Undeniable Tension

Chapter 10

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The day still felt young when Draco knocked on Harry's door. It didn't take more than a few seconds to get an answer and it surprised the blond. Apparently the Chosen One was waiting for him. Him. Draco Malfoy. It caused his pupils to dilate in excitement when he saw Harry who was still in his work clothes.

"Hey Potter," Draco said in a tone that slid off his tongue like thick silk, as he grabbed the man by the collar of his cloak and pulled him into a kiss. For lack of better words Draco was elated to be back at Harry's house. Once Harry had opened the door for him he had just been unable to restrain himself any longer as he felt the warmth spread through his body. Ever since hearing him confess his love Draco had had the profound desire, more than ever, to capture the man in his arms.

The work day had actually been very slow for Draco as all his weekly business had been left for the weekend. It had given him the entire day to think about everything. A full 8 hours of thinking about Harry and their influence on each other all throughout the years. He realized it was always there. This deep longing to be around the man in some way or another. Regardless of if the outcome was positive or negative.

Harry was laughing a little into their kiss. The blond seemed incredibly eager and didn't seem to be letting up on his mission to devour him. So he grabbed Draco's pale hand from his collar and pulled him into the house. "Someone's eager are they?" Harry half asked as he closed the door.

"What can I say? I've missed you," Draco smiled happily and confidently as he rid himself of his own cloak. Soon the weather would be warm enough he would no longer need to pack it with him. Draco leaned back against the solid oak door. "So I was thinking. Since I know you don't want to go to the Leaky anymore how about we go somewhere else tonight? Get out of here for a bit?"

Harry eyed Draco with confusion. "Out?" Was the man really willing to risk being seen in public together? It sounded fun yet his brain screamed bad idea.

Draco gave him a classic smirk. "Even you have to know the definition of out Potter. You know somewhere that's not here." He watched the green eyes show a little flick of adorable panic.

Raising his eyebrows Harry ignored the little playful jab at his intelligence to address the main issue. "You seriously want to risk being seen in public together?" he asked

Pressing his lips together Draco went over his decision in his head one last time. Being seen in a public setting that Harry Potter wasn't a regular at was not something he was ready for. At the Leaky Harry just blended into the background after years of weekly visits. But anywhere else he was sure to stick out as the wizarding world savior. Let alone with his arch nemesis and an ex death eater walking at his side. Draco exhaled deeply at his fight to admit the words. He wanted to go out with Harry, spend some real romantic time together, and that was that even if it meant going somewhere he didn't want to. "I was thinking…..against my better judgement," he made sure to add, "I'm sure with your muggle experience you may know a few worthy establishments."

Again Harry's eyebrows shot up in shock and he had to hold himself together to keep from snorting at the blonds reluctance yet determination. "You seriously want go to a muggle pub?"

The blond rolled his eyes and huffed. "Well there aren't any options unless we want to make the Prophet now are there? And I wanna go out. I figured we could eat first and then…" Draco stepped forward and brought Harry's hand to his lips, kissing it softly on the back and relaxing against it, "…do whatever you want." The corner of his lip curled and even more so when he noticed the sharp intake of air Harry took in.

Harry sucked in a deep breath and felt the blush in his cheeks. The thought was heart hammering and exciting. Being able to go out casually, have a good time together…..like a date. A small smile began to creep across his own face as he stared back into Draco's pale grey eyes. "I may know a few places."


The little pub they entered was oddly quiet. Very unlike the Leaky Cauldron on a weekend. This place was clearly meant to be more of a relaxed casual setting. Not a place aimed at high spirited and loud drunkards. Yet it still seemed to provide a good and fun opportunity if one wanted to reach that level. Some low music played in the background and Draco eyed a few men that stood around weird green tables in the back, appearing to enjoy themselves.

Harry chose a small round table near the front. Glass fixtures hung above them illuminating the polished wooden surface. There were only another dozen or so people there, none of which were paying them any mind, and for once Draco felt a little more free. No eyes were constantly glancing his way as was often the case being an ex death eater.

"So what is this place?" Draco asked still looking around at the people a bit uneasy. All the muggles just seemed so careless like there weren't wizards sitting among them.

Harry grabbed a menu from the side of the table and began scanning it with familiarity. "The Black Gem. It's just a casual muggle pub. I've come here a few times since me and Ginny split." He had just needed to get away after the break up and this place proved to have good food, drinks, and atmosphere. The Prophet had followed him around like a hawk as soon as they caught wind of the break up. The glorious and perfect Chosen One ending his relationship with long time girlfriend. Simply telling them it wasn't working out wasn't near enough for the press. They kept eyes on him everywhere trying to get a glimpse of his nonexistent secret mistress or some bad habit he had developed that would warrant a break up. It had made apparating somewhere in muggle London his only option to go out and relax.

An older woman with greying hair appeared at the side of their table smiling. "Good evening boys. What can I get for you?" she asked warmly.

"I will take the fish and chips…." Harry paused and scanned the menu once more. "…and how about a pint of ale?"

"And for you dear?" she asked turning to Draco.

Draco just looked at her, then to Harry and back. He felt a little panic having never communicated with muggles before let alone been in their establishments. Plus he had been to busy staring at Harry to look at the menu yet. Was their food different? "Uhhh…."

Harry suddenly spoke for him. "Just give him the Bourbon Burger, chips and house salad. With a pint of ale also."

The woman looked at Draco, who nodded his approval to Harry's order. "Alright then it shouldn't be long," she turned on her heel and it wasn't but a moment later that she returned with their drinks.

"So why has Draco Malfoy allowed himself to grace a muggle pub?" Harry asked the blond as he took a drink

"Why has the oh so noble and righteous Harry Potter allowed himself to be associated with a death eater?" Draco replied playfully.

"Ex…..death eater," Harry clarified firmly.

Draco raised an eyebrow. "Are you so sure Im converted Potter?" he asked genuinely. Did Harry really believe he had given up his traditional pureblood ways? Did he really that much more of him? Was his love not just blinding lust?

Harry just looked at him like he was a prat. "Don't be a git. If you weren't converted you would be on my suspects list."

