Undeniable Tension

Chapter 3

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Walking across the street Draco opened the old door to the pub just enough for him to squeeze through. It seemed that The Leaky Cauldron never ceased to be full on the weekend, and tonight he found himself appreciating the crowd of people even more so than the previous week. Sneaking his way to the counter he ordered a pint of beer and made for the line of benches against the back wall. As the door opened and closed with people coming and going, the chill of the night wind blew strongly against him. Taking a seat another strong gust of wind blew past his face causing him to vividly remember why he had always chosen to sit by the fire. Why they didn't just use a warming charm around the door he still just couldn't figure out.

Draco decided to take his time with his drink for once. Last weekend he had went completely off the rails and he still couldn't wrap his mind around the situation. That little annoying voice in the back of his brain had known he was sober and tried to warn him...but he had chosen to ignore the facts before him. He was to lost in the moment. Lost in the moment of physical chemistry and fun bantering that he just wanted to enjoy. He didn't want the fact it was Harry Potter to matter and his drunken state gave him the excuse his head needed. Draco Malfoy was not suppose to be shagging the glorious Chosen One for more reasons than he could count. There had always been something there that just caused the raven haired man to get under his skin, often times in more ways than one, but that was no reason to let fucking the man be acceptable. Draco had to pause his thoughts a moment to reach below the table and readjust his cock hoping to calm it down. It seemed lately that any time he even thought of their shags, not even in detail, he could feel the blood start rushing to his groin.

The blond rolled his neck and stared on his drink. Every week it was like work was dragging him further down into a place of wishing for death. This week the owner of a rather crooked business had hired him to go over their finances for the year with the main purpose being for Draco to alter the documents before they presented them to the Ministry. Everything in his body had told him not to do it. He didn't want to do it. But the weaker part of him jumped to the front at the amount of gold the man had offered for his assistance. It was weak and disgusting. Embarrassing even...but if he ever hoped to get out of the Manor and live anything close to what he was use to, then he needed to collect every sickle he could. Knowing that the Manor and his fucked up family were his motivate for participating in such a unethical deal made him a mix between furious and nauseated. He had to do what he had to do though. Self preservation. Letting out a sign Draco kept validating himself by saying at least no one was getting hurt, and that helped. For the most part.

A bright side to the dreary week though was the fact he noticed he was no longer afraid of seeing Potter. He had hardly hesitated at the thought of going to the pub again, but he still wasn't sure he was ready to face the man. Not like you have ever interacted over the last 4 years so it's not something to worry about. He might show up and drink in his chair, you will drink somewhere else. Then just steer clear of each other like mature adults that can't stand each other do. Don't be 15 year olds seeking each other out just for the purpose of torment. Draco scrunched up his nose a bit. There was no way he would be seeking Potter out. He would only ever admit if he was forced under veritaserum...but he was embarrassed for lack of better words. Not only for having sex with the man, and maybe not even so much that, but for the way he would freak out afterwards. Then there was the secret of how much he had really spent stressing about it over the last month. Potter had been overly calm and light about the entire situation like it wasn't a big. And, deep breath, the man was right. It really wasn't. It was just some good shagging after all. Damn good at that. He reluctantly found part of him wishing he would see Potter again tonight. There moments were a good laugh and intense. But the logical part of him very much did not want to see Potter. What was he even wanting if he did see the man? Did he want to apologize to him? Fat chance. Was he wanting to just talk to him? Nope. The Chosen One was proving enticing to Draco despite his attempts to deny it. Maybe, just maybe...looking at the man would be enough to satisfy that something inside that was annoying him with mixed feelings.

On his way back from the counter with his second beer Draco noticed Harry in the chair by the fire. He paused a moment as he calmed his breathing from spotting him. Shite. Wait I thought you didn't care? Changed my mind. Doesn't hurt to look though does it? Draco moved a little further down the bench to be closer to the man without any interaction. Yes just watching will work. Luckily Potter's seat just happened to face away from the majority of the room. For once Draco didn't have to worry about the man spotting him. Draco could just mull things over in his messed up head, finish another drink or so, and then leave without any issue. Easy. The blond watched the condensation on his mug drip down onto the wood grain. Shifting his head slightly he stared at the back of the man's dark hair. He noticed for the first time the way it seemed to gently lay despite the untidy nature of it. Draco huffed to himself lightly. It was no wonder he liked to grab it. Draco's nostrils flared at the thought though and he broke his gaze to take a drink hoping to vanish the thoughts. Something was wrong with him. Staring at Potter wasn't something he had done since 6th year after finally accepting the fellow classmates good looks. He had gotten rid of those thoughts easy enough, or maybe that was just because most of his focus was on being a death eater and not winding up dead. Potter was something though. He had really grown into himself over 5th and 6th year, and maybe even more so since the war. The man was truly handsome. Bloody fucking perfect Potter. Glancing back to where Harry sat Draco noticed the man sitting down his own drink and turn his head to the side as if looking at something.

"Nothing better to do than stare Malfoy?" Harry's voice suddenly came clear through the noise of the pub. Draco felt panic flush through him and his eyes darted down to his drink unsure how the prat had caught him. Shit. Does he have eyes in all that hair on the back of his head? "It's called a mirror Malfoy," Harry said as if it had been obvious what he was thinking.

