• That Was Part of the Plan

    One year has passed since Lyra (formerly Bellatrix) Black traveled thirty years into an alternate future. Unfortunately, this means she's expected to go back to boring Hogwarts for more boring normal people stuff. Except, there is that Tournament thing. And Angel Black. And her muggleborn girlfriend. And maybe an international incident or two... Never mind, should be fun.
  • Nothing to do with the Plan

    Side scenes for All According to Plan and its sequels.
  • All According to Plan

    Thirteen-year-old Bella Black intended to go back in time to start a war in service to her patron Power. Ritual magic goes awry and she finds herself in 1993, faced with a failing House of Black, an insane alter ego, and a Dark Lord on the rise. Chaos ensues. Title drop. (A collaboration by LeighaGreene and inwardtransience)
  • All According to Plan supplement

    Side things for All According to Plan and its sequels.