"Oh would I now? Sure you dont want to go ahead and search me anyways?" Draco teased. Harry rubbed his jaw with what seemed like irritation though and Draco took notice of the blush on his cheeks. "Alright alight. So focusing on death eaters eh?"

"No not just death eaters, but we are looking at convicted criminals and those with proud muggle hate." Harry took a deep breath. "Im just ready for the case to be over. Im going out day after day and getting nothing." Harry was becoming quite frustrated with it all. When he became an auror he expected more being called into action and less of solving mysteries. "Sometimes I can't stand this job."

"You mean you dont want to be an auror?"

Harry looked out the window longingly. He did feel he was missing something most of the time. Something like real enjoyment in his job. "I don't know. It's the only thing Im good at."

Draco dismissed that excuse the moment he heard the words "Come off it. You are Harry Potter. Good at everything remember?"

Harry's eyes widened in amusement and sarcastically nodded his head in fake agreement. "Right right. You mean like how good I am with potions? Or the loads of extra homework I 'did not get' in charms and transfiguration?"

The waiter sat down their steaming food and Draco looked at it curiously. "So ummm is it…..normal?"

Harry furrowed his brow. "What would be wrong with it?"

"How would I know? Ive never eaten muggle food," the blond said rushed in self defense.

"It's just a fucking burger Draco. Eat it. It's all basically the same as ours except not cooled with magic and they use less ingredients than us." Harry picked up his fish and took a bite while watching Draco continue to hesitate with his food before finally settling on his salad first. Apparently it must have looked less intimidating. Harry still couldn't believe the blond wanted to go out like this. Willingly to a muggle place just so they could go out together. There was no denying how good it felt and the whole thing had his insides warm.

"Have you ever wanted to do anything other than finances?" Harry decided to ask between bites. It seemed a safer option than asking what the blond was wanting to do in life.

Draco finished off his salad before grabbing a napkin and wiping his mouth off to speak properly. "I am only focused on the immediate future. So career changes arent something on my mind at the moment."

Harry couldn't help but chew a little harder. That only raised more questions he was sure Draco wouldn't answer. How he wished he would though. I just wish he would talk to me freely like he actually trust me. "Fair enough. How are your friends? Pansy? Blaise? Friends from work or whatever?" he paused at the odd look on Draco's face.

"Friends? That's amusing Potter. I don't have friends. Pansy and Blaise downgraded long ago. I have coworkers, not friends and I don't have time for socialization," Draco took a final bite of his burger. Friends were just an unnecessary form of distraction. No one he knew was worthy of being a part of his life anyways. Everyone he knew either was a prat, brainwashed he was at one point, or hated him. There was a little part of him that wondered what having friends again would feel like, but that curiosity was usually squashed by reality. The only way he had the potential at friendship was total strangers from another country.

"What does that make me?" Harry asked.

Draco looked up from his empty plate and found his eyes frozen when they connected with Harry's. He suddenly felt like they were putting a intense weight on his chest. His stomach was turning a little which wasn't aided by a full stomach. What was he suppose to say? Now? The blond found his brain panicking and gulped tightly hoping Harry wouldn't notice. Drink. Draco took time to reach for his pint, wetting his throat before he could speak but his lips still seemed unnaturally dry. "Uh what can I say? You're special," Draco said feeling his heart lighten and a little smile wanting to form. Harry looked at him in a way that gave him fuzzy feelings. Like a man in love that had just been told the sweetest thing. Draco felt his green eyes boring into him. Waiting for more. He had given himself away to much. "Plus youre a brilliant shag," Draco said hastily before turning his head slightly and taking another swig to try and cover his embarrassment. He could see enough of the man's face to see the slight disappointment in it and it made his stomach sink a little. But Harry simply began digging into his cloak for his wallet.

Harry always kept a decent amount of muggle money in his cloak for such random outings. As he sat the money down onto the receipt the waitress had brought over they began to leave. The pub had grown more crowded over the course of their meal. "Thanks dearies! Having a lovely evening!" she called after them and Draco awkwardly gave a small wave as he followed Harry out of the pub.

They walked along a street that was brightly lit with the moonlight and street lights. The air was chilly and the tree limbs rustled ever so slightly in a delicate little breeze. For a short period of time Harry and Draco just continued on in silence, each absorbed in their own thoughts. As they crossed the street a rusted iron gate appeared on their left. It was surrounding what appeared to be a park. Tree's perfectly placed to provide just enough shade in the summer without being overly crowded.

Draco licked his lips nervously. There was only one thing on his mind and he was sure his face couldn't look more pink. His pale skin made the blush that much stronger on his cheeks, and he was happy that Harry continued to watch the people walking on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the road. Did he want to say it? Of course I do. Was it time? Say what he didn't know if he could say? Yes it is time.

He grabbed Harry's left hand and steered him into an opening of the park fence just a few steps ahead. There was no one around them in the darkness. Draco couldn't tell if it made him feel better or not but he took a deep breath. Gryffindor bravery. Gryffindor bravery. His mind repeated. You're not a fucking lion though. He is. You want him to be your lion though. "Potter….." Draco was holding his breath. His words stuck in his throat. He cleared his throat a little to see if the right words would move, but they didn't. Coward. "I…was dinner good? I mean did you have a good time? Getting out and all?"

Harry was barely able to acknowledge Draco's question. He was mesmerized by the way the light of the moon reflected off the blond hair. Draco shined in a whole new way and his face grew hot. Merlin he is beautiful. So don't ignore him. Answer. "Of course I had a good time," Harry answered soothingly as he placed his hand along the side of Draco's neck and gave him a soft kiss. As soon as the blond exhaled heavily through his flaring nostrils Harry felt the air heat up around them. Next thing he knew it he had ended up in Draco's lap on an old weathered bench about 10ft away from the gate, and they were snogging heavily.

Draco was able to gather himself momentarily to stop, mostly because Harry's weight on his tightly restrained cock was becoming unbearable. His breathing was heavy. "Do you want to go home? If you don't we may end up shagging on this bench," Draco managed to laugh lightly through as he ran his large hands down Harry's sides and looked at him with eyes of lust filled determination.