Draco raised his head just enough for his eyes to scan the walls until he saw the mirror on the opposite one of Harry. Their eyes met and Draco's felt frozen and like he could barely breath. He forced himself to blink and returned his gaze to his table slowly. Draco cursed himself silently for even looking at the man...but hearing his voice had been brought some kind of calming feeling to all of his muscles. Glancing to the mirror again he clenched his jaw seeing that Harry was still looking at him, and in amusement none the less. Don't do it don't it. Draco growled at himself and fought to restrain himself but it didn't take more than half a minute until he gave up. Holding onto his mug he walked over and took the seat next to Harry while keeping his eyes adverted. "Potter," Draco said lowly in a form of greeting. He took a sip of his drink and stared into the fire. Prat.

They sat in silence a moment before Draco noticed Harry stand and leave from the corner of his eye. The blonde sighed not sure if it was from disappointment or relief. Oddly enough just being nearer to Harry had seemed to have relaxed him further and calm the uneasiness in his stomach. But the fact it did made him want to tense up all over again. Fucking weird. He shut his eyes and rested his head against the back of the chair as he pondered his mind. Everything and anything in his life felt wrong anymore.

A sound coming near him caused Draco to reopen his eyes. He inhaled deeply when Harry took the seat next to him again with a fresh mug. Allowing his eyes to peer sideways he saw Harry sip his drink and watching him. He slowly returned his eyes to the fire feeling uneasy again. Why was Potter still watching him? Why had he taken the seat next to the man? But most of all why had he even come here? You wanted to see him. No ignore that. He started to feel himself sweating and wondered if it was from the fire despite knowing very well it was not.

Harry continued to watch Draco closely, a mixture of curiosity and amusement. He had figured there would be a good chance the blond would be here tonight. Upon leaving his house last weekend Draco had seemed a tad more accepting of their night together. Barely. It was easy to see the man was still uncomfortable...yet he had chosen, quite quickly, to leave his previous seat and join him. "Malfoy?"

Draco kept his eyes forward not wanting to speak to much. "What do you want Potter?" he said in an exhausted voice. Work had been tiresome that day, but the internal battle with himself was proving exhausting.

"Why are you here?" Harry asked genuinely.

Draco huffed at the question. "Same as you I suppose. Taking up drinking."

Harry raised an eyebrow knowing very well the blond was only on his second drink. The mirror had proved itself useful as he had been watching the entertainment of the pub from it all evening. The crowd had been unusually rowdy and he couldn't have helped watching the blonde after seeing him walk in. He didn't seem in the mood for drinking from what Harry could tell. All the man had really done was stare into his drink while appearing to sulk and quite frequently stare at him. "Think being a drunkard is wise considering you can't handle yourself?" Harry taunted. Draco turned to glare at him but surprisingly didn't speak. Definitely sulking. Harry kept his face straight not wanting to show the pleasure he was having with the man's torture. "You at least have a plan for making it home this time?"

Draco rolled his eyes and let out of a puff of air in annoyance. As if he had any intention of getting that drunk again any time soon. "That's none of your concern Potter." Truth be told though he actually hadn't even thought about it, and suddenly realized he should have some kind of plan just in case. Draco supposed he could see if the Longbottom's had an available room upstairs for the night, despite how embarrassing it would be sleeping one off in the pub. Oh how far you have fallen. Considering crashing in a room at the Leaky under Longbottom's watch.

"I'll take that as a no then," Harry chuckled after a moment of silence. Draco seemed to tense and start growing irritated if the tightness of his jaw was any indication. "Okay Malfoy I will spare you the torture. Now…...I've been coming here damn near every weekend for 2 years. You're not one to visit a public pub without a good reason that usually benefits you. So. Why are you here?"

Draco groaned at Harry's question. He was to sober to freely talk to the man despite how much he was enjoying their proximity to him. You did this to yourself."Do you every shut up? It's nothing you need to concern yourself with."

"Well considering the past few weekends, and your new found hobby of staring at me all night, I can't help but think something's wrong." Harry paused to take a drink. "Come on, don't be shy now. Spit it out."

"It is none of your concern Potter," Draco repeated again, this time in a low intimidating way. Why couldn't the man just shut up and quit acting like he cared?

Harry raised his eyebrows at how defensive the man became. "Don't be a prat Malfoy."

Draco rubbed his forehead. Ugh. His fucked up life brought him to the pub and apparently the pub thought it would be fun to continue his torture by having his rival, someone he always gravitated towards for all the wrong reasons, as a regular attendee.

"You're thinking to much about it aren't you?" Harry smiled with a smugness into his mug as he drank.

"Quit smiling Potter," Draco warned swiftly through tight lips. He cursed the man for going there. You sat next to him remember? It wasn't like shagging Potter was the only stressor in his life.

Harry relaxed his face and posture more when Draco didn't actually answer as an attempt to ease the tension. "You haven't denied it," he said easily and he watched Draco's hand squeeze around his drink. "It happened Malfoy. I've told you it's not a big deal. If it bothers you don't think about it."

Draco felt like a fuse in his brain was going to explode. "Don't think about it? What the bloody hell you think I've been trying to do the last month?" he attempted very hard not to shout. Draco rested his head in his other hand forcing himself to calm quickly so they wouldnt gain attention...and so he wouldn't start blowing things up. "Why the fuck didn't you stop me? You weren't nearly as drunk as me," he asked almost in defeat.

