Undeniable Tension

Chapter 2

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It had been a few weeks since Draco's encounter with Harry, and he had made sure to stay home the last 2 weekends despite his desire to escape. He had tried to shake it off, he really did, but it was proving difficult to say the least. Each day had dragged by painfully slow, which provided incredibly long hours for him to mull over his life. Draco had managed to avoid his mother and father in the Manor most of the time, a lovely privilege of such a large house. When he did see them though they kept it formal, sterile, and controlling as always. They still treated him as a school boy that would follow their every decision. Lucius had managed to weasel himself Azkaban by some miracle, but how was beyond Draco's knowledge. He truly wished the pitiful excuse of a man was still there for many reasons. Fore and foremost was that his mother had been much more caring and inviting towards him after the war in his absence. But once his father returned that quickly ended as she fell back into her normal form among the right hand side of the man.

Draco hated the Manor more than he ever thought possible. It had willingly housed the Dark Lord in his attempt to control the wizarding world. The house was tainted and no matter how he tried Draco couldn't seem to overcome the memories. The amount of unforgivable cast and the screams often reoccurred in his mind within the walls. It made him sick how his mother and father seemed so unfazed by them, the only thing that seemed to faze them was the consequences of their decisions. They were looked down on in society greatly now and Draco wasn't sure it would ever change. He just wanted to leave and rid himself of all his ties to them, I mean he had all of his life still left to live. How was he suppose to make a name for himself under the constant memory of his father? Draco had always envisioned the Manor becoming his one day and hadnt planned or even thought about any other possibility. There were no other ideas or plans to pursue. He was the only heir to the Malfoy fortune, it was meant to be his...but to his shock he found he didn't want it anymore. The only reason he had stayed this long was due to his lack of planning, his mother, and the convenience of whatever he wanted without much thought. The downside to living a spoiled and lavish lifestyle was it was proving difficult to give it up. But that was going to have to change because he wanted away as soon as possible. Draco wasnt sure how much longer he could manage with his father home again. The last few months had taken him to another level of depressed and refueled the anger within as the mere air of Lucius began smothering him again. He didn't even want to be under the same roof of his parents, and it didnt even matter how far apart the east and west wings were. It would never be enough.

Draco had visited Blaise and Pansy last weekend in an attempt to distract himself, after the weekend before being an embarrassing amount of sulking. But their hospitality had been dry although it really was of no surprise. They had married quickly after the war to re-establish some pureblood diginity but that was all it was. Draco knew that was all it was however he knew enough of them from school to see past their attempted regal front. But he had no other friends anymore despite his previous high ranking status among the Slytherins. He was now merely the son of a sick coward. His isolation from the last few years was why he had finally decided to visit the Leaky Cauldron that one weekend. Not so much for the drink, he had plenty at home, and not even for the interaction. He just wanted out of the Manor and to find comfort in the feeling of people around him that weren't complaining about the galleons in their pockets or were trying to sophisticatedly trying to impress everyone. The pub had proven that night to be the only place where the noise drowned out his thoughts and the drinks helped lock them away. At home the alcohol only proved to be a slight numbing agent, and once experiencing the drowning noise of the pub Draco wanted that again. The brothels and pubs of Knockturn Alley he would never dare show his face in since they were disgusting and his father was a regular often enough. That had left him with the Three Broomsticks and The Leaky Cauldron. The Three Broomsticks was always crawling with older students and their insistent giggling left him annoyed. So he quickly decided on the pub in London. But now…...now he risked facing Potter if he went.

Groaning Draco pinched the bridge of his nose. He should have known his Potter free years would come to an end. The freedom from hearing and seeing his stupidity and brash behavior had been much to appreciated even though part of him enjoyed having a good row with the man. It always had left him full of driven energy. It wasn't uncommon for him to feel like conquering the world afterwards. Although the later years it changed. As the lion cub grew within the man he was enticing in a triggering kind of way. He wanted the man's attention and fire. No matter how it happened. It lead to him constantly thinking of the man. Having the better of him. Which much to Draco's horror had to lead to noticing the little things about him he had never paid any mind to in his younger years. The way his mess of a hair gave him that rough look, how he held himself with confidence despite keeping his front soft, how he always seemed to care and his face just caught the light right every time. He always envied the man's perfect smile and intoxicating laughter. It was beautiful. Soon his observations as a teenage boy lead to a few wanking sessions after their fights would lead to a hard on that thankfully his horrid school robes had hidden. The first time he was mortified and honestly he was lucky that the man was to angry to see past his mask that he was sure slipped upon the realization. Then it wasn't long before he thought about the man even more. Quidditch matches took the heat to another level and soon he found Blaise in his bed to take out the pent up energy. The Slytherin girls often offered themselves to him as he was still a top ranking name at the time, and although he enjoyed indulging in those he found worthy he always had more fun playing with the dark colored man in their own dorm. He couldn't describe it anymore than having a good fuck with a friend since Blaise seemed to have his focus elsewhere also. Fuck buddies at it's finest.

Draco hadn't expected the Chosen One to reappear from his absence with such a vengeance though. How he ended up having sex with Harry he could only be explain to himself as pent up frustration and irritation. It had to be because he had worked Potter out of his system long ago. It only took a year after the war to get over thinking of the Room of Requirement and Potter's testimony for him. The man's absence had helped end his constant thoughts, although he still had the occasional dream and wank. But Potter just happened to be in the zone where Draco finally lost his control at the end of the week right? Just some shitty luck. It was normal. Just usually it resulted in something broken around his room instead of him in someone else's bed. He wasn't incapable of getting a good shag still when he wanted. Pureblood witches and even some half bloods had been offering themselves to him for years as they sought his riches despite his name. It always made him look away in disgust though. He wasn't like his father anymore, and didn't want to be. One that liked to flaunt himself among the elite like so many thought. But he did like to occasionally entertain the idea with one of his admirers when he got tired of his hand. He always made sure they left before there was an attempt at mingling or to allow them thoughts of sharing their lives.

