The Guild of Dragons

Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

The trip from the library to the wooden door of Narcissa's room was nearly her undoing. With every glide of her steps she could feel the core of her body aching and begging and needing. Rune's steady paces kept the walk upbeat and her calm disposition aided Narcissa's anxieties of being seen as she led through the common areas of the keep, and up towards the rooms.

At the door to her private rooms, Rune held the door for her and closed it quietly. As the woman turned to speak to Narcissa, the Lady held her fingers to Rune's lips pleadingly. Her blue eyes begged that nothing break the reverie between them, and Rune nodded slowly. The tension in Narcissa's shoulders broke and Rune took the hand at her lips and began to kiss each fingertip in reverence. With each touch of her mouth, there was the faintest feeling of Rune's tongue. The sensation shot thrilling bolts of electricity through Narcissa. While one of Rune's hands cupped the hand she showered in kisses, she stepped behind her bringing Narcissa's bent elbow in at her side, and moved her mouth to Narcissa's ear.

With the same soft approach, Rune gently grazed her lips across the shell and wrapped an arm across the front of the Lady's ribs, just beneath Narcissa's breasts. Gods, how this was awakening her! As Rune's left arm traveled down over the thick velvet and brocade of her dress, she applied the most sensuous pressure as she moved to Narcissa's hip to grip it firmly. The Lady couldn't help but gasp at the surge that erupted within her at the feeling it elicited.

Encouraged onward my the Lady's physical queues and utterly writhing bodily movements, Rune used her right hand to unhinge the clasps and work down the buttons on the dress. With each undone and her chemise beneath exposed, the cool air of her room tasted finally of her skin and caused her to shiver. She opened the dress fully and reverently floated kisses across her shoulder muscle, with its impeccably perfect skin, pulling the chemise away as she traveled.

Narcissa's breathing had grown heavy, and her loins practically throbbed under the attentions Rune was paying every reachable inch of her body. At one particular spot in the middle of her shoulder, Rune gently mouthed her flesh and Narcissa nearly came undone. Laving over it again with her tongue, the Master returned her left arm to reach around Narcissa's waist and as she delved a sensuous bite into the muscle, she raked her strong fingers over the top of Narcissa's thigh that nearly had her exploding.

The cry that escaped her throat was filled with equal part desperation and passion as the continuous teasing and touching brought her higher and higher with every second, until she thought she might expire. Never had hands performed such a dance to her body, and she was spellbound in the wake of the symphony they were striking within her. Her own hands reached back to touch the body behind her, in any way. She arched her back, thrusting her breasts out pleadingly that they might be touched only to find Rune's attentions shift carefully to move from her thigh up to her waist.

Rune watched appreciatively from her vantage point as her own two hands conducted this beautiful music of passion across the frame of this exquisitely beautiful woman in her arms. The unique taste belonging solely to Narcissa was painted in the flesh of her lips, on her tongue and dancing in her nostrils; it was an intoxicating harmony to her senses. How she bucked now beneath her was so enticing, and irresistible. But the Master smiled into Narcissa's neck and attended her passionately once more, committed to memorizing every last inch she could conquer.

Narcissa was writhing now in earnest, pressing the back of her fully against Rune, desperate for more of the sensation Rune produced over every place she seemed to touch. Her body felt so alive, as it never had before! Nothing like this in all of the years she had lain for her Lord had such an experience been hers, that she felt positively ravenous for more. More, more more! The word thundered in her mind.

Rune could sense Narcissa's impatience in the frantic motions of her hands over Rune's cheeks, her arms, her hair. Anything Narcissa could get her hands on from behind her. And thus, Rune moved her hands slowly over the layer of paltry fabric that separated the two of them. She peeled what remained of the dress from her companions delectably slim shoulders and eased it to a nearby chair, mindful to take care of the Lady's fine attires. Swaying her hips, she guided Narcissa from behind in slow steps as she glided her hands over her ribs, just barely touching the underside of Narcissa's soft breasts, moving her towards the bed. For even as much enjoyment as Rune took in lavishing this beautiful woman's body standing behind it, she wanted more of her still.

