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A Sister, To be found
Astoria G. & Daphne G. & Harry P. - Words: 16,792 - Rated: M - English - Adventure & Family - Chapters: 18 - Reviews: 65 - Updated: 29-05-2017 - Published: 20-11-2016 - by FROSTbytes (FFN)

The week back at Hogwarts had been horrible, Harry Potter had already returned to the Hogwarts Infirmary and he was actually relieved to be in the months of smear campaign by the Prophet and the ministry. The Hogwarts students had turned against him. he was mocked, shoved and cursed and the ungodly Umbridge woman was always harassing him in class and he had terrible headaches throughout the day which strained his already thin temper.

Harry had been happy when the weekends had decided to have a lay in but Ron had other ideas. "Mate,Fred and George are going to hold a pick up quiddtich game and they want us to join us."

Harry shrugged at Ron."I don't want to play Ron."

"It will fun, Harry and no one will have the guts to curse you when you are with those two gits." Harry had reluctantly agreed to it. Flying always made helped him relax and let go.

The next day they had picked up the gear and had made there way to the ground . The twins were already there with katie and Lee and They quickly decided the teams .
Harry wad enjoying the game. Katie, lee and Ron had teamed up. Ron was having a terrific match, he had been able to save almost anything that was thrown his way. Harry himself was flying well and he had some good plays with was reaching to intercept a pass by Ron when his hand had lost its grasp on the broom . Harry had tried to grasp the broom but his hand slipped again and Harry felt himself fall

The fall had not been that bad,He had broken five bones in his left shoulder and somehow sprained his right leg barring the pain he was going to be all had woken up to a very serious looking Fred and George sitting near his bedroom.

"How are you feeling Harry?"

"Not too bad, The pain has been numbed by potions but I don't know what happened up there my hand slipped twice."
Fred and George were not surprised and just nodded.

"We aren't surprised, it was covered in a slow acting Slipping potion. It causes you too loose grip on whatever it is applied on."

"What!? Someone tried to kill me ?"

"It would seem that way, young Harry."

"We know the person who brewed the potion, we ourselves are a frequent customer of the said person. If you could lend your cloak I believe Fred and I will able to find the attempted murder"

Harry was reluctant to the invisibility cloak to the anyone but the twins looked serious and He could have a potential assasin after him.

"Okay but please don't use it for pranks."

"What? We would never "Fred tried to look offended but burst out laughing.

"Okay we will provide you with the name before you get out of the bed."

The twins quickly left murmuring and was starting to anxious about all the terror the twins would cause with the

Harry was stuck in the Infirmary for a week. Ron and Hermione had visited whenever they could. Ron had blamed himself for the accident had apologized until Harry had to threatened to let the twins loose on him if apologised had bought him all his school work and helped him with his took him a couple of days for him to tell them what had actually happened.

Ron snorted. "That is nothing new is it?"

"Ron, it is not a time to joke around about." Hermione had protested and then before Ron and Hermione could fight Harry interpreted them.

"Look, the twins have promised to get us the name by the weekend, we'll worry about it then."

Hermione had looked displeased but didn't say anything.

The very next day when Ron and Hermione were visiting him . The twins had marched in

"Oh Harry, isn't she a bit young for you?"

"What are you talking about ? "

"A little bird told us that it was Astoria Greengrass who bought the potion."
"That bitch."Harry snarled.

She wanted to kill him? She was probably a death eater or maybe she was out to get her hands on the Potter wealth anyway he had underestimated her . She was more dangerous than he had expected her to be . She must be dealt with. Lost in his thoughts Harry hadn't noticed the shocked silence that followed his outburst.
"Harry, do you know her?" Hermione asked.


"Really, Harry?"

"She is probably a death eater, We will deal with it. "
"Okay,Harry. " Hermione dropped the issue for now but her tone promised further probing later.

After his friends left Harry fell into a troubled sleep filled with Murderers and a door.

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