But Potter. Draco still couldn't really figure out what had come over him. Despite his frustration in the moment it didn't explain his actions. None of his excuses satisfied him especially as the memories of years of thinking of the man slammed into him. Besides he wasn't one that the drink kicked his sex drive up. If anything it usually killed it. So not only was there the confusion of drunk sex…...he could add on sex with a bloke since he had't fucked Blaise since 7th year. Then you add the fact it was Potter. Then to lay on more go ahead and add the spontaneous morning shag. Sober. That one he hasn't been able to find a single excuse for except maybe mental instability. It had some been some kind of panicked impulse. Simple. But trying to think of it all sent a clash of feelings into his stomach that filled him with panic and anger. Letting out a growl, in a fit of overwhelming feelings, he slowly pushed the glass vase from the side table and listened to it crash to the floor mimicking his emotions. He couldn't stay here and wallow about. Another burst of anger and who knows what he would break. His luck probably something actually valuable. He be damned though if he was going to let a pitiful fear of Potter keep him hold up in this bloody hell hole and cause his mind to finally explode.


Draco arrived early to the Leaky Cauldron that Friday. Thursday had given him time to think more about it, and it only solidifying his decision to return. Potter would not shake him or win. He figured if he was early enough Potter wouldn't be there yet, if the man even came at all that was. It wasn't as if Draco knew how frequently he visited the pub, but he really hoped to avoid him all together. Maybe he would have some luck for once in his life. Walking in and straight to the counter he ordered a pint of whiskey before taking it he looked around at the crowd and noticed the chair closest the fire was empty. Thank Merlin. Just as it had been before Potter returned to it last time. He scanned the counter making sure the man wasn't there to surprise him again before deciding to take the seat. The door opening always sent a chill through most of the room and he wasn't about to sit and suffer it if he didn't have to. Why no one else ever moved closer to the fire he couldn't grasp. Draco sat and made himself comfortable in the old, worn fabric chair. Despite his confidence he had this prickly feeling atop his skin that reeked of anticipation. After finishing off his first drink though he felt the prickly feeling disappear and he finally relaxed into the chair. He hadn't realized how tense he had been until it slowly faded.

Ordering a second pint…then a third, and a forth he watched the fire flicker. The crowd behind him seemed to disappear in his mind as the noise absorbed him. He heard nothing. Around him, in his mind...it was all peaceful for once. Draco sighed letting his head fall to the side and onto his shoulder. This was how life should be. Quiet, calm, and relaxed. Maybe he should take up being a drunkard.

"Seriously Malfoy? My seat? Move." A voice growled.

Fuck...my...life. Go away. Draco took a deep breath and let his head roll around to his right shoulder to see if his subconscious had finally bored of the quietness but to his disappointment it appeared real. He looked up to see the tall body glowing orange from the light of the fire. It was oddly similar to a phoenix finally bursting into flames. "Potter." Draco drawled out. The man stood to his side looking down at him while holding his own drink.

"Move your ass Malfoy." Harry demanded.

Ugh. "What's got your knickers in a twist?" Draco spat as Harry glared at him. He allowed his head to fall back to look straight ahead and watch the flames flicker as to ignore the man's presence. "Last time I checked this seat does not have your name on it."

"Might as well." Harry shot at the blond.

"But it doesn't now does it?" Draco asked confidently knowing Potter had no chance of winning this argument.

Harry just stared at the blond trying to decide if he wanted to push it further. Malfoy had already stolen he seat a time before and he had only wished to enjoy himself tonight. Maybe he had gotten to caught up in routine and maybe he should ask Hannah and Neville to mark it as his. Besides, honestly after the blondes absence the last 2 weekends he really thought the man would steer clear of the Leaky Cauldron. "You're insufferable Malfoy." Harry grumbled.

"No more than you." Draco said snidely.

"Fine have it your way," Harry said in defeat and sitting into the other chair by the fire. It was cold and there was no way the git was going to prevent him from staying warm. No matter the awkwardness that may be present.

They sat there in silence for a while and Harry sipped his beer watching the fire in his normal way. The chair changed his angle of view but it didn't really matter he finally decided. Out of the corner of his eye though he couldn't help it as he watched Draco close his eyes and roll his head along the back of the chair. He seemed completely sloshed. It was rather amusing seeing him so far gone. He had to be drunker than we was the last time. "How long you been here?" Harry asked calmly.

Draco sighed. Potter had been quiet enough he had almost managed to forget the man was there. "I don't know." He responded without opening his eyes or moving.

Harry raised an eyebrow. "What is that? Whiskey? How many of those have you had?"

Draco raised his head and opened his eyes but they struggled to stay open. "Talk talk talk. If you must know Potter I've had 4. Or 5? 6?" Draco shook his head as he tried to remember but the right number didn't make itself clear.

"I recommend slowing it down Malfoy. Remember what happened last time you got drunk here?" Harry decided to tease.

Draco merely chuckled. "Like I could forget. Why you think I came early? Avoiding is easiest." Draco said sloppily.

"What? Are you scared of being around me now? Is the hardcore Malfoy scared of the famous Harry Potter for once?" Harry mocked with a grin on his face.