Harry pulled back hesitantly wanting to not believe it, but he had a sneaky suspicion it was true. The man had no reservations. "You wouldn't." he said narrowing his eyes playfully.

Draco leaned forward to kiss Harry's jaw. "Oh but I would," he whispered into Harry's ear before nibbling on his lobe. The sensation sent tingles down Harry's spine causing him to slightly shiver. "And you would like it." Draco confidently ran a hand over the developing erection Harry's trousers were concealing to prove his point.

Harry let out a tight breath. Something told him he would indeed like it. "Alright alright let's go home." He playfully pushed the blond away from him so he could stand, but after he stood Draco was instantly wrapping his arms around him from behind and rubbing his own hard cock against Harry's ass.

"I didn't realize you liked public displays as much as I did." Draco said in a hot and heavy way.

"I…." Harry was going to protest but his words were cut off by a low purr against his shoulder blade.

"Ah ah ah. I heard that little rush of air you needed. Trying to suppress the arousal at the idea," Draco slid his hand past the waistband of Harry's trousers and into the mans boxers. "That thought of my cock in your tight ass right here…..right now…..with the risk of anyone finding us." He instantly came in contact with a clearly pronounced erection. He brushed the back of his hand against the soft skin. "I recall you saying something along the lines of me…fucking you…..anywhere I wanted." He gave Harry's hardness a squeeze.

Harry's eyes almost popped out of his head and he spun around so fast Draco's hand flew out of his pants. "What? I meant at home! Anywhere at home!"

Draco just laughed. "You said anywhere. You didn't specify at home when we made this little deal. Does this mean you want to go back on it? I may require such an agreement to be greatly in my favor."

Harry glared at Draco. Told you he had something up his sleeve. "Fine." He said lowly before growled at how hard he felt his cock was as it strained against his fly. It was betraying him. "Cast a disillusionment charm."

Draco smiled innocently. "No,"

Harry gave the blond a look of disbelief. "We are in a city park near pubs and restaurants on a Friday night! Someone will see us!" he pointed to a couple muggles walking into The Black Gem across the street on the far side of the park.

"Guess we need to make quick work of this then won't we?" Draco said in a rushed voice as he stepped forward and unzipped Harry's trousers quickly. With ease Draco guided him to turn around before pushing him to his knees.

Harry grimaced as Draco's hand pressed his chest onto the seat of the bench. But it didn't keep his heart from being flooded with excitement as he felt the chilly night air against his bare back side. A little part if his brain was telling him to protest more, and don't do it. But oh how his body disagreed with that little piece of himself.

When he felt the cold wetness of the lubrication coat him he exhaled heavily feeling Draco's long digits begin entering him. One then two then 3. He barely had more than a few seconds to adjust to each stretch making it uncomfortable. Then as he mentally relaxed his body all the air was pushed from his lungs and his eyes bulged. Draco had removed his fingers and pushed into him quickly without hardly any hesitation. Harry whimpered at the sudden invasion but his harden cocked bounced with glee. Panting he was grateful that Draco at least have his body a few seconds longer to adjust before rocking back and forth momentarily before diving back in deeply. The whimper Harry made was louder this time and he banged his head purposely onto the weathered wood as his body continued to accept the blonds width.

Draco was already breathing heavy with the amount of speed and force he was exerting so fast. He didn't want to waste any time because he didn't actually want some muggle interrupting them. But the thrill of getting caught and the intensity he was fucking the man was driving, no shoving, him to the edge of climax with record speed. Harry's little whimpers had graduated to a louder moan causing Draco to thrust deeply with each of the little pleasure filled sounds the man made.

"Shhhh..….you're going to have to be quiet if you don't want to be seeeeennnn," Draco moaned softly in response.

Harry fixed his jaw in place and clenched his teeth together tightly trying to restrain his base desire. Youre gonna get caught. Youre gonna get caught. But bloody hell it's so good. Fuck how much he wanted to moan along with the blond was unbelievable.

Draco began grunting as his blood and oxygen seemed to roll in waves. Each thrust forward sent it all rolling heavily into his chest and groin. It was a marvelous feeling weighing him down into Harry's body. Increasing the power behind his hips his balls began pulsing ready for their release. Each slap of their skin sending a bolt of tingles through him. He bit his lip trying to hold out so Harry could relish in the prolonged intensity and feel of getting caught. The Slytherin dorms had been very casual about sex. Many times people were walked in on and it always added to the fun. Draco thought of what it would have been like to fuck Harry in the alcoves just rushing with the adrenaline of getting caught with his cock in Potter's ass. He didn't realize it but constant heavy puffs of air and low heavy moans began emerging from his lips.

Finally Harry couldn't take it any longer. Draco was moving so quickly in and out of him he was sure the blond was going to loose himself any second. Especially of the tight grasp he had on his hips was any indication. Trying desperately to maintain air flow he worked his hand along his own shaft. Moving it faster and faster beating Draco's speed. Someone, anyone, was sure to be walking by by now. Who knew how many had already walked by. Had they saw? Heard? Were they going to watch? Harry's cock turned to stone as it pulsed in his hand. Seed shooting down onto the grass. "Unnhh…..Dra…" he began loudly.

But Draco quickly covered Harry's mouth with a strong hand trying to force the sound to stay inside, but little muffled noises could still be heard. Taking one glance up and down the road he finally allowed himself to close his eyes and let his orgasm unleash itself as Harry's hole continued to pulse around him.

"Ohhh Harr…" Draco froze his face muscles to stop himself from saying it but the orgasm was to good to keep it quite. Who cared if some muggles saw anyways. "Ohhhhh…." The blond let out freely. Draco rolled his hips as he emptied himself completely. He wanted to be sure he was giving Harry all he had. Then as he quit moving he heard Harry's head drop against the wood of the bench. Trying to smile with satisfaction Draco just listened to their mutual effort to regulating their breathing in the silence of the night.

Looking from the back of Harry's dark hair to the connection of their bodies Draco couldn't help grabbing the man's ass cheeks in his hands and rubbing them gently. Firm globes with just enough meat on them. Then a giggle in the distance, and the sound of conversation growing louder caused Draco to move faster than a Firebolt. In less than a second he was standing and fastening his trousers. Harry had hardly moved though. Perhaps he had hit his head to hard on the bench?

