• I Will Always Love You

    For Rasiaa. Written for the Monthly One-Shot Exchange on HPFC. This is my take on what happens when Draco asks Astoria to marry him.
  • Descendants of Magic

    For sketchywolf. This story is about two OC's Edward and Cecile and their journey at Hogwarts alongside the Golden Trio. Read as they make friends, enjoy being at Hogwarts and learn the difference between good and evil. Rated T just in case.
  • 31 Days of Ron and Hermione

    A series of 31 Ron/Hermione drabble like stories. Written for the Inktober Fanfiction Challenge of 2019 on HPFC. Rated T because I don't know what stories I'm going to be writing.
  • Good Friends are Hard to Find

    This story is a collection of different friendships in the Harry Potter universe. Some are canon, some are not. There are no romances, just friendship. Although there could be a couple but the story is about their friendship and not their romance. Hope you enjoy!
  • Memories Covered in Chocolate Chip

    Memories covered in chocolate chip. This is a one-shot about Harry and Ginny making cookies together after the war. Rated T because I'm overly cautious. Please review, this took a long time to write.
  • But where to put you

    But where to put you. This oneshot is the sorting of the Marauders, Lily and Snape. The sorting of 1971.