Coming just to the edge of the bed, Rune used a quick and graceful step to turn Narcissa to face her, and claim her soft lips with her own. Her tongue whetting Narcissa's as she dipped her tongue within her, licking, playing, coaxing and dancing with every movement. The woman groaned openly and wrapped her arms around Rune's shoulders as she hummed against Rune's tongue. Oh, the sound of this woman! Rune thought as she wrapped her arms around her Lady's slim waist, and pressed herself against the soft breasts. She could feel through her winter tunic how her nipples had hardened as part of the desire the coursed through her, and she ghosted her fingertips up her sides to wisp over their soft undersides.

The gasp that came from Narcissa echoed in Rune's mouth as she mimicked how she shaped her mouth when she did, licking the inner edges of her lips playfully. The Master inhaled deeply as her own body reacted to each thrust against her Narcissa made. Now pressed together, Narcissa unraveled her arms to find purchase at the edge of Rune's tunic and begin to seek beneath it. Her delicate hands found warm and soft flesh beneath, stretched over muscles Narcissa hadn't realized were hidden beneath.

Despite her inexperience, she was desperately curious and exhilarated by how delicious Rune's skin felt and marveled at how physically fit her body was under the winter clothes. The Lady smiled into Rune's kisses, and Rune pulled back as Narcissa's own hands reached further still up Rune's chest and grazed over long strips of cloth the Master used to bind herself down. Even through the many layers, Rune gasped in surprised as Narcissa surged forward to claim her kisses deeper, and rub her palms gently across Rune's bound breasts. The Master let out a strangled noise as she shuttered at how heavenly Narcissa's touch felt over her.

Her confidence aided by Rune's reaction, Narcissa made to try to slip the folds of cloth downward and find exposure to Rune's body, but Rune reached up gently and pulled her hands away, spurning her advances. Heaving with desire Narcissa made a small noise of protest in her mouth before Rune smiled, bringing up her palms and kissing them each in turn. Her brown hair had begun to come undone from the bound length behind her, and Narcissa felt the slick wetness between her legs pointedly as she watched how Rune's tongue slipped out to touch the flesh of her palms once, twice.

Rune's eyes were like storming skies, and Narcissa was flying in them without heed for any consequences. She freed her hand and touched Rune's cheek, drawing them close again. The feel of their soft bodies together as they pressed close once again was absolute heaven and Rune gently began to raise Narcissa's gown. Their eyes never faltering from the other, Rune paused as the hem reached her mid-thigh, and she paused as she waited for permission. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she nodded, and the rising hem revealed her body, inch by inch. Slipping her hands beneath, Rune slowly crouched down to use her fingertips up the side of Narcissa's legs. From her very ankles, to her calves, and thighs. She paused to swirl her touches over her hips, and over the dip of her waist. With her arms rose the fabric until it was up, up, up over her head and the cool air around them was all Narcissa could feel anymore.

Watching Narcissa's blue eyes, wide and bearing witness to every movement she made, she traced across the beautiful, unmarred skin of her bosom, dipping only slightly between her beasts. The Lady's eyes fluttered into her head and she dipped back slightly, and Rune leaned down to capture one pinked nipple in her mouth. Narcissa's hands were instantly at Rune's shoulders as she gasped and mewled her delight at how Rune suckled and licked with her mouth, and how the feeling travelled down to the depths of her core, between her legs where so much slickness had grown that she almost felt shame for the wantonness of it.

But all Rune did in response was lay her backward, gently on the expanse of bed that had been awaiting them. As she did, Rune straddled Narcissa's leg and her mouth wandered to Narcissa's other breast and she occupied her fingers with gently playing the freed nipple, causing her to writhe openly underneath her. The blonde's hips undulated gently in tempo to how Rune lavished her tongue around the little nub in her mouth, and Narcissa panted eagerly, soaking up every second of the sensation. Every one of her nerve endings was on fire! The touches from this woman were unlike anything she could have ever imagined, and she was spiraling deliciously out of control in the storm of Rune's embrace.

She found her hands moving into Rune's bound hair, pulling briefly at the long coil behind her back. Between pants, she managed to breathe out, "So many layers. How can a woman possibly experience you?" Her tone was teasing, and Rune chuckled with her mouth still full of Narcissa's flesh. She released it with a quiet pop and traced the areola with the very tip of her nose, murmuring into her skin.

