Lorde Shadowz

  • Harry Potter and the Famous Rock

    You would think that after the fall of Voldemort Harry would get his ever after. But instead, his world is crumbling around him, and it seems that James Potter is not actually so dead after all. So in desperation, he decides to take a chance on a little-used spell...and takes the world by storm. Harry is dead, long live Aurelius Gaunt! (Rewrite of Let's do it Right This Time)
  • Let's do It Right This Time

    Harry is furious. You'd think that without Voldemort, he'd have the right to a little peace. But with Umbitch acting up, Ginny in therapy, Hermione a traitor, and James Potter not so dead after all, he decides to take a chance on a little-used spell...and takes the world by storm. Harry is dead, long live Aurelius Gaunt!
  • Serpentine

    In which Ginny Weasley is the Chosen One, Harry is not human, and Albus Dumbledore is very, very confused.
  • The Greatest Weapon

    What if Harry used his blackmail on Rita Skeeter sooner? What if all the Wizarding world's problems could be solved in a series of incredibly tiny steps? And what if all it takes to gain an unexpected ally is simply to be in the staffroom at the wrong time?
  • The Surest Invisibility Cloak

    Harry, out trying his animagus form for the very first time, overhears a conversation that changes his life. When you're a cat, people don't have to wear their masks around you. This is an experiment in writing an "independent Harry" story while trying to avoid all the traditional cliches. Also, while not entirely being Slytherins rule & Gryffindors drool, most Gryffs will be bad.
  • Prowl of the Marauders

    Growing up with a Marauder gives Harry some important skills...which he will certainly need when he sets foot in Hogwarts. A Rat in a Cupboard sequence, Harry's first year at Hogwarts. {Sequel to A Rat in a Cupboard}
  • Phoenix Triumphant

    Harry and Severus have defeated Voldemort, but that doesn't mean that their problems are gone; not by a long shot. What with Unspeakables, Ex-Death Eaters, new powers, Ministry officials, and a totally unknown foreign threat, they've got their work cut out for them. It is a very good thing that they've got an eternity to do it all in! Pairings undetermined, but they won't be slash.
  • Bound and Determined

    Harry is stuck in a forced, three-way bond and decides to fight back, the only way he knows how. Abusive!Lucius and Alive!Snape. Non-con and possible mpreg; not for the faint of heart.
  • Launching Ships

    The twins come out with a new line of love potions and spiked candies. Let the ships sail...and let's hope they don't hit any iceburgs. K (Rating may rise depending on what you guys want.)
  • A Different Kind of Training

    What if Harry had followed Sirius into the veil? If the war had been finished in fifth year? What if Luna gives Harry a unique way of coping with his grief? And what if Dumbledore resorts to drastic measures to keep Harry from "going dark"? Will eventually be HP/SS slash (with time distortion). Rated mostly for innuendo and the occasional naughtiness.
  • The Undiluted Truth

    When Hagrid takes Harry to his vault for the first time, he finds a letter from his mum in his vault, which contains secrets which shape all his future years at Hogwarts. Warning: severe James Potter bashing.
  • A Rat in a Cupboard

    What if Pettigrew did the right thing, after the fact?
  • Phoenix Files

    Vignettes in my Phoenix Burning verse.
  • Phoenix Burning

    AU sixth year. Harry has a new animagus form, which comes with unexpected powers. A chance encounter in the Forbidden Forest, and the Wizarding world will never be the same again.
  • The Gilded Snake

    The war is over, at great cost, and Severus Snape goes back to change things. If only it were that simple...AU second year; warning, Snape comes from a slightly different future than canon. Slight, mostly implied Bill Severus slash. Don't like, don't read.
  • Harry Potter and the Puppetmaster of Hogwarts

    Dumbledore isn't what Harry thought he is. Umbridge is causing trouble. Dobby is being helpful. And Severus Snape is under compulsions. Watch as Harry begins to unravel the nets that have been holding him down! Warnings: minor trio bashing. Evil!Dumbledore.
  • Tribute

    The story of Severus Snape's patronus.
  • Jilly Beans

    Just what it says on the label: a stag, a flower, and some Bertie Bott's Beans. Total, tooth-rotting fluff.
  • In Denial

    Harry battles with his feelings for a certain Defense Professor as the war heats up, calling to mind all his latent Slytherin abilities to attract his attention. Meanwhile, said professor is fighting with his own improper emotion...and a certain twinkly-eyed coot is kicking back with popcorn to watch the drama, "helping" when necessary. Warning: SS/HP slash. No flames, please.
  • The Marriage Law

    The Dark faction may have lost the war, but they certainly won the vote. Despite Kingsley Shacklebolt's attempt to veto the motion, a law passes, requiring all witches and wizards to marry a ministry-approved partner...and only the purebloods can back out. So Harry meets with his partner to plot a way to get out of it. Not Snarry or slash of any kind.