Loose Snakes Loose Ends

Quo Vadis

Severus Snape knew only that two of his charges (and three persons) had left Hogwarts. Left the Forbidden Forest, even, and that was a neat trick in of itself. He'd changed his clothes (wands made this easy), and now was dressed in Muggle regalia, that he periodically tampered with, by stepping into an alley. He was trying to look more like the robust farmers and tradesmen of these small hamlets.

His theory, in so far as he had a theory, was that they'd have to find a place to resupply, and fairly close to Hogwarts. If they had somehow had enough supplies to go farther, well, Snape was certain he'd never find them. And, as that was not to be considered, he ground his teeth and approached this village.

Was there a constable in the village?

Yes, there was a sign.

Severus Snape stepped into the Scottish constabulary, asking, "Have you seen two young boys? One of them has shockingly bright white hair? And another with black?"

"Fraid not," the constable said, looking gruff and suspicious, "Not many children around here, unless you've lost some?"

"Indeed," Snape said, lacing his fingers together in front of himself. "I'm their governor, and they've quite left the estate. I'm not sure where they've gone, so if you find them, could you give me a ring?" Snape passed over his card.

One town down. Fifty hamlets, and countless homesteads to go. They'd be more likely to head south than otherwise (east was a moor, and they'd only head that way if lost).

Snape could feel the gossipy neighbors' eyes on him as he stalked out of town. He must look odd, indeed, without a cart, a horse or a lorry.

Couldn't be helped.

It was easy enough to find clothing, to tailor clothing. A functional car was quite outside his budget, particularly if he hoped to find the light-blinded children before they managed to completely fade from memory.

Snape detested these small towns, with their nosy attitudes. It reminded him all the much more of Wizarding England, and he detested that too. He quite liked the ability to disappear into Muggle London, and have no one even think to look at him.

It was nice being invisible. Better that way, really.

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