Undeniable Tension

Chapter 1

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The noise was low and smoke filled the air as Harry sat in the far corner by the fire. He took a sip of beer as he stared off into the flames. This was his life. Spending his weekends getting drunk in a corner of the Leaky Cauldron. Hannah might as well put a sign on the chair saying continually reserved for Harry Potter.

Her and Neville had been kind to him over the last few years since they gained ownership of the pub. Things seemed to be coming together for everyone, except for him of course. Coming off the climax of defeating the Dark Lord had been quite an eye opener. He hadn't realized how much everything in his life had revolved around being The Chosen One. His job as an Auror was good but that was pretty much the excitement of his life. Putting away some bad wizards here and there was satisfying, but he still seemed to be missing something.

If only Ginny and him had worked out. After tossing herself into the throws of major league quidditch Ginny had found him boring. According to her, he no longer held that "dark desire" she had been craving all those years. The statement irritated him. Rolling his neck Harry finished the mug of beer to disperse his thoughts. The flames of the fire always seemed to suck him in and allowed his mind to empty, sometimes in the most unpleasant of memories.

Standing Harry stumbled his way to the counter. It was quite packed for a Friday night. "Hannah?" He said loudly leaning over the dark wooded counter. He saw her at the opposite end handing out drinks in the dim light. She finally made her way to him. "Can you fill me up with some brandy this time?" he asked.

Hannah looked him up and down. His eyes were glossy, hair a mess and his grey sweater ruffled. "Everything ok Harry?" she asked with a concerned look.

Harry sighed. "Yes Hannah everything is fine. Just a few old memories I'd like to drown." Quirking her eyebrow at him she poured him a mug full. Harry nodded, "Thank you."

Turning around he kept his drink to his lips as he slowly made his way back to his seat. Upon arriving he lowered it only to find someone sitting in his place. Leaning his head back he groaned. Ugh my life. Sighing he took the seat next to the person. It was just a chair after all and the night was cold. He should have been prepared to share the fire, but he was just so use to sitting alone. Harry noted the almost empty mug of the wizard and how his head was buried into his hand.

"Seriously Potter? I visit the pub for once in my life and you take the seat next to me?" a voice sloppy voice mumbled from the wizard. "Piss off."

Harry tilted his head to the side trying to clear the alcohol from his vision to see. Only two people had ever really called him Potter like that, one of whom was dead. "Malfoy?" Harry was still trying to see and was practically falling out of the arm chair.

"I said piss off Potter." Draco grumbled unmoving.

Harry grinned. Since when would a bloke like Malfoy visit the Leaky Cauldron. He probably had the finest wine cellar in all the country. "What brings you here?"

"I'm free to go anywhere I damn well please." Draco growled finally lifting his head to look at Harry. Draco noticed the dishelved look of Harry's hair and half lidded eyes. "Looks like you're off your ass Potter. Being a drunkard is your new hobby Id assume?" Draco snorted.

Harry took a big drink of his brandy. "Pretty much."

The blond shook his head into his hand before finishing off his own liquor. It was hard to insult the Gryffindor if he openly accepted it. "Mister famous Harry Potter. To good to even be insulted."

Harry laughed. "To right you are Malfoy. Wouldn't expect to ever see you here. With your mansion and surplus of fine beverages."

"Gets old after awhile Potter." Draco stated.

If he hadn't been looking at him when he said it he wouldn't have believed Draco to say such a thing. It seemed odd against all he knew of the man. "Come off it Malfoy. What's wrong with you? We've never really talked but you seem to be acting…...odd."

Draco rolled his eyes. "Perfect Potter in his perfect little world. It may have escaped your notice but life isn't exactly great for a ex Death Eater."

Harry looked at him confused. His life had always been far from perfect. Even after the war his life wasn't perfect, but then again everyone probably did think it was. Reigning himself back in he focused on Draco. "But you were cleared of your charges. You were just a boy who was forced into the situation, and it was nearly 4 years ago. Things can't be that bad for you still."

"Your point? You think that stops the looks? The judgement? Constantly being compared to my father?" Draco turned his face back to the fire. "Typical Gryffindors always thinking on the bright side. Life isn't fair Potter. Of all people I'd expected you to know that." he said with a sneer.

Harry watched Draco's face as the furrow of his brows weakened into those of defeat and increased alcohol content. An emptiness fell on the Slytherin's posture that was all to easy to read. Years of high standards and misguided life views had obviously left the man a hallowed shell. A snake left with no determination was poor representation of his school house.

Harry finished off his own drink before speaking. He was going to need to loose a little more common sense to continue speaking with the blond. "You're right Malfoy. I know that better than anyone. But you have to accept what is and work with what you have. Look at you. You've proven yourself since the war. You are one of the top auditors in all of Britain for Merlin's sake."