"It is you who are the experience." She whispered, and as she spoke to last word, she ghosted her fingertips through the slit of Narcissa's aching nether lips, and the woman under her gasped in shock at the intensity. Slowly, Rune traced the edges of her short hair, parting the lips just slightly with her fingertips to touch the wetness hidden within the soft folds. She raised her fingertips to her mouth and licked at the hint she had retrieved. She groaned deeply with enjoyment before she touched Narcissa again. Tenderly parting her lips as she swiped slowly from the bottom upward, and lapped again at her nipple.

Narcissa could barely contain herself as she panted, writhed and moved her hips in time with the gentle swipes to her nether lips as Rune slid herself upward, claiming her lips. As she did, she slid a finger expertly into Narcissa's aching channel, teasing her with a few gentle practice thrusts before she sheathed her digit fully within, eliciting a growling gasp from Narcissa as she did. Narcissa shot her hand to cup Rune's cheek as they kissed, and Rune slowly pumped the finger in and out of the hot cavity of her sex. Gently as she did, she slipped her thump upward to the where the folds met and sought the hidden pearl beneath.

Her fingers were so soft and the motion so smooth that within Narcissa's body a tightness began to creep into her, deep within her womb, and all around her skin was the tingling sensation of magic as Rune worked into her lover's body. Narcissa moaned deeply as she was consumed, inside in out, with raw pleasure.

Moving her hands down to Rune's shoulders she found purchase as she felt within her an urging pressure building that she couldn't quantify or decipher, but it was travelling upward into her body with each succulent stroke of Runes fingers. With each pump, their bodies moved together. Narcissa's hips keeping time. And when Rune added a second finger within in her, Narcissa let lose a groan that shot straight through Rune's own aching loins, and her kiss deepened incredibly as Narcissa neared closer to reaching her summit.

The sound of Rune's fingers as they fucked her made a slick sound that could be heard behind the panting kisses, and as she felt her legs begin to tighten involuntarily, she grabbed frantically at Rune's strong shoulders as her teeth clacking periodically with Rune's through her quickening kisses.

Spurred on by her impending orgasm, Rune broke from her lips long enough to give a gravelly whisper. "Look at me." She bade, and Narcissa's blue eyes fluttered open just as a wave of pleasure overtook her completely and the storm within Rune's eyes pulled her into them. Narcissa's moan was long, and loud, as her body was carried over the sweet edge of that tremendous pleasure. Rune watched every second of it as she did, witnessing her. She drank the sight of this heady act as her paramours hands grabbed at her shoulders, and her hips continued to buck as Rune slowed her pace down to ease her off from the pleasure.

Gasping for air, Narcissa's eyelids fluttered shut softly and she licked her lips as she came down from the high. Her soft skin was sticky with perspiration still as Rune leaned slightly away from her, removing her fingers from Narcissa gently and placed them into her mouth again, looking at her hungrily. The Lady couldn't help herself, and she laughed openly at her lover's boldness. Her smile brightened her face in a way Rune could only think to describe as dazzling. She smirked back, and leaned down to her nipple, and kissed it sensuously.

Narcissa moaned, her arms flopping above her head, her blond hair scattered all around her. She glanced down at the state they were in, atop the bed. Her naked body exposed in the air, and Rune's still completely covered. She rose an eyebrow as Rune progressively sucked and licked her nipple with more pressure. Her back arched as she breathed in the pleasure there, and sighed.

"How can you still be dressed, whilst I am so-" Rune used her free hand to play with the other nipple, watching as her fingers played gently with the pliable flesh and she hummed gently at her question.

"Simple: This is about you, not me." She stated, and licked a line down the curve of the flesh towards her ribs and Narcissa's back bowed as the sensation of pleasure followed those soft lips wherever they trailed across her skin. She moaned unabashedly and reached for Rune's face, pulling herself up to meet her and taste her mouth again. The taste of her own flower still on her lover's lips, and the skill of her tongue was utterly divine and Narcissa found herself wanting more, and more. She could drown happily in these kisses.

