Loose Snakes Loose Ends

Third eye blind

"What's it like, getting visions?" Draco asked eagerly.

"What's it like, having magic?" Ceija responded. then she blinked.

Draco still hadn't said anything and Harry could tell he was trying to wrap his mind around it.

"Oh, why do I even bother asking you?" Ceija said self-deprecatingly to Draco. She turned to Harry, "Have a go, mister."

Harry nodded, and then started to speak, slowly. "Its like you've got something that no one else has. Things change around you, stuff happens - generally when I was upset, I could feel myself getting ... tingly. Oh, and a snake spoke to me, and I understood."

Draco nearly fell off the lorry, Ceija and Harry grabbing him before he did. "You knew you could talk to snakes before you got to school?" The dumbfounded look on Draco's face gave Harry pause - he'd expected envy, or consternation, or disbelief. "How in the world did you not get sorted into Slytherin?"

Harry was not about to answer that question. The answer was insulting, anyway.

Ceija said, "It's a surprisingly reasonable hat."

Harry shot her a dark look, as if by simply willing it, he could stop her from speaking. Draco was looking rapt at Ceija, and probably wouldn't notice.

Ceija laughed, merrily, "He asked for Gryffindor, of course."

That, was not the truth, Harry knew, and yet he thanked all the stars in the sky that she put it that way. It was humiliating enough, to have sat there chanting "please not slytherin" - he did NOT want to know what Malfoy would do with such knowledge.

Dumbledore had said, "It is the choices that make the man."

When he'd said that, Harry had thought it meant that he wasn't a Slytherin, and that had been the good choice. Looking at Malfoy, eagerly learning about scattered muggle things that Harry remembered about, sitting on a lorry and talking with a Muggle Seer (and who knew those existed), Harry had to ask, Just what's so fucking evil about him?

Now, Snape, Harry could buy that Snape was evil. At least kinda sorta, his conscience replied. He saved your life, remember?

Sometimes, Harry hated having a conscience. With Snape, it was far easier to just hate the soddin' bastard.

At least this oddball vacation was good for something, Harry thought with a carefree grin. Hate to see Snape's fucking face, though, when he realizes Draco Malfoy, Potions Darling Extraordinaire, isn't returning.

Harry'd ordinarily have felt some sympathy for the miserable bastard who clearly hated teaching anyone other than his Slytherins (Goyle and Crabbe, hopeless though they may be, never got balled out like Harry did.) However, he'd been so focused on making Harry's life a living hell, that all sympathy had vanished. Unsurprising that.

Harry tuned back into the conversation - from the look Ceija shot him, she'd realized that he wasn't paying attention. "My sight - it's like another sense. You have it too with the magic, don't deny it, gadjo." Ceija shook her head, her tomboy pixie cut shaking itself out, "I see things, sometimes full visions, sometimes just markers."

"What do you see when you look at me?" Draco asked, and it wasn't arrogant. If anything it was said with a bit of dread.

"It changes by the minute," Ceija said lightheartedly, "But when you asked... Over your left shoulder, a tall, pale man with an outsized nose and long fine hair, dressed in those silly magical robes you wear - all in black. The Devil's Position."

Draco nodded somberly.

Ceija continued, "Over your right shoulder, an older man that looks surprisingly like yourself, in blue clothes. I suspect that's your father."

Draco nodded, "Was he using a snake-head cane?"

Ceija said, "Yes, I think so."

Draco said, "My father then."

Ceija said, "There's something else, you had a crown of laurel, that kept flaring with fire, and then disappearing into ash, that floated away."

Draco nodded, and Harry wanted to question him about these things. Snape and his father made sense, sorta... but why were they there? Such prominent positions.

Harry rapidly decided he didn't want to know what she could see about him.

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