"Potter get up," Draco said in a rushed and hushed voice. He swatted Harry's ass hard enough for a smack to be heard. It didn't even cause the raven haired man to flinch but h slowly stood up and began fixing his clothes.

"Do you mind? I was enjoying myself." Harry said turning to face the blond and tucking in his shirt.

Draco smiled playfully. Oh he liked that he did. "You were right it is a busy area, I wonder where those muggles went." The sound of conversation had laughter had vanished.

Harry gazed at the blond calmly. "Liar, I would have heard them." But he questioned his own words as he said them. That orgasm had been ear numbing as internal fireworks made him oblivious to anything other than the cock inside him.

Draco just grinned. "Okay then. From my view your ass was more than audience worthy.…..I can only imagine what they thought getting to see the full picture."

Harry nudged his own shoulder into Draco's playfully and began walking. The thought of getting to see themselves shagging was hot. He knew enough of what the blond looked like during intercourse. He could feel the like surge of arousal trying to reawaken imaging an outside visual. Harry turned his mind away from the image as Draco took his place beside him and they walked through the park towards the alley they had apparated into on the right of the pub.

"So are you going to stay the night?" Harry asked. There was some uncertainty in his voice. Now that he was fully and openly accepting of his feelings towards Draco when they went to do their own thing he felt a twinge of nerves. Not knowing if this would be the last of their time together or not.

"Of course Im staying the night," Draco replied without thought. He rolled his neck and sighed. Tomorrow was going to be a pain. "I am going to have to leave a little earlier than normal though. I have a lot of business to do this weekend."

"On a weekend?" Harry shook his head. He wished Draco would just stop trying to do so much. "You really need to take you time and relax."

"It's got to be done. It should all be taken care of soon though." Draco informed him. 2 more weeks, 3 more clients after tomorrow, and it would be over. Draco relaxed at the vision of buying his own place. This weekend alone would almost be enough to get him there. "What about you? Any glorious plans with the Weasels?"

Harry shrugged. Hardly anything glorious ever came up in the friend area anymore. "On Sunday like always, nothing special. But tomorrow I've got a date. We will see how that goes I guess," he said casually.

Draco stopped dead in his tracks. "A date?" He repeated dully, unsure if he had heard what Harry said correctly.

"Yea some witch Hermione met at one of the quidditch matches early last season," Harry replied. "Apparently she heard I grew up in the muggle world and is fascinated or something." he rolled his eyes to the side as he stopped also, quite uncaring about the subject. There was virtually no actual urge in himself to meet the witch.

"What kind of date?" Draco pushed further. Surely Harry couldn't have meant a normal date.

"I'm gonna take her to the theater," Harry answered.

"The what?" Draco questioned. What the fuck is that? It didn't sound good he could tell that much.

Harry shook his head with slight amusement. "It's a muggle thing. Like the telly but on a big wall in the dark. They commonly go there on dates. Gets them comfortable, gives you something mutual to start a conversation with. They sit next each other and lots of times they end up holding hands and stuff. I was never allowed to go as a kid but I snuck a in a few times summer before 5th year. Hermione told her I grew up in the muggle world like her dad. Guess we will see what happens."

Draco's brain felt fuzzy. He couldn't seem to focus on any one thought. He grew anxious at the thought of Harry going on a date with someone else. Holding hands and doing Merlin knows what. Didn't Harry just confess his love for him? Of course not you're Draco Malfoy after all. "What do you mean a bloody date?" He couldn't help the fire that came out behind the words. The fuzziness was wearing off and he could feel his body tensing in anger.

Harry looked at him in confusion, he wasn't sure what the blond was really asking. He had just told him all the details. What else was there to ask? "Umm…I just told you?"

Draco felt his face draining and a tidal wave of panic getting ready to crash into him. He tried to let the tension run out of his body so he could stand calm and mask his emotions. A true Slytherin talent. This, this here, was a date. Was Potter to stupid to seriously see that. "Why are you going on a date?" He asked in an unsettling calm tone attempting to channel his higher up attitude from their days in school.

"I need to make plans also. You have your own with courting and all that." Harry shifted his weight. He didn't want to think let alone talk about this. The conversation was taking an unpleasant turn he hadnt expected.

The blond watched as Harry shifted uncomfortably which only caused him to glare daggers as heat continued to rise to his face. The pressure in his head building."Plans? Plans?!" Draco found his voice raising at this point. "You know nothing of my plans Potter! You honestly think I've told you anything?"

Harry took his hands out of his pockets and thrust them into the air in disbelief at the blonds anger. Was Draco seriously getting mad at him for not knowing the blonds plans? "Of course not. You never want to talk about them!" he bit his lip from getting more angry at the absurdity. "I only get the snippets you tell me but it's fine, it's not my place." He thrust his hands back into his pockets wanting to end the conversation. Their evening had been so nice.

"Damn right it's not your place! You think I want you mixed up in any of it?" Draco spat. He was practically shaking in anger and he couldn't think anymore. Their evening, their date, really had been so wonderful. Up until Potter's admission of seeing another person. All he could think about was just getting away from the man. "Merlin I fucking hate you Potter. I fucking hate you!" Draco shouted. He did a quick glance around, so quick that his brain only rattled more. And before Harry had time to process anything the blond had stepped behind a tree and vanished into thin air.


Draco landed at the Manor and quickly rushed to his room. Slamming the door he firmly placed his own private wards and began pacing. A fucking date. A date.

"Pidley!" Draco shouted.

With a loud pop a small house elf appeared keeping her face to the floor. "Yes Master?" she bowed before him nervously.

"Gin. Bring me gin." He directed. With another pop the elf was gone. Draco removed his clothing until he was left in his work shirt and boxers. He undid the top button to breathe. The room was tight and he felt like he was suffocating. Grabbing a crystal glass from his table he headed to his arm chair and dropped down in emotional exhaustion.

POP. Pidley appeared with a dark bottle and presented it to him while keeping her head turned away. "As master requested."

Draco took the bottle from her. "That will be all Pidley." The elf quickly vanished. Looking at the glass in his hand he sat it aside. As if he needed to waste time pouring a drink. Popping the cork he brought it the bottle to his lips.

