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Harrison Morningstar
Dementors & Harry P. & OC - Words: 8,076 - Rated: M - English - Romance & Supernatural - Chapters: 3 - Reviews: 69 - Updated: 11-10-2018 - Published: 05-10-2018 - by DZ2 (FFN)

Harrison Morningstar

Disclaimer/Plot/Author's Note: SEE FIRST CHAPTER

Dedication: I'd like to dedicate this story to everyone who enjoys my stories: my recommended reads are You're my Density by robst, The Renegade by Greed720, Triton by the elementa1ist, Paid In Blood by zaterra02, Enough by White Angel of Auralon, Master Demense by Different Dimension Demon, Basilisk-born by Ebenbild, Harry Potter and the Daft Morons by Sinyk, Earl of the North by Lord Silvere, Flames of Betrayal by marietsy2 and Birth of a Nightmare Man and The Nightmare Man by Tiro

Key Pairing: Harry/Mara; Others TBD

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Nagiten: It was a joke as Fudge asked 'on what ground' and Harry sarcastically replied as he did; also, kudos on spotting that: you're one of two who did;

Jostanos: And the worse, as they say, is still to come;

Edward kizaru: No point…isn't that the best point of all?

Wrath of The Sun Deity: First one to do so, my friend: it just seemed perfect, as do any and all other references I use;

Hplemonpersona: First law of magic, my friend: magic always has a price: second law: nothing is what it seems;

Vampireking40: Sheep follow the shepherd and are corralled by the sheepdogs;

So, as Harry walked into the courtroom, none of the spectators had any idea just how much trouble they were in.

For the fizz had exploded, the bottle had shattered and now…only the unknown remained…

Chapter 1: The Fallen Shall Rise

Azkaban Island.

A dark, isolated monolith of blackness, buggery and bleak futures.

'All it needs is a conservatory and it'll be home,' thought Harry, not even bothering to hide his amusement at how simple Fudge had to be to do something like this. Giving Harry back to the Dementors after he'd worked so hard to take down two of them just a few weeks ago and then fight off an entire horde nearly two years ago.

It was like feeding a cod to a nest of sharks…except Harry was the sharks and the Dementors were the codfish.

As the boat slid onto the shoreline, Harry sniffed once before he drawled, "Lucy, I'm home…someone put the coffee on and…how's about a sandwich? Maybe some caviar or…"

"Shut up, Potter!" snapped one of the guards, giving Harry an unnecessary knee to the gut, knocking all the wind out of Harry while the guard sneered, "No-one to save you now; you're in Hell, little man…and I am the Devil!"

"No," grunted Harry, slowly picking himself up while he sneered, "You're not the Devil…"

Then, before the guards could make another move, Harry used his Seeker reflexes, and his years of experience outrunning Dudley and the thugs he called friends to good use as he laughed, "You're practice!"

With that, Harry used the bonds holding his hands in place to smack the guard who'd struck him across the face, leaving a nasty gash near one eye; after that, he ducked down as another guard tried to restrain him, but when he went down, Harry kicked out at the legs of the guard, which resulted in a loud, painful-sounding crack signalling that he'd broken at least one of the guards' kneecaps.

"Wow," remarked Harry, kipping up in a way that'd make a certain pro-wrestler envious as he drawled, "Either I'm stronger than I thought or you ass-kissing freaks are weaker than you think; either way, next?"


A flash of red was the last thing Harry saw before his world went black.



As impossible as it seemed, even Molly Weasley had to admit defeat with the thunderous roar that tore out of Sirius Black's mouth as he rose from his seat at the head of the table, his grey eyes more like thunderclouds themselves as he glared at Dumbledore. Around the table, the members of the Order of the Phoenix all had looks of shock, disbelief, surprise, hurt, wonder and, in the case of a certain grease stain who can never learn his lesson, absolute joy and pride.

At the same time, Sirius' roar was so loud that, outside the door, an Extendable Ear was ripped back up the stairs where Fred and George cleaned out their own ears while Ron's face was whiter than white as he whispered, "He…he's been sent to…to Azkaban?"