With the kisses to distract her, Narcissa deftly clasp the bottom of Rune's tunic and pulled upward to beg it from her body. Rune broke the kiss to stop her, only for Narcissa to soften and touch her cheek with a gentle plea. "Please?" She whispered, finding herself a little at a loss of words. "I- I want to feel you." The two stared at each other before the Master hesitantly nodded and allowed her partner to pull the thick fabric over her head to expose herself. Her chest was strong, and broad for a woman. Her arms muscled much like that of a man's, but still feminine and soft, but littered with a kaleidoscope of scars. Across her chest was a linen-like cloth, wrapped tightly over her breasts to flatten them, creating a barrier to the skin beneath. Narcissa frowned.

Rune's face was frozen in a neutral position, though laced with apprehension as Narcissa cautiously worked her fingertips over the expanse before her. Taking in the texture of it, how soft it was, admiring the shape of this person before her who had showed her such attentiveness in pleasuring her. She rose to her knees, as Rune was, and touched lightly again over her stomach, dipping her fingers playfully to the waistline of Rune's pants, her eyes darting up to watch as Rune's eyes fluttered and her breath hitched. As she traced Rune's hips she marveled at how well-made and solid this woman's body was. How strong the muscles were, and how attractive she found herself to it. She played with the ties of the wrapped belt Rune wore, and even though her breath caught, she claimed Narcissa's hands in her own to stop her from moving further, and raised the hands to her lips once more. Her previous confident smirk now melted away to leave wariness instead. She frowned, breaking away to brush strands of Rune's loose hair behind her ear in a tender gesture.

"Please?" She asked again and Rune closed her eyes a moment before she sighed.

"I cannot think of anything I desire more, Lady." She breathed, and Narcissa began to smile slyly as she made to touch her once more. Rune held her fast. "But I am afraid you would not enjoy what you find." Her eyes closed briefly at the statement, waiting for Narcissa to pull away. When she didn't, Narcissa nestled closer into Rune's body, her nakedness pressed firmly into her, allowing the expanse of her bare skin to touch Rune wherever it could. Her delicate fingers splayed just above Rune's bindings and she leaned in carefully to kiss Rune's jaw.

Rune's hands had fallen to her sides and her fists clenched futilely as her lover kissed her once again. Her fingers ran slowly down the cloth. "I want to feel more of you." She whispered, and Rune grimaced, finally raising her arms to cup Narcissa's elbows. "I want all of you." She exclaimed softly. When Rune made to pull away from her slightly, Narcissa frowned at how Rune shrank from her. "What is it you believe I will dislike?"

She had been so bold in the pursuit, but now that she was the pursued, she balked? Narcissa narrowed her blue eyes, and grabbed around Rune's waist and kissed her hungrily as she flipped the two of them over together, this time with Narcissa on top. Rune's mouth was occupied with hers, but she tried desperately to keep her partner from mounting her by trying to twist her hips away, but Narcissa planted herself firm and leaned toward her lover as she pressed her naked breasts against her.

But this was where she felt it, and she stilled for a moment and moved her hips across something long and hard jutting from the apex of her lover's legs. As she did, Rune broke the kiss completely, and turned her head to the side to look away as she sighed. Her eyes screwed tightly shut. Narcissa's eyebrows shot into her forehead as she pressed her hips downward upon her lover's and Rune hissed in inadvertent pleasure. She grabbed Narcissa firmly by the hips and bodily moved her to the side as she made to leave the bed.

Grasping desperately to her, Narcissa caught Rune's shoulders and held fast. "Wait! Please! Do not leave!" She begged, but Rune would not meet her eyes. Though she hadn't moved any further. Narcissa moved behind her, wrapping her arms around Rune's chest, tethering them together, and she kissed Rune's neck from the side. Rune's breaths were ragged then, bordering on panicked.

Leaning her cheek in to make contact Narcissa held her lover still, wrapping her knees at Rune's side, and silently holding her. It allowed Rune to collect herself before she touched Narcissa's arm, and leaned to face her. "I must go." She said solemnly, and Narcissa moved back a fraction.

"After all this, you would presume me to reject you?" She asked with a soft voice, and Rune shook her head without speaking. Narcissa held tight onto her and moved herself around Runes body to straddle her lap, her hair all across her shoulders and her skin still flushed from her earlier orgasm.

Rune grimaced slightly, moving her mouth for a moment without speaking until Narcissa touched her jaw. "I can decide for myself what I like, and do not." She said, seeing how Rune's expression moved from unsure to guarded once again. She leaned in and kissed her once again, and found Rune's strong arms moving around her waist to grab her close and pull them together. It was warm, and safe.