Why the fuck was he feeling this way? Potter had a date. So what? Exactly. So what? He had grown to comfortable with the situation. Fucking Harry Potter every few days. It had become like some bad habit. Some addiction that should have never happened. But he would be lying if he said he didn't look forward to their nights together. He had even started to feel what he apparently thought was love. Like you know what love is.

Draco beat his head against the back of chair repetitively. He was fucking jealous and he needed to rid himself of it. It was wrong. They weren't in a relationship. They just liked to have a good shag with each other. Nothing more. He didn't want more. He had no reason to feel such an emotion. You wanted more about 20 minutes ago. The blond stood at the thought and flung the bottle into the wall watching it break into pieces as the gold liquid ran down the wall. "FUCK!"


Harry was waiting outside the theater as the sun was low in the evening sky. Despite his reservations on going he had already promised this witch they would meet. With Draco's sudden departure he was torn between wanting to be alone and wanting company anyways. He still hadnt gotten over the way Draco had reacted and then decided to just vanish. It couldn't possibly mean what he thought it did. What he wanted it to mean. The blond was known for being quite the drama queen in school after all.

A soft voice filled the air next to him. "Harry Potter?"

He had been to preoccupied staring at the cracks in the side walk thinking about Draco to see anyone approaching him. Harry lifted his head to find a beautiful young witch in a peach blouse and jeans. She seemed very casual with her similar raven locks pulled back into a bun. It was a nice look. Quite the opposite of the fine suits the blond always wore.

Harry realized he was now staring at the ruffles of her blouse. "Sorry," he mumbled quickly. Not the first impression he liked to give people of himself. Being aloof and appearing to ogle her. "You look very nice. Lela right?" He found himself able to relax his shoulders when she smiled back at him.

"Yes. It's almost 6. Are you ready to go in?" she asked.

He nodded. After leading their way through the crowd Harry bought their tickets and found the room. Taking 2 of the few remaining available seats in the front of the room they didn't have to wait long for the movie to begin.

Lela leaned against Harry's shoulder to whisper into his ear. "What is this movie?"

"It's a new American movie called Catch Me If You Can. It's about a criminal the muggle police can't seem to catch for some reason." Harry had found the description of the movie interesting, and it definitely wasn't romantic. An added bonus in his mind.

There were many highs and lows in the movie, and with the constant on the go plot they were leaving before Harry knew it. The time had flown by with it's on the go plot. He had seriously enjoyed the movie and Lela said much the same. Surprisingly the movie reminded him in some ways on his life. Him and Voldermort. A criminal always on the run and proving impossible to catch.

Harry pressed his lips together realizing they were leaving the theater. Next phrase of the date. Food, which meant face to face actual conversation. Something he was not looking forward to. "So are you hungry?" he asked her with fake interest.

Lela shrugged much like did. "I suppose I could eat. Do you know of some place? I don't know of any muggle restaurant in London."

"They are everywhere. Muggles have way more restaurants than the wizards," Harry informed her. He looked around at the newer brick buildings with their lights beaming through large windows. Then he spotted the slightly older weather worn looking brown brick. He had never eaten there but he remembered many times he longed to in the summer without a proper meal. "There is a place over here," he tilted his head in the direction of the building a little ways across the street. He made sure to stay a few steps ahead of Lela to prevent any unwanted contact as they headed off towards it. Hand holding was not something he wanted to engage in.

Lela furrowed her brow as they reached the door and the uncertainty in her voice had reminded him of Draco. "1885? This is a restaurant?" She was staring at the logo of a black cow with the gold numbers written upon it.

Harry chuckled at her reservation. "Yea, it's suppose to be a real nice place. Come on." He motioned her into the building. A tall waitress in a white button up shirt and black trousers escorted them to a white clothed table in the middle of the crowded room. Harry instantly gathered this was a fine dining place and regretted his decision. This was not what he had expected from the outside. Neither of them were dressed for such a atmosphere and he wasn't wanting to give the witch the wrong idea.

As the waitress left to take their order to the chef Harry apologized. "Sorry about this. It is a bit more upscale then I expected."

"It's fine I don't mind. Really." Lela assured him.

Harry bit the inside of his cheek to think. So wish I wasn't here right now. What on earth were they suppose to talk about? "So umm. How did you meet Ron and Hermione?"

"At a Chudley Cannons and Appleby Arrows game early last season," she answered taking a drink of her tea. "I heard Hermione telling Ron to calm down after an illegal foul, and I mean passion is passion. I backed him up."

Harry was mildly impressed by this. "A stranger vocally backing Ron? Wow."

"Well it was a ridiculous foul. It should have counted a personal," the witch said slightly annoyed. She still seemed bothered by it. "They said you use to play quidditch. Seeker right?"

For the first time Harry truly smiled. Some of his happiest memories were of playing quidditch. What he wouldn't give to be on a team again. Soaring through the sky, the wind whipping through his hair with only one goal in mind. "Yea. Youngest seeker at Hogwarts in a century," he said proudly.

"That is awesome. I heard you were pretty impressive. I was a chaser for Hufflepuff during my school years. Pretty sure I graduated a year before you started. Quite unfortunate I didn't get to play you," she said with her face saying how disappointed she was at the fact.

Harry glanced a way from Lela's gaze a moment to gather him and not sound shocked at the apparent age difference. "You went to Hogwarts? Before I started?"

He noticed how Lela's cheeks turned the slightest pink. "A little weird right? Hermione seemed to think it wasn't a big deal. I mean there are some crazy age gaps in the our world isnt there?" she tried to chuckle a little but she clearly felt awkward.

Maybe she was just as uncomfortable about coming as he was. Hermione did like to nag at people a bit. "No no no no no I didn't mean…. Sorry I just wasnt expecting that. Caught me a little off guard."

Lela smiled. "I don't usually date men younger than me. Most of the time they are just so immature. It is like they go out of there way to piss me off like I'm there mom or something. My last boyfriend was actually 6 years older than me but…."

