The Marauders and Umbridge

Chapter 1

The sliding door of the compartment slammed against the wall as Sirius thrust it open. He threw himself on the mud colored cushion and exclaimed, "Mate, did you hear about the World Cup? I can't believe the Wasps won! We had it in the bag!"

"I know! Sherman only made it because Kennedy's Fanclub was taking pictures and he had to pose for them," James sympathised, messing up his jet black hair.

"And Gunderson's hit? Man, that was the best! It nailed the chaser right in the stomach." Sirius said excitedly. The two friends continued to talk Quidditch until there was a knock on their compartment door.

"Hope it's the food trolley," James said, grinning.

Sirius grinned back at him before yelling, "If you aren't the food trolley, go away!"

"That's real nice," Remus told them, sliding open the compartment door. Peter stood behind him and waved.

"Fine. If you aren't the food trolley or Remus Lupin or Peter Pettigrew then go away," Sirius amended, moving over so that everyone could fit in.

Remus sighed. "Really, Sirius, you need to be nice to people."

"No one's nice to me," Sirius mumbled. He stared out the window moodily, black hair covering his face.

James crossed his arms and pointed out, "Except for me. And Remus. And Peter. And Dumbledore. And-"

"Sheesh, guys. I get it," Sirius said, throwing his hands up.

"I was going to add McGonagall. We all know she fancies you," James told him.

"McGonagall does not fancy Sirius," Remus said exasperatedly while the others shook with laughter.

"If she does, then why doesn't Minnie say anything? I heard that the Triwizard Tournament is on this year, maybe she'll say yes if I ask her out…." Sirius pretended to ponder this for a few minutes as the conversation veered from Professor McGonagall to talk of the summer.

"I went to Hogsmeade- You should have seen the candy shop! Honeydukes has literally everything. I brought back some sugar quills we can use in lessons and suck on them. It's supposed to look like you're thinking what to write next," Peter told them excitedly, pulling out delicately woven Quill-sized sugars with an unimaginable amount of detail.

"Mum, dad, and I spent a day in London. We got to see Big Ben. It's big, but not as big as Hogwarts," James explained, shrugging.

"We stayed home," Remus said, recounting his summer in just a few words.

"I walked around. And stuff." Everyone looked at Sirius. "What? I was out of magazines!" he said defensively.

"Well, you won't be bored now that school's starting. Professor Slughorn did say that this year we'll be working on antidotes, which I've heard is tricky," James told him glumly.

As the Hogwarts Express thundered through the sunny hills of England, the food trolley finally came. The call of "Anything from the trolley, dears" floated through the door.

"Finally!" James thrust the door open and handed a few golden coins to the witch manning it. A heap of wizard's candy was placed on an empty seat. Within a few minutes, colored rappers of every shade of the rainbow were scattered around the car. Bertie Botts Every-Flavored Beans were laid on Peter's suitcase between the four boys.

"Who wants to start?" Remus asked, eyes twinkling with glee.

"Sure. Peter, I dare you to," James paused, "eat the purple one right there on the edge. No-no it's the one- yeah that one." Peter picked up a cranberry-purple colored bean and bit into it.

"Mmm," he put the rest of it in his mouth, "grape." When he was done chewing, Peter dared Sirius to try a pink one on the very edge of the suitcase. It was spat out almost right away.

"I think that's salmon. Gross," Sirius told the group, putting the rest of his in the trash. "Remus, you try one. Take the blue one in the middle." The blue one turned out to be a blue moon ice cream flavor. Within an hour, all of the bean were eaten or thrown out.

"I didn't know they had peanut," Remus commented a while later when they were enjoying some chocolate frogs.

"I didn't think they would do cabbage- Hey, look, I got Merlin. I don't have him yet," Peter pointed to his chocolate frog card.

"Nice- I have Dumbledore. He's on a ton of them," said James, munching on the frog. As the candy was disappearing, the Hogwarts Express screeched to a halt.

"Let's go. I can't wait for the feast," Sirius said excitedly. "The shepherd's pie is the best."