"And?" Malfoy shot back without wondering how the man had noticed that. "Where has that gotten me? Corrupt and greedy old clients because so many fear my name? A name that keeps everyone and anything worth meaning from me? Think the Ministry wants a man like me working for them? Think anyone besides pureblood close minded witches come to me for anything other than my gold?" Draco stood up with all his force pushing the chair behind him. "Fuck my name. Fuck my life!" Draco shouted as he abruptly stood and stormed out into the heart of the crowded pub bumping into practically everyone.

"Malfoy!" Harry shouted as he jumped to his feet without thinking. Are you going to follow Malfoy? He couldn't find it in himself to let the man leave in such distress, and he shook his head for concerning himself. Maybe it was the liquor combined with his Gryffindor chivalry but he began pushing his way as nicely as possible through the maze of people. Reaching the door he threw it open and felt the brisk chill of the January wind hit his face, His eyes clenched to the cold. He calmly closed the door behind him and looked to both sides of the street. Clear. Being a little after midnight it was unlikely any muggles would be on the streets, but every now and again he would see one wondering about on his way home.

Letting his eyes adjust to the darkness in the alley across from him he saw Malfoy's figure staggering towards the appariation point. "Malfoy!" Harry shouted again before taking off in a sprint. "Wait!" The alcohol was slowing him down at that point, but luckily Draco was much drunker and slower. Who knows what he had been drinking before arriving at the Leaky considering Harry had only seen him have the one drink.

Harry noticed that the tall form stopped which he couldn't have been more thankful for considering he was panting as he finally reached him. Putting his hands on his knees he caught his breath. The cold air was like needles in his lungs yet he was sweating. "Damn Malfoy just wait." Finally taking a deep breath he walked around in front of the blond. "Where are you going?"

"I don't care!" he shouted. "Leave me alone. Everyone needs to it. I hate people. They only use me for their own benefit. Im tired of it!" The blond dragged his nails down his face. "To hell before I go back to the Manor tonight," Draco turned his body sharply from Harry and stumbled before catching himself and straightening his cloak. "To hell if I have to listen to Blaise and Pansy's either," Draco drawled out dramatically. "I don't know and I don't care about anything."

Harry ran his hand through his hair. He never enjoyed Draco's company but after the truth of his involvement in the war was released, he had developed a new sense of sympathy for the blond. Sure he made many many bad choices but he had done what he had to do to survive in his situation. He wasnt abke to process a lot of what the blond had said in his rant, but he picked up enough to see how upset and alone the man was. You arent seriously? "I suppose you could crash with me for the night." Harry sighed. Noble prat.

Draco snorted at the offer. "I dont need your charity Potter. Doesn't matter anyways, I can't apparate drunk," he mumbled sloppily. "Babysitting duty is over Potter. Piss off." As Harry continued to just stare at him as if he was waiting for something Draco huffed. "I'm going to get on the Knight Bus. There. Now piss...off." Draco shoved his hands into the warmth of his cloak to wait.

Harry found himself growling in annoyance. He was just trying to help but the stubborn git was no less a pain in the ass than he had been in school. "That's a rich one for The Prophet. Draco Malfoy sleeps one off on the Knight Bus. Nice ring to it don't you think?" Harry mocked him, and he smiled in satisfaction as Draco's eyes narrowed.

"You….." Draco opened his mouth to speak but Harry continued without hesitation slightly taking the blond back a notch. Very few tried to over talk him, but Potter had always been one to challenge him.

"Just shut up will you? I've been apparating drunk for years Malfoy. Don't try pulling away, and try not to balance upon landing." Harry instructed. Before Draco even had the chance to register what the man was saying Harry locked his arm around him and they were gone.


Draco cracked open his eyes to the wet coldness against him. Trying to force himself upright he realized he was on the ground with his face in the snow. Finally finding his feet Draco tried to steady himself but his knees felt weak from the mix of alcohol and apparation. He lost his balance and ended up on his knees when suddenly Harry patted him on the back knocking him forward a tad.

"Not to bad for a drunk app Malfoy," Harry laughed. The first dozen or so times he had apparated drunk he himself had ended up face first on the ground. Luckily for him it had been summer though.

"You prat where did you bring me?" Draco shouted.

"My house," Harry said beginning to climb the steps up the porch. Waving his wand the door flung open and Harry turned. "You can sleep in the snow or come in. Your choice since you cant drunk apparate." Harry chuckled again.

"If I go in there I'm going to fucking kill you!" Draco growled as he wiped the snow from his cloak and knees when he finally managed to stand. "How dare you bring me here!"

Harry rolled his eyes and he hollered back as he walked into the house. "Shove off then."

Draco's lip began to curl and in a fit of anger he ran to the door tripping over the top stair. He pushed Harry the rest of the way into the house and was taken slightly taken by surprise when the door automatically slammed behind him. The light of the room compared to the dark night nearly blinded him. "Why the hell am I at your house Potter? Why the hell would you bring me here?!" His face was red with fury, shock, and confusion.

