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A Sister, To be found
Astoria G. & Daphne G. & Harry P. - Words: 16,792 - Rated: M - English - Adventure & Family - Chapters: 18 - Reviews: 65 - Updated: 29-05-2017 - Published: 20-11-2016 - by FROSTbytes (FFN)

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Astoria had survived the emotional carnage that the revelation in Gringotts had wrecked on her but her father had talked her in to apologizing to Potter. She had her hopes up that he would lose the trial and be expelled from Hogwarts but Dumbledore had saved the prat from punishment again. She was dreading having to face that prat again, She had pleaded that he was dangerous; her father had laughed at her.


After the trial, his vacation had been fun. It had been marred by the Gringotts Incident but the time with Weasley's had been fun. After had hugged and embarrassed all of them Harry had boarded the Hogwarts express with Ron and Hermione but they had to leave to attend the Perfects meeting. Harry was searching for a empty carriage when he ran into Neville.

Neville smiled shyly at Harry. "Good to see you,Harry, how was your holidays?"

"Fine, Neville." He lied.

"How was yours? "

"Not too bad, grandma bought me some rare plants."

"That's great, find a carriage, Neville."

After some time spent searching for a carriage Neville finally chalked up the courage to spill his guts."We believe you, doesn't matter how much the prophet slanders you. Grandma said that you are living up to to the Potter Legacy. Neville spoke with confidence ,He didn't stutter or stumble through it but the instance he finished he blushed and stared at the floor. Harry was struck by the sincerity of Neville's made his day that some people believed him.

"Thank you Neville, It means a lot to me."

They found a a carriage with only one one blond girl sitting in was reading a magazine upside down.

"You're Harry potter and you're Neville Longbottom." The girl had said in a matter of fact tone.

"I am Luna Lovegood."

The girl was strange and talked of creatures he had never heard of before but she had a strange charm, Harry felt comfortable with her some fell into a comfortable silence It was interrupted by the arrival of Astoria Greengrass.

Seeing her again made Harry had hoped that he wouldn't never have to see her again. why was she here? to rub it in to his face that his father was not the man he had believed him to be,that his life would have been miserable even if his parents have survived that night.

"Longbottom, Lovegood could you both wait outside, I have some private matter to discuss with Potter."

Neville was about to get up but was stopped by Harry. "Sit down ,Neville,you too Luna."Harry snarled. Neville flinched at Harry's tone and sat dow, Luna was still reading the magazine but nodded. Harry turned to Greengrass.

"What do want Greengrass?"

"I want to talk to you Potter."

"About what exactly, I have no relation with you Greengrass."

Greengrass couldn't control her sigh of relief which only infuriated Harry more.

"Whatever Potter , I'm leaving ,Unlike Longbottom I don't have to suffer through your tantrums."

"Then leave Greengrass and take your cursed bones With you."

Neville tried to interfere but Luna caught his hand and shook her head. "It wouldn't do well to intefere here,Neville,Nargles told me that."


The curse,He mentioned the bloody curse .The curse that ruined any chance of Daphne ever surviving giving birth. It was not spoken about by anyone not part of the Greengrass clan and here Potter threw it at her face knowing full well that she wouldn't have the curse .Astoria drew her wand to curse Potter But was unbelievably quick with his wand,he had before she drew her wand cursed her out of the compartment.

"Neville please don't tell anyone what happened here."


Neville didn't tell anyone what happened but he did think it over numerous times in his hated that girl,He doesn't even curse Malfoy at his worse but he was happy to curse her and more importantly he knew of the Greengrass curse that meant Harry had taken the effort to look in very obscure books , He had never seen Harry being this cruel to someone, It had troubled him.

Something else that Neville found odd was how similar there expression of scorn was both of them had the exact same look of annoyance plastered on there face the whole was really weird and when he had tried to interfere . Neville decided to watch Harry to ensure that Harry didn't get into trouble with Umbridge.


That night at Hogwarts.
Harry Potter was a big prat,he had insulted her family and hurt her;her back still ached from the Greengrass was not one to take a slight lying down. Potter will pay but she had to be smart about it,Potter had more magical power ; she had to be clever about how she went about humiliating Potter.
Potter was scary, he was attention-seeking troublemaker, after she was done with him he will more attention than he would ever want.

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