Undeniable Tension

Chapter 4

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Draco stood before the older witch in Diagon Alley. He knew inquiring about the listing would be uncomfortable given his name, but he hadn't expected her to turn him down completely. Hesitation and a higher rent price were what he had expected to deal with.

The lady spoke bland and firmly. " I am sorry but I just can't risk the backlash from allowing someone such as yourself to rent my flat."

Draco tensed. Someone like himself. What did she know of him? He took a deep breath. "You mean to an ex death eater? Even though I was cleared of charges? Even though I have a well paying job for my age that I've proven myself in?" Draco was getting irritated as he shoved his hands in his pockets.

The lady sighed almost in sympathy. "It's not that. It's just your father has quite the unfavorable…..reputation. Your name alone is what would affect my family. Surely you must understand."

"Of course I do. It's because of my family that I'm stuck living in the shadows of my father and the tasks he forced upon me as an adolescent." Draco said through clinched teeth.

Draco watched and she pressed her lips together before finally speaking. "I'm sorry dear boy."

"I don't want your pity," Draco spat before turning on his heel. Pity Was the last thing he wanted. Where would someone's pity get him? No where that's where. He growled under his breath. Was he doomed to live constantly with the weight of his past crushing him? Of course you are. He just wanted to escape. He was at the point of giving up his lavish lifestyle for the freedom from his parents. What else was there for him to give?

He heard the lady calling behind him. "If I may suggest …maybe you should consider buying a property instead of renting."

Draco hesitated a second before continuing towards the apparition point. It wasn't like he hadn't considered buying a house. He just wasn't sure he wanted to attempt to put up the amount of money it required. It was going to be difficult enough to retain even the bare minimum of his lifestyle. Just right up buying a house would put him only a step above the Weasleys. Besides, his few years of working had provided him only a bit of savings. Not near what he would need.

Apparating Draco walked through the gates of the Manor and continued along the path towards the front door. Lavish gardens under the moonlight with the thick stone of the house reflecting in it. Truly the finest of the finest. There was no wondering why Voldermort had chosen such a house as his residence. He had once relished in the fact the Manor would be his one day. Such pride and joy to have under his name. Now it was nothing more than a waste of beauty. The only thing that brought hope to the house for him was the fact one day he could probably sell it. He was sure there were still a few pureblood families that would be honored to live under the roof that the Dark Lord had resided under.

Draco was beginning up the marble staircase in the foyer when he spotted movement from the corner of his eye. Looking that way he paused as Lucius came towards him. His robes flowing elegantly behind him.

"Where have you been Draco?" Lucius asked snidely as he paused at the bottom of the stairs.

Draco faced him. Why does he care? "It's of no concern father. I wasn't aware I needed to be home at a certain time," he said in a sarcastic tone.

Lucius's lip curled in a snarl. "Don't use that tone with me boy. I ask again….what…..were you doing? Your mother and I need to discuss a family matter with you."

Draco clinched his jaw. He hated interacting with his parents. "I was meeting a client to go over some final paperwork due tomorrow if you must know," he lied with ease. His father had no reason to question his whereabouts.

Lucius turned sharply from Draco with his long hair flicking behind him. "Meet us in the drawing room. 10 minutes." He instructed.

Making sure to walk up and off the stairs calmly he then began a brisk pace down the halls. Turning corner after corner until he reached his room. Entering with a groan he threw his cloak on his chair with force. A family meeting brought nothing but bad news. They didn't have to go to any effort to avoid each other but they also didn't seek each other out either unless necessary. Why couldn't they just leave him be?

Entering the drawing room Draco saw his mother and father sitting on the leather sofa. Lucius continued to sip his brandy as Narcissa stood to give Draco a hug. "Hello love, has work been good?" She asked softly.

He almost relaxed in her embrace before quickly feeling his body tense back up. His relationship with his mother was just as torn as it once was. She loved him but he always stood behind Lucius and his words. It was the only thing that made him hate her. "Yes mother. I have quite the client base now," he replied in a strong voice.

Narcissa smiled at him softly. "I'm so proud of you love."

"Now that the pleasantries are out of the way we have a matter to discuss." Lucius interrupted. Narcissa let go of Draco and resumed her seat next to him.

"Alright." Draco said in a voice empty of emotion. Instead he focused on his mother's face. She did love him dearly and he missed the time they had spent alone the last few years while Lucius had been in Azkaban.

Lucius lowered his drink and cleared his throat. "As you are aware we still posses numerous…artifacts from the Dark Lord that the Ministry was unable to detect upon their search. I have quite a few individuals who are interested in these items and I wish to sell them. However….the Ministry has kept close watch on me since my release. No doubts the family account as well. I'm sure they would be less than pleased about this and our overseas accounts were shut down quickly after their discovery. So I need someone who can alter the paperwork for my account and records."

Draco narrowed his eyes. This was nothing he wanted involved in, he had been free from being in his father's dirty work since the war. "Why don't you just trade?" Draco asked coldly.

Lucius raised an eyebrow and chuckled. "They poses nothing of my interest."

