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A Sister, To be found
Astoria G. & Daphne G. & Harry P. - Words: 16,792 - Rated: M - English - Adventure & Family - Chapters: 18 - Reviews: 65 - Updated: 29-05-2017 - Published: 20-11-2016 - by FROSTbytes (FFN)

the Gringotts bank

Harry was seated in the office of the goblin King watching perform a ritual of some kind, He was suspicious -this may well be a trap by Voldemort even if it wasn't the presence of Greengrass made it really awkward but Bill had driven it into his head to never insult a goblin, so he watched on without comment. Greengrass poured something into the bowl, it then spit out a piece of paper which was quickly caught by the man, through all this the smaller girl Looked like she was at her wits end and would burst into tears any minute now, this only exacerbated his worries about interfering in a private matter, Goblin King had read his discomfort.
"Now that the ceremony has been performed , it would be prudent for you to retire to the Ironbridge Hall, where the Greengrass family will join you in short order."

Harry hesitated before nodding; He was really out of his depth here. He wished for Bill to help him, Bill had told him that if he wanted bring any one to the meeting he should ask first and that near deaf Goblin king kept a sheet of paper for him to scribble on. Harry grabbed the paper and scribbled the request and respectfully passed it to the King.

"That won't be an issue; I will have Bill Weasley summoned to the hall. Harry nodded and left the room.

Astoria in her wound up, terrified state was very annoyed at Potter interpreting their meeting, Grfyin Golden Boy had no right whatsoever to gawk at the result, it was no concern of his, it was strictly a family The King instructed him to wait for them at a hall, it filled her with a sense of dread. What happened in the hall would have a great impact on her didn't spent too long thinking about potter though.

She was thinking about her birth-mother, This piece of parchment destroyed the idea of her mother as some perfect woman they all painted her to be, she had betrayed her father, her family and she was just a byproduct of her having fun, a mistake.

She had no family. Yes, her father loved her but the irrefutable truth was that she was not a Greengrass, she had never been one and she could never become one.

The bowl boiled for a few minutes before a parchment was thrown out from it. Her father caught it. His eyed widened as he read the paper. Her heart throbbed as he looked at and said

"Your blood father is James potter"


James Potter was her blood father, It was mind bending. James Potter, A war hero who had died protecting his wife and child was her father. So he too had cheated on his wife and on this train of thoughts Astoria realized that she was related to Harry Potter. She was related to Harry Potter. Boy-Who-Lived and a possible murderer and criminal, It scared her.

The goblin king snarled "I think you should take the meeting outside."

Her father nodded "We will take some time to adjust to the news."

"That would be fine, please don't keep waiting for long."

"Dad, I don't want to be related to Harry Potter, he is an alleged murder."

Orion knelt on his knees and comforted Astoria, He was disconcerted by her attitude towards Potter but he wouldn't interfere overtly at least for now. "We won't let anything happen to you dear, as far as I am concerned you are a Greengrass." Astoria hugged him tightly as he patted her. After the Greengrass family recovered from the emotional made their way to the IronBridge Hall.


Bill found Harry in the IronBridge Hall. The kid was anxious and confused but that was to be expected when one deals with the Goblin King.

"Harry, did they make you sign anything?"

"No nothing like that, I watched a ceremony of some kind; there was a Pureblood family, Greengrass I think."

Bill leaned forward. This could be trouble. "Tell me the coloring of the bowl, Harry."

"The bowl was golden in color."

It was an inheritance test. Bill was confused, it was considered to be intensely private matter that even Gringotts handled sensitively. Things were not adding up. He comforted Harry and told him to remain calm through the meeting with the Greengrass Clan.

Five minutes later the Greengrass family arrived. He had heard of Orion's reputation as a shrewd dealmaker and watched for any signs of deceit as Greengrass introduced the family. The younger girl had been crying. Where arranging to marry her off to Harry?

Orion passed them a parchment; He took it and tested it for any spells before opening it. It shocked him, he had expected a trick but this was potentially dangerous information but his first priority was Harry.

Harry was staring at the paper, he looked hurt for awhile but didn't speak and then he looked at him Astoria. He asked, "Are you my sis-sister?" Bill was surprised by this, he had expected him to be in denial or get angry but it seemed that the kid wanted to have some living relation very badly.

The girl looked horrified and angry. "No! I'm a Greengrass, I am not related to you! You better remember that!" Bill could understand being upset about the revelation but the girl was being plain.

Harry's face fell; he paused for moment and sighed before nodding. Bill was surprised how well he took it.

Bill continued the meeting as Harry watched, they agreed to keep this meeting a secret and swore an oath to insure that no one spilled the beans. Harry was attentive but he was quiet.

Harry was depressed when they got back to the burrow. Bill pulled him over before they entered.

"You can't talk to Ron or Hermione about this, so if you need anyone to confide in, I will always be available."

Harry nodded. "Thanks Bill, really appreciate it."

Bill watched as Harry walked into the House. Things will only get worse for him.


The meeting ended soon after her outburst. She could see that her father was cross with her this made her feel a bit guilty and angry at the same time. When they arrived at the manor, her parents sat her down and admonished her for being cruel and insensitive.

Astoria knew that she had been a little cruel but she had been terrified and emotional. One relief was that Potter seemed to accept it and that he wouldn't hound her in Hogwarts due to their relation. Astoria eat dinner slowly as she thought about how things will change, Her parents , she had realized won't change but Daphne would definitely be harsher on her but she was used to Daphne being a cruel b-witch but she wasn't used to being cruel even to arrogant idiot and as she settled down it started to eat into her.

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