Harry glanced around casually. He didn't want to broadcast any Prophet worthy news to the pub. "You were only drunk during…..the activity once. You were sober the other 2 times. What's your excuse for those?" Harry's eyebrows raised and his focus intensified on the blondes eyes. He took a drink while watching and waiting for a response.

Draco stared for a second before swallowing his nerves. Confidence. Of course he couldn't think of an excuse and he straightened his shoulders. "My excuse? Again why didn't you stop me?" he retorted.

Harry shrugged without seeming to care. "Guess I liked it," he admitted. He smiled when we watched Draco's face go into either slight shock or panic. His eyes had grown a hair wider and his face seemed frozen so he couldn't tell which. "Ginny was a fan of….umm...you know" he glanced around the room nervously to see if any of the crowd had moved near them. "...role reversal?" This time it was Harry who adverted his eyes away from the man before him, slightly embarrassed. Why was he admitting something like that to Malfoy? Cause you have been shagging him.

Draco snorted. "Famous Harry Potter getting drilled by a witch!"

"Shut up you prat!" Harry growled leaning forward quickly. It took a lot within himself to resist the temptation of throwing his mug at the blonds head. "Want the whole bloody room to hear you do ya?" he looked around again more intensely in preparation to obliviate everyone but to his relief the crowd had remained unbothered. "Look we can't talk about things like that here. Might as well ask the Prophet to sit down and listen if we did." Harry leaned back in his chair again and sighed. "Look if you want to continue this conversation we have to go somewhere else."

"And pray tell where would that be?" Draco questioned obviously amused at the wizards behavior. This has to be good.

Harry rolled his eyes. "Well I'm not walking into the bloody Manor and I don't want Neville seeing us go into a room together like mates or something. So that would leave us with my house."

Draco looked at him and held his breath a second. Harry did have a good point after all…..and Draco would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy the idea of going to the Chosen One'a house again. Plus this could be some good ammunition to destroy him with later. How often do you get to hear private life information of the one and only Harry Potter? "Fine. But only because I have to hear more of this story." he laughed a little to dramatically trying to give off the illusion of being careless about it all.

After Harry stood and left Draco finished off his beer. Standing Draco slowly walked his way through the pub and to the apparation point. He took his time contemplating his choice. The story truly seemed like it would be entertaining especially if it made Potter want to talk in private. But you are going to Potter's house. Yes but just to hear the story. Yea a story involving sex. Your current problem is having sex with the man, why would you want to talk about it with him? Cause I like it.

Harry gave Draco an impatient look upon taking his position to apparate beside him. "Take long enough? Who's the real drunkard?" Harry said mockingly as he went to grab the blondes arm.

Draco quickly jerked away even as he his brain continued to fight. "Haven't you learned to not touch me yet you fool?"

Harry narrowed his eyes at the man. "Do we have to do this again? Just give me your arm already. Not my fault you haven't learned to apparate drunk. "

Draco tensed at the glare the man gave him. "I only had 2 beers thank you very much." Potter was still staring at him quite intensely causing him to feel a little nervous and glance sideways before exhaling in annoyance. Joint apparating is quicker. "You better fucking get this right you git," He demanded before reluctantly offered his arm out for Harry, and with a pop they were gone.


Draco realized he was still on his feet when he landed. Success. He began to lean forward but caught himself. Okay maybe those beers did make you a tad unsteady. Putting his hands on his knees he waited for the dizziness to pass before standing.

"It's bloody cold. Come on already." He watched Harry walk into his house and Draco quickly headed in after him. It was cold indeed. Harry waved his wand lightning the fireplace before removing his cloak and summoning a bottle of fire whiskey with 2 glasses following behind to his coffee table.

More alcohol? Don't indulge. "What's that for?" Draco asked.

Harry didn't look at him while grabbing the bottle from the air and pouring himself a shot. "I don't know about you but I'm gonna need more alcohol for this conversation Malfoy." He took the shot and Draco was surprised at how his face stayed normal as if the burn didn't bother him.

Draco watched him pour another and offer it to him. "Don't think so Potter." He replied neutrally at the idea of indulging in such a beverage. Firewhiskey was not to his taste at the very least. Harry eyed him before shrugging and tossing it down his throat. Draco watched him pour and down yet another before siting the glass on the table and flopping down onto the couch.

"Aren't you going to sit? Or is my furniture not regal enough?" Harry asked sarcastically.

Draco ran his eyes over the dull maroon couch. It was indeed no where near regal. He turned his head to look at the chair on the left. The same chair Harry seemed to sit in the mornings and where he had bent the man over to fuck. Equally a dull maroon but he felt his cock stir in approval at the memory. It caused him to cautiously slide onto the small couch without looking at the man to make sure any arousal went unnoticed. He would continue to keep control of himself tonight.

Harry felt the blonde sit down on the couch and he rolled his neck. He couldn't believe he was about to talk about this stuff, but he also felt weirdly okay sharing it to Malfoy. Barmy mate. Barmy. Can you hear yourself? But the man was already actively included in his sex life after all, and if something went wrong he was sure he could embarrass the blond just as much. However talking about Ginny in anyway was always an unpleasant topic for him. The bloody witch had proven to be less than the love he thought her to be. He looked at Draco with a quick glance. The blond was just watching...waiting. "Alright…...you repeat any of this to anyone and I found out Im going to hex your bloody balls off Malfoy. I will find you."

