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A Sister, To be found
Astoria G. & Daphne G. & Harry P. - Words: 13,981 - Rated: M - English - Adventure & Family - Chapters: 16 - Reviews: 49 - Updated: 29-01-2017 - Published: 20-11-2016 - by FROSTbytes (FFN)

Orion Greengrass was a worried man,The dark lord may have returned. The ministry was keeping its secrets and the person who witnessed the alleged return was missing, He for the life of him could not find anyone in the ministry to talk about the events that occurred at the end of the tri-wizard and then a letter from the goblin King requesting the presence of his whole family for a meeting only compounded his problems.

Goblins were sly,wicked and devious creatures, No One knew this better than Orion Greengrass, he had dealt with goblins for over twenty years and each year that passed only raised his distrust of the Globlins but never had had the Globlins requested the presence of his whole family, that was only required in matter concering inheritance and he was perfectly healthy, No This could only be about one thing, Astoria.

Orion was not a man to ignore any problem but the nature of the problem facing him was the infidelity of his wife which was one of his most guarded secret know by only three people. This was a matter to be handled with the atmost care, he only wished he had more time to gently present the truth.

As her father Pondered on the missive by the Goblin King, Astoria was strolling through the greengrass gardens with Daphne. The sisters walked without speaking towards the Tombs. The greengrass Graveyard was dark, it was a Canopy of trees which covered the whole walked through the path in the middle of the grave to the last row of marked graves ,their mother was buried there,The two sisters stood there for a unbroken minute of silence before Daphne conjured red roses to place on the grave. Every year after coming home from Hogwarts they would visit the grave conjure roses and leave only to return the next year.

the Dinner that was subduded affair, (step)mum exhausted from double shift at Mungo's was silent and Dad's was tense throught out Dinner. After they ate dinner but before they could retire for the night,father asked them to wait because they had something issue to discuss.

"Astoria,I have something important to tell you "

"Yes, daddy?"Astoria responded.

"Your mother was a fine woman. Beautiful, Intelligent and Kind but she did make mistakes and o e of them brought more happiness than pain but you have the right to know that..." They impassive mask that Orion wore broke as his most closely held slipped away to the person that it would hurtthe most and he could not do nothing to stop it. "... I am not your blood father."

Astoria had fallen into a state of wonder when her father spoke about her mother. The last six snaped her out of it and then destroyed the idea of Astoria Greengrass, All her life she had listened to the tales of the Greengrass clan- of the ancestors,The taming of the forests and the gypsy had swallowed them and memorised them. She had modeled herself after them but now she realised that it had been a was not a Greengrass.

"That means ..Mother..."

"she made a mistake.I big one but that mistake was led to youe birth, But that doesn't change anything Astoria. We are still a family and nothing will change that."

Astoria nodded numbly, She could feel the effect a calming potion take over her. She was calm right now but she could feel the anger and doubt fermenting in her waiting too lash out.

The next day

Harry potter trailed behind Bill weasley as they walked through the corridors of gringotts in a brisk pace. "Come on Harry,We can't keep the king waiting. "

Harry had received a letter from gringotts requesting his presence for meeting with the globlin King. He had been at the burrow then and had arranged for Bill to pick him up when he went to gringotts.

Bill had showed him the office but had refused to enter, When Harry entered the saw the goblin King, old and with his one of his ears cut of, sitting on a throne made of fine goblin metal which seemed to drink all the light in the room,The only thing fully visible was the King.

"I'm sorry-"

Harry had begun to apologise but The globlin king waved at him to sit down . .

"we have been waiting for you, Please don't speak in my prescence my, hearing is too senstive for such things. After the ceremony we can take matter to a conference room in Gringotts. "

At a corner,He saw four people huddled over a large golden bowl. The Men and the Women he didn't recognise but the elder girl was a sytherin in his year.

"Now, if you could pour the blood into bowl the result will appear in a few second."

The middle age man nodded and poured the blood into the bowl and it shimmered and shivered before a small parchment flew older man grabed it and stared at the parchment.

NAME :Astoria Greengrass

MOTHER : Anne Greengrass nee Evert

FATHER : James Charlus Potter

Sorry for the cliff hanger but will update soon-ish

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