• Loose Snakes Loose Ends

    Harry and Draco are off to join the circus! (Okay, not really, Draco doesn't know what a circus is...) But they are running away...

  • Safe Enough To Scream

    Two people call Hogwarts home. Not a house to simply live in, but a sanctuary. One might even happen to notice that they find it safe enough to scream.

  • Nobody Ever Asked My Birthday: Folio Edition

    Bound copies of a story that generates complaints because my chapters are too short. Authors notes have been removed from this version, in the main.

  • Nobody ever asked my birthday

    "Neither can live while the other survives..." Yeah, that sounds like Harry Potter, alright. Except no, it really doesn't. In this story, we choose a far more likely candidate than Harry Potter for the prophecy.

  • Grow Up or Die

    Harry Potter is quite dead, and Draco Malfoy is very, very confused. Nothing is as it seems, and that's what's bothering him.

  • In which Everything Goes Wrong

    Harry Potter is trying to be a Hero. When Harry met Dumbledore at Kings Cross Station, he took the train back to the past. There have been a few slight detours along the way - for one, Harry James Potter is now a Dark Lord.

  • The Floating World

    Draco Malfoy is in love... Whether he wants to be or not. He's pretty sure being in love isn't supposed to hurt this much

  • Read the Last Page First

    Hilarious Romantic Comedy ensues out of an unexpected arrangement that neither party knows about. Love and laughter and light, this story will delight!

  • Crimson beyond blood that flows

    Harry Potter decided to be just what his relatives called him. A criminal and a malcontent. Oh, and a freak, that too.

  • Just call me Mephistopheles

    Despite the name, this is actually a Romantic comedy. I guarantee that by the end of the story, you will want to punch someone. Possibly the author. Blaise already knows exactly who he wants to punch.

  • Thanks, but I'll just try the dragon

    A story in which the damsel declines to be saved by the knight, and decides to try the dragon instead.

  • Call me Homer

    Aliases say a lot about a person.

  • Through the wall

    As the saying goes, you should never back a rat into a corner, for then they have no choice but to fight. Draco Malfoy's taking the other option. You know, where you go through the wall.

  • Never Prank Snape

    A prequel to Nobody Ever Asked my Birthday

  • Sanctuary Redux

    Something lovely, dark and deep, resides in the heart of Hogwarts.

  • What's the Damage?

    Harry Potter is an Auror. That's not surprising. What's endlessly surprising to Draco Malfoy is that Potter has actually managed to be a Man on the Force, not a Mascot or a Rising Star. Ordinary Joe Auror. NOTE: This deals with PTSD. Reality bites, triggers be damned.

  • Outtake: Nobody ever asked my birthday

    Snape snarks it up in Dumbledore's office. Italics are Potter's thoughts.

  • I'm your new best friend

    Draco Malfoy shows up to call in a favor Hermione Granger never knew about.

  • Golden Treacle Lies

    Tell a lie long enough, and make it truth. This one's the sticky sort of lie, like a flood of syrup.

  • Grace Note

    It is always darkest just before dawn. Light a candle, and outshine the dark.