"Save me the threats Potter and get on with it." Draco said in annoyance at the man's pitiful threats. But he supposed he couldn't be annoyed considering it was the same exact kind of threat he would have made.

Harry took a deep breath. He was glad that he was beginning to feel the relaxation of the firewhiskey. "Okay…so Ginny liked to play around in bed. I loved her and I wasn't going to tell her no if she liked it so much." Harry glanced at Malfoy who was just patiently listening obviously unimpressed with the story so far. He closed his eyes as if it would make saying it easier. Merlin are you actually going to say this? "She talked me into butt plugs." Harry sighed before taking another breath. This was proving more embarrassing to say than he had expected. "It wasn't so bad. She made me wear them a lot especially during sex…..and it was amazing when I came. She noticed I was starting to enjoy it and she began wanting to go further with it. Bigger." Harry quickly grabbed the shot from the table and downed it. "When we began going bigger and I didn't relax enough she would spank me. It was a shocker but it grew on me. Then once she saw my enjoyment she took the punishing thing to another level. I let her talk me into restraining me." Harry put his head in his hand. "I still can't even remember how she managed that one. When she had me restrained she would start jerking me off until I was right on the edge of an orgasm…...she would push on the plugs harder. The first couple times I lost my load instantly. Having the feeling of fullness in you while you come…..Merlin. I didn't know what she was doing to me anymore. It did make me question things."

Harry quickly supplied himself with another shot. This was somewhere between bad memories, embarrassment, and pride for his bravery. He didn't dare to look at the blonde on his couch. Luckily Harry felt his arms becoming light weight as the alcohol fully settled into his system. He leaned back into the couch to resume his story. "I did start wondering what it was like to be with a bloke. But it didn't matter cause I was with her although I really did wonder. Merlin and she started this thing of pulling my balls so she could try and control when I came. It was fucking torture at first cause I couldn't believe how much I was getting off on it." Harry exhaled deeply. "Finally she said she wanted to fuck my ass with a strap on…... and….well….I let her." Harry rubbed his face in embarrassment before finally turning to look at Draco. The blondes eyes were wide and his jaw damn near on the floor. Harry growled at him and poured them both a shot.

Draco took the shot without thinking and regretted it instantly as his throat burned like fire. His mind was still processing the story. He knew Potter was soft but he had never expected for him to let someone dominate him the way She-Weasel apparently had. But then again the more he thought about it the more it didn't seem so shocking. Harry was always wanting the people dearest to him to be happy. So letting Ginny take control in the bedroom if she wanted to seemed logical. Especially with her whole female Weasley attitude that came from having a surplus of idiotic brothers. "Did she let you fuck her ass?" Draco asked abruptly.

Harry laughed at the question. "Of course she did. We were doing that long before. She was so paranoid about getting pregnant. No matter how many times she used the egg barrier charm or took the prevention potion." Harry looked at him and could still see the curiosity on the blondes face. "I don't know what started it all but I think she got the obsession with my ass from some muggle magazine Hermione gave her. She even started talking about involving other people which was absolutely terrifying…...but we broke up before that went anywhere thankful. I don't think I'm the sharing sort." Harry paused to shake the memories from his mind. He didn't want to talk about Ginny anymore. It was time to change the subject. "Soooooo...' Harry drawled out. "You've never fooled around with other wizards before?" Harry smiled at his question to the man waiting for him to squirm at being under the line of questioning.

Draco hesitated. What was he willing to share with Potter? "I mean I fooled around a few times….."

"Blaise." Harry interrupted. Draco's eyes widened in disbelief for the man guessing correctly. Harry shook his head fluidly making the shots he had been consuming known. "Not a hard guess. You 2 had always seemed far to cozy around each other in school."

Draco felt his lip twitch with the instinct to defend himself. Appearing relaxed around someone wasn't a give away to fucking them. Wait how would he recognize that unless he was watching you enough to pick out something like that. He was watching you. "I'm not gay Potter. Being in the dungeons and with Snape as head of house it was impossible to not get caught. Blaise wanted to try things out and I was a horny teenager. So why not?"

Harry seemed to visually agree. "I'm not gay either. I don't think anyways." He slurred happily. "Maybe you are too." Harry offered in friendly suggestion.

Draco had never thought about it before. Was he? Besides fucking Blaise a couple times in school he had never considered being with a man. He had chalked it up to sexual experimenting. Do you truly enjoy when you shag the ladies? I mean I get off, isn't that what matters? What about attraction? Of course the women he shagged were beautiful...but there were a few wizards over the years that had proven attractive as well. That was normal for anyone right? He had recently found himself growing aroused just thinking of buggering Harry though and that wasn't something that ever happened thinking of his nights with the ladies. But you also never give them a second thought either. "I've haven't wanted to have sex with a wizard since Blaise. Even then that wasn't me wanting to be with him romantically." Draco stated flatly. You havent wanted that from anyone actually.

"We've shagged and you've made it pretty clear you want it, " Harry laughed. "A few times now you know."

Draco's heart raced and his throat grew dry. Openly talking about their sexual activities made him nervous for some reason. He had fucked Harry and he wasn't sure why. His body just felt it was right, and when Harry offered himself he found himself unable to resist. Every single time was full of lust filled tension. Maybe you really are gay. Or maybe it's just Potter. The palms of his hands grew sweaty and he quickly removed his cloak to cool himself.

