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A Sister, To be found
Astoria G. & Daphne G. & Harry P. - Words: 16,792 - Rated: M - English - Adventure & Family - Chapters: 18 - Reviews: 65 - Updated: 29-05-2017 - Published: 20-11-2016 - by FROSTbytes (FFN)

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It was only few days after the Gringotts visit that Harry realized the significance of what had been revealed at first he had a naive reaction, he always wished for a sister and It seemed he always had one but she crushed that hopes within seconds. She made it clear what she thought of him and none of it was nice.

It was only later he realized what it father cheated on his was disconcerting thought ,He wished he could explain it way; he tried to explain it away but he couldn't. He wrote to Sirius and the reply he got only made things worse .

Dear Harry
I can't deny it,He always was a ladies' man your thought he had settled down with Lily,He even said that he wasn't going to fool around with other girls .You father had a few but grave faults .I am sad that you have to witness the ugly side of James. None of his relationships before Lily lasted more than a few months at most. Harry please don't dwell on this too your father was a flawed man but that doesn't mean he didn't love you.

Promise me that you will not brood about this. You are young and you shouldn't spent your times brooding about mistakes that your parents made. Time will better spent learning and enjoying your time at Hogwarts.
Yours truly

Astoria Greengrass killed the myth, the myth of the happy life that he would have had if his parents had lived ,the idea that his parents loved each other died . It destroyed something which sustained him throughout his life, The belief in His parents' love for him. It now dawned on him the importance of Weasleys, Hermione ,Sirius and Remus were to him they were more family to him than Greengrass ever could and thus his childish fantasy of having siblings slowly withered away, A bitter anger was now dominated his thoughts about his parents.


Ron weasley was not the smartest cookie in the world and has apparently had a emotional range of a teaspoon but even he could see the change in Harry after he returned from meeting with Goblins .

Harry was broody, well broodier than before and he was spending more time with Bill and also was sending Ginny Wistful glances and that was really strange .So Ron decided that he would talk to Harry about next day when mum had the working in the garden Ron asked Harry .

"Mate, Do you fancy Ginny?"


"Come on Harry ,you've been staring at her a lot."

"No way mate,it is nothing really ."

"Does it have anything to do with the visit to Gringotts? "

Harry immediately became tense. "Look Ron I can't talk about it, I consider Ginny to be a sister of mine." Harry's face was marred by a frown through all this. Ron decided that it was better to let matters rest for now, He didn't want Harry to explode on him. he had sighed and patted Harry on the back before continuing there work in silence.

"Don't worry about it mate if you need any help, we will be there mate."

Ron knew something was off about Harry, Maybe it was Cedric' death or the tense environment that effected him but Ron decided that the best course of action was to back off right now when Harry was clearly not willing to talk and regroup with Hermione before finding out what was troubling Harry.


Her father had made it clear to her that she was to apologize to Potter about the incident in Gringotts and that even if they hated each other, They should be civil towards each other and as she been rather courteous with Potter it was her duty to mend any animosity that had been formed between them. Astoria didn't like it at all but she wasn't one to disobey her father thus Astoria Greengrass decided that she had to apologize to Potter.

Next up the train ride.

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