• Harry Potter and the Unlocked Knowledge

    When Harry returns home to Privet Drive after the fiasco at the Department of Mysteries, he finds that Voldemort's possession released the Horcrux inside of him. In addition to the companionship of "Tom", Harry has his knowledge, and must learn to use it
  • The Tangibility of Magic

    Post OoTP After recieving a letter and a book from Sirius, Harry decides to take control of his life. New friends and training. Contains Dark!Harry, but not Evil!Harry. Harry/Daphne.
  • The Erotic Adventures of Potter

    SMUT, An overheard conversation, a chance encounter, and some rumors lead Harry to a realisation about himself. Post OotP, canon complimentary, Harry/Multi, Lemons.
  • Fleabitten

    Harry learns a different way of life from living outside the law with Sirius and Remus, complete with magic, and an animal's ferocity. Once at Hogwarts, he may just live up to his reputation - in a way that nobody could have expected. Necromancer!Harry.
  • The One He Feared

    Post-HBP, DH divergence. Albus Dumbledore left Harry more than just a snitch. Armed with 63 years of memories, can Harry take charge of the war? No bashing, canon compliant tone. Harry with Dumbledore memories fanfic.
  • What's the Story, Morning Glory?

    After Sirius's death, Morning Glory extract allows Harry to escape to a world where magic is lovely and nothing hurts. But Luna is real and she is waiting for him for him to come back. Harry takes Drugs story. Druggist! Harry.
  • Dessication

    Harry discovers why Albus doesn't drink. 2019 DLP Story Competition Entry.
  • Silence Game

    Su Li plays a subtle game of power - but Harry never plays to lose. Harry/Su Li, the first of its kind, and NOT appropriate for younger audiences.