"Scared? You wish Potter." Draco huffed. "Just don't think you'd enjoy me fucking you again." Harry's eyebrows rose to his hairline. He was just looking for a good laugh. Malfoy deserved the taunting but the man was obviously unaware of what he was saying. "It was an accident," Draco said to the fire. He mostly believed it. "We don't want it happening again now do we."

It was obviously not meant as a question. Harry still ceased to be amused. "Pitty. You were good in bed." he said lowly before taking a drink.

Draco felt his entire body twitch at the compliment. He willed his body to stop though and it took little effort consider the weight of alcohol in his body. "So I've heard."

"From the witches or wizards?" Harry asked curiously. For some he felt interested in the answer.

The blonde growled. "You won't provoke me this time Potter."

Harry chuckled and dramatically brought a hand to his chest as if insulted. "Provoke you? I merely asked a question and gave a compliment you git."

Draco began to breath heavily. He felt it happening again. The build up of tension. "Piss. Off. Potter."

"I'm not sure I want to. This is far to entertaining," Harry said relaxing back into his chair some more and resting his left leg on his knee. "Tell me. Did you plan on getting this drunk?"

"No I have you to thank for that. Your presence requires the further numbing my brain," the blond couldn't help but laugh at his words. It was a good insult and he felt ridiculously proud of it in his state.

"You were drunk before I got here." Harry pointed out.

The blonde sat up. "No I wasn't." He was planning to point a finger at Potter but upon sitting upright it gravitated to him own temple to apply pressure. Both in frustration and to steady himself. Potter had been consistently in his subconscious the last 2 weeks and his drinking hadn't changed that. It merely moved him farther back so he couldn't hear it any longer. Draco stood to go get another drink to hopefully rid himself of Harry's voice both inside and out, but grasped the side of the arm chair as he went to walk and kept from falling.

"Plan on passing out on the floor Malfoy?" Harry asked a bit concerned. The blond was seriously off his ass. Maybe the teasing wasn't such a good idea.

"Are incapable of the concept that is pissing off?" Draco mumbled.

Harry laughed but felt some form of responsibility come over him further observing the man's state. His voice was weak and didn't carry the venom it normally did. His face looked uncaring and almost sad. It caused Harry's heart to throb a little for some reason. "Come on Malfoy. I doubt the Longbottom's would appreciate scrapping you off their floor later. I can take you home."

Panic set over Draco at the offer. "Fuck that."

Harry sat his drink down and got up. "I will apparate us to your front gate. You can open them and then call your house elves. Easy."

Draco tried to organize his thoughts for a minutes. The manor. His house. Okay he could manage that. Besides he was feeling the need to lay down now anyways. "Stupid Gryffindor chivalry. Fine."

Harry walked behind Draco watching him carefully in case he lost his balance as the man bumped into the counter trying to avoid the crowd. He struggled to open the door knob and staggered into the alley to apparate and Harry couldn't help the slight amusement that still lingered. When Draco stopped Harry took his place beside him and reached for his arm. Draco quickly pulled out it of his reach.

"No you can't touch me!" Draco shouted holding his arm away protectively.

Harry raised an eyebrow and looked at him like he was barmy. "I have to or we can't joint apparate. You know that." He reached his hand towards Draco's arm again.

"Don't!" Draco said loudly. He was breathing heavy and stumbled a few more inches away. He didn't want to touch Harry at all. He had thought of the man's skin frequently the last few weeks. It was torturous. Aside from his rougher hands the rest of his body was deliciously soft. It had felt and tasted like the divine. Shut up shut up shut up.

Harry watched Draco pale eyes look at him nervously. The blonde was acting like he would burn if touched. "Malfoy. Quit freaking out. Nothing is wrong." Harry said soothingly and watching the man's face for reaction. It didn't seem to help. He stepped forward slowly and carefully. He watched Draco's eyes widening and his breathing grow faster. "It's me Malfoy. Potter. Arch nemesis. Went to school together?" Maybe that would bring him back to some kind of ground. He had no idea what was happening in the man's head. Had the shag really caused that much fear of him to grow within the blond?

"I fucking know who you are you prat! That's the problem!" Draco shouted a bit to loud.

Harry threw up a sound barrier and disillusionment charm not knowing how long it would take to calm the blond. The last thing they needed was some muggles walking by with Draco's state of mind. Who knew what he would say or do. "Draco you are piss faced. You need to go home and you cant go anywhere without apparating unless you want the Knight Bus. I can't take you home if I'm not touching you." Harry slowly placed a hand on Draco's shoulder and he saw the blondes eyes look at his hand. "See? I'm touching you and everything is perfectly fine. You didn't explode. We're not dead. It's fine."

Draco's nostrils flared and he saw the walls of the surrounding buildings start to bend to the sides of him. He closed his eyes wishing it all away. "No it's not."

"How?" Harry asked. "How is everything not fine?"

Draco was nearly at panic attack the longer the man's hand lingered. He felt everything flowing into him. The man's energy, warmth, care, memories... "You've got to let go Potter. I can do it myself." he said desperately hoping the stupid Gryffindor would hate him enough to finally just let it go.

Harry laughed at the stupidity. "You can barely walk. You try to apparate you are going to be splinched from head to toe. Half of you might end up in Hogsmede at this point. And, again, I can't get you there unless I am touching you. You also have calm the fuck down. What is wrong with you? You're acting barmy." he pointed out.

Draco looked from Harry's hand on his shoulder to his green eyes. They were bright and full of concern. "You have to." He squeezed out of the little air in his lungs. Every time he inhaled it felt harder with the cold ice of air entering him.