Harry began letting Lela's words flow in one ear and out the other. The days he and Draco had spent trying to piss each other off. Trying to push the other to the edge before a game was now in his mind. The desire to win and prove who was better. Dominating the field with speed and agility no one else had. Many times ending up side by side stretching with all they had for the snitch before them. The air thick with the deepest tension between them. The deep tension they had still held in the Leaky Cauldron those Friday nights. Those nights without a snitch to catch and release the built up pressure between them. Feelings apparently that had to have an outlet. An outlet of pure passion towards the other. Passion that apparently had deeper roots than either had expected. The way Draco….

Harry suddenly noticed Lela move slightly into his eye range and looked back to her. Her eyebrows were raised and looking at him like those times he had been caught hiding under his invisibility cloak by Dumbledore. His mouth went dry with embarrassment. The git he must seem for completely zoning out of their conversation. "I uh…..I just had a really long night last night. Sorry."

"You know you don't have to say sorry for everything?" The waiter arrived sitting down a steak in front of Lela and a bowl of pasta in front of Harry. "What happened?" she asked cutting her piece of meat.

Harry twisted his fork in his noodles mindlessly. "I really don't want to talk about it if you don't mind."

"Don't worry. I'm not feeling a spark either. But Hermione was quite persistent." Harry laughed a little at that fact. It couldn't be closer to the truth. "I just think it is so interesting that you grew up with muggles being the incredibly powerful wizard you are. I know you're probably tired of hearing it but you really are an inspiration," Lela continued between bites.

Harry had to resist rolling his eyes. He was closer to sick than tired of hearing it. "Yea it does get a bit tiring. Honestly it has been a big part of my not wanting to date." He admitted.

"Well who knows. Sometimes it happens when and with who we least expect," she shrugged taking a large bite of mashed potatoes and beans.

Harry watched his fork continue to twist in his pasta, he didn't seem to have much of an appetite, but much to his delight they finished their meal in silence. He kept thinking over what Lela had just said. Finding that special someone when he least expected it, and with who he least expected. It seemed that was what had happened.

Harry paid for their dinner and then they stepped out into the chill of the night. The fresh cool air hitting his cheeks reminded him of the night before as his trousers had been dropped in the chill of a park. Harry felt a bit awkward again but luckily he was saved from starting the farewell.

Lela pulled out a rather large coat from her small purse that must have been enchanted with an extension charm. "Thanks for the evening out. It wasn't so bad," she said warmly. "Well I guess good night. Who knows maybe I will see you at one of the quidditch matches!"

"It was nice to meet you Lela. Good night," Harry returned as the witch waved lightly before walking off down the street. It really hadn't been that bad of an evening, but he had enjoyed yesterday so much more.


The back room of Borgin and Brukes was eerie. Spider webs in every corner, faint light, and the musty scent of mold. "Evening Draco," drawled a rigidity voice from the rough edges of the doorway.

Raising his eyes from his fingernails Draco kept his right hand wrapped firmly around his wand. He was on a short and alert fuse just waiting for an excuse to curse someone. "About time Tavers, I was beginning to think you backed out." He said cooly.

"Backed out? I have great plans for such expensive investments," Tavers stated walking in. His long brown hair was horrid looking pulled back lowly against his pale face.

Draco rose from his seat on the old wooden chair that had been his location throughout the day and scoffed. "I hardly consider sitting on a shelf a great reason."

Tavers turned up his nose as if insulted. "Do you not realize the power this contains boy? The endless power it posses? What one could…." He paused appearing to rethink his words. "What wizards have accomplished with this has surely been life changing in the past." he asserted confidently as he straighten his cloak.

Draco furrowed his brows and gave the middle aged man the hardest and coldest eyes he had used in a while. What had he originally wanted to say? The disgusting feeling in his skin increased. "Payment." Draco said firmly in a low tone.

Tavers kept a bland expression on his face as he reached into his cloak. He produced a rough, small, cream colored bag. You could see the pull on the fabric from the weight of the galleons inside. "170 galleons as agreed."

Slowly taking the bag from the outstretched arm Draco jingled the bag ever so lightly. The sound of gold on gold clinking together made lip curl happily. Pulling out his wand he placed the tip off it against the bottom of the bag and mumbled the spell. Within seconds bright gold letter wove itself onto the outside of the revealing the total. 170 galleons. Draco allowed a formal smile to grace his face as he pocketed the money and flicked his wand at the floor. A slim black leather brief case glided out from beneath a dusty broken shelf close to floor in which it had blended in. Raising level to Draco's stomach in hovered mid air. Turning it flat he flipped the silver snaps and opened it. The inside was deep like a wooden chest and cut into sections to prevent the items from bouncing into one another. But there was only one he had to retrieve for this deal.

Draco pulled out a large rose gold colored goblet from the depths of his suitcase. It managed to glitter even in the faintest of lights and the array of multiple colored gems delicately placed along the ornate working sparkled. It was enticing and made his nose twitch because of the tightening of his throat. His brain was telling him to keep it and let it be the only thing he drank from forever. But luckily being gifted at occlumency it wasn't difficult to control himself.

Looking back to Tavers he noticed the desire that had grown in the mans dark eyes upon seeing the goblet. His thin brow raised and eyes slightly widened. Snapping his briefcase shut again seemed to awaken Taver's because he quickly shook his head and removed a large drawstring pouch from his person.

"In here if you don't mind," Tavers said opening the bag wide.

Draco stepped forward and relief washed through him as the goblet dropped from his hand. But he still felt an odd pull on his skin, as if desperate to touch the item again.

Taver's grinned and his eyes filled happily with malevolence. "It has been a pleasure doing business with you Draco."

Draco watched as the dark haired man quickly tightened and replaced the bag on his person before sweeping out of the room with his black cloak billowing behind him. The goblet had only been the second item that gave the blond such an uncomfortable feeling and odd sensation. You mean uncomfortable like black market dark art deals? Draco sighed and let his head fall back against the brick wall as he sat yet again. 3 deals down. 3 more still to go tonight.


The week passed slowly and had been painfully dull for Harry. He had foolishly hoped Draco would stop by one day after work. The whole situation had left him feeling a mixture of hurt and confused.