"Cause I'm a decent person you git!" Harry snapped back at him. Honestly he wasnt sure why he felt so inclined to allow Draco the comforts of his home. Because you really are a prat? Just then he saw something building in the grey eyes of man before him, something he couldnt quite pick out. "You wanna go sleep on the Knight Bus or in Knockturn Alley go ahead. Im not going to try and make you stay. I've done my part." He had offered to talk to the distressed man, tried to make sure he ended up somewhere safe and not in some disgusting alleyway. All this despite their past. Harry took a deep breath. His opinion of Draco had changed more than he had cared to admit over the years and it bothered him to a degree that other's hadnt changed theirs. The man seemed to want to move on in life but everything was preventing it.

Turning away he began to start his way up the stairs, but then suddenly Draco's hand closed around his arm and pulled him back to face him. Harry felt anger boiling in his blood from the man grabbing him, but just it quickly fell to a simmer as the palms of Draco's hands snaked their way around to the back of his head. The fuck is he doing? Harry could hear his heart beat in his ears and everything seemed to be going slow. What the fuck is happening here? What does he think he is getting ready to do? Then their eyes met and Harry took in a sharp breath. "I fucking hate you Potter," Draco said in a low, gravely voice before he brought their lips together in a hard kiss of built up tension.

Harry's eyes grew wide for a moment as Draco's lips pressed against his own. Yet for some reason he found himself unwilling to pull away and stood firmly in place. He couldn't find it in himself to stop it. Malfoy is kissing you mate. Wake up! Maybe it was the alcohol, yes it has to be, that allowed his body to melt into the kiss. Who knew the thin pale man could kiss with such an intensity. The way they smoothed over his own with the right amount of pressure and wetness it was almost describable. Harry felt something turning on inside his stomach. A feeling like fire that he hadnt felt in many years. It was marvelous and his own hands soon began caressing Draco's shoulders.

Draco slid his hands down to Harry's neck, keeping him in place as he parted the mans lips with his tongue. Harry seemed to happily accepted the invasion and rewarded the blond by smoothing his tongue over Draco's lips. The man tasted divine and he brought his own hands to the thin neck, grasping with equal strength before suddenly Draco shoved him backwards causing him to sway. Reality check. Wake up call. Anyone home?

"You fucking asshole," Draco growled. He couldn't believe what was happening. Shouldnt have had those last few drinks at the Leaky eh? This is Potter mate. Yea no shit. "What are you doing to me?" He shook his head and drug his fingers over his scalp pulling the beach blonde hair at its roots.

Harry chuffed, then giggled at his own sound. "Pretty sure you're the one that kissed me Malfoy." Harry laughed again at the absurdity of the statement. Malfoy fucking kissed you. Bloody good kiss I give him that.

"Go just go and get away from me." Draco stammered with nerves. What are you doing? He began an attempt to pace back and forth but that ended with him swaying also. "I will sleep on the couch so just go Potter." He knew he wouldnt be able to get anywhere outside and aside from sleeping on the porch like a dog he could live with the man's couch for a few hours. Just long enough to let the alcohol begin to leave his system.

Harry rolled his eyes at the blonds dramatic reaction. He had always been the over dramatic kind at school. Why are you having no reaction? "Come on Malfoy I have a spare bed upstairs. I'm not going to let even you sleep on the couch." Draco looked taken aback but didn't make eye contact at him. "Now Malfoy or I will just stupefy you and levitate your ass to the bed." Harry threatened. It seemed to work though because the blond merely mumbled something under his breath before following Harry up the stairs.

Draco had to admit all the years in the Manor sleeping on a luxurious bed did make the couch sound like a murtlap back. But he couldnt believe himself as he climbed the stairs behind Harry. Was he really going to stay here? Yes. He paused as the liquor was really kicking in at that point as he held the railing on the stairs for a moment to gather himself. His increased heart rate from the anger and kiss was pumping it faster through his body making him feel unsteadier. What is happening to me?

What seemed to be an hour later, but was probably only mere seconds, Draco finally made his way to the top of the stairs where Harry was grinning at him. The man opened the door to a room across the hall and waving his hand the candles lit. "There ya go Malfoy. Hope you can manage to find your way to the bed." Harry burst out laughing but Draco turned to glare at him.

Draco felt testosterone coursing through him as the mans smile caused his lip to twitch. He looked so bloody...whatever the word was he couldnt think of it. But it was beautiful and refreshing. Cold water. Cold water. That will wake you up. His hands clenched into fist as his knuckles turned white. "Where is the fucking loo?" he growled lowly containing himself.

