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Yesterday was the Welcoming Feast, and Harry Potter had exulted to be back among friends at the Gryffindor table. Today, however, he was headed to the library for as frantic a "finish my homework" session as he could possibly stomach. It was remotely possible that he could finish everything except Potions. Curse that Snape for assigning so much work! Up to the library (he hoped he could find Hermione and work with her.)

As he went up the stairs, he heard a scratching sound below - he bent around to look backwards, curious as to what it could be.

"Catch!" was the last word that Harry heard, his face turning upward entirely too slowly, as his ear collided with a falling metal ball.

Up a flight of stairs, Draco Malfoy smiled, that particular mean and nasty and satisfied smile he rarely used at school. With catlike feet, he lept down, kneeling beside Potter, and casting a well-practiced series of spells. "Gotcha!" He said, grinning. His hands slid under Potter's shoulders and knees, and he - with pronounced care, picked the light boy up, and, with a triumphant sigh, started up the stairs.

[a/n: This will be a short story, I promise! Will not make it long! Leave a review if you want more, otherwise I'll just get back to writing something else.]

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