"Don't be part Malfoy. Admit it. You liked it. You like fucking me." Harry teased. Draco just stared at him thinking about how bad an idea it had been to come here. "Say it Malfoy. You said it easy enough last weekend. You said you like my ass and you kept thinking about it." Harry continued on. Draco watched as Harry looked to the ceiling appearing to be thinking about something before making eye contact with the blond. "I will admit it. Merlin thinking about you pounding me lately has lead to some seriously good wanking sessions." Draco felt the panic growing within him. He couldn't say it. He wouldn't. "Admit it. You will feel better if you do. I sure did." Harry was giggling as he reached for the bottle and poured another shot and handed it to Draco, who quickly tossed the liquid down his throat. "Saaayyyyyy it." Harry drawled out with drunk enthusiasm.

Draco felt like he was going to explode with his breathing fast and shallow. Potter was building him up with to much anxiety and pressure it was almost unbearable. If he hadn't been so worked up he would have found it amusing considering he was never one go cave to peer pressure. Actually that would make you physically ill because you are being a weakling. He was the always the one doing the pressuring on others. Finally Draco couldn't breath and he could feel the words getting ready to flow of him. "I liked it Potter. Okay? I like fucking you. I don't know what happens or why. It's like you have some kind of ridiculous gravitational pull on me. It causes me to panic, then next thing I know we are snogging and then I'm in your ass. I get so fucking hard just thinking of shagging you. So. Fucking. Hard, " Draco rolled his eyes back in his head before leaning back and thinking about fucking him for probably the 10th time that day as he tired catching his breath. He had let it all out in one go and now he cursed himself for admitting it. Not only to himself but out loud in front of Potter.

"Feel better?" Harry asked in a cheerful voice causing the blond to open his eyes.

Draco tried to rein in his thoughts but failed. Why why why? "Yes," he replied quietly barely moving his lips. The blonde could feel the pull beginning again as his heart beat heavily in his throat. It wasn't even beating fast anymore, it was just a reminding throb of wanting to feel the man. Hesitantly he turned his gaze to Harry and as soon as their eyes connected he couldn't shake the green pools sucking him in, and within seconds he found himself leaning towards Harry's face.

Harry turned away dramatically. "No. I'm not getting chewed out for not stopping you again." Harry stood up and swayed before falling right back onto the couch.

Draco tried to think. He had wanted Harry to stop him…..but now…..now he..…he felt like he was running on pure instinct with his mind finally calm. "You don't have to stop me. Unless you want to." Draco said soothingly while studying the man's face. One shot did not make you say that.

Harry felt his heart skip a beat and he turned to meet the grey eyes. As he studied them for their truth his breathing became shallow. Draco wasn't the only one that had been thinking to much. He had thought of their encounters daily, although apparently not up to the intensity Malfoy had been. He thought about their shagging plenty but he also found himself just merely being curious about the blond. "You cant be that drunk Malfoy." Harry stated in fact, his throat tight and only allowing his voice to barely come through.

Leaning in Draco's lips swiftly brushed Harry's before locking them together and closing his eyes. Intense yet softer than he had ever began kissing him before. The blonde felt a tingle run through his body as every nerve ending woke up. Pulling back slightly and blinking he saw Harry opening his eyes also. The man's breath was heavy with fire whiskey. "No I'm not," Draco answered. His voice sounded like silk and he watched Harry tilt his head trying to understand. "Come on Potter. You made me admit it. Maybe you're the one who cant really admit it." However he was taken aback when Harry turned himself fully and kissed him fiercely without hardly a second of hesitation.

Harry felt the fire whiskey pumping through him as he began devouring Draco's mouth. The taste of the man alone fueled him into harder kisses, even without the aid of the whiskey. He could hardly breath through their kisses as his nostrils flared. Standing slightly without breaking their kiss Harry smoothly positioned himself over the blondes lap and straddled him. Bringing his hands to the man's neck Harry continued to enjoy the flavor and fun of playing with the blond's tongue. Harry felt Draco fully relax as he accepted Harry's position on top of him and he seemed like he was no longer tense with emotion like he been earlier. It caused him to smile happily into their kisses.

Draco found himself placing his hands on Harry's hips and gently squeezing them. He had enough alcohol in him to loosen up but this time he was fully aware of his actions and for some reason was happily accepting it. Harry had brought him to that comfort level and he had no clue how. Harry Potter is sitting on your lap snogging you like a love struck 5th year. He body didn't allow him to think as he lost himself in the man's taste. Draco let his hands slide down and he squeezed the roundness of Harry's ass and his cock grew even more in approval. He felt the tightness of his trousers begin as they attempted to restrained his erection. Lifting his pelvis a little hoping for relief he hummed at the friction of his trousers and Harry's weight.

Harry began nibbling on Draco's lip when he felt the blonde raise him slightly. His hands fell from the mans neck and smoothed down Draco's lean body until he found what he wanted. Harry began trying to undo Draco's belt buckle but was failing miserably. He pulled back for air but kept his closed to keep from feeling dizzy. "I want them off," His voice clear and firm.

Draco raised his eyebrows at the bluntness. Gryffindors. "Then take them off then," he proposed breathlessly ignoring the stupidity of the statement.