Harry barely managed to stop laughing. "Down here." He led Draco down the hall and pointed at the door. "Here. Then this is my room if you need me." Draco turned to see Harry standing in the door frame to the side of him. He had never noticed the broadness of Harry's shoulders despite his smaller frame. Stop it.

Harry started laughing again. "Do you have a problem Malfoy? If you want to hex me go for it." Harry jokingly moved into a duelling stance. "I haven't lost my touch you know." Draco didn't speak but closed his eyes and took a step towards the jokster, slowly closed the space between them. He had never backed from a challenge with the man and he didnt feel the weakness to start now. But you also have never been drunk.

He slowly opened his eyes and they penetrated the green ones looking back at him. Fucking beautiful as always am I right? What? No. "I have many problems with you Potter. Don't challenge me." Draco breathed slowly trying to calm himself still. Harry raised an eyebrow at him in what appeared to be amusement. "Don't look at me like that Potter." Draco warned. He felt all those days at school coming to life around him. He had spent so much time obsessing over the man he could barely admit how much he actually was involved in his life on a subconscious level. Every little argument or snide glare they gave each other had always satisfied him for a while.

"It's my house. I can fucking look at you any damn way I please." Harry said in a taunting tone. It was just as fun infuriating the blond as it always had been. It felt like their days in school and that feeling he had felt growing inside him was at full blaze. He felt alive. Harry grinned widely at the man and raised his eyes brows in a cocky manner. He saw the same look in Draco's eyes as he had downstairs What is he going to do now? Probably kiss you again, but you already knew that.

As Draco's chest grew tight he felt the tension overtake him and without thinking he grabbed Harry by the hair and exhaled deeply when their lips crashed together. The man was intoxicating to taste. It seemed like each time their lips met the world around Draco dissolved and there was nothing to think about other than the warm lips and hands he could physically feel. Even the numbness of the alcohol seemed to vanish. When he shoved his tongue into Harry's mouth he felt the man's hands instantly grab his face deepening their kiss with his own desire. That's good. He smiled into the kiss as Harry leaned back to increase the pressure on his hair, but Draco let go. Neither parted their kiss though, even as their breathing grew ragged and Draco pushed himself against Harry's body forcing the man to step backwards.

The air was heavy with the sound of their lips smacking together as each tried to breath but remained unwilling to stop. Their noises grew hotter and heavier as their kisses grew more passionate. Loosing the focus on Harry's lips Draco found himself leaving a trail of kisses down the man's neck before latching onto his flesh. Sucking the salt from Harry's skin was like feeding the animal in him and he rubbed the bulge he hadn't noticed growing against the man's thigh. The strain in his pants grew tight when he felt the fabric drag across his cock causing him to press himself into Harry's leg again. His erection twitched when Harry moaned.

Harry felt the bed brush the back of his calves and only then did he realize they had been moving. Draco had pushed him back against the edge of his own bed. The arousal and alcohol coursing through him threw every thread of care out the window. All he could think about was how good and natural it felt in the moment. It was bloody fucking brilliant the way the man could touch and kiss him. He allowed his hands to roam down Draco's chest feeling the tall blondes firmness as he began an attempt to remove the man's shirt. Skin. He wanted to feel skin. The thought must have been mutual as Draco removed his own hands from Harry and, reluctantly parting their kiss, he quickly removed his shirt as Harry removed his own. Their lips came back together like uncontrollable magnets though as soon as their upper bodies had been freed of clothing. Running his tongue along the edge of Draco's lips Harry allowed his hands to fall down and begin playing with Draco's belt. His fingers seemed to have trouble focusing on it's task though as the blonde continued to snog him in a way no one had before. Even Ginny had never attacked him with such lust. Despite never having been with a man Harry found himself wanting it, wanting Draco. His clouded brain figured as many times as Ginny had fucked him with toys the last year of their relationship he could surely handle the real thing. Especially considering now he was being turned on by a whole new spectrum of arousal he had never felt. The blond just was striking something deep within him.

Draco soon found his hands back on the sides of Harry's face unable to think of anything else, but when he felt his pants and boxers falling to his feet and the cool air touching his exposed skin some of his brain cells came through the fog. He pushed Harry onto the bed away from him. "Fucking hell Potter," Draco said in disbelief looking down at his naked body. When did that happen? When you were snogging. Draco wanted to groan at himself but just sighed heavily. This had to be some fucked up dream of his. He was prone to Potter dreams occasionally. Not so much in the last few years though. Maybe you are passed out somewhere and this is a dream. Makes more sense doesnt it?