"I'm surprised you don't want to keep these….artifacts father." Draco mocked smoothly.

This time it was Lucius's turn to narrow his eyes, and he did so fiercely. "Seeing as the Dark Lord is undoubtedly dead this time I have no use for such items. I am not willing to risk our family's manor for trinkets."

He knew his father needed his help, and no one else capable would be willing to do business with the man without blackmail. Drack could always use the opportunity to move closer to his goal. Don't get involved. But the sooner you have the money the sooner you can rid yourself of them. Don't do it. He straightened himself in the chair to show his confidence in the situation. "What will you pay me father?" he asked smoothly.

Lucius raised his eyebrows quickly. "Pay?" he spat in fury. "You are my son and this is your home. You will aid in the future protection of it. Your name in this family, and body in this house are your rewards!"

Draco kept his face emotionless. He was use to his father's temper. "This will take months with the amount of artifacts I know you poses. I do have a job I also must attend regularly. I can't take on such a grand task without payment. Surely as a businessman you understand this."

Lucius's face wrinkled and began to turn red as he spoke harshly. "You ungrateful piece of….."

Narcissa's voice quickly carried over Lucius's interrupting his sentence. "Draco deserves to be paid dear. He is talented and as you said our son." She sat a hand upon her husband's knee to calm him.

Lucius growled and squeezed the glass in his hand tightly. "Fine. 25 galleons for your contribution to this family you ungrateful little brat."

Draco huffed in amusement. "You said this will take months. 200 galleons. I do not have as much free time as you assume father."

He watched his father as steam was practically spewing from his ears. "50," he said in a low and intimidating voice.

Draco didn't even blink or hesitate. "125 and that's the lowest I'm willing to take on a case of this size for."

Before Lucius replied Narcissa spoke. "Good job Draco," she said smiling as she turned to her husband. "It appears your money handling skills have truly rubbed off on him. You should be proud of our son."

Draco smirked at Lucius. "It was a pleasure doing business with you father," he said as he stood. He turned his gaze to Narcissa. "Good night mother," he said softly before exiting the room.

The next day the wind was bitter when Draco appeared before the Three Broomsticks. He nearly tripped in the snow as he hurried to get inside. Inside be brushed the sides of his cloak off and removed his gloves on the way to the counter. He quickly spotting Harry in his normal seat. Draco grabbed the pint he had ordered and went to join him. Draco felt a sense of ease wash over him as he approached the man. It was nice not worrying about being seen.

"Potter." Draco said acknowledging the man as he sat down before the fire. He took a big drink of his beer allowing the coolness of it to calm him down even more. Ever since the meeting with his father he had been feeling like a pissed off thunderbird ready to explode.

Harry looked away from the fire to fully see the blond. He had honestly not expected him show. You had really hoped he would show though. "Malfoy." He replied trying to keep the enjoyment from his voice. He raised an eyebrow and took a drink as Draco began giggling at nothing. "What's so amusing?" Harry asked. "Drunk already?"

Draco couldn't take his face out of his hand as he continued to laugh. He finally managed to do so for a drink before talking. "Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy…..sitting side by side at a pub attempting to engage in what, I assume, will be meaningless small talk with the intent of shagging afterwards."

Harry raised his eyebrows. It was very much the truth. "Well when you put it like that…."

Draco shook his head smiling. I'm completely barmy. He faced the Gryffindor."How are you so careless about this? This doesn't bother you?" he asked genuinely.

Harry took a drink and thought for a moment before speaking. Why doesn't it? "I don't know. For some reason it doesn't."

"Why? I'm Draco Malfoy. Ex death eater. School enemy for 7 years. You know…..me." Draco gestured up and down his own body like Harry couldn't see him.

Harry didn't answer right away. Inside he knew that Draco wasn't all bad. We all have both light and dark inside us. Dumbledore's words always held truth. After watching Draco lower his wand to the man he knew it was. Certainly it seemed true for Draco. He had seen it first hand even if Draco didn't accept it himself. "If you don't want to talk you don't have to Malfoy." He said casually looking back to the fire.

Draco groaned before throwing his head back against the chair. Stupid feelings. For some reason he found himself both wanting to talk and not talk at the same time. Not knowing what to do Draco chugged his drink and ordered another. He could feel Harry watching him from the corner of his eye as he sat back down. "What are you looking at Potter?" Draco questioned as he drank.

Harry turned his head slightly to glance at him before turning to look into the flames again. What were you looking at? He felt himself grow a little warmer and he readjusted himself in his seat. Something about Draco seeming more casual was stirring up extra thoughts in his brain. Wearing his black trousers and black jumper his face really stood out. The blackness seemed like a mystery Harry already knew. The more he paid attention the more the man was drawing him in. Quite handsome isn't he? Harry abruptly stood to go fetch a new drink.