Harry anxiously watched the door of the Leaky Cauldron. Waiting, no more like hoping, to see the tall blond walk through any second. He knew it was a slim chance but he had to at least try the pub. After all Draco had turned up at least twice when Harry had been more than certain he wouldn't.

Taking a small sip of his butterbeer he began feeling really depressed as the clock rang 10pm. He reluctantly turned his gaze to the fire and tried to lose himself in it. There was little to no desire to drink even though it was probably a good idea. It could help numb his mind and prevent the constant over thinking. His stomach was to upset though. Draco had become a serious part of his life even if the blond did just hang around for a fuck. Finally when the clock struck 11pm Harry scrunched up in face in frustration and groaned throwing his head against the back of the chair.

Neville began walking towards him after coming out from behind the bar. Perhaps he had noticed Harry's distress. "What's wrong mate?" Neville asked him.

Harry obviously couldn't tell his friend the whole story so he decided to try and shrug it off. "Nothing, just a bad week," he grumbled.

Neville took a seat in the chair opposite him that Draco usually occupied. He seemed relaxed and happy as ever. Since Hannah and him had gotten together he seemed to radiate positivity. But Neville seemed more cheerful than Harry was sure he could pull off. "I heard about that muggle case you are on," Neville began. "Is it not going good?"

It wasn't really going good at all. The case was proving more in depth than he had expected. Harry shook his head in defeat. "We have a few solid suspects. Pretty sure this is on a larger scale than we originally anticipated. Ron is joining my team now, he is going to handle all the paperwork and interrogations with a McNair and a few others. Im going to keep doing most of the field work."

Obviously something had amused Neville because he grinned and chuckled. "I still don't understand how Ron actually manages paperwork. It was hard enough to get him to finish an essay in school." He took a sip from the pint Harry just noticed in his hand. "Guess people can come a long way can't they?"

Like Draco? "Yea it seems they can." Harry returned his gaze to the fire. The way it flicked and crackled distracted his mind a smidge….but Neville was apparently feeling chatty.

"Speaking of which. Where is Malfoy?" he asked eyeing Harry curiously.

Harry took a deep breath and exhaled heavily before shrugging. "I don't know. Haven't talked to him since last Friday."

Neville seemed a bit surprised. "You've just been hanging out so regularly it seemed you were becoming good mates or something. I have to admit it was odd watching you 2 sometimes."

Harry's throat dried out but he managed a noise that could pass as chuckle, maybe. How much had Neville seen and noticed? Had he been able to put the pieces together? Neville wasn't the dimwit that most had always associated him as. "Nah he is just persistent in trying to pester me. Listening to him bitch about his life was giving me some good laughs so I let him."

Neville continued to try and talk more about Draco but Harry had been able to redirect the conversation to Neville's life much to his relief. After another 15 minutes he hadn't been able to take it anymore though. He just didn't want to talk anymore. There was nothing he could focus on besides wondering where Draco was and what he was doing.

Bidding Neville a good night he was able to escape the pub. There was no reason to stick around. But as soon as Harry apparated and his house came into full view he drew his wand at the figure he spotted sitting on his porch. It didn't move or seem to notice his arrival as it leaned against the railing. He tilted his head to the side as he eased closer, the person becoming clearer. Harry's shoulders relaxed and he lowered his wand with relief. "Draco where have you been?" he asked

He watched the blond's head pop up to his voice. "Bout time Potter." Malfoy drawled out in a slurred sound.

Harry furrowed his brow. His initial relief of seeing Draco subsiding into annoyance. "Why haven't you come to see me?"

Draco shrugged and stood unsteadily on the middle step. "Come on let's have a good shag."

Noting the sway it was clear the man was already drunk. "Draco what's wrong?"

"Nothing Potter. Let's go." He stumbled over the top step and leaned against the side of the house.

Harry eyed him closely as he walked past the blond, the smell of alcohol hitting him heavily. He had no intention of having sex with the man but he wanted him in the house and safe. Draco stumbled again through the door after Harry opened it and headed straight up the stairs.

Taking his own time to reach the bedroom and figure out how to get the blond to talk to him he studied what he saw when he walked in. Draco was already naked laid out on the bed. His eyes half way shut and his cock soft. "Just take your time why don't you?" Draco grumbled under his breath.

Harry was growing irritated and more concerned. "I'm gonna ask you again Draco. What is wrong?"

Draco groaned rolling his head off the hand he was using to prop himself up with down onto the bed. "You and your persistent talking. Can we fuck or not?"

Harry scoffed at him. "Fat chance at this rate." He watched Draco roll his eyes and sit up.

"Fine then." The blond got up from the bed and began putting his pants back on only to fall back onto it. "Ugh fucking damnit." Draco groaned before he pushed back up and finished dressing sloppily as he walked past Harry without acknowledgment. Harry just continued to watch in disbelief as Draco exited the room.

"Where are you going?" Harry asked, his voice raising in anger.

"What's it matter to you?" Draco muttered without looking back as he reached the stairs.

Harry grabbed Draco's shoulder forcing him to turn around. "What in bloody fucking hell is your problem. You're being a right foul git! "

Draco huffed. "Is that a shocker?"

"Yes actually." Harry watched how the man just continued to stare at him void of emotion.

"Piss off Potter." Draco pulled his shoulder out of Harry's grasp and descended the stairs.

Harry stayed at his heels planning to catch him if he fell and unwilling for him to leave without an explanation. He waited until they had reached the floor before continuing. "Draco why are you being like this? What in the bloody hell is wrong with you? You can tell me!" he reached for Draco's shoulder again and pulled him back around but he stepped back at the way the man hissed at his touch.

Draco didn't quit looking at Harry's. His eyes were sharp and narrowed at the man. He had thought about Harry almost constantly all week. It was his own personal form of torture he hadnt been able to stop. This whole thing had been fucking ridiculous. To even think about love was a weak concept. Something he had always been denied to prevent such weakness. "This was a mistake." He said plainly in a low rough voice.

Harry felt a flood of confused emotions slamming into him. Hurt, anger. All of it caused his brow to furrow. "What?"

"I can't have sex with you while you are meeting up with other people. I thought I could but I cant. I wont." Draco said, again without emotion.