Harry shook his head as the ground. The drunk fool was being ridiculous and he didn't understand any of it. "Why?"

Draco felt his control over the panic melting away and flow strongly through his muscles. He closed his eyes tightly in once last attempt to will it away, but it was to much. "Cause I'm going to end up snogging you to death you prat!" Draco's voice shook out. He kept his eyes closed and remained quiet but his body shook at the admission. If he was determined enough maybe he could just vanish or maybe he could just apparate anyways, but some part of his brain kept him from it. Maybe it was the last shred of will he had to live that prevented it.

Harry's eyebrows shot up in disbelief and his eyes grew wide. "What?" He watched the blond's face scrunch up before the tightness in his face muscles just fell into relaxation as if the man had given up. This assumption was confirmed when Draco quickly closed the space between them and his hands came around to the sides of Harry's head, pulling him into a kiss. Harry felt his heart rate increase and a weight felt like it had been dropped on his chest keeping him in place unable to breathe. This is not happening again. This is not happening again. You are not drunk, it is not happening. But his body happily accepted the reality as he closed his eyes and parted his lips for the blond. Then Draco began kissing him harder. Faster. Like he couldn't get enough of the taste. The fuel behind the man's kiss was driven and Harry found himself being sucked into the passion. He began returning his kisses as roughly as Draco's intensity spread to his body. Hearing their ragged breathing and the repeated crashing of their lips after each breath Harry felt himself growing hard with unknown desire. It was like all their years of bantering had a new outlet and every encounter they ever had in school flew by his eyes seeing the sexual tension.

Finally he found the self will to pull away as the memories filled him and Draco's hands grasped his neck harder. He wasn't drunk but Draco definitely was and the man was to far gone for thinking. It was obvious their last interact had hit something inside the blonde. Gathering himself and shaking his head to clear his mind, he caught his breath. "Okay okay okay. We can't stand here in the alley snogging."

"Oh but we can. I want to." Draco began leaning in again. Harry noticed how his eyes were fixed and unwavering, completely different than the few minutes prior. He put his hand to Draco's chest to stop him from moving forward. Harry shook his head slightly again ignoring his body's desire to let the blond ravish him. This had obviously been Draco's underlying reason for freaking out. He had been scared of his presence near him because he was aware of the sexual tension."Are you calm enough for me to take you home now?" Harry asked.

"I want to keep snogging." Draco said flatly and firmly placing his hand over Harry's to lower it.

Harry was overwhelmingly shocked at the drastic change in the man's attitude. Sober up potion mate. "If you want to come to my place you can, and we can see about the snogging later." he offered. This isn't what he wants. Just get him sober so he can go home safely. Since when do you care about his safety?

Draco growled and rolled his neck. He just wanted the man and to feel everything he kept thinking about. If he was going to think about it he might as well accept it happily while he could. Taking a deep breath he ran the palm of his hand over Harry's cheek. So smooth. "Fine," he said carelessly. Harry blinked still in a bit of shock and took the blonds arm firmly, apparating them before the man could change his mind and freak out again.


When they arrived Harry rolled his eyes in amusement and couldn't help the little grin seeing Draco with his face in the snow again. Not that he had expected to blonde to catch himself in the least. He walked over to the man and helped him stand. "Come on Malfoy." Harry pulled Draco by his under arm into the house and put him on the couch with shocking ease. The man's unsteady state caused him to practically flow through the movement he was being forced. He watched Draco's body sway upon sitting him down onto the couch. "I'll be right back." Harry said turning away but Draco grabbed his wrist.

"But I wanna snog Potter," Draco mumbled with almost puppy dog eyes. Harry had to swallow hard at the depth they showed. He couldn't tell what they meant if they were real. But it stirred his heart some more some how.

"Alright give me a minute." Harry waved the candles to light and hurried off when Draco's hand fell away in acceptance. Luckily the kitchen was across from the sitting room and quickly using his wand he threw together a pot of coffee. He reached into his cabinet for a mug, and after sitting it down he pulled open the next cabinet over. Vials glistened before him with beautiful colored liquids shining through their containers. Harry saw what he was looking for and reached for the small vial of red liquid. As the coffee poured itself into the cup he poured the Sober Up potion in along with it. It tasted better by hand but Draco was proving impatient. Just sober him up and he will be fine. Harry gave it a quick stir and headed back into the sitting room.

Malfoy lifted his head from the back of the sofa. It felt heavy. "Bout bloody fucking damn time Potter."

"I was gone maybe 2 minutes!" Harry protested innocently while handing Malfoy the mug.

Malfoy took it and drank out all in one go without question. He grimaced at the taste. "Fuck what was that?" he asked as he suffered from the taste.

"Coffee." Harry answered.

"What the hell!" Draco shouted.

"You're pretty far gone Malfoy. You needed some Sober Up." Harry stated. Sober up was known for it's horrid flavor. But maybe that was paying the price for overindulging. Maybe the witch or wizard that invented it hoped it would deter people from being drunken fools. Obviously that plan was not successful if it was the intended reason.

The words flew through Draco unregistered. He wanted to feel insulted but he couldn't find it in him. He felt a mix of grateful and anxiety from it. He started feeling another rush of panic as something wash through him and he blinked as if his eyes needed cleared. Things suddenly became lighter and brighter. "I came here to snog. Not for coffee Potter." the blond said simply with ease. The words felt fluid and natural.