Harry watched Draco sway and he quickly rid himself of his already partially undone trousers at the sight of the man's hard cock. It was beautiful all on it's own, no wonder the witches at school had always been throwing themselves at him. Thinking about it more and more without hate clouding his mind the blond was truly...beautiful. Looking to the mans face he smiled when he saw Draco watching his cock bounce in it's new found freedom. Taking himself in his hand he began stroking himself as he focused on Draco's eyes. They were focused and glued to his cock. Sitting up he released his own cock from his grasp to begin reaching for Draco's. He wanted to feel the soft flesh and see how the blond lost himself. His mouth felt like it was salivating just to taste his hardness and he was so lost in the idea that he didn't have time to register anything when the blond grabbed him by the throat and pushed him back onto the bed.

Draco shuddered as Harry's erection dragged across his belly as he crawled on top of him. He closed his eyes feeling the sensation and felt Harry's hands on his shoulders. "Quit touching me." Draco said in a slurred voice. Each time the man rubbed his skin he felt that part of his body explode with new feeling. Like Harry's touch was breaking through the numbness of everything, both life and alcohol.

"You want me Malfoy," Harry managed with a grin even though the man's hand still pressed into his throat.

When Draco looked into Harry's eyes he saw more challenge and desire. Draco leaned down next to Harry's ear and rocked his hips against the chosen one. "No it's you who wants me. You keep provoking me." He purred sloppily into the man's ear. Draco let go of Harry's throat to grab his own cock and kept himself up right with the other one. "Is this what you want Potter?" he dug his hard cock into Harry's stomach and dragged it down his torso leaving a trail of pre cum in it's wake.

Harry felt a small smirk cross his face. "Poor Malfoy. Unable to admit he wants my ass."

Draco grabbed Harry by the hair again and with another strong hand on a shoulder, forced him to roll onto his side. Almost fluidly Draco slid into place behind the man pressing his chest into the warmth of Harry's back. So hot. The blond rubbed his dick into the meant of Harry's ass, only to be surprised when Harry pressed back into him as if offering himself. Draco felt a primal desire wash over him, as if it hadnt already numerous times. "If you are offering yourself to me...who am I to say no?" Draco pulled Harry's head back to nibble on his ear and the rough breathing coming from the man had his cock aching. "Your little chosen ass is gonna be mine Potter." Without even thinking about his wand he brought his own hand to his mouth and spit all he had on if before coating the smooth skin encasing his iron muscle. Grabbing a hold of his shaft he slid it between Harry's cheeks and moaned when his throbbing head grazed the puckered hole. Wait you need more. Draco paused at the realization and it felt for a moment it made sense. His dreams never took such consideration. Things were just ready. You need more. Harry pushing back into him again shook Draco's muddled train of thought back to the present. Sucking his fingers he soon lowered them and began teasing the man's tight entrance.

Harry was panting as finger after finger entered him and began thrusting. Twisting. A feeling he hadn't felt in so long, and he had almost forgotten how brilliant it felt. He could feel his cock desperately leaking for relief causing him to pushed down onto the fingers inside him. "Go ahead Malfoy. The ass is all yours if you think you can handle it." Harry laughed at his words unable to tell if it was real anymore. Probably not. This is ridiculous. Malfoy snogging you and fucking you. You are fucking barmy.

Draco glared into the black hair while spitting into his hand one last time and smoothed his pulsing head generously. Teasing Harry's asshole with the tip of his dick he wrapped his other arm around Harry's neck. "If this is what you want Potter...you're gonna get it." he practically whispered into the man's ear. With a small thrust he slid into Harry and he gasped at the tightness of the muscles around him. Draco instantly threw his leg over Harry's before retreating a little only to thrust back into him harder. Deeper. The feeling overtook his senses and suddenly all the nerve endings in his body came alive causing him to gasp. He listen to Harry moan with each thrust causing him to tighten his arm further around the man's neck. He found his cock being smothered by the heat and he forced himself to breath, even though it was hard and heaving. "Bloody fucking hell Potter," His voice was low and breathing was now difficult. Everything and nothing was swimming around in his brain at the same time. The only thing he could think about was the tight heat around his cock and the tingles on his body. Draco placed his hand on Harry's hip, keeping the man in place as Draco used his leg for leverage thrusting deeper and deeper into Harry's ass.

The harder and faster the thrust, the more moans he found escaping Harry's mouth. Draco nipped the back of Harry's shoulder, increasing his speed again, and released the man's neck to move his hand over Harry's mouth. "You aren't suppose to be enjoying this Potter." Draco drawled out despite being short of breath. "My dick, is destroying this little perfect chosen ass of yours." He thrust as hard as he could muster grunting loudly in pleasure. Draco leaned his head onto Harry's shoulder. He felt the dizziness taking over his brain as his climax began building.

Suddenly Draco felt Harry's arm moving and he lifted his head up. Then he knew what was happening. "Are you playing with that thing you call a cock up there Potter?". He could feel the hot air from Harry's nose blowing onto the top of the hand covering the man's mouth. Merlin that is fucking hot.

