• I Will Always Love You

    For Rasiaa. Written for the Monthly One-Shot Exchange on HPFC. This is my take on what happens when Draco asks Astoria to marry him.
  • The Readings of Two Young Lovers

    Viktor and Hermione's relationship told in 5 chronologically ordered drabbles. All set during Goblet of Fire. Written for Round 2 of the 5 Drabble Comp on HPFC.
  • Good Friends are Hard to Find

    This story is a collection of different friendships in the Harry Potter universe. Some are canon, some are not. There are no romances, just friendship. Although there could be a couple but the story is about their friendship and not their romance. Hope you enjoy!
  • Maybe Not so Alone

    When Andromeda figures out that she's pregnant, she thinks that her world is over. Now no one will want her and she will forever be alone. Or is that just what she thinks? Written for R9 of S2 of the IWSC.
  • Red or Green

    After Albus leaves for his first year at Hogwarts, Harry wonders how he'll feel if his son is placed in Slytherin. Luckily, Ginny is there to help him remember that Albus will still be the same son that they've always loved.
  • Thoughts of Bronze and Gold

    A 5 drabble collection of Luna/Harry. Written for the 5 Drabble Competition on HPFC.
  • Magical and Muggle

    Dudley and Cho through the years. Written for IWSC S2 R8.
  • A Mixed Introduction

    Professor McGonagall visits the Evans house to explain to Mrs and Mr Evans about their daughter's magic. It takes a while to convince them to let her go. Petunia is jealous of her sister. Lily feels like she's being treated like a little kid. Overall, it's a pretty mixed introduction into the wizarding world. IWSC S2 R7.
  • His Angels

    Bill sees his daughter Victoire for the first time. Written for the IWSC Writing School Round 1.
  • Remember and Move On

    Harry and George are both left shaken after the war. Harry feels guilty about the deaths of the war and George can't move past his lost half. Will a talk between the two of them settle both of their inner worries? Harry/George. Written for DobbyRocksSocks.
  • The Task to be Done

    When Regulus is given the task of kidnapping his brother, he must find a way to please the crime lord without hurting his runaway brother. After all, he doesn't even want to be on the side of crime anymore. Muggle!AU, Crime!AU. IWSC S2 R6.
  • My Best Friend

    Teddy and Victoire's relationship through the ages. Written for Round 5 of IWSC.
  • The Search for Immortality

    Tom Riddle's search for the secret of making Horcruxes. Written for Round 4 of the IWSC.
  • What Have I Done

    A drabble in which Severus regrets his choice of telling the Dark Lord the prophecy and must encounter the aftermath of his mistakes. Happy Leap Day!
  • My Poetic Heart

    A collection of poems written for Harry Potter. 1. How Tom Riddle felt about death
  • The Great Prank War of 1978

    When a prank war starts between James Potter and Sirius Black, things get a little out of hand. Written for Round 2 of the IWSC competition.
  • Descendants of Magic

    For sketchywolf. This story is about two OC's Edward and Cecile and their journey at Hogwarts alongside the Golden Trio. Read as they make friends, enjoy being at Hogwarts and learn the difference between good and evil. Rated T just in case.
  • Broken Me

    Bellatrix has a crush on Alice Longbottom, a girl one year her senior, and they talk through letters. When Alice marries Frank, Bellatrix is so heartbroken she goes to desperate lengths to get her revenge. Bellatrix/Alice
  • Even Through a Zombie Apocalypse

    A zombie apocalypse is taking over the wizarding world. Yet, Regulus and Barty still find a way to admit their feelings for each other. For Screaming Faeries (Sophie).
  • Anything We Do, We'll Do Together

    Marlene talks to Sirius about being invited to join the Order and the two talk about their dreams for the future.