Harry Potter and the Champion of Atlantis

Chapter 1

Harry Potter and the Champion of Atlantis: A Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of its associated characters: all rights belong to JK Rowling. I do not own any crossover references used in the story: all rights belong to their original creators. I do own any OC spells explained at the end of a chapter.

Plot: How fickle can someone be? Fickle enough to expel a cheat who says he's innocent and then insist he still competes. But if he's not Hogwarts' Champion anymore, whose Champion is he? How about the true holder of the Most-Prestigious School of Magic Award?

Author's Note: So, admittedly, this story was inspired by an interesting piece of work I've taken to reading lately and, well, let's just say the rest seemed to write itself. Also, on another note, I think this is a nice twist on a very popular theme, so let's see where the road takes us.

And, as always, if you don't like it, don't read it.

Dedication: I'd like to dedicate this story to Araceil for being one of the inspirations with this story: my recommended reads are Niflheim Academy by Araceil, Saviour of Magic by Colt01, Harry Potter and the Return of Heritage, Harry Potter and the Peverell Legacy and Harry Potter and the Serpent Conquest by Jayan phoenix, Blood of the Phoenix, Tears of the Phoenix and Songs of the Phoenix by midnightjen, Second Chances, Harry Potter and the Congregation of the Asp and Harry Potter and the Horcrux Three by Zaxarus, Pacific Academy, The Terrible Tournament and Going all the way by SimplyRV and A Second Chance at Life, Changes in a Time of War and A Magical World by Miranda Flairgold

Key Pairing: Eventual Harry/Taren (OMC)

Other Pairings: To be determined

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Chapter 1: Hogwarts Hypocrisy

After falling out with his best friend, learning he had to be the fourth Triwizard Champion, suffer another night of Voldemort-filled nightmares and have over half the school looking at him like he was the Devil Incarnate, Harry honestly chose to believe it couldn't get any worse.

However, if there was one thing he should have remembered, it was that, where he was concerned, it could always get worse.

Champion of Atlantis

Even as he sat at breakfast with the Gryffindors, feeling like an even bigger fifth wheel than he already did because of the damn Tournament, Harry could feel the eyes of each and every man, woman and child in the staff and student bodies of Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons glaring at him from all sides.

He could hear whispers and titters that made him long for the days when he'd been a face in the crowd that people had to point out and think he couldn't hear them.

More than that, however, Harry wished he knew what he could say to stem the rising tide of rumours and hate-mongering gossip that had already risen as a result of him being named the Fourth Champion in a Tournament where only three could be named.

As he tried to stomach the few bits of bacon and eggs he'd put on his plate, Harry suddenly snapped his head up, as did everyone else, when the doors to the Great Hall opened.

To Harry's chagrin and the surprise of more than a few members of the schools' combined populations, Minister Fudge strolled into the Great Hall, looking like an even bigger peacock than he usually did. Next to him, Harry's heart turned ice-cold when he saw Percy Weasley, hurriedly rushing to keep up with the Minister, his arms laden with what looked like a stack of papers while he also looked like an even bigger toady than normal.

And, appropriately, toads was what Harry thought of when he saw the disgusting, sickly-sweetly-smiling woman accompanying Fudge, dressed in a nausea-inducing shade of pink that barely seemed to contain her rotund girth while her eyes shone with malicious intent as she walked among the staff and students.

And, if it was true that bad things came in threes, then the third adult to walk into the hall was the final badness, but also the worst possible.

Lucius Malfoy, bold as brass and with the same air of confidence and dominance Harry remembered hearing in his voice when he'd addressed Harry at the World Cup, strolled forwards, a rolled-up parchment clutched in one hand while the other moved his unnecessary cane.

While new whispers rose up at the sight of the Minister and his flunkies, Harry moved his gaze to the High Table, as did almost everyone else, when the voice of Albus Dumbledore broke the silence, "Cornelius…Lucius…and, Madam Umbridge, isn't it? Welcome; this is quite an unexpected pleasure, but what, may I ask, brings you to our school's hallowed halls?"

"A matter of law and justice, I'm afraid, Albus," said Fudge, his voice laced with what Harry recognised as false regret.

At the same time, his stomach felt like the acid inside it was burning through his walls and right onto the skin of his abdomen when he heard the toad woman – Umbridge, if he guessed from Dumbledore's introductions – titter almost goadingly before she watched, as did Malfoy, Percy and everyone else as the Minister turned to face them.

