• The Prophecy That Never Was: Book 1

    The Prophecy was never made, so the war dragged on until Dumbledore defeated Voldemort with dark magic. Now, Bellatrix has escaped from Azkaban and 3 1st yrs must stop her. Hermione is forced to attend Hogwarts due to Educational Degree 36. Harry is a werewolf raised by Lupin. Neville wants to find his missing parents that Bellatrix captured and hid in the war, last seen by Lupin.
  • Journey Into Hope

    VoldemortWins!au: Susan, Hannah, and Dean's only hope is to find the safehouse where Dudley stayed. But Dudley forced his family to send him to Smeltings and the Order could no longer guard the safehouse. All four, with the help of Piers Polkiss, must find their way to the safehouse for medicine for a wounded member. Dudley's important too, couldn't fit. For Cheeky Slytherin Lass.
  • Of Radish Pancakes and Flour on the Floor

    Neville has been hiding away in his room since the war, and Luna is determined to help him by inviting herself over. In which Luna and Neville eat a pancake breakfast in the evening and Luna decides the kitchen is too clean. Neville/Luna (can be interpreted as romantic or not). Written for the Pancake Challenge on HPFC! Starts sad, ends with some fluff.
  • Out of Character

    A bunch of short stories about a variety of characters in Book 3. One posted so far, more come soon. Hermione forgets her homework, Ron argues with his chess set, and Ginny shops for a new diary. Rated K because I'm over-cautious.
  • Mind Games

    What if Hermione was a half blood whose father hated muggles? Will she find her way to being the same Hermione who is a loyal friend and fights to the end or will she be turned by her upbringing? And how will this affect the fight against You-Know-Who? This follows Hermione as she struggles to find her way at Hogwarts. Rated T for violence later and possible death.