• The Faithful Four

    You've heard of Harry Potter. You've heard of Ron Weasley. You've heard of Hermione Granger. But you've not heard of Hazel Wright.
  • Harry Potter and Tom's Curse

    When Voldemort attacked the Potters in Godric Hollow on Halloween, he gave Harry more than just Parseltongue. He gave him his brain. How will this affect Harry and his mates? Will Harry be Slytherin after all? What will Harry's opinions be?
  • The Well Wishes of Edelmira Potter

    After Edelmira is left without her Mamma at Kings Cross, Teddy Lupin finds her and brings her to the Potters. Super short fanfic. Next generation fanfic.
  • Three Plus Trouble Equals TROUBLE

    Everybody knows the Weasley twins. They're funny and often pull pranks. But when Tabitha 'Tabby' Alpha joins the gang, how will Hogwarts cope? Will Filch be able to manage and will McGonagall be able to give out enough detentions? With the help of Peeves; all readers will be laughing by the end (I'm talking to you Snape).
  • Dudley's Wand

    Dudley is going to Hogwarts! If you hate Dudley you're going to have to think again after reading this. Slytherin is probably what you believe to be his house, but you are far from it. Ask the sorting hat!
  • 4 Heads Are Better Than 3

    Hazel Wright, fourth of the friends, the cherry of the Golden Trio. Often compared to people better than her, Hazel hopes that Hogwarts will be a new change. But with Hermione and Harry around, will Hazel ever be noticed or will she in a shadow forever?
  • The Tri-Friend Tournament

    Daniel Oliver, Andrew Homes and Kevin Potter. The ancient golden trio. When Daniel finds his friends competing against each other, he has to make up a plan to get them together and soon he finds himself in his own tournament...