Harry groaned unhappily and summoned his wand from the kitchen counter. He tapped his clothes, then Draco's, and they vanished leaving them bare against each other. Draco felt his cock grow larger, if even possible, when their skin touched. He felt the warmth of Harry's body rubbing against his and the man's erection pressing into his stomach. The heat of Harry on top of his crotch intensified when the head of his own cock bounced against the mans underside in reaction to it's freedom. He breathed deeply through his nostrils when Harry dived back into their kiss. His heart was pumping faster and he felt the intensity increasing as their desire flamed and he found his hands running up Harry's body, exploring every inch of him. He stopped breathing for a second as Harry began rocking back and forth rubbing his perineum against Draco's hardness. Breaking their kiss Draco's nostrils flared again when Harry's eyes began piercing him with a bit of the ever so famous Slytherin determination. Just one of the few Slytherin traits the Chosen One possessed.

"I want your cock Malfoy," Harry said confidently. The alcohol was taking his courage and bravery to another level than he would surely be comfortable had he been sober.

Adrenaline began pulsing through the blond and he quickly reached up running a hand through Harry's hair before grabbing a handful. Draco pulled Harry back to his face planting a forceful kiss on the man's lips. His lips slid to the corner of the man's mouth and down to his throat where Draco nuzzled his nose into Harry's neck. Gently he began suck the tender skin after shifting Harry's head slightly to give him more access.

Harry softly moaned as Draco started leaving what was sure to be dark love marks on his neck. Reached behind the man with his free hand, Draco found his own cock. He stroked it slowly before giving it a light squeeze as the throb became unbearable. "You really want my cock Potter?" Draco asked in a mumble against the mans flesh. Harry nodded his head quickly, unable to speak for some reason, and Draco raised his head to give him a tempting grin. The raven haired man was dishelved from their snogging and looked high on pleasure with no weight to his shoulders. "I think that fire whiskey has gone to your head." Draco chuckled.

Harry stared at Draco a moment before he leaned in through the blondes grasp on his hair, kissing him gently while lifting his body slightly from Draco's lap. Grabbing Draco's neck he breathlessly ended their kiss. "Agreed. Think we would have gone here again without alcohol? You think to much and I wasn't going to let you act like a prat again." Draco blushed, but it was instantly overtaken by a face of pleasure when Harry moved his ass across the head of Draco's dick.

Draco felt the slickness graze his cock and realized the man must have cast the spell a head of time when vanishing their clothes. Confident fucker. The blond positioned himself between Harry's cheeks and inhaled sharply when the man's puckered hole sat atop his member. "Never," Draco said with a heavy breath. "I wouldn't have let it happen again." He saw the man smile faintly as he slowly put weight on Draco's hand that was still directing his cock. Draco eyes grew wide as he felt himself enter Harry's body. The blond let go of himself and the man's hair to place his hands on Harry's shoulders to make sure he continued his descent. The feeling was pure magic on it's own.

"So you say." Harry said panting through the penetration with his eyes closed.

Draco abandoned the grasp on Harry's shoulders to grab Harry's ass again and spread him wide so the man could continued to lower himself onto his shaft. The blonde tossed his head back to focus on the ceiling as the feeling of tight heat surrounded him. His mind wanted to race with thoughts but the euphoria of pleasure was overriding his systems. When he felt Harry start leaning back he quickly brought his hands to the man's back. One of Harry's hands grabbed the back of his neck causing his head to raise and his eyes instantly went down to see Harry's cock bouncing slightly in approval at the invasion.

Realizing Harry had completely encased him, his pale eyes found Harry's face. The man's eyes were still closed and his mouth slightly open. Draco took it as an invitation when desire swept over him. Grabbing the back of Harry's head with one hand he pulled their lips together and worked his tongue into Harry's mouth. Draco felt Harry lift himself slightly and then sit back down onto his cock. The blonde found his face and lips freezing at the sensation. Bloody fucking hell that is good.

Harry began to slid up and down while holding firmly onto the blondes neck and bringing his other hand to the man's bicep that was flexed to help support his weight. He must still fly often to have these arms.

Draco found himself raising his pelvis to meet Harry each time he slid down. He had no idea how Harry was staying in that position as he found his own self losing his breath quickly, but maybe that was more so from watching himself constantly moving within Harry's body. It was as if he couldn't look away. Something about the sight kept doing something to him. Harry was moaning with each thrust Draco returned and the blond returned his eyes to watch the man gaping like a fish. He was lost in the throws of pleasure.

Draco took his hand from Harry's head and let it fall back not caring if the man was comfortable. He was more concerned with the thick hard flesh bouncing between them. Almost roughly he ran his thumb over the leaking slit of the man's erection before wrapping his fingers around him. It felt not unlike his own. The soft skin feeling smooth against the hardness that laid within. Squeezing lightly he began to loosely stroke Harry's cock. Draco watched Harry's face as he rocked harder onto the shaft inside him. With the hand supporting him Draco began pulling him harder onto him with each moan that escaped Harry's lips. Draco quickly found a rhythm between stroking, and pulling Harry down onto him. Sweat began beading his forehead at the work out his muscles were experiencing, and he started grunted with each impact. The man wasn't that heavy but he wasn't sure how much longer he would last. He would push through the pain of his muscles, but the tight rim of Harry's hole repeatedly sliding on him was sending shock waves through him each time the tip of his cock rubbed the man's inner walls.

Harry began panting heavily with little restrained whimpers and Draco suddenly felt Harry's dick pulse within his hand 'Unnhhhhhhh…." Harry moaned loudly as his warm cum began flowing down coating Draco's hand.