Harry waited a second before responding. Maybe he was so far gone it would take a minute for the potion to kick in. "Okay then Malfoy...um let's go to the bed so you can pass out easier when we're done." Harry headed up the stairs. He was sure by the time they reached the bedroom the man would be sober. Harry's regular visits to the pub and with Hermione's persistence for the case of auror emergencies he made sure to keep a well stocked strong potion cabinet full of the basic potions. Once they reached the room Harry figured Draco would either run or pass out on the bed. Besides if he didn't make it that far it would be easier to levitate the blond onto a bed if he was already upstairs.

Malfoy stood with ease and began to follow Harry but he suddenly noticed the odd feeling of his feet. They seemed steadier and like he wasn't walking on pudding anymore. He could have sworn he was sober but he shrugged it off. Maybe this was what it was like so far gone you were next to death. Wouldn't be such a bad way to go after all. Making it upstairs Draco practically ran into Harry when the man stopped. Shaking his head hard he registered what had happened. You just ran into Harry Potter. Draco looked around. In his house? When did that happen?

Harry turned to face him. "How do you feel?" he asked.

Draco thought a moment and seemed to soak it all in. Harry, his house. You feel better than you have in Merlin knows how long. "I feel let bloody fucking fantastic actually." He grabbed Harry's shirt collar and ignored everything around him except the man. All felt calm, good, and perfect as he began kissing him.

Harry kept his brain from being overtaken by lust to break their kiss fairly quickly despite his lips attempt to linger. "How do you feel? Good? Sober?" he asked Draco again.

Draco raised an eyebrow at him and shrugged again. He already had told him he felt fucking fantastic. "Yes I already said I feel bloody fucking fantastic. Are you deaf Potter?" Draco leaned in softly kissing Harry's neck. "Guess this is what it's like on deaths door step. If so I should visit him more often."

A smirk spread across Harry's face and he couldn't help but feeling some kind of odd sense of victory. Draco was sober and he was so lost in himself he didn't even seem to notice. Merlin what is happening. He wants you. "Malfoy you really are sob…" Harry couldn't finish the sentence as his words were lost when Draco began to suck on his neck. The blonde kissed his way up upwards until he reached the moistness of Harry's lips and sucked on the bottom one before planting a firm kiss while Harry groaned with approval.

"Let's go to bed. I want to fuck that ass of yours." Draco purred into Harry's ear as he squeezed his ass cheek before smacking it. Harry lurched forward at the impact.

"Since when do you want that?" Harry asked trying to regain himself some what.

"Since the last time I fucked you." he purred again. Suddenly Draco heard his brain come to life. You're talking to much you prat. Stop it.

"Wow. I'd never imagine a sober Malfoy to admit, let alone say, any of that. You ran out faster than a billiwig when you finished fucking me again the morning after." Harry watched him. He didn't look shocked or sound drunk but the words he spoke sounded like those from a man who had let himself go. He had given him the entire vial though, double the dose, to make sure he came to. Draco was very much sober and he had said he was sober. His face remained unchanged, still full of want despite his words. "You seriously want to shag?" Harry asked a bit confused.

"Are we going to chat or fuck?" Draco asked impatiently raising an eyebrow at the man. His body was still full of all the evenings pent up sexual tension at that point.

Harry wasn't able to breath as he withheld a laugh. This was crazy, absolutely crazy. His cock was began throbbing again from Draco's constant pursue of him and the man's words. Harry shook his head as if exhausted at his own attempts to turn the blonde away. Who was he to turn down a good shag. Draco had proven a breath taking fuck and the man was stirring that feeling in the pit of his being. The energy steaming from the man, the determination and energy...his attempt at power and domination to get what he wanted with a strong, firm front was breathtaking and hot. None unlike those years in school now he was taking it to that level Harry wondered may have occurred in other circumstances. Harry finally exhaled accepting that he wanted the blond to fuck him again more than he ever could have imagined. He bit his lip not believing what he was going to say. "Well if you really want it Malfoy you better come on then. We will see what you can really do when you can think straight." Harry walked into his bedroom waving his wand to light the candles and began removing his clothes as as Draco walked into the room.

Draco felt panic and anxiety setting into his stomach as Harry's bold body undressed before him until he stood naked. When Harry turned and his fully erect cock came into view the blonds breath hitched at the sight and he almost squeaked for some reason. It was to real and it was hot. Why did alcohol seem to put him in this position? 2 trips to the pub both resulted in ending up in Potters bedroom. You want it though.

"Changing your mind Malfoy?" Harry asked innocently tilting his head to the side. The blond seemed to be fascinated with his eyes stuck on his cock.

Draco took only 2 strides with his long legs before standing within inches of Harry. He felt himself swallow the excess saliva in his mouth as he peered into the man's green eyes. Something inside them spoke to Draco and he felt a pull on his stomach. Must be to much alcohol. Slowly he began removing his clothing. Their gaze was intense and he felt like he was easily falling into deep waters. When he finally pushed his clothes away from them both with his foot he spoke smoothly and deeply. "You wish I'd change my mind don't you Potter?"

Harry felt his cock twitch at the blond attempt to be intimidating and it caused him to grin, "Not really. You fucked me pretty good last time remember?"

"Oh I remember. I also remember your tight ass pushing onto my cock as you moaned," Draco said boastfully. Harry looked uncaring as if the words didn't bother him and Draco grew slightly annoyed with the man's confidence. "Why don't we put that confident mouth to good use? Make up for all that cheek in school." He leaned into kiss Harry. His lips briefly brushing the man's lips as he brought a hand on top of Harry's head and pushed him downward. "Suck me." Draco directed.

