• Our Crossed Souls

    Draco and Hermione loathe each other. But war is nearing and suddenly each of them needs to relearn who they are without the labels society has placed on them. It's a bumpy road where Draco discovers what is beyond blood and Hermione uncovers the darkest parts of herself. Will they survive this road together or be doomed in a war that will surely kill them? Dramione/slowburn/ratedM
  • Obsession with the Mudblood Princess

    Draco is obsessive over our Hermione. He wants to have her and he will stop at nothing to satisfy his cravings. Mental break Draco. 6th Year. TRIGGER WARNING: rape, non-consent, obsession, stalking
  • Spend My Life With You

    Hermione gives Draco a chance to choose a side. They live their life together and it's coming to an end. WARNING: character death.
  • Heir of Destruction: Hermione Salazar 1

    Hermione Granger knew what being with her "parents". Soon, her family is torn away as death takes them and she has to get used to the idea of being Hermione Salazar once again. But who does she turn to when her friends turn their backs on her?Who knows!:
  • Law of Propinquity

    "The Law of Propinquity states that the greater the physical (or psychological) proximity between people, the greater the chance that they will form friendships or romantic relationships" Draco and Hermione have quite the adventure coming up as they deal with past guilt, new love, and a series of obstacles that prove the beauty in their world beyond war ruins and tarnished souls.