• Family is Interesting

    Harry longs for a family of his own. When he finds out that he is a wizard, his life only gets worse. First year he is treated like a god by Slughorn, second year he is blamed for Ginny Weasley's death and third year he is told he's not allowed to meet his godfather. Him and his new-found sister Hermione go on a journey to find their Godfather and make the life they want.
  • Together

    When Harry, Hermione and Ron travel to Hogwarts to destroy the second to last Horcrux, they come face to face with their greatest enemy. Who will be saved and who will die? One-shot/Two-shot.
  • Fred and George WeasleyOr is it Dolohov?

    Fred and George Weasley have always been that little bit darker than the rest of their family, so when Fred hears a hushed conversation between Dumbledore and his 'parents' will they stay, or have the guts to look further into their true roots and embrace their dark side?