• Sod the Consequences

    Blacks go into Slytherin. That's the way things go. Sirius, however, doesn't necessarily want to be Slytherin. Unfortunately, it's not as though he has a choice. At least, not until he makes a reckless decision. Multi-shot. (Will be updated in the next few weeks)
  • Constant Vigilance

    It's the Marauders' fourth year at Hogwarts, and it's unpredictable, to say the least. There's a Dark Lord on the loose, an auror as their teacher, and plenty of pranks for everyone. (Will be updated in the next few months.)
  • She'd Let Me Off

    When a dog mysteriously steals James' homework, McGonagall makes him redo the assignment. Sirius bets that if his homework was stolen, McGonagall would let him off. James sincerely doubts this. And so, they test Sirius' theory. One-shot.
  • The Letter

    Sirius wanted to spend the Christmas holiday at Hogwarts, looking for somewhere less conspicuous than a broom closet to snog his boyfriend senseless. Instead, he got dragged back to London. While at home, he begins writing a letter to Remus. Walburga finds it. One-shot. TW: abuse, homophobia.
  • In The Back Room

    Sirius, James, and Peter decide to visit Remus in the Hospital Wing for the first time after the moon. None of them are prepared. One-shot.
  • Wishing

    Wishing isn't any good. Remus has known that for years. But waiting for the moon to rise, he can't help wishing that he could spend the night another way. One-shot.
  • Write Back

    Walburga Black expected her son Sirius to go to Hogwarts. She did not expect him to be sorted into Gryffindor. But there's hope. If she yells at the headmaster enough, maybe he can be resorted into Slytherin, where he belongs. There's just the matter of convincing Sirius to resort. So Regulus begins writing to his brother. One-shot with aeroplanes and book exposure for everyone.
  • Minnie

    Sirius Black woke on Thursday morning with a purpose: to find a nickname for one Minerva McGonagall. James is helpful, Peter decides M&Ms aren't a candy bar, and Remus is wary of the whole ordeal. One-shot.
  • The Third Year

    After finally running Dolores Umbridge out of Hogwarts, the Marauders are back for their third year. Now that she's gone, maybe they can have a somewhat peaceful school year. Pull a few pranks, hex Snivellus... Apparently not. Umbridge isn't finished with her meddling. (Will be updated in the next few months)
  • Not A Poet

    James attempts to write poetry for one Lily Evans. One-shot.
  • Asleep in the Common Room

    Remus falls asleep in the Gryffindor Common Room. When James, Sirius, and Peter return from detention, they decide to have some fun. One-shot.
  • How Many James?

    Sirius and James return from a night in the Three Broomsticks. James contemplates, Sirius acts guilty, Peter brings water and biscuits, and Remus groans. One-shot.
  • It's Unisex

    After hearing the name Elvendork in Diagon Alley, James enlists the help of Sirius to convince Lily that it's the perfect name. One-shot with an attempt at fluff.
  • The Marauders and Umbridge

    Sirius, James Remus, and Peter are back for their 2nd year at Hogwarts. While a new school year brings the usual homework and drama, it also brings a new DADA teacher: Delores Umbridge. (I'm not quite done yet. This story will be updated in the next few months)