• The Fidelius Kept Secret

    After the meeting in the Hogs Head and talking with Sirius, does Harry come to a shocking discovery that breaks his heart and makes him make a drastic decision. A decision that will test the friendship between him and his Quidditch Team. Will they succeed? Will they be able to do what Peter Pettigrew couldn't? Can they keep the secret, even from Dumbledore? And what about the war?
  • Jillian Forge Potter

    Hogwarts is magical. She's powerful. She's even sentient. And when one of her own is in personal grave danger, she makes sure the teachers can intervene. But the intervention changes Harry's life in ways no one could have ever expected. Good things are now in the young Potter's future, but there are still bits of the past that come up as well. Will she be ready? WARNING Fem!Harry!
  • Harrison and Harry Potter

    Harry's trial gets interrupted before it can begin and he learns some shocking truths about someone who turned his back on him. How much of a traitor is Percy Weasley really? Harry finds out through his 38 year old self, who calls himself Harrison and who has been sent back by several parties to bring the war to a cleaner end. How will he manage it and what is the Death Rule?
  • Henrietta Potter The Life Of A Witch

    On the day of his child's birth, James Potter asks Albus, Minerva, Sirius and Remus to sign a Contract of Silence and casts a spell to protect his child in case of his death. The contract is meant to last 17 years, but Crouch Junior speeds up the process. Harry becomes Henrietta, the 14 year old Lady of House of Potter. Pairing: Fem!HarryxCedric! Set in GoF! Warning: RH Bashing!
  • The Unspeakable Escape Program

    Harry feels the need to spend his Sixth Christmas at Grimmauld, yet this leads to one shocking discovery after another. There are Unspeakables groups? There is a special war escape Program? Lily and James are - alive? Harry actually has siblings? This will be one Christmas no one at the Burrow will ever forget! WARNING: heavy LE/JP bashing & severe child abuse! Sirius!Alive!
  • Family And Friends

    Time Sand is the only form of Time Travel magic that allows its user to change the past. So what happens when nine friends of Harry use it to travel from 1998 to 1993 along with five books and a file? Discoveries are made, bonds are reformed and - dead people aren't dead? Watch as everything Harry knew gets changed in the craziest of ways. WARNING malexmale bonds though no yaoi!
  • Destiny's Saying

    You know how you always say that Harry seems to be Destiny's playtoy? Well what if Harry had 2 destinies? And what if this involved a whole new race who give him back what he loves the most and give him the chance to make sure that his destiny is not just his. After all, you know what they say. Things always get worse before they get better. WARNING malexmale bonds & CR story here!
  • To Read Into The Universe

    3 years after Xehanort's defeat, Kairi finds a Dark Corridor created by Molly and Ginny. Their actions are revealed and Master Yen Sid sends the Island Trio to save Harry and friends. But what's this? Sora is 18, but Harry 15? And what is Sirius' big secret? Warning: Time-Travel, Malexmale, Multipairing and MW/GW/Dursley/AF bashing! Don't like these topics, then don't read!
  • To Read And To View

    Sora, Harry, Riku and Sirius. The four of them share an amazing bond, even if only one of them knows this. But what if the other three find out. And what about Sora's past? Or Harry's past and future? Will Sirius learn to live the Muggle way? Will Harry find true happiness? Read it all in To Read and To View! WARNING MalexMale bonds in this story! No MalexMale fan, then don't read!
  • The Strong Side of Darkness

    Light is evil and Darkness is good. This Harry discovers only a fortnight after - supposedly - losing his godfather, Sirius Black. But if Voldemort is good and Dumbledore bad, then who can Harry trust? And what is the Cruore Dolor Potion? And who is Lea? Find out and read this story. WARNING mentions of adult content, male/male romance, multishipping and HEAVY AD/MW/GW BASHING!
  • A New Era

    Where exactly did Merlin come from? And how old is Harry's family really? And why did Pettigrew allow for 11 years of Friendship to suddenly go to waste? Read and find out! WARNING, THIS STORY HOLDS MULTI-PAIRING AND ALONG WITH SOME ADULT THEMED RELATIONSHIPS AND MALE-ON-MALE ROMANCE! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
  • Venquine Mates

    A New Inheritance, Multiple Mates, new Fates and new shocks await Harry as the Resurection Ritual of Lord Voldemort seems to have had some after effects on our little hero. But what's this? Sirius moves to Destiny Islands? And Harry knows Sora and Riku? AND WHO IS SILEN? Find out and read Venquine Mates. WARNING MULTI-PAIRING AND CONSTRUCTIVE MOLLY BASHING!
  • Precious Blood

    In order to gain passage payment must be made. Payment intended to weaken any intruder. Your blood is much more precious than mine. Will this be enough for Harry to save his mentor?
  • Venquine's Mind

    Ever had those ideas that you came up with, but just didn't have the time for, didn't know how to continue or only knew certain aspects of? Trust me, so do I. SO I made Venquine's Mind, where you can find anything and everything, with there are rules, guidelines and forbidden parts and - if you keep to them - you can try out challenges. FUN RIGHT? Crossovers and Regular HP Stories.
  • Titles Change Lives

    Harry has three weeks of summer holiday to himself when he comes across someone he has never met before. The man proves loyal to his father's side of the family and through this Harry gets everything he ever wanted, but with some costs. Harry gets hurt, comforted and finds out who deserve to be close to him. It will prove that Titles Change Lives. Formerly A Summer To Remember.
  • Becoming A Pack

    Werewolves are supposed to be horrifyingly terrifying creatures, yet when Harry meets Moony for the first time near the Whomping Willow, he actually gets the chance to get back what Pettigrew stole from him - and he's not going to let anyone take it from him again! Not teachers, his friends or anyone else. He will do whatever it takes to become and remain part of the Marauder Pack.
  • Campbrina High

    Miranda Wicked runs a very special school, not just because of the amount of classes, but because two of her teachers. But when she attends the First Task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, a lot of things suddenly start to change for one Harry James Potter. Will these changes include - a transfer between schools? Alive!Potters! Story inspired by my other story: To Read And To View!
  • Yami's And Hikari's

    Yami enters the spirit realm - and finds out he's NOT THE PHARAOH? What does this mean for him? Can he go back? And why does he have to take Bakura and Malik along? Join him and the other Yami's as they discover their feelings and the 21st century. WARNING MALEXMALE SLASH and lots of HikarixYamifluff, humor and possessive-overprotective Yami's! Rated M for Safety Measures!
  • A Divine Hogwarts

    15 years have passed since Zeus birthed an English child. Now, upon his son's trial, he decides that he has had enough of how his son is treated on by the Brits of the magical world. He steps in and decides to change things. But what's this? HARRY IS ZEUS' SON? Read as Harry leaves Britain for the USA and meets his extended family. WARNING MW/PW/RW/GW BASHING MALEXMALE BONDS
  • Lunar Search

    The war ended a year ago and Harry decides to honor his lost loved ones. Yet they aren't as lost as he believes them to be. They are actually where no magical would dare to search. And as one of Harry's closest friends bring them back to him, they come with crazy secrets. What are these secrets? Who is Anastacia? And what does Dumbledore have to do with it all? Post-DH! AD Bashing!