"But the Headmaster…" Hermione began.

"Did nothing!" snapped Ron hotly, looking to Hermione as he scowled darkly before he told her, "Harry's had weeks to be prepared for this, but he never did anything to offer that help. And now, our best mate's in Hell itself and all you can think of is how the senile old coot who sent him there could have done something?"

"Ronald, that's Albus Dumbledore…"

Suddenly, Hermione's eyes widened with horror as Ron pushed her over the banister they were standing near, dangling her by her legs, which resulted in a scream of terror that was soon drowned out by Mrs Black's shrieks.

At the same time, the Order, hearing the screams, ran out to see what was going on, but as they did so, they all heard Ron's furious voice echoing down the stairs. "I DON'T CARE IF IT'S MERLIN HIMSELF, HERMIONE! HE FAILED HARRY…BY THROWING HIM UNDER THE FUCKING BUS IN THE FIRST PLACE: HE DID THIS, NOT HARRY!"

"RONALD…" Molly began, but before she could finish, the matriarch was silenced when Sirius stepped past her, his grey eyes looking up at Ron in bewilderment, but also pride as he cleared his throat.

"First, can someone please do us all a favour and shut my Mother's portrait up?" asked Sirius, earning a nod from Tonks as she ran to deal with the shrieking image, much to the relief of the Twins.

As she did so, Sirius looked back to Ron as he added, "Second, Ron: as much as I understand and sympathise with your anger, can you please pull Hermione back over the railing? You'll mess my floors…well, more than they're already messed anyway."

While the Twins sniggered, Molly stared at Sirius in absolute horror while, nearby, even Remus Lupin looked troubled by his friend's cavalier attitude, though not as much as Dumbledore himself, who cleared his throat before he asked, "Now, children, if you're going to eavesdrop, you might as well come down and join in our little chat: Molly, why don't you get dinner sorted?"

"Why don't you go and take a walk off the Astronomy Tower with lead weights and wingless, overweight dragons attached to your spindly, wrinkled legs, Dumbledore?" asked Sirius suddenly, earning more shocked and disbelieving looks from the others as the Black Lord turned to Albus before he asked, "Or have you all forgotten the only reason I gave you this hellhole was because you swore Harry would be safe here? Tell me…how safe is he here if he's in Azkaban?"

"Sirius, I'm sure Dumbledore…"

"Why is the Red Banshee speaking when she doesn't deserve the right to say anything to me, least of all about my boy?" asked Sirius, earning a furious look from Molly, but before she could launch into a tirade, Sirius cut her off as he looked around before he went on.

"Okay then, boys and girls: here's what's going to happen: first and foremost, Ron, Fred, George, Ginny: you can stay. Order sheep, especially you Dumbledore? You can all go fuck yourselves; Molly, you can go dunk your head in a pit of Acromantulas and, last but not least, Hermione? Get the fuck out of my house…and return all the books you rescued from my family's library!"

As horrified as Hermione was at that moment, her face only went whiter as Sirius scoffed before he asked, "What? You thought me being on house arrest meant that I didn't know what was missing and what was where it should be, which reminds me; first chance I get, I'm suing everyone here for destroying priceless, irreplaceable Black Family artefacts with your cleaning!"

"We kept the child…" Molly began, but this time, Sirius made sure she shut the fuck up as he decked her, ignoring any arguments about being a gentleman or being polite.

All he saw was red as he hissed, "You've been begging for that since the day I met you, Molly: now I won't tell you again. Get out of my house!"

"We leave, you will be in Azkaban, Black!" snarled Severus, but Sirius just sneered.

"I'll save you a seat on the boat, Snivellus," drawled Sirius, scoffing in amusement as he asked, "And you threaten me with Azkaban? Reality check, you grease stain: I survived Azkaban for twelve years and, to date, am the only successful escapee since then."

"Not only that," argued Ron, his sudden appearance at the bottom of the stairs surprising the others as he added, "But send him there and you'll only reunite him with Harry…on second thought, Sirius: what does someone have to do to get sent there?"