Draco shrugged when Harry left and continued to drink. Who would have thought this would be the easiest and most relaxing part of his week. Did he want to talk with the man or simply head straight to the shagging. Let's just see ok? Harry returned to his seat and Draco's eyes followed him until he resumed his seat. The man still carried himself as he had in school. Care free. He recalled a few times in school Harry had seemed tense, but most of the time he seemed at ease. Draco couldn't help it back then but his eyes always seemed to find Harry no matter what he was doing. He swirled his beer around in his mug replaying old images in his mind. "So what are you drinking Potter?" Draco asked lowly.

"Whiskey," Harry answered without looking.

Draco's eyebrows rose. "Rough day at work I take it?"

Harry shrugged. Work was work. He excelled and enjoyed it but some cases would get the better of him. "You could say that," he stated simply. "The case isn't closed yet so I can't go into detail."

That was fair enough Draco thought. "Do you enjoy what you do then?" he asked further.

Harry mulled it over. He did enjoy catching criminals and throwing them into Azkaban. But it always left Harry feeling a little stuck in the normal now. Not really getting anywhere in life. "It's what I'm good at," he answered vaguely. He watched the blond throwing back his drink finishing it off.

After a another beer in silence Draco began growing antsy. The man beside him had came with the intentions of a good fuck and he was ready to relieve the tension of the week. The longer he sat in silence the more his mind began to wander to work and the deal he had made with his father. "You ready to go to your place Potter?" he asked sitting down his mug.

Harry looked at him. "Already? You haven't had that much to drink." Harry stated with curiosity. Surely Draco wanted to be a little further gone before engaging in a good shag with him.

"Neither have you," Draco pointed out. He eyed Harry while raising an eyebrow at him. "I'm pretty sure I have a challenge I need to engage in. Besides you have more liquor at your place if you need to numb your body for me."

"Alright then. Let's go of you are so eager to prove yourself." Harry smirked. Maybe Draco had had a little more to drink than he had thought.

Draco growled as he felt the sexual tension building between them. "You're going to be regretting those words soon enough." He stood and headed out, dropping his money on the counter along the way.

Standing at the apparition point he waited for Harry to join him. The Chosen One was challenging him, and he liked it. He grinned to himself…..or maybe Harry…as the man approached him. Closing his eyes to apparate he quickly reopened them as he realized he had never even paid attention to where Potter lived. He had always been drunk to some degree upon apparating, and Potter always apparated them both. "So where exactly does the glorious Harry Potter live?" Draco asked.

"841 Peppers Pike," Harry answered. Draco gave him a curious look causing him to roll his eyes. "It's a quite area on the outskirts of London. I wanted to be left alone." He said annoyingly before he apparated. Draco sighed in disbelief. Going to a purely muggle neighborhood…..how Potter it was.

Draco apparated in the front yard and he looked around. He could see a channel in the distance along with some beautiful trees lining the old side walk. Potters house actually had some antique charm to it despite it's muggle design.

"You just gonna stand in the cold all night? Move your ass Malfoy, I'm cold," Harry called out.

The blonde turned his eyes and found Harry standing in the door way. "This place wasn't a wizarding home was it?" Draco asked as he walked to the man and through the door.

Harry sat down his coat and lit the fire before summoning his bottle of firewhiskey. He sat on the couch and began pouring some shots. "No It wasn't," Harry finally answered. "But after the fall out with Ginny I just wanted some privacy. Hard to achieve it as the Boy Who Lived." He took a shot and passed one to Draco. "I was looking around the area and discovered the lady who lived here died without any relatives. I simply presented the proper paperwork to the Ministry. After a few adjustments with the muggle paperwork plus a few good security spells and protective charms I was able to move it. The muggles simply see an empty lot. When they touch the gate they get the feeling of fear. That little bit was Hermione's handy work." Harry took another shot.

Draco stood thinking in his own world. A muggle neighborhood. It had to be cheaper than most of the wizarding lots he had seen. Plus he would never have to worry about his father simply strolling on a road full of muggles. He would practically disown Draco at the time of purchase. Something to consider. "So still on contact with Granger and Weasley eh?" he asked breaking his thoughts.

Harry furrowed his brow like the question was absurd. "Of course. Not as close as we once were though," he admitted. After the whole Ginny thing and them starting their family they just didn't seem to have the time. Harry looked Draco up and down. "Would you sit down already?" Draco glared at him before sitting beside him on the couch.

Harry pushed the shot closer to the man. "Drink," Harry instructed when Draco sat.

"If I didn't know better I'd say you were trying to get in my pants Potter." Draco said under his breath before drinking it. The burn was just as horrid as he remembered.

"Already been there Malfoy," Harry laughed pushing him another. "No you just need to unwind a bit."

Draco rolled his eyes but gladly accepted the next one. It seemed like every time he sat the glass down, there was another to take its place. After the 5th Draco stopped himself. "Okay okay Potter damn. What are you trying to do to me?"

Harry just smiled. "You need it." He looked at the blondes shoulders and face. His muscles were already so much more relaxed and for some reason it made Harry happy to see him at ease.

Draco opened his eyes wider as if it could help him see better. "How do you know about what I need Potter?"

Harry chuckled. "I don't. But it's easy to tell when something is bothering you."