"Meeting other people?" Harry shook his head slightly in disbelief. "Are you talking about the date I had?"

"Bloody brilliant Potter. Brilliant." Draco clapped slowly.

What is he playing at? "What are you talking about? You are the one wanting to sleep with me while you are getting married!"

"Don't pretend to know what I fucking want!" Draco spat furiously.

Harry clenched his fist until his knuckles were white and began pacing. He didn't understand what was happening. "What do you want me to do then Draco? What? I can't just be your fuck buddy forever!"

"Fuck buddy." Draco laughed menacingly. "To right you are Potter. I forgot what this was." He gestured between them. "Now if you will excuse me I have a date of my own. With a lovely bottle on my table." The blond swiftly exited the house, as elegantly as he could being drunk, and Harry watched him steady himself on the sidewalk before apparating.

As Draco disappeared Harry stood in the doorway lost for words. He was still trying to grasp what he had heard. It sounded like the man was jealous. It was as if he wasn't thinking of them as fuck buddies after all anymore. Holy shit. Harry finally blinked and cleared his throat while trying to level his head. The world was spinning. Shit.


Harry had been unable to restrain himself the next day, the next day, or the day after that. They had never communicated any other way than in person, and who knew who could come across an owl, but he had to talk to Draco. It was obvious now. Draco liked him as something more than just a casual fuck. Every time he thought about it his heart sped up with a loud echo in his chest. Similar to the strong sound the flap of wings flying through his window made.

He had sent out his owl again, and to no surprise it had, again, returned without a response. Harry stroked the smooth white feathers on the bird's head. "What am I suppose to do Dagny? He turned you away again." The large snowy owl gave a soft hoo. "He probably burst it into flames before it could touch his hand didn't he?" Harry asked grimly to which he would have swore the owl nodded in didn't know what else to do and even the owl seemed to give him a look of sympathy before flying to rest on top of the perch Harry kept behind his desk.


Sitting in his chair at the Leaky Cauldron again the flame was keeping him warm. Yet Harry didn't feel warm at all. Another miserable week had came and went. Not even a scrap of a reply had came from Draco. Work was growing tense from anticipation. Ron was proving spectacular in his interrogations and had managed to not only eliminate a few suspects, but picked up a few clues. They had been right. This was on a much larger scale and it seemed to be at least part of what feared. Muggle experimentation. A rumor that had been apparently floating around an old brothel in Knockturn Alley. Now they just needed to find the right suspect considering all of Harry's hunt for a location had turned up nothing.

"Hi Harry," a voice said delicately as he suddenly heard the foot steps come to a stop in front of him.

Harry slumped further down into his seat at the sound. It wasn't the voice he wanted to hear. Sighing he opened his eyes and looked up slightly unsteadily to the see the bright blond witch. "Hey Luna, how are you?"

Luna tilted her head to study Harry's state before taking the seat beside him. He had to look quite put out at this rate. "Very pleasant actually, she really likes it here." She looked over and Harry followed her gaze to the same witch she had been with last time.

Harry smiled weakly. "Is she ever going to come over and say hi?" he asked exhaustedly taking what had to be his 9th shot of firewhiskey.

Luna just maintained her airy expression. "She has trouble speaking to new people sometimes. Especially a celebrity. She says you make her nervous." She looked around and Harry just took another shot.

"Where is Draco?" Luna asked curiously.

"Apparently…..." Harry began but sighing when he realized he didn't have an answer. "I don't know," he said disappointedly closing his eyes again.

"Well why not?" she asked.

Harry groaned at the questions. Everything was Draco. Draco. Draco. Draco. "He doesn't want to see me anymore. We apparently had some kind of misunderstanding."

Luna's voice seemed unsurprised by this. "Draco finally told you he likes you then?"

Harry's eyes cracked open enough to make out Luna's casual and relaxed face. "Well…..not in so many words," he answered quietly. He still felt like a complete dunderhead about it all. Snape had been right all those years in calling him such.

"I'm not shocked. His eyes said it enough. I am surprised though you didn't develop more for him. You're not a casual type person Harry." Luna had furrowed her brows and gave him a questioning look.

This caused Harry to growl and sit up to fast in an attempt to defend himself, but the alcohol caused his head to bobble before he could speak. "Of course I did!," he slurred. "I never expected he had also! Sure we were spending lots of time together and he started being more affectionate but he….." Harry paused as the images began replaying themselves in his mind. All the signs came forward with clarity and he dropped his head into his hand banging it repeatedly. Dunderhead indeed. Draco hadnt been saying it but he had been showing him.

"So then what happened?" Luna pushed lightly.

"He…..I let Ron and Hermione set me up with a date. I told him and that's when he got upset and left. He didn't come by all that week then last weekend he showed up on my door step drunk. He only wanted to shag and when I said no he just wanted to leave. I told him I want more in life than just fuck buddies and….." Harry placed his forehead in his hand to rub away the embarrassment of not acknowledging the signs. "And he said he forgot that's what we were. Fucking hell Luna. What do I do?" Harry dramatically threw himself back into his chair and brought down his fist on the cushioned arm in frustrated anger.

"Talk to him," Luna replied simply as if it was the most obvious answer ever.

"He doesn't want to see or talk to me. I tried. I've sent him an owl every damn day since Saturday!" Harry could tell his voice was getting loud but be didn't care. He just wanted to talk to Draco and the prat wouldn't even respond to an owl. Even a "piss off Potter" would have been a response.

"Harry Potter you listen to me and calm down. Talk to him." Luna's voice had also grown louder and had the stern back tone like that of .

Harry didn't care though and merely huffed at her. "And just what do you suppose I do Luna? He won't take my owls and I can't just walk into the Manor now can I?"

"Well where else does he go?" she asked calmly in her normal voice.

Harry felt himself growing more irritated by the second. Probably from a combination of alcohol and Luna's pestering him. "Work is all I know really. Sometimes he has business in Diagon Alley." He said dryly.

"Well you are an auror are you not?" she responded sounding irritated herself at his cluelessness.

Suddenly Harry's brain started working properly. His eyes became focused and a lightbulb went off. "I have to go Luna," and with that Harry downed another shot, stumbled out of his chair, hurrying out of the pub.

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