"This is different." Rune said between her kisses, trying to lean away from the nips by Narcissa as she gasped when her lover continued to twine her tongue.

"I want you, Rune." Narcissa whispered. "I want you like nothing I've ever wanted." She confessed, bringing Rune's hands to her naked breasts, sighing with her as the fingers played gently over her flesh in such a way that made her hips thrust. She groaned as Rune tugged gently on her nipples and arched herself to her lover, inviting her in for more. Rune obliged with her mouth and licked her das Narcissa ran her hands over Rune's soft hair. "Ooooh, yesssss." She hissed with pleasure, and rocked her hips deep into the recesses of Rune's to rediscover what her lover so feared she would abhor.

Shyly, Rune pushed her hips upward to give Narcissa friction, and she felt again a hardness that should not have otherwise been there. The blonde pushed Rune back gently and their eyes locked. The woman slid lower down Rune's thighs and began to undo the thick belt there, the knot coming loose and Narcissa unwound the layers wrapped around her lover's midsection. The belt gone, she untied the straps at the waist and gently worked the trousers downward over Rune's hips, only to have the fabric of them catch on something distinctively characteristic of a man.

As it appeared slowly beneath her pants, Narcissa felt herself gasp in surprise at it was revealed. Nested in groomed hair, was a hard and silken cock. She glanced up at her lover's face, her expression of shock very plain to see that Rune's face was still turned to the side, her eyes scrunched together. Narcissa softened and continued to peel down the pants from her lover tenderly, lowering them to the floor. As she rose, she hovered above Rune and ran her hand gently up the soft length of her lover and followed with a whispering breath as she ghosted her lips over the length of the shaft.

From the bed above, her lover let out a guttural moan of pleasure as Narcissa carefully touched the shaft with soft fingertips, followed after again with the hint of her mouth hovering over it.

"Oh, Great Shadows." Rune moaned and her own body flexed as Narcissa traced the tip of her tongue now over Rune's rock-hard length. It was all she could stand, it seemed, and Narcissa found herself suddenly being pulled upward as Rune guided her to her lap, taking her cheeks in her palms and kissing her with such a fervent passion that it nearly stole Narcissa's breath away. Rune's mouth worked desperately to consume as much as Narcissa would give, and from the undulating of their bodies, and raggedness of their breath, it was positively thunderous between them.

Reaching down, Narcissa touched once more at the length of Rune that had gotten caught between them and stroked her lover again firmly. Rune's breath halted a moment as Narcissa ran the tip through her still-wet lower lips. Narcissa caught Rune's gaze in her own, her blue eyes determined and yet Rune's were laced with what she thought was fear.

Narcissa sank slowly down the length of it, and claimed Rune's lips in her own as she cried out in pleasure as she was covered in Narcissa's perfect silken heat. The girth of her lovers cock filled her so deliciously that Narcissa was unsure how she had ever lived without knowing what pleasure like this was like. She had never mounted her Lord, but merely lay beneath him. And now she did so eagerly to her lover.

She rose her hips up slowly to move along the hardness within her, up and down. Her palms cupping Runes face as she kissed her, she felt wetness on Rune's cheeks and opened her eyes to see lines of tears while she moved up and down on that thick cock inside her. Rune could feel the pulsating pleasure all over her body and without thinking she allowed that pleasure to push out from all around her, her magic sharing it with Narcissa.

The Lady kissed those wet tracks as she bobbed up and down gracefully and Rune's magic; shadowy and foreign, wrapped around her body to envelope her. Narcissa lapped hungrily at her lover's lips and the gasps that fell from them.

Rune's hands gripped her hips as the pleasure rode over her in waves, and she punctuating each downward motion by thrusting upward so that their naked skin slapped together. The pleasure was almost overwhelming, and Rune moaned lowly in the back of her throat. She pulled from the kisses to capture a bouncing nipple into her mouth and suck it with a little more force. Narcissa's head fell back as she gasped and her hips writhed atop Rune's lap.

The brown haired woman groaned in pleasure as her lover atop her drove up and down, raining pleasure all over her body. Rune wrapped her arms around Narcissa and lavished her breasts with intermittent suckling and licking that had the Lady gasping and faltering as she moved up and down.