"Contrary to your belief," and to my own surprise, "…our little arrangement here is the least of my worries at the moment." Draco huffed.

"Seriously? I just figured you were all tensed up about not being able to accept last week's challenge." Harry teased.

Draco laughed. "You wish Potter. But that's something I don't have to worry about succeeding at."

Harry took a shot and leaned back "Okay then. What's wrong?" he asked in a friendly matter.

"Nothing that concerns you Potter." Draco said studying him closely. What does he care?

"It does if it is making you this tense." Harry said taking another shot. He found himself actually caring.

"Has it escaped your notice that I've been tense since probably 3rd or 4th year?" Draco asked rhetorically.

Harry had never spent a lot of time seeing Malfoy, and when he did he merely hated him to much to notice anything in detail. But looking back upon the facts there was no doubt he lived a tense life. "Well I can't say I cared enough to study your muscle form at the time Malfoy."

"No surprise there," Draco mumbled under his breath. Of course Harry hadn't spent anytime admiring him. They hated each other. Why did you keep looking at him then?

Draco reached for the bottle but Harry snatched his arm. "I think we've had enough Malfoy," the man stated.

Draco felt his heart rate increase at the feeling of Harry's hand around his arm. It was an exhilarating feeling every time they seemed to touch each other.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked again with a stronger voice.

"Nosey are we?" Draco chuckled and Harry gave him a glare that said he wasn't giving up. "Just work Potter. Ok?" His looked back down at Harry's hand upon his person.

Harry let go of the mans arm and leaned back again. "Do you ever talk to anyone about anything?" he questioned.

Draco kept his face blank at the intrusive question. It was none of his business if he had friends or not, but he found himself answering anyways. It felt easy to talk to him. "No. I haven't the need for social interactions." He said without emotion. He did miss the days him and Pansy would stay up late chatting in the common room.

"You know this counts as social interaction right?" Harry asked.

Taking a shot Draco held his breath while the burn began spreading. Did this count as a social interaction? Of course it does. For some reason the situation was quickly beginning to make him uncomfortable. "Come on Potter drink up. You're going to need it for what I'm going to do to you," Draco suggested.

"Doubtful," Harry stated confidently as he pushed the bottle away.

The blonde found the mans confidence irritating….in a good way. Draco felt the desire to prove himself at that moment and he closed the gap between them slowly. He grinned watching Harry's eyes slightly widened. Gently he brushed his lips against the mans and retreated enough to watch his response. Harry looked shocked at his kiss. Draco chuckled at in his face. "You are easy to come undone Potter," he purred. He kissed Harry with more force this time, and the man quickly let himself slide flat on the couch as Draco crawled over him. Draco couldn't find it in himself to allow the seal of their kiss to break.

Harry felt his heart beat pounding against his chest. The extra fire of the whiskey and Draco's confidence in kissing him so easily had shaken him. In a way that just felt right. He felt his body melting in the deep kisses the man was providing causing the snogging to increase at record speed…like 2 pent up teenagers. Harry felt his growing erection begin straining his trousers and he groaned in Draco's mouth when the blondes own hardness rub against him.

Draco rubbed his groin against Harry's harder this time and felt his own moan wanting to escape his throat. He couldn't think of anything else but the taste of the man's mouth. Their tongues fighting a battle of desire. Finally he broke their kiss just as Harry's hands moved to his neck. "Let's go upstairs ," Draco breathed heavily.

Harry stared deeply into the man's grey eyes and he kept himself from pouting. "What's wrong with here?" Harry mumbled.

Draco bent down quickly and nipped Harry's neck at the question. "Bed will be more comfortable for you Potter." He whispered into his skin.

"How considerate of you Malfoy, Harry chuckled pushing Draco off of him. He grabbed the blond by the hand and lead him up the stairs.

All the while Draco's heart was beating with the quickness of a snitch. He didn't know how he felt about the man holding his hand, but he did know that their hands seemed to mold together in the comfortable warmth of each others flesh. You like it. Draco could feel the adrenaline from their snogging coursing through his veins. Once in the room Harry began removing his clothing without hesitation, and Draco attempted to slowly undo his….but he found himself distracted watching the man. Harry was fully undressed by the time Draco had unzipped his trousers. The man was nothing but enchanting as his cock bounced while walking to him.

"Need some help there?" Harry asked teasingly as he approached Draco and placed his hand the mans hips. He pushed Draco's pants and boxers to the floor.

Draco's breathing grew shallow as he couldn't resist grabbing Harry's face with both hands and began kissing him deeply. His nostrils flared as he drew in air. All he could think about in that moment was how much he wanted to be in the man before him. He slowly walked them to the bed stepping from his trousers and shoes along the way.

It felt like an eternity full of snogging, sweet tasteful snogging, before they reached the bed. Once they did Draco pulled away to steady his head. The lust and buzz was making him dizzy. He wasn't sure which was affecting him more. He allowed Harry to pull his jumper over his head and the man began placing light kisses on his neck. Draco allowed his head to roll to the side opening himself up to be devoured. Closing his eyes he soaked in all he could of Harry's lips against his skin. Each kiss left his skin tingling. He felt Harry's hands begin roaming his body as they traveled from his neck to his cock. The feel of the man's hand upon his shaft caused him to open his eyes. "Incasarus," Draco said quickly.