Draco barely had time to feel the pull of his balls tightening before the orgasm began to quickly unravel and took him by surprise. He felt the shock waves flow through his blood as he grunted and forced his dick as far as it would go into Harry. The blond found himself gaping like a fish as the man arched his back offering the deepest part of his body to his most hated classmate. Draco felt his own seed spilling into Harry's channel as the man's tight hole squeezed around his cock signaling the other's climax. Harry's tight muscles were milking every last drop from Draco along with every last bit of air in his blood stream. His orgasm came so quick his body was on another level of numb with pleasure afterwards.

"Sweet Merlin," Draco mumbled closing his eyes as the orgasm slowly began fading, leaving lazy fire works in his vision. He slowly pulled his deflating member from Harry and rolled onto his back still panting. He felt the room spinning despite his closed eyes. He couldn't tell if it was from the alcohol or orgasm. But either way he didn't care. Fucking brilliant shag. More thoughts kept trying to come to the surface of his mind but luckily there was to much going on his body to even try to process any of them and just before he began drifting off to sleep, the last thing he heard was Harry whispering "Scorify."


Draco began to wake and he rubbed his head into the pillow appreciating the softness against his pulsing head. Sighing at his bladder's requirement to wake up be made himself throw his legs over the side of the bed and forced himself upright. Hunched over the bed he laid his head into hands rubbing his temples. Way to do yourself in Draco. Was it worth it? Of course it was. The hangovers seemed to get worse every year but it still didn't deter his newfound mission of drinking away his problems. If he had to endure his current line in life then there might as well be at least one day he could try and numb it all away.

Rubbing his face he opened his eyes and as they tried to focus his brow furrowed in confusion at the carpeted floor. This was not the hardwood or marble he was use to awakening to. You went to the Leaky dumb ass. Draco still felt confused. He was pretty sure the Leaky Cauldron didn't have carpet on their floors either. Okay so where the fuck are you? Draco slowly lifted his head up and looked around. The bed was a wreck, the walls were bare, and the dresser held little more than a few moving pictures. Standing he realized his lack of clothing and walked around looking for missing pieces of fabric. He smiled faintly when he found them among a mix of others on the floor. Okay apparently you had a good shag...

He reached down to pick up his clothes and as his hand grazed the gray wool of a sweater that wasn't his he froze. He felt memories flood him. His head pulsed as the hangover wasn't able to bring them all back to life in a clear picture the way it wanted to. But what he remembered was enough. Draco grabbed the clothes and threw them at the wall. "Motherfucker!" he tried to muffle his voice but still it ended in a loud shout. You are at fucking Harry's Potter house? And what did you fuck him? Let him fuck you? Why are your clothes all mixed together? Why the fuck are you naked anyways? Harry Potter? Really? He grabbed his blond hair and pulled it in opposite directions before letting go and opening his eyes. "Potter," he growled under his breath.


Harry was sitting in his chair going about his day as any other when he heard the shout signaling Draco's awakening. He had expected as much from the man, if not more honestly, and he would be grateful if the least of his worries were a hole in the wall. Regardless he had made sure to keep his wand in hand this morning in case a dragon decided to tear about the house or attempt to eat him. Having poured his routine hangover potion in his coffee he took a sip and calmly attempted to prepare himself. Thanks to his auror training, and Hermione, Harry had been able to maintain a consistent natural alarm clock even on the days he was feeling like a hungover bastard. Hangover potion is a bloody miracle.

Opening The Prophet he scanned it for anything meaningful. They were usually full of drama, but giving it a once over gave him a brief overview of the current headlines. Next headline would probably read along the lines of "Ex Death Eater Killed by Former Classmate the Chosen One" or "Hogwarts Arch Enemies Finally Do Each Other In". Thinking back Harry couldn't really figure out what happened. Most of it he remembered but there was also a fair bit that didn't make sense. First and foremost being why he didn't leave Draco at the Leaky. That's what anyone else would have done. He seemed to need someone and you didn't like seeing him that way. Why? Then there was...the kiss. Why had Draco Malfoy just suddenly kissed him? Then to go a step farther why the hell didn't he push him away? Guess it was good right? Shouldnt the fact it was Malfoy repulse you though? Harry ran his hand across his forehead. All those years they had always tried to best one another he couldn't deny he had gotten off on numerous occasions after having a good spat. It was adrenaline rushing, like a drug. An obsession for more. Why did you let him fuck you? You prompted him? Encouraged him? Harry took a deep breath. It wasn't a big deal. It was just Malfoy. Just Malfoy? The past was behind them, they had some kind of history of tension anyways, it made sense. No big deal. It's over and done. Nothing you can do about it.

Then Harry heard the hard steps coming down the stairs and he lowered the paper he wasnt truly reading. Draco emerged from hallway stiff and dressed from head to toe again. The blond glared at him. "Potter." Harry couldn't help but chuckle at Draco's uneasiness, or maybe it was his way of diffusing his own tension, as the man turned. "Think somethings funny do ya?" Draco snarled. "You brought me to your house. Drunk. Doing Merlin knows what! I hardly find that amusing!"