Pulling the skin of Harry's dick down hard one final time he quickly let go. His hand now free he placed it on the man's hip, and with the strength of the hand on Harry's back he kept him firmly planted in one place so he could thrust into him wildly. Suddenly he felt like each impact hit a bolt of lightning as sparks pulsed through him. Grunting heavily Draco happily closed his eyes and leaned his head back as the orgasm took hold. He pushed Harry as hard as he could onto his cock while pushing himself into the deepest part of the Chosen One's body wanting to feel the combined energy of ecstasy their bodies made together. He felt his own seed spilling from him as Harry attempted to rock again, but Draco kept himself firmly lodged within the man. His body tingled and the light in his eyes was blinding as tidal wave after tidal wave ran down his nervous system. When Draco began to loose his strength on keeping him in place Harry moved causing Draco's skin to pulse a new wave of sparks through his skin. He quit breathing. Air wasn't worth loosing the sensation.

"Fucking hell Potter," he squeezed out before forcing himself to finally breath. Leaning his head up he found Potter staring at him. Victory plastered across his face with a sloppy grin. Draco growled and grabbed the back of the man's hair with the hand coated with come then pulled him close and forced him into a hard kiss. Harry felt like he was being molded as he allowed Draco to kiss him as hard and deep as he wanted. Finally Draco let go and pulled back leaving Harry lingering in air as if he hadn't noticed their lips had parted. Draco chuckled at him. "Get off me Potter."

Harry's eyes fluttered open and he attempted to clear his vision and regain himself. He looked down and realized he was still in Malfoys lap. Making himself stand he groaned lightly at the absence of Draco from his body. Harry quickly fell to the side and back into a sitting position beside the blond. Laying his head against the softness of the couch he closed his eyes. The room almost seemed to spin more while he was sitting and not moving versus when he was moving.

"Potter?" Draco said trying to rouse him. He couldn't tell of the man was passing out or still lost in the fire of nerve endings like he was.

"Hmm?" Harry mumbled through closed lips. Draco's voice sounded far away.

"Don't you think we should clean up? I don't know how you like to live but I don't want to sleep saturated in cum." Draco couldnt help smiling and looking at Potter in satisfaction. Between the alcohol and a thorough shag he was confident Harry's mind was gone if his body language wasn't obvious enough.

"Right right." Harry quickly opened his eyes as he realized he forgot something and sat up to find his wand. "Scorgify." He waved it over Draco then himself, and the wetness of their pleasure disappeared.

"Where are my clothes Potter?" Draco asked as he supposed it should be time for him to leave. The man was spent and he felt confident enough to apparate. He wasn't really drunk after all so there was no excuse to stay and sleep it off.

"Upstairs in my room top dresser drawer." Harry mumbled as he slowly stood to make sure he kept himself upright.

"Seriously?" Draco seemed shocked at the specifics both due to the mans drunken state and the fact Potter might actually be organized.

"Believe it or not I'm don't like clothes thrown all over the place," Harry stated as he began his slow climb up the stairs.

"Any day now Potter," Draco taunted following Harry upstairs. He was impressed the man was still staying so steady on his feet. But then again he said he had been visiting the pub every weekend for 2 years. That probably does make you an almost professional drunkard that can handle themselves. Once they reached the man's bedroom Harry fell down onto his bed with anything other than grace and closed his eyes. Draco watched him amusingly. "I'm gonna go to the loo real quick Potter." He heard Harry make some kind of sound of acknowledgement. He was sure by the time he got back the man would be asleep.

The blonde made quick use of the loo before quietly walking back into the room. Harry's eyes were still closed but he had managed to remove his glasses and make his way under the blanket. Draco studied the man as he slept. It was as if Draco Malfoy, self absorbed ex death eater, wasn't in his house. He was to relaxed and comfortable. Even though he had been cleared of all charges there was hardly a soul that trusted him, and that included his parents. Any one with a brain wouldn't have fallen asleep with him still awake roaming their house. He noted how Harry's breathing was calm and his face peaceful. The more Draco stood there looking at him the more attracting he seemed to become. He had only seen the man without his glasses a few times in his life, and he never had cared enough to really look at him. He was truly handsome…..…beautiful even.

Draco quieted his thoughts while he headed to Harry's dresser looking for his clothes. He remembered Potter saying something about the dresser so they had to be there somewhere. Opening the drawers he began looking and he quickly paused as he heard the movement of sheets behind him. He turned to see Harry sitting up with his eyes lids half closed. "What are you doing?" Harry asked sleepily.

For some reason Draco felt uneasy. He should have woke the man before searching his dresser, but Potter had seemed so peaceful he hadn't wanted to disturb him. "Looking for my clothes." He replied.

"You can just stay here," Harry said using his head to imply the other side of the bed. The idea made Draco nervous and it must have shown on his face. "So we can shag but you can't sleep in the same bed? You know you've slept here before right?" Draco still just looked at him and then let his eyes venture away. He didn't particularly want to stay but he didn't really want to go either. "Just get in the fucking bed Malfoy." Harry allowed himself to fall back onto the bed. "Or the one in the other room. I don't care." He mumbled before rolling over and facing the wall.