Harry fell backwards onto the bed as his hands became bound behind his back. He hadnt been expecting that. All he was thinking about in the moment was Draco's fine cologne and the firmness of the man's body. "What are you doing Malfoy? Don't you want me to touch you?" Harry protested with a devilish wiggle of his eyebrows.

Draco narrowed his eyes and pierced the green eyes with his own. "I believe the challenge was for me to destroy you." He stated firmly. The blond lowered his body enough over Harry's to allow their bare cocks to brush each other. "I can get more than enough satisfaction from tormenting you if you don't recall." he purred before he began dragging his tongue down Harry's navel until he was crouching between the man's legs. Draco allowed his tongue to graze the head of the mans dick. He was already leaking with arousal. The blond felt his pupils dilate at the salty taste. He had only ever sucked Blaise's dick a few times. It was merely part of their deal in school, and it had never really be a desire. But the taste of Harrys cum brought his heart to his throat in pure desire for a better taste. Besides what better way to undo a man then bring his to the brink of orgasm only to deny him?

Harry gasped as he felt Draco take his cock in his mouth. He would never have expected the man to suck him. The blonde seemed much to dominating and regal to put himself on that level. Harry wanted nothing more than to tangle his hands in Draco's hair. The way he flicked and circled Harry's cock with expertise had him arching for more. As a moan escaped him he began to thrust up before Draco released him from his mouth. He grabbed Harry's length in his hand and pulled as he crawled on top of him.

"So Potter…" he lowered his lips to Harry's enough to torture him. Only an inch was between their mouths. Harry's breathing was heavy and when the throbbing head of his cock bounced against Draco he found himself leaning forward to capture the man's lips, but there blonde pulled away. "I think you enjoyed that to much." Draco's smirk was evil and Harry sharply inhaled when Draco latched onto his neck with a mission to devour him. Harry gasped and begged his hands to move, to pull the blonde deeper into his skin, but found himself squirming beneath the man and letting little whines leave his lips. He arched up against him and he felt Draco's hand tug on his cock again.

The power in which Draco sucked on his neck increased when he moved his suction lower, and he began stroking Harry. All Harry could think about was the pleasure building within him. Right as he felt himself on the brink Draco ceased his movement and stood up away from him smiling. Harry groaned angrily and thrust his pelvis in the air slightly yet involuntarily looking for friction. "Fuck you Malfoy," Harry growled heavily in frustration. He forced his arms to be still and not struggle against the binding ad he knew the effort was pointless.

Draco could do nothing more than smile as he summoned his wand and quickly caused a ball gag to appear from no where. It forced itself into Harry's mouth and the man glared at him. "Now that's better don't you think Potter?" Draco said happily. He grabbed his own erection and began stroking himself. Seeing none other than the Chosen One, the golden boy, restrained before him at his mercy caused his cock to throb harder. Draco lightly rubbed his cock against Harry's and his nostrils flared when the man failed to keep his eyes open.

The blonde wrapped his hand around both of their cocks pressing them together as he began rubbing them up and down in unison. Their combined erections were like a tree trunk and his hand was just barely able to wrap around them both comfortably. Merlin this is good. Draco let his own head lean back as he stared at the ceiling. Rubbing them together sent tingles down his cock before it worked it's way up his body. He felt Harry thrust upwards and moan causing him to squeeze them both tightly before letting go. He leaned over the man again and let his hand slide down Harry's groin until he reached the softness of his ball sack. Draco was unable to resist running his tongue slowly across the man's erection again licking the cum from his tip. Looking up he saw the mans head lifted up, his green eyes focused strongly on him. They seemed pleading. Draco nuzzled Harry's cock before lightly pulling on his scrotum.

Harry was dying inside as he wished nothing more than for Draco to just take him. He tried to say it with everything in his eyes. The desire to come was overwhelming. His eyes closed and he exhaled with relief when he felt Draco push him further onto the bed. He opened his eyes to see the gray eyes hovering over him. "Roll over Potter," Draco purred as he pulled Harry by the shoulder helping him turn onto his belly. He heard Draco mumble something and he felt a slickness coating his crack. He raised his ass into the air hoping Draco would just get on with it. SMACK. With the impact of Draco's hand he inhaled sharply at the sting but only pushed his ass further back for the man. Fucking Merlin I can't wait anymore.

"Now now Potter," Draco purred cupping the mans bum in his hand while stroking himself. He slid his fingers through the lube he had conjured in Harry's crack. He heard Harry's muffled moan as he grazed the mans hole before entering 2 fingers into the tightness. "Is this what you want?" Draco asked knowing it wasn't. He began wiggling his fingers around inside him. The blonde began pumping himself harder. He smiled as Harry squirmed beneath him begging his arms to be free before shaking his head no. "I thought so," He said heavily as he worked his fingers in and out of the man until he felt like he was reaching his own thresh hold.