"Harry Potter!" insisted Fudge, his voice broadcasting through the silence of the Great Hall as he demanded, "Show yourself now!"

'I'm really starting to get sick and tired of people saying my name lately,' thought Harry, a part of him wanting to sink into his seat, but before he got the chance, his eyes widened, as did the eyes of those sat nearby when Percy, apparently relieved of his load, made a beeline for the Gryffindor Table and, without any remorse whatsoever, he dragged Harry out of his seat.

"Get off me!" insisted Harry, wrestling himself free – after all, if he could outfox Dudley and his gang of baying hounds, he would not be bested by this bootlicking little boy – before he faced the Minister and, putting on his best expression of curiosity and respect, he asked, "Minister Fudge…I don't suppose you're here to tell me you finally accept the truth about my godfather's innocence?"

Before he could say anything else, however, Harry gasped when Percy cuffed him before he spat, "Show the Minister some respect, Potter!"

Unfortunately for Percy, not every Weasley left in Hogwarts was against Harry, as was proven when the arrogant prat suddenly found two identical-looking redheads moving to stand either side of Harry. At the same time, Fred Weasley drew his wand and pointed it at Percy, his eyes filled with a level of fire that Harry had never seen in the guy as he squared up to his brother.

"Touch him again and you will beg for the likes of Mum's Howlers, Prat!" spat Fred, his free hand shielding Harry from further harm while George looked from his brother to the Minister.

As Harry did the same, he cleared his throat as he asked, "In that case, what can I do for you, Minister?"

"You can surrender yourself and your wand to Ministry officials right here and now, Potter," said Fudge, his voice devoid of any of the apparent kindness or niceties he'd shown the previous summer when Harry had met him in the Leaky Cauldron.


"Hem, hem," said the toad woman, earning a shiver from Harry, Fred and George, as well as several others who heard the falsified clearing of the disgusting creature's throat.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Percy, apparently having gotten the message of crossing one whom was protected by his brothers, moved back towards the Ministry members while the toad said, "Mr Weasley, would you please list the charges against this…child?"

"Gladly, Senior Undersecretary Umbridge," replied Percy, puffing himself up like he used to while he faced Harry directly as he explained, "The charges, for which you will face justice, Potter, are as follows: first, conspiracy to use Dark Magic on an ancient artefact. Second: willing display of lack of emotions against the use of known Unforgivable Curses in a classroom…"

"That's his doing, not Harry's!" thundered George, jabbing a finger in Professor Moody's direction.

Percy, however, lifted his voice as he added, "Furthermore, you are charged with knowingly, and against all rules and laws stating otherwise, using Dark Magic to cheat your way into a Tournament meant to encourage International Cooperation between three prestigious schools, which would result in crimes against the nation…in a word, Potter: treason!"

"That's bullshit!" snapped Fred.

"One more word out of either one of you, brother, and you will share his fate!" insisted Percy, earning gasps of horror from Ginny and even Ron, who'd been curious about the reason for Harry being singled out, but, until that moment, he'd kept his peace as he was still upset with Harry.

"And…what fate might that be?" asked George.

"The only one that suits the crime, of course," giggled Umbridge, looking like she was one step away from an ecstasy-induced orgasm – which was a sickening thought in its own right – as she drew herself to her full height as she explained, "For these crimes, and many others I'm sure Mr Potter is guilty of in an attempt to usurp the calm and peace of our magically-blessed nation, he is hereby expelled from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, effective-immediately!"

This time, roars of what sounded like disapproval filled the Great Hall while, underneath the disapproval, Harry also thought he heard cheers of delight and celebration, accompanied by constant chants of out, out, out, out from everyone who clearly didn't believe him any more than the Minister or his toadies did.

"SILENCE!" Thundered Dumbledore suddenly, his voice resonating through the Great Hall much as it had done several years ago while, as he looked around the Hall, the Headmaster then directed his next words to the Minister as he asked, "Cornelius, is this true?"

"It is," answered Lucius, his voice edged by a note of barely-restrained delight all his own as he explained, "And this time, Albus, all the Governors have agreed upon it, not only for a breach of the peace, but for what has been recognised as a willing claim to discredit Hogwarts further. I mean, two Champions in the Tournament: whoever would allow such a thing?"

"For the sake of international peace and a safe, fair resolution between all involved parties," continued Fudge, directing his words at Harry as he told the others, "This was the only reasonable choice; however, in the interest of fairness towards the guilty party, and since the contract tied to the Goblet's magic does say young Harry will forfeit his magic if he does not compete…"

"Which would be a terrible loss on our community, I'm sure," added Umbridge, again giving a sickly-sweet smile as she looked at Harry, who seriously wanted to throw up with the nausea that smile induced in him.

