H/G, R&R! Fluff

  • Safe

    Harry couldn't really remember any time when he felt safe, not with him anticipating the next time Dudley would try punching him all the time and his life in general but then something changed. Fluff, Sad, H/G. R&R!

  • Night Revelations

    One-shot, Albus gets a new view of his parents relationship and most specifically, another side of his dad when he trudges down the stairs for a glass of water. Post Cursed child, R&R! H/G

  • They Knew

    They knew how important they were to each other and the think about what made them so important. Short and sweet, R&R! Fluff, H/G

  • Her Smile

    Harry muses over the importance of a smile. One-shot fluff. R&R! Harry/Ginny

  • Peace

    Peace is not something many find, but can she? After she's lost all hope and the only person, her grandma is gone. R&R!

  • The First Time

    This is how I imagined our Harry and Ginny exploring each other for the first time. (smut)