"Do you want to know?" Harry asked curiously. Highly doubtful but it would be a good laugh.

Draco stared at him with a empty expression. "Considering I woke up naked I'm going to go with no." The fear of what he could have done was to much to think about. How would he be able to live with himself. He had spent the last few years hardly thinking of the man only for him to wake up naked in his bed.

Harry shrugged and opened his paper to actually read this time. "Whatever you say Malfoy."

Draco felt curiosity overcoming it and his face tensed in anger for even thinking of wanting to know. "All I remember is you apparating me like a drunk bafoon."

"That's all?" Harry's eye brows rose in a little shock. Considering that shout he had expected more. "Would have figured you could handle yourself better than that." Harry admitted.

Draco growled. Harry's eyes darted to the floor and he rubbed the back of his neck slowly like he was working out a cramp. "We umm…." His eyes met Draco's and he could see the fear building in the man and suddenly he felt his own fear grow. This wasn't going to end good. Then dont say it. "We kinda….ummm….." his voice kept trailing off.

"Spit it out Potter!" Draco yelled.

Harry bit the inside of his cheek fiercely to find the few seconds of courage to say it aloud. "We kinda shagged." Harry bit his lip at the admission, but found himself wanting to laugh as the blondes eyes doubled in size. It wasn't like he had been thrilled with the memory but it shocked him now that the more times he thought about it the less it bothered him, and honestly the more he seemed to enjoy it. Come again? Since parting with Ginny and frequenting the pub he had a few simple encounters. Some snogging here, feeling each other up over there, and the occasional blow job. He had never felt comfortable enough though to bring them home or go all the way. Sex was sex according to everyone but he just hadn't felt that want to have that type of relationship with anyone. He preferred to keep it neutral and simple at the Leaky.

"We….did….what?" Draco hissed bringing Harry out of his thoughts.

Harry raised his hands quickly in innocence. "Hey now don't take it out on me. I was just giving you a place to crash. You're the one that kissed me." Harry watched Draco begin to shake. "It's not the end of a world. A shag is a shag. Besides, I'd say based on your finish you were pretty happy in the moment."

Draco had his wand out pointed at Harry in second. Harry raised an eyebrow and sat the paper on the table before standing. He confidently walked up to Malfoy until Draco's wand was beneath his chin. "What you going to do Malfoy? This is my home. I'm an auror, not to mention Harry Potter." Silently he willed the blond to lower his wand. There wasnt any part of him that actually wanted this conversation to go that way.

Draco's face was red from a combination of embarrassment and anger. He had had sex with Harry Potter? Fucking Harry Potter? NO. "I ask again. What in bloody hell happened?" He almost felt like his face was pleading for a different answer.

Harry sat his hand on Draco's arm and lowered the blondes wand. Surprisingly Draco didn't protest. "I already told you. We had sex." he said calmly and simply.

"No!" Draco shouted! "How the hell did we end up having sex? What happened? Is that your new hobby on top of being a drunkard? Whoring yourself out?"

Harry looked at him as if he had gone barmy. "No actually. That's the first time I've had sex since me and Ginny split." He noticed Draco wasn't breathing. "Are you sure you want to know?"

Everything inside Draco said no. He just wanted to hex him and get away. But yet he said it flatly. "Yes."

Harry took in a lungful of air so he could get it all out in one go. He doubted he could say it again at the blonds behavior. "Offered for you to crash here, once we got here you grabbed me and kissed me before pushing away. You followed me upstairs and I showed you the spare room so you could sleep. Then where the loo was, and I showed you where my room was in case you needed me. Next thing I know you are kissing me again backing me into the bed. Clothes start coming off, you start grinding against me, you flipped me on my side, shoved your cock inside my ass and fucked me until you came. Then you basically passed out and I cleaned us up." he exhaled happily having gotten it all out, but he wasnt so thrilled at the way his cock was reacting with increased blood flow from the memories.

At the words Draco felt dizzy. He had always found Harry attractive in a messy rough rebellious type of way, but the idea of ever acting on it made him sick. He made it his purpose in school to insult the man so as to deny the truth from his mind. Not that it had worked that well but it was fun and he could tell himself he tried. The blond had only ever been with one wizard before and that was just him and Blaise fucking around. "If that's so how the fuck are you so calm with this information?"

"What can I say. Defeating the Dark Lord and all the pressure that went with it vanishing really mellows a person out. It's not like it was bad. You're actually a pretty brilliant shag" Harry said calmly and blushing a bit at the admission. He hadnt planned to admit that but maybe the compliment would calm the man. Draco shook his head and closed his eyes in denial.

