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A Sister, To be found
Astoria G. & Daphne G. & Harry P. - Words: 13,981 - Rated: M - English - Adventure & Family - Chapters: 16 - Reviews: 49 - Updated: 29-01-2017 - Published: 20-11-2016 - by FROSTbytes (FFN)

The Gringotts bank

Harry was seated in the office of the goblin King watching Mr. Greengrass perform a ritual of some kind, He was suspicious -this may well be a trap by Voldemort even if it wasn't the presence of Greengrass made it really awkward but Bill had driven it into his head to never insult a goblin so he watched on without comment. poured something into the bowl,it then spit out a piece of paper which was quickly caught by Greengrass, through all this the smaller girl Looked like she was at her wits end and would burst into tears any minute now, this only exacerbated his worries about interfering in a private Goblin King had read his discomfort
"Now that the ceremony has been performed, it would be prudent for you to retire to the Ironbridge Hall, where the Greengrass family join in short order."
Harry hesitated before nodding,He was really out of his depth here. He wished for Bill to help him,Bill had told him that if he wanted bring any one to the meeting he should ask first and that near deaf Goblin king kept a sheet of paper for him to scribble on. Harry grabbed the paper and scribbled the request and respectfully passed it to the King.

"That won't be a issue ,I will have Bill Weasley summoned to the hall."Harry nodded and left the room.

Astoria in her wound up,terrified state was very annoyed at Potter interpreting their meeting , Grfyin Golden Boy had no right whatsoever to gawk at the result,it was no concern of his ,it was strictly a family The King instructed him to wait for them at a hall ,it filled her with a sense of dread ,what happened in the hall would have a great impact on her didn't spent too long thinking about potter though she was thinking about her birth-mother,This piece of parchment destroyed the idea of her mother as some perfect woman Mom and Dad painted her to wanted rip apart the parchment but also wanted to know where she came from,which man's spawn she was.
Her father looked ...scared, Like whatever was on that paper would have far greater repercussions than he expected.

"Your blood father is James potter"

"What?but he died!" She screeched .

James potter was her father, he was long dead but she was related to potter and he was about to was a poor deranged lonely freak,she didn't want to be related to him.
"We will take some time to process this."
The goblin king snarled
"That would be fine,please don't keep waiting for long."
Astoria eyed were flooded with tears ,she was terrified of Potter.
"Dad,I don't want to be related to Harry Potter, he is a alleged murder."

Orion knelt on his knees and comforted Astoria, He was disconcerted by her attitude towards Potter but he wouldn't interfere overtly at least for now. "We won't let anything happen to you dear,as far as I am concerned you are a Greengrass ." Astoria hugged him tightly as he patted her. After the Greengrass family recovered from the emotional made there way to the IronBridge Hall .


Harry had made his way to the to the IronBridge Hall, It was a grim room with cravings of a Human being beheaded on all 3 sides. Harry was told by the goblin to wait in the hall. Bill arrived just as he had made himself comfortable in the hall. Bill had barged in still wearing his curse breaker . Bill sat down and quickly said "No time to waste Harry now tell me what happened in the meeting, did sign anything Harry?"
" NO, they made me watch a ritual and that was all but there was another family there. I think it was the Greengrass."

"Tell me about the ritual Harry." Harry told him what happened in the Ceremony when Bill interpreted him

"So the blood was poured into a ceremonial bowl of red shading?" Bill asked .Bill had arrived before him and had started interrogating him about what happened in the office.

"Yes,I'm pretty sure Bill."

"Hmm,this is Interesting I have a theory but it will be more fun to see your reaction when realize t ."

"Bill,be serious. "

"Look kid,it is better if you let the Greengrass tell it themselves. "Harry grumbled at this but remained silent.15 minutes later the Greengrass family entered.

The parents were tense,The older girl was unerringly calm and the younger one was staring at him with such abject hatred, it made him gulp.

"I am Orion Greengrass, My wife Annette Greengrass and my daughters Daphne and Astoria. "

"It is a pleasure to meet you all."Harry mumbled.

"The ritual you saw was a paternity test, it shows the parents of the person whose blood is sacrificed." Bill nodded "We suspected that much but what does it have to do with Harry ?"

"I think it will be better to show you the result, , the results are shocking .It was Astoria's blood that was sacrificed ."Greengrass passed him a paper ,Harry read it and it changed his life. Harry understood the implication of the paper. Did he have a relative other than the Dursleys? Did he have a sister?

When Potter read the paper his face contorted to form many emotions, from confusions to understanding to what looked like ? what was potter hopeful about? why was Potter staring at her like she was some precious treasure .She found out soon enough when Potter asked her with his voice trembling and cracking

"Are you my sis-sister ?"

"No!I'm a Greengrass and you better remember that, this paper means nothing, I'm not your sister. I'm a Greengrass, this changes nothing. I will not be related to a murder and you are one."
She expected to be hexed after that but potter just crumbled,he fell back onto his chair and whimpered .After Potter's reaction she felt awful,why would Potter react like that,He was a arrogant sod wasn't he? Bill weasley was half hugging Harry and half glaring at Her.
"I think this meeting is concluded."Bill weasley spat.

They left soon after Potter slouching and holding onto Weasley.

"That was cruel Astoria, you shouldn't have screamed at him."
Her father said to her ,shaking his head. Astoria thought she made a mistake but wouldn't realize how big it was until the start of the next year.

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