Draco removed his fingers from the man and dragged the tip of his cock through coolness coating his creavasse. He drew in a sharp breath when he stopped at his tight opening and pressed lightly against it. This is going to be good. Harry pushed his ass further back willing Draco to enter him. "Remember you asked for this," Draco warned as he slowly pushed past the tight rim of Harry's hole. He let out a shuddered breath as the man moaned upon his entrance. A split second later Draco felt determination sweep through him causing him thrust deeply into the man. Harry let out a extended moan causing Draco to thrust again.

"How's it feel?" Draco asked as began the steady pace of deep thrusting. " How's it feel not being able to stroke yourself Potter?" Draco closed his eyes as he kept moving inside the tightness and warmth of Harry's ass. He chest was growing tight and he let out a heavy puff of air. Going this strongly was proving just as torturous for him. The sound of their skin slapping into each other was exhilarating.

Draco opened his eyes to see the man bouncing beneath him, his face was pressed into the mattress. He increased his pace and lifted his right knee to allow himself to go even deeper with even greater force. Letting go of one of Harry's hips he grabbed the little bit of rope showing between Harry's wrist and pulled them further back until the mans face was lifted up. He could finally hear the desperate breathing and continuous moans that kept escaping around the gag with each heavy thrust he provided. Draco dropped his jaw so he could breath and his eyes became set on nothing but the back of Harry's head. He hadnt realized how much he had wanted this. "I told you I'd destroy you." He managed to say before began grunting. He thrust harder and harder until Harry began ineligible noises upon each impact. "You like it though don't you? You like me fucking your ass. Do you want me to touch your cock?" Harry didn't respond to him. Perhaps you are seriously fucking his brains out.

Harry wasn't able to focus on anything other than the pounding of Draco's body against his backside. The unbearable penetration invading his body…..it felt like the blonde was reaching parts of him he had never imagined. He could feel his balls begin to tighten, and he moaned louder as Draco pulled on his arms harder. His upper body finally gave up the fight and went completely limp but he kept his rear firm accepting every thrust the man offered him. He heard the faint words in the distance. "Are you going to come for me Potter? Come on. Come." Draco's voice was far away and he his ears only heard the vibration of the man's impact that was causing his body to tingle. His heart was pounding and he struggled for air.

Draco was grunting fiercely as he repeatedly drove his cock into Harry's ass. Merlin he better come soon. Draco wasn't sure how much longer he could hold himself off. Luckily he heard Harry let out a cry around the gag signaling his release. Draco thought the clinching of the mans hole would kill him. He quickly let go of Harry's wrists and placed his hand upon the mans back pushing him further into the mattress. Draco lifted his entire body weight onto Harry's bum as he continued to hold him down. He gasped and paused deep within him when he felt his own seed spilling into the man. Sparks burst in his eyes as he closed them and allowed his head to fall forward gasping "Fuucccckkkkkk meeeeee…." The words were slow as he softly thrust in and out of him a few more times. Draco attempted to recompose himself before withdrawing from Harry's body.

Harry sank flat onto the bed when Draco climbed off of him to grab his wand. With a flick Harry felt his jaw relax and hands become free. He ran his fingers through the back of his hair before rolling sideways for air. Draco was grinning at him. Harry glared at him but couldn't maintain it since he didnt mean it. He felt the corners of his mouth raising although he tried to stop it. The man had definitely won the challenge. Harry was exhausted, thoroughly fucked, and guaranteed to be sore for a few days.

Draco observed the wetness that had coated the bed near Harry's cock. He felt victorious and returned his smug expression to Harry's eyes. "Say it Potter," he said confidently.

Harry just looked at him. Talk about fun right? Dropping the smile he had failed to contain he tried to straighten his face. "Alright. You won Malfoy," Harry attempted to say in a growl as if he was disappointed.

Draco wasnt satisfied with the man's response. He raised his eyebrows and cocked his head waiting for what he wanted to hear. "What exactly did I win at?" his voice was cocky.

Harry exhaled deeply. Gloat much. "You have successfully destroyed my ass," Harry said without care. He wasn't going to let Malfoy think for a second he was ashamed. Both of them liked it and that was undeniable. Draco's face was entirely to happy though as he turned away from Harry. "But….." Harry continued. "I think I like you destroying me."

Draco turned around and raised an eyebrow at him. What? He blushed when Harry winked at him. He liked it? To many weird feelings. Time to leave. "I'm using the loo Potter." He said quickly so he could exit the room. Entering the loo he took a deep breath. Why was Harry enjoying this so much? Why are you?

After a few minutes of washing himself off he walked back into the room to gather his clothes. He saw Harry pulling on sleep pants and grinned at him when he saw Draco's naked body. The blonde quickly snatched his boxers and pulled them on. Harry sat down on the edge of his bed and when Draco went to grab his pants he spoke. "Just sleep here Malfoy," Harry offered. Draco felt his face turning hot at the offer. You want me to stay? He grimaced as he realized he did when he didn't instantly say no. He growled at himself and averted his eyes from Harry's.