Draco felt his cock smack Harry in the face as the man sunk to his knees. He was greatly surprised at the lack of protest, and the fact some how he was still on his feet. He would have expected to have fallen onto the bed by now. Odd. Draco took a deep breath when he felt Harry's hand grasp his hard shaft and began stroking him. The man's hand was firm and the pressure just right. His eyelids fluttered when he felt Harry's flat wet tongue smooth over the top of his erection before taking it into his mouth. Looking down Draco watched happily as Harry began moving his head back and forth. The sight alone made his breathing heavy. The man was sucking Draco deeply and keeping his hand in movement with his mouth causing Draco to close his eyes as Harry's tongue swirled around his pulsing head and continued to suck. He let his hands fall to the hair on top of Harry's head before he ran his fingers across the man's scalp. It was always a mess but this time it would finally have a good reason to be. As Harry picked up speed he couldn't help himself and he grabbed 2 handfuls of black hair before he began thrusting into Harry's mouth. He tried to restrain himself from going to deep so Harry wouldn't choke. So what if he chokes? The Chosen One will be choking on your cock. Soon Draco's body began racing towards a climax and he watched as Harry began stroking himself fast with his free hand. Draco felt like he was going to loose his load right there watching as the man worked himself so quickly he pulled Harry away by the hair as the sight became to much. Harry stopped stroking himself and looked up at the blond with a mouth still full of cock. Those green eyes peering up at him from at such an angle was almost angelic. "Fucking hell Potter. How many dicks have you sucked?" Draco panted. The man's skills were proving beyond that of any witch he had been with. None had ever gotten him that close in such a short time.

Harry pulled away letting the blonds cock slip from his mouth with a pop. "None," he responded honestly. Draco furrowed his brow and Harry simply shrugged. "What can I say? A man usually knows what a man likes right?"

Draco gave the look of agreement on his face. "Well you keep sucking me like that and I'm going to be coming in your mouth."

Harry pumped himself again thinking. In the moment he hadn't seemed to care but he had never given a blow job before let alone tasted anyone's cum but his own and that was just from Ginnys mouth. The harder and faster he sucked he knew it would happen anyways and he found himself oddly uncaring on the subject. He had no idea whether Draco would have pulled out or not, but basing on the intensity of which the blonde was fucking his face it seemed unlikely he would. "Go ahead. I doubt it will bother me."

Draco pulled Harry to his feet with hair still firmly lodged between his fingers. He kissed the man hard for a second before letting go of his grasp on him. "Bend over the bed. I want your ass." Draco whispered into Harry's lips.

Harry looked him in the eye a moment. It was all happening so fast but Draco's face was still alert with his eyes wide, clear, and focused. His words very clear. Sober indeed. Merlin I want his cock inside me again. Harry turned around after all the thoughts in his head had left, leaving him numb with anxiety and desire. Merlin this is going to happen. Fuck fuck fuck. Slowly he lowered himself over the edge of the bed. Seconds later he felt Draco's hardness rubbing into his flesh as the man pressed his pelvis against his ass and leaned over him. Draco's body laid smoothly against Harry's back and he felt the heat of Malfoy's breath in his ear.

"Merlin I would love to come in that mouth of yours Potter...," Draco took a deep breath and closed his eyes briefly imagining the scenario. Oh yes I want that. "...but, again, I want this ass of yours," he purred into Harry's ear.

Harry rubbed his face into the blanket. Barmy barmy barmy. "Did you ever imagine the day you were saying you want my ass Malfoy?" he asked half sincere and half sarcastically.

Draco grabbing the black hair and yanked it towards him with strength. He had thought it enough but never ever imagined saying it. "Think that funny do you? Who would have thought you'd be wanting my cock?" The blond let go and smiled when Harry's face bounced into the mattress. Standing up he reached into his clothing for his wand before tapping it to the mans crack and muttering the spell under his breath. An evil grin spread across his face when he saw the shiny clearness appear. Taking himself in his hand and guiding his cock he dragged it through the slickness. Harry felt his breathing grow fast as he felt Draco's hardness slide across his opening. He did want it, so bad. Draco, being completely confidently unleashed in a sober mind was grabbing him inside causing his cock to leak from the intensity of the arousal the man was causing him.

"You want it Potter? You want me in you?" Draco drug his dick back up to Harry's puckered hole and pressed on it with his head. "You want that Potter? I want it. Feeling my cock in you as you moan below me. I've thought of it every damn day." Draco pressed harder again and again on the opening, teasing him with each word. "This. Tight. Ass. Of yours."

Harry buried his head into the blanket in frustration. Bloody fucking tease. "Shut up and fuck me Malfoy." Harry growled. But as soon as the words left his lips he lost all the air in his lungs at the impact of Draco's hand on his ass. He had not been expecting that. Harry clinched his eyes shut and absorbed the feeling as the sting turned to a throb. "Come on Malfoy. You can do it. You don't have to be brilliant to figure it out. That tight ass you keep taking about..." SMACK! He hissed and his face tightened as Draco had increase the power behind his hand. "Its right in front of you." Harry pushed his out further out dramatically. "Right there."

SMACK! Harry was lurched forward and he gasped for oxygen as the wind was knocked out of him. Bloody fucking hell that hurt. It had been the strength of Ginny at her hardest hit. The full throb of his ass cheek produced a warmth that slowly spread over his body providing a tingling sensation around his already aching cock.

