• First Impressions: The Marauders

    James Potter arrives at Hogwarts, full of confidence. Quickly drawn to handsome Sirius Black, mousey Peter Pettigrew and quiet, scarred Remus Lupin, the boys become inseparable, making friends, enemies and plenty mayhem. Where does Remus keep going at night, what is wrong with their forgetful DADA professor and how is James going to get Lily Evens to fall in love with him? (Book1)
  • First Impressions (The Marauders Year One)

    In their first year at Hogwarts, the Marauders not only make friends but create enemies too. Amid pranks and laughter, a tension forms between James Potter and Severus Snape, loyalties are established and teachers are outwitted. /Marauder Era/First in a series/First-year/ Reviews are massively appreciated :)
  • Summer Love

    Lily and Severus upon their first meeting. Evolves into eventual romance. First one in part of a series. Enjoy.