Harry did his best not to laugh at the blondes facial expressions. "Just get in the bed and sleep Malfoy." Harry said softly as to not scare him off. He found it comforting the nights they shared a bed. You're barmy. Are you surprised? Not really. He smiled when he saw Draco drop his pants back to the floor. The blonde didn't move though. "Come on. This is a bed you know. You've slept in it before," Harry teased.

Draco brought his eyes back to Harry's and glared at him. No shit. Taking a deep breath he found himself moving to the bed and sitting down on the edge.

Harry smiled at the amusement that was Draco before waving the candles to go out. Harry shook his head at himself at the ridiculousness of it. Enjoying sharing a bed with Malfoy. He never thought he would see the day. The bed shifted as Draco lay down on the other side. "Night Malfoy," Harry said quietly as he pulled the covers up over them feeling satisfied.

Waking up at Harry's was beginning to prove rather normal for Draco now. Compared to all other times he had awoken in the man's bed this time he felt relaxed about it. Maybe it was from not being under the same roof as his parents or maybe it was just the relaxation of their shagging the night before. Either way he was enjoying it.

Instead of instantly exiting the bedroom he decided to linger in bed. What was the point of getting up? Obviously Harry didn't mind him being there so why turn down the hospitality. Because it is Potter? Leaving the bed only meant returning home, and Harry was proving a form of calm. Repeat that? What was he thinking? Potter providing him comfort? Maybe he should consider hanging out with Pansy and Blaise soon to rid himself of the feeling. Surely his old friends would prove relaxing as well.

Draco groaned but finally pushed himself from the bed and to the loo. He showered quickly and dressed himself. Making his way down the stairs he was not surprised to find Harry reading and drinking his coffee. Their eyes met and Draco felt his breath catch. His eyes seemed more vibrant….and beautiful. Shut the fuck up. Maybe waking up in his bed was feeling normal but fucking the man and regular contact did not. Are you sure?

Harry watched the man's face flush. He was still embarrassed. "Want some coffee Malfoy?" Harry asked trying to ease the man.

Draco felt weird for some reason and looked to the kitchen. He found himself again wanting to stay. What the fuck is wrong with you? "Yea I suppose." He said quietly against his own will. The blonde sat down at the counter as Harry rose and began making the coffee. The man pushed a cup to Draco and leaned back against the cabinets to drink his own fresh cup.

Draco couldn't stand the quietness. It was making his skin itch. "So Potter….what keeps your Friday nights so open for business. I figured you would be spending your time with the Wesel." He grinned as the insult took him back to a comfortable place.

Harry took a long drink. He was use to Draco referring to Ron as such but it was still slightly irritating. "I usually see Ron and Hermione on Sundays. Since Rose and work they are usually quite busy."

Draco huffed. "Granger still never ceases to be busy I see." It was no shock. The witch was incapable of doing nothing for more than a day.

"What about you then Malfoy? Why aren't you spending your weekends at some lavish party or doing whatever rich blokes do?" Harry countered.

Draco tensed at the insinuation. He didn't throw or attend such parties anymore but he wasn't about to let that be known. "What can I say Potter. Spending time with the Golden Boy has taking precedence." He attempted it as an insult even though meeting with Harry was the only thing he really looked forward to now.

Harry chuckled. "How honored am I to be at the top of Malfoy's entertainment list. I wouldn't go around letting others hear that."

Draco raised his eyebrows. "Do I need to force you into an unbreakable vow now Potter?" he said in a mix of seriousness and teasing. There was no way he wanted people to know of their arrangement.

"So I will take you don't want to brag about your winnings last night to The Prophet?" Harry said smiling and raising his eyebrows.

Draco clenched his teeth. He would brag all right. Just to no one besides them. "Haha Potter. As much as I'd love the world to know you like my cock, I think I will let you suffer that in silence."

Harry titled his head. "Who says I'm suffering?" He asked genuinely.

Draco shook his head to disperse sudden flow of thoughts that wanted to invade his mind. "I don't think I will ever understand you Potter." He said taking another drink.

"You don't have to. That's a bonus of fuck buddies." Harry pointed out.

"To right you are Potter," he said finishing his coffee before standing.

Harry watched him stand and he found himself not wanting Draco to leave. Why? "You know you don't have to just leave right away," he said casually.

Draco stopped and furrowed his brows. "What was last night so good you can't wait a week?" he said with the tone of temptation.

"Doesnt just have to be sex Malfoy." Harry shrugged.

Draco felt more confused. "Then what would we do?"

Harry shrugged again. "I don't know. Ron and I usually just chat with the occasional game of wizarding chess thrown in."

Draco was taken aback a second and almost puked at the image that came to his mind. "Your fucking the Wesel?" he said trying not to sound shocked. What do you care? Um it's fucking gross and you had sex with him?

Harry nearly spit out his coffee. "NO! I meant…nevermind." Ugh. He kicked himself for not choosing his words more carefully. All he was trying to do was encourage the man to hang around for a bit.