"…We have agreed to an compromise," explained Fudge, looking now to Harry as he told him, "You will compete in the Tournament, Mr Potter, but you do it without any assistance from Hogwarts staff or students and you do it on your own time and volition. You will be given a small camp outside the grounds where you may prepare for the tasks and generally live your life, but once you are done with the Tournament, you can never return to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry ever again!"

Again, roars rose up, but this time, Harry was the one to cut everyone off as he drew his wand before, aiming it high, he poured all his rage, all his pain and all his fire into his magic.

The result?

A huge explosion of magic that shook the Great Hall to its foundations, silencing everyone in the Hall before Harry, lowering his wand again, sniffed once before he asked the main man, "And…let me guess, I try to appeal this decision and you'll…what, Minister? Claim I'm clearly under someone else's influence again? Because that was clearly believed last time."

"Just take the deal, Potter, for Merlin's sake, anyone else would be…"

"If I wanted the opinion of a stuck-up arsehole who can't see the woods for the trees, Percy, I'll ask Snape!" snapped Harry, earning an outraged look from said Potions Master before the emerald-eyed scion went on, "But let me see if I've got this right…I'm expelled from Hogwarts?"

"Correct," said Lucius.

"But I have to continue being the black sheep of a fourth champion?"

"Call it a mercy, you silly boy!" giggled Umbridge, earning a scowl from Harry.

"Can someone get me an Alka Seltzer or something before I throw up all over the place because of the toad?" asked Harry, earning a few sniggers from the Twins while it was Umbridge's turn to look outraged as Harry went on, "As I was saying, I'm out, but not out, is that it?"

"That's it," said Fudge.

"And all because you don't want to look bad to France and the North?"


"Even though you're clearly doing that bringing your dog here to expel a fourteen-year-old boy for something he did not do!"

"Don't lie!" snapped Umbridge suddenly, earning an outraged look from Harry as she told him, "We've all heard how you continue to fuel your own ego by putting yourself in the spotlight, Potter; so, it's clear that you've done this just to further polish your ego and keep yourself important, even though you're nothing more than a Mudblood's bastard!"

"That Mudblood is the bravest witch this world will ever know and someone who will always be better than you, Um-BITCH!" Snapped Harry, his eyes glowing like the Killing Curse as he stared down the vicious bitch that'd just made a very stupid mistake.

At the same time, the sudden rush of anger on Harry's part caused a powerful whirlwind of magic to rise up around him, its strength causing the twins to back down while, at the same time, Umbridge glared at Harry with white-hot rage in her eyes.

"Cornelius, arrest him!" exclaimed the toad.

"Oh, sure, Fudge, go ahead; make more mistakes in front of the delegates from another country," scoffed Harry, holding out his arms in a mocking gesture as he added, "Go on, send another innocent to Azkaban and see how long it takes you to realise your ignorance this time, you hypocrite!"

This time, even Percy was white with rage and horror while Fudge, clearing his throat while he also seemed to sweat with the pressure of making another stupid mistake with so much riding on the outcome, asked in a falsified tone of kindness, "How…how am I a…a hypocrite, Harry? That's quite the brash accusation to make towards someone whom has offered you amnesty and, in a way, the freedom to prove to the world why you are the Boy-Who-Lived and our Saviour!"

"And you do that by expelling your Saviour, do you?" asked Harry, earning another blanched look from Fudge before he added, "As for how you're a hypocrite; let's look at the evidence: just last year, you were all smiles and niceties with me because of an accident and something I didn't do. Now, because of the same…or similar circumstances, anyway, you're out to expel me, treat me like a criminal and, if this toad and your dog there had their way, I'd even be taking up residence in my godfather's old cell in Azkaban!"

As Fudge opened and closed his mouth like a goldfish, Harry cleared his throat before he went on, "Not only that, but even though I am expelled, you're letting me stay on a technicality because of some rule that says I'll lose my magic…or is it more someone decided it'd be best for someone else's plans…eh, Malfoy?"

"Just take the deal, Potter!" insisted Lucius firmly, gripping the head of his cane as he snapped, "You…you are being given a generous gift…"

"And a chance to wait until the right time to act on someone else's plans, right?" asked Harry, looking to Lucius with a dark, but confident glare as he asked, "I wonder, Lucius, what size are your Death Eater robes?"