"You're fucking cheeky for a wizard with his naked ass in the air." Draco growled. But it is fucking hot. His nostrils flared as he watched the red patches shine on Harry's cheeks. They were mesmerizing and he wasn't able to restrain himself as he gently reached out to rub them. The man's ass was warm and his hand gravitated towards Harry's opening. Allowing his fingers to smooth over the puckered hole he lost himself in the feeling as Harry's body sucked in his finger with ease. His blood started pumping faster when Harry moved around. Adding another digit he slowly wiggled them around and stretched the muscles before letting a 3rd finger squeeze it's way inside. A moan was heard and Draco pulled his hand away. He began stroking himself after placing his dick between Harry's cheeks. His fist hitting the red patches he had created with each stroke. He could hear Harry hissing at the touch causing him to grin with satisfaction. Stopping he felt Harry relax when he pressed on the man's door with the head of his cock. Slowly and finally entering him he exhaled deeply when the rim of Harry's hole squeezed around him cutting off circulation to his dick head...and it was marvelous. Pushing in further he retreated a little to allow time for Harry's cavity to adjust to his girth, or maybe it was just to bask in the feeling as long as possible. But Harry groaned offering his ass up more quickly and Draco placed his hands on the man's hips. His body eager as he began thrusting into him. Pulling the man's hips to meet his Harry moaned loudly causing Draco to roll his eyes into his head. Partially from annoyance and partially from the sweet note the moan carried through his body. "I'm gonna need to stuff that hole shut soon aren't I? Neighbors might hear you at this rate." Draco's breathing grew rougher after he had started speaking.

You like hearing him getting off because of you. You want to hear it. It means he is liking it just as much. Increasing the pace of his thrust Draco placed his hands on each side of Harry on the bed. It allowed him to penetrate deeper and Harry began whimpering in pleasure from the change of angle. Beautiful. "Or maybe I want them to hear. Do you want them to? Hear you moaning for my cock?" he put extra power into the next few thrust causing Harry to gasp for air.

"Merlins…..beard…..fuck me," Harry moaned quietly and desperately. The way Draco's cock was pounding into him was like nothing he had felt before. It was deep, to the core, and parts of his body were being shaken that he didn't know could be. The power behind the man and throbbing heat of the mans cock was mind blowing.

Lowering himself onto Harry's back he nibbled at the skin on the man's shoulder and licked the saltiness from him. "Oh I am Potter. I am fucking you." he panted. Allowing himself to go flush against Harry's back and bum, Draco stayed deep within him. His thrusts primal at that point as he felt his orgasm coming on fast. Fuck this is to good. This isn't going to last much longer. It's to much. The blond let himself panic for a second. He wanted to hear Harry coming while his cock was buried inside the man. "Come for me Potter. Come on. Come." He stood upright slamming into Harry with all his might grunting heavily.

Harry turned his head to the side struggling for more air as moan after moan quickly escaped him. "Ohhh ohhhh ohhhh...unnnhh...".

The man's noises were sending Draco over the edge. They were fucking marvelous sounds that gripped his balls and caused his heart to beat faster. There was no more holding it back. "I'm getting ready to loose it Potter...Comeeeeee." But it was to late. Draco's eyes rolled into the back of his head as he pulled Harry's ass back into him so he could be fully inside the warmth the man was providing. His nerve endings exploded and he couldn't breath as he felt each spurt of his pleasure enter him.

As the sound of his heart beat slowly faded from his ears and the stars began clearing from his vision he heard a faint "Unnhhhh…" as Harry's voice continued to drag out in pleasure. The man had to have reached his peak only seconds after him.

Regaining control of his senses and breathing he felt his cock loosing it's stiffness and he pulled away from Harry who instantly rolled over. Draco smirked at Potters face. It was content in relaxation and his eyes were half way closed as his lungs still worked on gathering air. He appeared to be in a lucid state of bliss. Draco allowed his eyes to wonder down the man's body until he saw the smear of cum across Harry's belly. The blond couldnt help licking his lips as the trail continuing down the man's dying length. Knowing, and not knowing, what he was doing Draco placed his hands on the bed and found himself licking the trail of Harry's pleasure from the man's cock and stomach. Making sure to clean him thoroughly and gather every drop of cum on his tongue Draco only stopped licking him once he reached Harry's chest. Climbing all the way on top of him and staring down into the green eyes he was in awe. Harry was still practically lucid and his gaze unwavering with his own. Draco grinned and laid his cum smeared lips softly on Potters.

Harry was still out of breath but found himself deepening their kiss and tasting his own seed. Draco practically hit him with a stupefy with that fuck. He had never felt so fully satisfied after sex in his entire life and when the man began licking his way up his body it was so erotic he almost hadnt been able to handle it. But once the man kissed him again he felt himself be some what reeled back down to earth.

Finally pulled away from the spent man Draco rolled onto the bed with him. His muscles tired and relaxed. Feels bloody good mate doesnt it? Draco sighed almost happily and almost forgetting who he was beside. The moment felt to good for thinking. Summoned his wand he cast a lazy "Scorgify." He felt cleaner but after such a shag and so much alcohol he was still feeling dirty...but he couldnt find it in himself to move. Reluctantly he decided a shower could wait until tomorrow, he just wanted to enjoy the feeling and hoped it never ended. The moment was partially ruined as he felt Harry get up. But it caused him to close his eyes feeling satisfied. Draco huffed at himself as he felt the blanket of sleep moving over him. If he woke up at all he was going to pay dreadfully for this tomorrow.


