• You Don't Know My Heart

    50 drabbles featuring 50 different pairings. Let's do this! 1. These Lies of Mine - Parvati/Daphne.
  • A Mind at Work (Ham4HP)

    Or, roughly 50 one-shots and drabbles written for Hogwarts Challenges & Assignments during the month of July. ALL Hamilton prompts!
  • Not Ready for Prime Time

    Mostly experimental pieces/drabbles written for challenges. Multiple characters/pairings. Please read summaries/warnings before each piece, and let me know if there are any you want expanded on or polished!
  • Say It With Chocolate Frogs

    What happens when Sirius discovers Remus' hobby? He uses it to his advantage, of course.
  • Sharing

    Angelina Johnson is staying at the Burrow for a few days over the Christmas holidays, and somehow finds herself sharing a bed with Fred Weasley. Whatever could THAT lead to? Fluff, of course!
  • Romance Managed!

    Her first thought as she walked into the room was, "I do not get paid enough to deal with this." Her second thought was, "At least he's not naked? No, that only makes this whole thing even weirder."
  • Bus Stop Blues

    A brief, chance meeting in a bus shelter makes Lily Evans realize that sometimes, things happen for a reason. Muggle!AU.
  • 50 Shades of Fire and Ice

    A series of 50 "slice of life" moments between Draco and Ginny over the course of their relationship.
  • The Six

    Six of Draco Malfoy's ex-girlfriends gather at The Three Broomsticks to discuss which of them had it worst. Which will it be? Inspired by/loosely based on Six the Musical (don't need to be familiar with it though!) T for later chapters.
  • Into the Unknown

    Remus is about to board the Hogwarts Express for the first time, and he's nervous. Very nervous. Cameos from Sirius and James!
  • Cooking for Lavender

    For their one year dating anniversary, Parvati decides to cook dinner for Lavender. Parvati/Lavender fluff, basically.
  • Helping Luna Lovegood

    Neville thinks he's just offering to help Luna put up posters around the castle, but he ends up proving his bravery once again. Luna/Neville fluff.
  • Saudade

    When Angelina takes her daughter to Weasley's Wizard Wheezes nearly ten years after the Battle of Hogwarts, she is forced to confront the past with a little help from George. Warning for discussion of canon character death.
  • Surprises

    Angelina has a surprise for her girlfriend, but her girlfriend might not be so receptive to it. Warning: implied use of drinking to cope with loss, discussion of two (canon) character deaths.
  • Always Been There

    Katie Bell secretly pines for Oliver Wood and things become complicated, not easy, when she decides to go out with George Weasley. OW/KB/GW. ON HOLD, will finish someday! D:
  • A Gift for Ron

    Fred and George give Ron a belated birthday present...one that they hope he will find very useful. "Let me get this straight. You two have an entire shop chock-full of joke merchandise downstairs and you're giving me...a book?" "Not just any book," George grinned...
  • Her Fleeting Fancy

    Ginny slowly develops a crush on one Draco Malfoy. One-shot, inspired by "Invisible," by Anna Clendening.
  • The Negligee

    Yes, that was definitely her husband gracing the pages of her favorite magazine. And yes, he was definitely not wearing much at all...that image of Oliver looking like the Quidditch god he was could not go unpunished. Katie Bell/Oliver Wood fluff! M for hints of sexual activity; nothing too graphic, but just in case. One-shot.
  • Manipulation

    How much manipulation can there BE in a game of spin the bottle? When Lily and James are playing, trust me, there's a lot. TWO endings for your enjoyment! Rated T just in case.
  • Have A Harry Christmas!

    Harry wants to kiss someone under the mistletoe. Why not? Everyone else is. But the someone Harry has in mind is his ex, Ginny. Oh, the drama! Then fluff. DON'T READ: NEEDS A SH*TLOAD OF REVISIONS. Yeah, it's that bad.