He hadn't told Draco where his clothes were again and the blonde had to admit he was quite tired from the long day and their…...he didn't even know what to call it. Activity? But he just felt uncomfortable about the situation. He had already shared to much emotionally or physically and Potter was openly sharing himself to him for some reason. The man had absolutely zero reason to trust him with anything personal. Draco bit his lip and exhaled. Against his better judgement though he went and lightly sat on the edge of the bed. He had just shagged the man's brains out but felt weird sleeping next him without something clouding his judgement. Slowly Draco brought his legs up and laid down, but he could not find it in him to attempt getting under the same covers as Potter.


Draco awoke to find himself under the covers completely unsure how that managed to happen. Potter was once again gone and his clothes laid folded on the table beside him. He sat on the edge of the bed for a few minutes thinking as he woke. He was relieved to feel the lack of anxiety and tension in his body like the other mornings, but those feelings were just being replaced by others. At least these feelings seemed to be more tolerable. He ran his hand through his hair going over the decisions he had made the previous night. What would happen to business if anyone found out about this? What kind of curse would his family attempt at him for not only shagging a bloke but for it being Harry Potter of all people.

Finally finishing getting dressed, and after a quick trip to the loo, Draco started his way down the stairs. He hadn't even reached the bottom when he felt his cheeks begin to heat with blush. Quit it. Draco stooped at the bottom and saw Potter sitting in the chair he always seemed to sit in, with the Prophet on the side table. Their eyes met and Draco felt the weirdness set into him and froze. His stomach felt funny. He blinked when he heard the man's voice. "Want some coffee?" Harry offered.

Draco wasn't sure if he felt comfortable enough to sit. What were they going to talk about? The weather? Harry raised his eyebrows and lifted the cup trying to entice him with an annoying teasing smile. Draco felt defeated for wanting to accept the invitation and tried to sound most unpleasant because of it. "I guess."

Harry grinned at the assumption Malfoy was uncomfortable. "How do you take it?" he asked.

"2 creams and a sugar." Draco said as Harry walked across to the kitchen. The blonde moved to sit in the stool at the front of the counter and watched the man make the coffee. Draco didn't understand why he didn't just use magic. It got the job done and in mere seconds. After a minute or 2 of Draco watching him work Harry poured them each a cup and began stirring. Fascinating.

"You don't have to look at me like that. I just prefer it. It's how I grew up making it and I think it blends better." Harry said pushing a cup to the blonde as if it was clear what he had been thinking.

Draco took a sip and grimaced. It had the potential of being the best damn cup of coffee he had ever had. That said a lot considering he had dined with some of the finest wizards in the country. He kept his face bland though because there was no way he was going to tell Potter that. Sitting his coffee down he stared at the liquid, growing more uncomfortable with each silent minute.

Harry finally decided to be the one to break the quietness. He had to get them past this award phase they were in, or really that Draco was in. What's it matter? The man was far to uncomfortable and it would probably still bother him to throughout the work week. He found himself not wanting that. Uncomfortable Draco was the typical git he was in school, but having experienced the relaxed Draco...Harry crossed him arms over his chest and took a drink before speaking. "So. Malfoy…...what would you say is going on here?"

Draco looked up at him unknowingly. "Why don't you tell me? To hell if I know." It was the truth also. He had zero clue what in Merlin's beard was going on here. He was practically giving up trying to figure it out since that was all he had been pondering since that first night.

Harry mulled it over quickly. "Well. Guess we like to fucking each other." Harry's face was coated in disbelief for saying it out loud as he washed away the words with another good sip of coffee. You like Fucking Malfoy. Repeat that please?

"Straight to the point, huh Potter?" Draco took a deep breath at the evident fact and looked back into his coffee before taking another drink.

"Yea guess so." Harry bit the inside of his cheek debating if he really wanted to suggest his idea . If it was making him uneasy to think it, he could only imagine what level of barmy it could take Draco to. "You umm…..you wanna meet up at the Leaky next Friday? Say about 8?"

Draco acted insulted but in reality it just hasn't been what he was expecting. "Meet up?' Draco asked. "You act like we're friends or something."

Harry shrugged. He wouldn't call Malfoy a friend but what else was there to call each other. "Saves us you eyeing me from the back of the room and the bantering before hand. We can just have a few drinks, loosen up, come back here, and have a good shag."

Draco felt himself blushing and was sure the redness had to be clear on his pale skin. "So just a good shag eh?' he downed the rest of his coffee in one go.

"Yea don't see why not." Harry grinned noting the blonds reddening face. "Unless you don't like the sex."

Draco narrowed his eyes at him. "You looking for a compliment Potter?"

"Not like you would have to give me one. Your cock has said thank you quite a few times. Quite generously might I add." Harry raised an eyebrow at him with a sly smile.

Draco pressed his lips together. They weren't friends so it couldn't be a friends with benefits situation like Blaise had been. Fuck buddies? Hmmm maybe it would rid himself of the constant Potter thinking and provide a good sexual outlet for all his stress. Decision made. "Fine you wanna be fuck buddies Potter? We can be fuck buddies. But remember you asked for it when I destroy your ass next week."

"You are free to try." Harry said confidently.

The blonde felt his blood begin to simmer. He wanted to make it a competition then so be it. Because he would win. "Challenge accepted. 8pm. Don't be late. I'm not going to sit waiting around for you." Draco got up from the stool and headed for the door.

"Later Malfoy," Harry called from behind him. Draco stopped and turned his head slightly like he thought he had heard something but wasn't sure. He shook his head once to clear the imagination and closed the door behind him. Harry laughed shaking his own head at the blondes response. "Such a prat."