Stretching his arms Draco threw the cover back off him so he could breathe and feel the cool air on his skin in hopes it would wake him a bit more. Sitting up he found himself feeling unusually refreshed and he cracked his neck to complete the relaxed feeling of no tension in his body. Damn that was a good sleep. Moving to the edge of the bed his face drained as his feet touch the floor. He found himself looking down at carpet once again. Potter's? Are you fucking serious? The blond groaned and allowed his upper body to fall back onto the bed. Fuck my life. Why? Raising a hand to rub his face he suddenly felt confused when his head didn't get overloaded with the classic rush of pressure he got after a binder. Bloody lucky that is. Now maybe you can get out of the house faster instead of wincing at your every move. Good point. Quickly looking around the room and seeing Harry wasnt there he stood. Pulling his clothes on with ease Draco developed a false sense of hope that he may just be able to sneak out. Without an obvious hangover maybe he would also get lucky and the man would be in the loo.

Grabbing his wand Draco quickly exited the room and held his breath as he hurried down the stairs. Just get out out out. When he reached the bottom he came to an abrupt halt and froze at seeing Harry sitting in a chair reading the Prophet. Shit. The man looked up at him but Draco darted his eyes away quickly. He began chewing his bottom lip in a fit of nerves at the quietness in the air. Shit. Draco pressed his lips together. Some luck am I right? He wanted to exhale heavily but he forced it to come out in small amounts to maintain his self respect. "We had another shag didn't we?" Draco said lowly not as a question but as confirmation.

Harry raised an eyebrow and chuckled. Then he went back to reading as he took a drink of his coffee without a care. He had woken up feeling more lively than he had in a long time despite his sore ass. Their shag had left him feeling like he could handle anything and something about it had boosted his confidence. "I gotta say Malfoy you really know how to let loose when you're sober. Might just be the best shag I've ever had."

Draco completely let the compliment go over his head. "Sober?" he huffed "I had like 4 pints if not more last night. No way I'm hell I was sober." Draco stated as if it was fact.

Harry looked up at him with a confused and concerned look. "You remember last night don't you? No headache now right?" he asked calmly.

"Well yea. We aren't ancient. We can scrap by without a hangover sometimes," he tried to argue weakly. Actually as he continued to think he realized that was not true. Maybe the last time being when he was like 20 though. Sober Up potion solves hangover problem. Draco shook his head shaking the thought away. "I just feel fine."

"You should. Sober up potion always does wonders for me and I gave you double the dose. Always best mixed in a good cup of coffee. You were to impatient though. Had to give you the quick made stuff." Harry let out the breath he had held. He was worried something with the potion had gone wrong. Maybe he had mixed up a vial or given him to much.

"You….." Draco started. Harry nodded reassuringly without knowing what the blond was going to say. Draco suddenly felt light on his feet and like he was going to pass out as his brain acknowledged the facts for him. You knew once you were in the bedroom you prat. "Why the fuck did you give me the potion?" Draco asked unblinking and flat. He thought back to every movement he made that he could clearly remember. The farthest back he could access was grabbing the man by the shirt collar and snogging him.

"You were piss faced Malfoy. Damn near couldn't get you to even try and apparate from the pub. Anywhere. You only agreed to come for a snogging after I stopped you from doing it in the alley. I had to sober you up. I didn't want you to regret anything again. Wouldn't have been right." Harry answered him. In his mind there had been no choice but to give him the potion. You could have just let him pass out somewhere.

"Yet we still fucked!" Draco said exasperated as he felt his voice begin to rise. "Why didn't the hell didnt you stop me damnit?" What in the fuck were you thinking mate? That it was good and bloody hot as hell. The blond was irritated…...and at himself mostly. Why did he…..ugh! You know why you prat.

"I told you I gave you Sober Up. I asked numerous times if you felt good, sober, and if you really wanted to. You shrugged each question off and said yes. You made it very clear what you wanted actually." Harry said in defense as a sense of regret made itself known. What had he been thinking allowing the shag? Didn't he remember what happened last time? I think you were thinking about that. You were thinking about how you like it when he fucks you. Harry closed his eyes trying to get the conflict in his head to stop. You are both bloody adults, you did the right thing giving him the potion and asking all the right questions. He wanted it. You wanted it. End of story, not a big deal. But he is making it a big deal. Because he is a bloody git.

"But I wasn't in my right mind!" Draco tried to validate in a shout bringing his hands to his head as he began pacing.

Harry opened his eyes and shook his head in disbelief. "You're trying to tell me you only fucked me because you THOUGHT you were still drunk? You only allow yourself to really like it when you think you're drunk? But once you come down from the alcohol or pleasure it's not okay? Well sorry to inform you, but both drunk and sober Malfoy have made their stance very clear in regards to my ass." Harry rubbed his forehead taking a breath. This man was ridiculous. You already knew that. He had not expected any kind of placebo effect and cursed himself for not considering it. Hermione thinks of those kind of set backs. "You were sober Malfoy. Whether you admit it to yourself or not. You had to know that somewhere in that head of yours because Sober Up is like a cleansing potion. You feel it wash through your blood stream." Harry narrowed his eyes. The prat had been amazing in potions during school. "But you already know that."

Draco heard Harry's words but didn't at the same time. He just stared until the green eyes and began to feel dizzy. He couldn't feel or think anything. He felt numb. He didn't know what to say or do. Go. Leave. Now. Draco's body went into fight or fight mode like it always did. "Piss off Potter." He said evenly before quickly walking out of the house.

Harry rolled his eyes at the slamming of the door. What was Malfoy so bent about? He had been sober. He had full control of his brain and body. It wasn't his fault the man didn't want to admit anything in broad daylight. Was the issue Draco liked shagging a wizard? Or the fact he liked shagging him? Harry sighed. He thought about how he definitely liked the drunk or relaxed Malfoy over that tense man that had come down the stairs.