Draco narrowed his eyes. Was Harry seriously trying to get him to just hang out? "No, what did you mean Potter?" he asked sternly.

Harry groaned inside. He hadnt intended on saying it out right. "I just meant we could…..you know….hang out. I don't ever have plans on Saturdays. It feels good to break that habit." He admitted.

He is wanting to hang out. Did he really want to stay around at Potter's house without the intent of sex? Yes. "Ok….." this is weird. "...what do you want to do then," He asked.

None of the ideas that came to Harry seemed fitting considering Draco didn't want to talk much and he was sure he didn't want to be seen during the day with him. "I would suggest go to lunch but I doubt you want to be seen in broad daylight with me."

Draco snorted. "Figured that out on your own did you?"

An idea came to him."Why don't you just stay for lunch? I can have Loty fix us something." Harry suggested.

Draco was baffled. "The righteous Harry Potter has a house elf? How have you managed to keep that secret from Granger?"

"She knows. Kreacher insisted on staying at Grimmauled Palace Ann's I enjoy the company. I think she has finally accepted they really do live for what they do." There was no way he could have snuck a house elf past Hermione and the thought alone was frightening. The woman could sense a secret and pry it out of him.

Draco was a little shocked. He never imagined Hermione to be one to give up her mission of S.P.E.W. just stay. "Fine. If my presence is truly that honoring for you I suppose I can make time for lunch." Of course he could make time. Saturday's consisted of nothing more than more paperwork and sulking around his room.

"Loty." Harry said, and with a CRACK a small house elf appeared before him.

"Is Master Harry ready for lunch?" he bowed.

"Yes Loty. Can you prepare 2 dishes? Malfoy will be eating lunch here as well." He stated looking over to Draco.

The little elf bounced up and down. "A guest? Loty will make the best Master Harry!" With another CRACK he was gone.

Draco grinned. "Don't get much company I take then Potter?" The little elf had been far to excited at the fact another dish was required.

Harry glared at him. "I told you I wanted to be left alone. With the baby it's easier for me to visit Ron and Hermione at their place." It didn't take long before Loty re-appeared with a full tray of beef stew, rolls, and wine. "Thank you Loty that will be all," Harry said dismissing the elf.

As they say down to eat the air grew thick for Draco. This whole thing seemed surreal to him. Shagging Potter, staying at his place, eating with him, and feeling comfortable about it. The comfortableness was what made him tense. Then Harry interrupted his thoughts.

"You ever think about school Malfoy?" Harry asked in-between bites.

Draco stopped staring at his bowl and looked up to meet the green eyes. The question was random. School hadn't been particularly wonderful for either of them, and was just down right unbearable the last few years. "Why do you ask?" Draco inquired.

Harry continued eating. "I just find it interesting to see where people are now. Some change a lot after school….and others not so much."

He didn't like to think about school. There were a few memories he did enjoy but it still wasn't something he thought of often. "I prefer not to think about much of anything actually. Let alone how the prats from school are doing." He said honestly.

Harry enjoyed thinking of some of his friends and the stupid shit they had done. "Well Hermione is pretty much the same, Ron has grown up a bit, cant speak for myself I guess, and you…" Harry paused trying to decide what he wanted to say. "You seem a bit more respectable. Not insulting me at every given moment. So far I'm inclined to say I like the new Malfoy."

At the words Draco nearly choked on his roll. Taking a drink of wine he swallowed and pushed the bowl aside. It was suddenly hot in the room. The thought of anyone liking him was completely unbelievable and the thought of Harry liking him as a friend was overwhelming. The only ones that maybe still likes him were Pansy and Blaise. That was even iffy. Standing he grabbed his cloak and made for the door. "Well thanks for the shag and meal Potter but I've got other things to attend to." Liar. Harry looked confused at his sudden decision. Draco turned away. "Same time next week?"

He couldn't see it but Harry was now smiling at his sudden change of expression. The blonde had went from relaxed to tense in a heart beat. "Sounds good," he answered and he watched as Draco casually exited the house and apparated.

Finally reaching his room Draco sighed in relief of having not run into his parents again. Who knew when his father was going to load him with his new task. The selling of dark magic and Voldermort possessions was something he was not happy to aid in. If he didn't though his father would quickly make his life a living hell. His father would probably curse him and maybe even go to the point of disowning him. Not that Draco cared. If he could rid himself of the Malfoy name one day it would be a true celebration.

Sitting on his bed and putting his head in his hands he rubbed his face in frustration. Why couldn't everything just be done. He tried turning his mind from his ordeals and began thinking over the last 18 hours. He had talked to Harry more than he had intended. Shagging him had been absolutely amazing. The memories flooded back to him at full speed and he felt his cock twitch in response. His mind suddenly turned to the afternoon. Harry providing him lunch and wanting to engage in casual behavior…..like friends would. He had even gone as far as to say he liked him. Something surely only someone that had been obliviated would say. Draco felt all the blood running to his cock at the thought of Harry liking him at all. Sliding his hand over the bulge in his trousers to accept the fact it was turning him on….he cursed himself.

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