Harry didn't think and placed a hand on Draco's shoulder trying to relax him some how. He looked like he was ready to explode...or faint. He couldnt exactly tell. "It's not a big deal Malfoy," he said gently trying to sound comforting.

The blond looked at Harry's hand upon his shoulder then into his green eyes. He could tell Harry meant it. He felt his breathing increase and panic setting over him even more than it already had from the physical contact. "Not a big deal?" he said with a tight jaw. He reached forward grabbing Harry's face and smashed their lips together with a point driven intensity. Draco could feel Harry open his mouth for him and then Draco pulled back from the thought of continuing. "THAT right there isn't a big deal?"

Harry watched the fire glowing in the grey eyes. "See what I mean? Just grabbing me and kissing me like I told you." he pointed out raising an eyebrow.

Draco's heart was beating against his chest so loudly he was sure Harry could hear it. His face drained as he felt the twitch of his cock. Shit shit shit. The green eyes just kept staring at him without emotion but he could feel himself getting sucked into them. He grabbed Harry's face again and kissed him fiercely like time was of importance. Draco felt his own erection growing and pressed himself forward into Harry's body. Letting his hands roam briefly he squeezed Harry's ribs and he felt Harry grab the collar of his cloak deepening their kiss. The mans hands then slid down and applied pressure to his hardened cock.

Draco inhaled sharply at the touch and as he noticed Harry begin undoing his own trousers. The fuck is he doing? The fuck are you doing? Then something came over the blond and he found himself moving their bodies towards the chair Harry had been sitting at. They were both breathing hard and he couldn't believe what his body was doing. It was like he no longer had control over himself. All he could think about were the memories flooding his mind and the throbbing desire to take the man again.

When they reached the piece of furniture Draco twisted Harry around and placed his hand on the man's back. Pushing him over the arm of the chair Draco yanked down Harry's trousers just enough and lost a breath finding no boxers and just bare ass before him. Quickly he followed his instincts unzipping himself and grabbed his throbbing length. Pulling it from it's fabric cage he pumped himself twice before tapping his wand against Harry's crack and rubbing his cock through the wetness that had appeared. Feeling the puckered hole against his fingers he grew anxious with the temptation and slid a finger and then another into the opening. Still so tight. Draco pulled his finger away and quickly grabbed his cock to replace it. Gently pushing himself inside the warm heated hole Draco sighed at the pleasure and felt the tension on his muscles fall away before beginning the steady pace of rocking into Harry.

Harry's voice rang through the air disrupting the calmness that swept was sweeping over him. "What's your excuse now Malfoy?" Harry's voice was mocking and heavy as his breath was taken from him leaving him panting with each of Draco's thrust. "Especially now that the liquor is out of your system?"

Groaning as he paused Draco pulled out his wand as fast as he could and conjured a rag from thin air. With a hard thrust he bent over Harry's back and grabbed a fistful of the man's raven hair. Pulled Harry's head back Draco closed his eyes to keep from admitting what was truly happening and seeing the mans face. He forced the rag into Harry's mouth while pushing deeper inside his body.

It didn't stop the moans though. They grew louder, though muffled through the rag, as Harry fully accepted Draco's presence in his body with each impact. Picking up speed Draco pounded into him like an untamed beast grunting wildly. He could hear Harry breathing heavily through his nose and felt the tightening of his body as an orgasm took hold of the man bent before him. Listening to Harry's muffled climax Draco lost himself in the sound and came when Harry pushed back into him to further his own pleasure.

"Unnhhhhhhh….." the sound of his own orgasm escaped his lips as he threw his head back and gripped Harry's hips him as close as possible. Willing himself to go deeper until he was finally flush against Harry's cheeks. He could feel every drop of come leaving his body and entering Harry's. A tingle swept over his skin as his eyes rolled back into his head and a fire lit on his skin. Panting he dropped his head back down to see the joining of their bodies. It was breath taking. Draco pulled himself from Harry and removed his hands from the soft flesh he had been grasping. He noticed the indention of his hands on the man's body.

Draco slowly backed away as the adrenaline and his orgasm began fading. Harry turned to face him with his trousers still partially lowered because he had to see the look on Dracos face. He was almost as shocked as the blond but it was to good to be ruined at the realization. Brilliant fucking shag indeed Harry thought. Draco found himself incapable of speaking even if he had wanted to. It felt like he was having an out of body experience. Harry just raised his eyebrows in amusement seeming to have already gather himself, and the realization of it all hit Draco like a broom to the face. In a hurry he tucked himself away, zipped his fly, and all but ran out of the house.

Harry fastened his trousers back into place and went to the window to see the blond apparating in a flash. He chuckled to himself. It wasn't just the fact he had let Malfoy have his way with him, but Malfoy's reaction and embarrassment. Harry smiled at the thought of disturbing Malfoy so much. "Prat," he chuckled to himself.