Rune broke free of her lover's body and wet her thumb with as much saliva as she could, and reached down between their bodies to seek out the most sensitive place between her lover's thighs. Her fingers were deft in their journey, and the second she touched it, the Lady gasp and slowed her pace as it was stroked. Rune nestled her face beneath Narcissa's jaw and suckled passionately at her as she worked gently on the tender button.

As equally as being inside Narcissa's silky channel brought her wave after wave of pleasure, her ministrations to Narcissa's reawakening nub also made keeping her rhythm of thrusting difficult. The consistent and perfectly tempered strokes along Narcissa's delicate little organ sung through her deliciously aching hips as her up and down motion continued to falter. For every time she rose she fought against her muscles as the pleasure rose higher and higher, to keep her thighs from snapping shut.

Sensing her lovers impending climax, Rune steadied herself and using her core she thrust up into Narcissa as she continued to stroke her, steadying her rhythms for her lovers delight.

As the brink came ever-nearer, Narcissa couldn't help but arch her back as she moaned into the room with abandon. The darkness of Rune's magic touching every last piece of her senses with the uniquely spicy smell, and how it plucked at her insides so that her impending climax began to amplify that Narcissa's eyes screwed shut as she cried out "Oh Gods, yes! Oh yes please!"

Rune never slowed herself, but thrust again and again at her lovers cries, deepening her penetration. She fought with her own building waves that were creating a full body tension that ensnared every fiber of her being. The warmth and wet of their sex all over her lap, and the heat of Narcissa stroking up and down: it intoxicated her utterly and as the beautiful blond came gloriously undone in her arms, screaming and bucking in her pleasure, so too did Rune as she finally let herself tumble into the oblivion with her.

As the pair came down from the soaring heights of their pleasure, Narcissa opened her eyes at the room around them, and the slight in her arms. Her lovers brown was dotted with sweat from the exertions of pleasure, and her hair had come undone in many places, so that exceedingly long strands tickled Narcissa's breast and danced around Rune's shoulders. Though moistened with sweat, it was incredibly soft. And now that she looked at it, was shot through here and there with the signs of an early silver. In the glow of such pleasure, she smiled despite herself. She lay a kiss to Rune's temple and the Master chuckled, her arms still wrapped well around the Lady's slim waist.

Slowly Narcissa stroked the strong arms and considered the complexion, in contrast to her own peachy pale skin. Rune's arms were strong in a way Narcissa's could never be, and she felt so safe within them, and so comfortable, that it was strange to her.

Their bodies cooling, Rune released her and leaned back slowly, raking her palms over her face as she sprawled down. Narcissa unseated herself, with a squishy noise from between their joined bodies as she unseated herself from the now-flaccid member, and lay down beside her. She trailed her soft nails over the still-bound chest of her lover, pulling at the tips of the cloth at random intervals, and looking at Rune's face with an expectant expression.

Rune shot her a look from the corner of her eye. "What?" Narcissa asked defensively and Rune sighed, raising on her elbows as she looked like she was going to respond. "Clearly I found something I liked, did I not?" She teased, and traced her finger over where Rune's nipple might have been.

The reaction was exactly what Narcissa was hoping for, because Rune's blue gray eyes fluttered and her stomach muscles clenched. The sight, though surprising, Narcissa had to admit, was stunning. Rune grabbed the wrist of her exploring hand and rolled over on top of Narcissa once again. Narcissa Smirked playfully as the member between them seemed eager to provide once again, if its quickening hardness was anything to go by.

"Then you will definitely like what I have planned for you next." The darker haired woman said and as Narcissa made to kiss her, Rune pushed her body upward as her wet tongue caught a part of her hip as its wielder made her way downward. As before, Rune's magic spread all over her, covering her skin in a dark and smoky sensation that lit her nerve endings on fire, and keyed her sensitive sex immediately. It whispered pleasure from all around her with little voices she couldn't discern. She arched into Rune then, completely bespelled in her the cocoon of her new lover.

Narcissa gasped as Rune wrapped one arm under her hips and used the other to tease her lovers lower lips. "Oh, my Gods!" Narcissa hissed, almost weeping as her sex was licked by Rune's soft wet tongue. From between her thighs Rune smiled.

"I'll be happy enough when it is my name on your tongue when you scream, my delight."