"Kill a Death Eater…and lookie-here, we have one right here, not to mention someone the Minister would probably absolve me of my crimes if I killed him for him," scowled Sirius, drawing a finger across his throat before he pointed at a white-faced Severus and an equally-horrified Albus as he told them, "Now, get out and, trust me, if I ever see any of you sheep again, it'll be when I send you to the real Hell for what you've done to me, my family and my friends!"

"Sirius, I know you're angry," said Dumbledore.

Sirius, however, had heard enough: lifting his voice, he declared, "As Lord Black, I banish Albus Dumbledore and every member of the Order of the Phoenix off my property; if they should try and access any Black Family Estate or property owned by me and mine again, may they feel the sting of a hundred…no…a thousand Cruciatus Curses!"

"SIR…" Molly began, but before she could finish, a sound like cannon fire filled the hallway; seconds later, every adult, sans Sirius, left the building, leaving the door to slam behind them on the way out.

This just left the kids, though as Sirius looked up, he scowled darkly when he saw Hermione trying to skulk away; clearing his throat, he told her straight, "Excuse me, Hermione, but you seem to be under the delusion I forgot about you. How I ever called you the brightest witch of your age, I'll never know. Now give back everything you stole from me and then get the fuck out of my house; go back to your ignorant Muggle parents and, when you do, be sure to tell them exactly what you did to betray your best friend, a boy who saved your worthless hide more times than I can count, for the sake of a man who, one day, might be responsible for their deaths!"

"That…that's not…" Hermione gasped, falling to her knees; as for Sirius, he made his way up the stairs where, reaching the level where Hermione and the rest of the Weasleys were standing.

"I'll give you to the count of three, Hermione Granger," said Sirius coolly, holding up one finger before he added in a cold, dark tone, "If you haven't returned my property, I'll have you brought up on willing and intended Magical Theft, which, unlike your pathetic Muggle ways, can be proven…and all it'll take…one…is a few…two…choice words…three!"

As he hit three, much to Hermione's horror as she realised what he was doing, a flash of magic hit Hermione; when it faded, Ginny's eyes widened while Fred and George averted their gazes. Ron, on the other hand, drew himself up as he saw exactly what Sirius had done to Hermione.

There, on her forehead, stretching right across her face until it ran down both sides like a mocking butterfly, was a single, red-branded word:


"What…what have…have you…" Hermione gasped, trying and failing to find the words as she pleaded, "Sirius…please…think of Harry…think of his parents and…"

"Don't use words you don't understand, you filthy Mudblood," drawled Sirius icily, earning a horrified look from Hermione before he scoffed as he added, "I never thought I'd see the day where I'd be happy to acknowledge my parents' teachings, but like I told that big, fat ram whose ass you seem to love kissing, Granger: I only held my tongue because my boy was safe. Now…I have nothing left to lose!"

With that, Sirius walked straight past Hermione, leaving her weeping and whimpering on the floor; as he did so, he looked back to the Twins before he told them, "Go with Ron, get Harry's possessions and guard them…with your lives!"

For perhaps the first time ever, the Twins didn't hurry to argue.

Instead, they led their younger brother off, leaving Sirius alone, standing on the edge of the stairway, his hands resting against the banister with a dark, confident gleam in his eyes.

"Now then, Albus…" whispered the Black Lord, a maniacal look in his eyes that would have put his deranged appearance from his wanted posters to shame;

"Your move."

Chapter 1 – or, if you like, Part 2 of the Prologue – and we see a VERY different side of Sirius, but now he's made it clear he doesn't care one bit what happens to him, you have to wonder: what will happen?

Will he ever get his boy back, be it in Azkaban or in the world outside, and what about the thieving brunette who kisses the ass of authority? Will she learn her lesson and earn forgiveness or just demand it because she's Hermione and she has to always be right?

Keep Reading to Find Out

Next Chapter: A timeskip to a date and time synonymous with Harry Potter, but on this particular date, there's more than a feast of treats and annual danger on the horizon…well, half-right: there is danger, but, for once, Harry's not on the receiving end of it: he's causing it; how? Keep reading to find out…

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