• Unkillable Love

    Drabble written for the IWSC! Main Prompt: "I don't want normal and easy and simple. I want painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing, extraordinary love" - Scandal
  • Numb

    IWSC round three - Spell Damage! Not a happy endings, angsty, how Draco's been affected by the Cruciatus curse over the years
  • Pinky Promise

    Postwar, Draco isn't sleeping. He's haunted by dreams and visions of Voldemort still alive but no one seems to notice or care. Harry's always had a bit of a complex for saving people... Nightmares/maybe something else. Heavy on the comfort and h/c. Drarry HPDM
  • Cooperation Lost in Translation

    Translator Draco, Auror Harry Potter, courtroom drama, written for the IWSC season 2, round 2!
  • Spa Games

    Harry was only four the first time the Dursleys dumped him with a babysitter... He's assuming playing beauty parlor and spa were part of an average childhood, just like tag or hide and seek. Draco is a little skeptical, though... HPDM drarry
  • Inheritance

    Sometimes, doing the best thing for the one you love means doing nothing at all. And sometimes, it means other things... written for the IWSC! Prompts inside.
  • Prove It

    Drabble written for the IWSC! Draco is challenged/dared to let Harry use Legilimency on him!
  • Chase Me Down, I'll Come to You

    Draco knew it was stupid to walk home alone and slightly buzzed, especially without a wand. He was angry, though, and told himself he was being paranoid... until he heard footsteps behind him. Victim!Draco, almost kidnapping/abduction, Auror!Harry, emotional h/c with more comfort planned later.
  • Healing the Beautiful

    Harry had imagined meeting Draco after the war, but it had never been like this... He's definitely not a healer but maybe it's worth a shot? Prostitute!Draco, warnings inside, oneshot. HPDM/Drarry. Comforty fluff.
  • Little Lion

    Harry and Draco were both parselmouths: one born, the other taught. They fought in parseltongue in front of the entire school on a near-daily basis, and the hisses and snarls were easily heard as threats. Except they weren't threats, or even angry. Hermione begins an in-depth study of the language, and Draco and Harry's true relationship unfolds. Drarry! Child and sexual abuse
  • Testify, Confess Your Sins

    Draco faced the Wizengamot and he felt... nothing. He knew there was no hope: no one was coming, no one would save him, and no one would even care that he'd been executed. He was at peace with his fate. Or, at least, he was until a very familiar head of messy black hair strode into the courtroom. HPDM, Drarry, Angsty-ish h/c potential two shot
  • Can I Have This Dance?

    SBRL / RLSB Cute, fluffy oneshot written for the IWSC practice round one! Warnings for internalized homophobia, mild flashbacks, and underage drinking. Sirius still owes someone a dance, even after all these years...
  • A Different Kind of Accomplishment

    After the war, everyone came back different. It only made sense, of course, because they'd been through hell and that kind of experience changes people—usually in very reasonable ways... Except for Malfoy. HPDM friendship written for the IWSC summer camp!
  • Homemade Second Chances

    It's Father's Day and each child makes Harry a present! Some are more straightforward than others... platonic HPDM written for the IWSC summer camp
  • What Do You Want To Be?

    After the war, Draco could have been anything. A healer, an outcast, a criminal, anything. But he's got his sights set on something-even if the only way he knows to go about getting it is through semi-legal channels. Hermione is suspicious... Written for the IWSC summer camp!
  • A Papercut

    Healer Draco Malfoy! Harry Potter has an annoyingly frequent habit of getting injured during Draco's shifts at St. Mungo's. Written for the IWSC summer camp!
  • Blunt, Sharp Words

    Harry comes clean to Hermione about his relationship with Draco. A fight ensues. No happy ending, written for the IWSC summer camp!
  • I Love You Too Asshole

    They're broken up, and yet Harry can't help saying yes to the Apparition request Draco sends him. Draco never asks for favors, unless it's something big. Like his father's funeral... HPDM Angsty comfort! Happy ending for drarry!
  • Anything For You

    Harry couldn't really say he was surprised when he got the letter in the mail announcing Vernon Dursley's death. He knew exactly what to do, but, in a much more real sense, he had no idea what to do. HPDM comforty relationship fic! Aunt Petunia bashing! Mentions of underage drinking
  • Hunting for Dragons

    Written for the IWSC Summer Camp! Aurors on the case, Draco Malfoy has been missing for almost a year now. Harry is going to find him, no matter what it takes. Mentions of toxic/abusive relationship.