• Revelations at the Ministry's Christmas Ball

    The potters ruin Daphne's night and maybe her life. Or Daphne discovers her inner Gryffindor.

  • The lost Years

    Hermione Granger has been trying to pick up the pieces ever since Ron left. She is a single mother who has no time for romances, especially after she had her heart broken. What happens when a pretty witch she failed to hit on turns out to be her ex? Will they manage to fix their relationship and forge a new life together or will all the lost time and wild changes? Trans!Ron

  • Harry Potter and a Marriage of Convenience

    Harry needs a wife. Padma wants his surname. It is a match made in heaven but why do Draco and his fiancée keep interfering. Harry finds himself sucked into a tricky situation wish for once is not of his own makings. Can he marry Padma or will the fledging power couple get their way and does he really want to marry Padma?

  • A family in the making

    Two Potters roam the halls of Hogwarts, One is the family heir preparing to battle Voldemort and the other doesn't know she is one, but when old secrets come out, they must deal with the consequences. the fate of the wizarding world rests on it.

  • A Sister, To be found

    James Potter was not the person Harry imagined him to be, but a man with faults and who made mistakes. One of them leads to two young Potters roaming the halls of Hogwarts-one is the family heir and the other doesn't know who she really is. When old secrets come out and hidden relations are revealed, can Harry afford to be distracted by a rivalry with his (half) sister? Not OC