Suddenly, Lucius went for his wand, but this time, even the Twins were surprised when none other than Professor McGonagall suddenly moved between them, her wand aimed at Lucius while, to Harry's surprise, Professor Flitwick was next to her, his wand trained on Umbridge and Malfoy.

You could have cut the tension with the Sword of Gryffindor, though before anyone considered such an option, Harry heard Dumbledore clear his throat before he said, "All right, everyone; wands down and, Harry, do stop antagonising our guests. Clearly, an injustice is being dealt with and, although the terms are marginally unfair…"

"Marginally?" asked Harry hotly, his eyes filled with disbelief as he exclaimed, "That's like saying Snape marginally hates the Marauders!"

Again, Snape fumed while Harry looked to Dumbledore as he asked, "What took you so long to get involved anyway, Dumbledore…and no, Hermione, I don't mean Headmaster because, as Fudge just said, I'm not a student anymore!"

"Then…then you…you accept the expulsion?" asked Fudge, sweating profusely while he also looked like the cat that ate the canary.

"Oh yes," said Harry, lifting his own wand before, to the shock of many others, he threw his wand over the heads of McGonagall and Flitwick, both of whom were looking at him like he'd gone insane while he explained, "In fact, there's my wand: from what I hear, it's customary for you to break it when someone's expelled. So go right ahead, Minister, break my wand and I'll walk out now…hell, you can have Malfoy and the Bighead Boy there accompany me, just to be sure I don't cause trouble on the way out."

"I…" croaked Minerva, trying to hold back tears as she sniffed before she told them all, "I will see you to the exit and…and the encampment that the Minister has cordially set up for you, Potter. It…it's the least I can do…"

"Thank you, Minerva, but no," said Harry, shaking his head while he told her, "Something tells me someone will twist that to their favour if they know that a Hogwarts member escorts an ex-student, so thank you, but no."

Here, Harry suddenly smiled wolfishly as he added, "Of course, they say nothing about students, right boys?"

"Don't…you…dare!" hissed Percy, but rather than voice their responses, Fred and George showed their brother what he could do with his words.

And they only needed one finger each to do it.

Harry, meanwhile, brushed tears from his eyes before he disrobed, removing any further trace he was ever a student of Gryffindor; he even removed his tie and made sure none of his clothes had Gryffindor markings before, looking to the Minister, he asked, "I assume my things are waiting for me in this camp of yours, Minister?"

"They are."


"Exactly as you left them, Harry, you have my word," said Fudge, earning a scoff from Harry before he turned and walked out of the hall, both Weasley Twins on his heels while a dead silence filled the Great Hall as everyone saw Harry leave on his own volition.

Once he was gone, however, Minerva looked to Fudge, Umbridge, Malfoy and Percy before she hissed, "All right…you've won! Now get the fuck out of our school, you backstabbing bunch of hypocritical ingrates!"

The fact that she had just sworn at the Minister, and in the presence of so many witnesses, definitely hit home how angry she was about all this.

However, to the surprise of many, Albus Dumbledore was stone-faced.

As Fudge, Malfoy and Umbridge walked out of the Great Hall, however, Minerva – and those who also supported Harry, even in secret – was beyond horrified to hear cheering accompanying their departure, namely from the Slytherin Table, but also from the others, including her own lions.

Champion of Atlantis

Amidst the chaos, however, nobody seemed to notice the stout Professor Flitwick edge his way out of the Great Hall, a fiery, determined look in his eyes as he made straight for his office.

Nobody else might want to help Mr Potter, but he would be damned to whatever hell the real goblins believed in before he would let anyone win a one-sided victory over Lily's child, not to mention the bravest little wizard to ever grace Hogwarts' doors, so easily.

Reaching his office, Filius grabbed a parchment and a quill before he began to write

He just hoped he wasn't too late…

Wow, talk about a shocking turn of events: once again, backwards logic and false crimes have cost Harry almost everything, but does our hero have a plan when it comes to his apparent freedom from having anything to do with Hogwarts anymore?

Also, who could Filius be writing to and how does he plan on helping Harry without making it obvious he's helping?

Keep Reading to Find Out

Next Chapter: The self-styled King of the Pride has been sent into exile, but he's not surprised – well, maybe just a little – to find he's not going into the Outlands alone; also, too little, too late, some people try to offer consolation, but it's one person's words of consolation that leads Harry to new opportunities…and the perfect revenge against Hogwarts, if not Magical Britain altogether…

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