HIM - wolfstar

Before I met him

I have been having this idea forever know, and I'm finally writing it down.

It's an AU in which the marauders are all muggles. It's mostly wolfstar, but you might see some Jily squeezed in somewhere.

I hope you will enjoy reading the story just as much as I enjoy making it up.

Stick with me until the very end and leave reviews along the way.

I didn´t know that this would happen.

I don't think anyone could have predicted this.

He means everything to me, and I really mean everything. How could I have known he was gonna mean this much to me? Frankly, I don't think anyone saw it coming, maybe except James Potter, but he is also so terribly observant.

My whole life I have lived in the same city, in the same house. I have known my two best friends for ages, James Potter and Peter Pettigrew. P and P, I know, there's something about it.

James Potter has been my friend since kindergarten, very original I know. Could you hear the sarcasm? He is my very best friend and we have been through everything together. I can't believe he is still friends with me, he is tall, handsome, popular. He has it all. His hair is brown and curly, every girl's dream, also his sun-brown skin, all about him looks perfect. James always tells the funniest stories about him and his family.

Peter Pettigrew has been my friend since sixth grade. He is not so tall, pretty small actually, perhaps a bit chubby. Someone would say that at least, I say so too. Though he is not unpopular or anything, not with the girls at least, he is the one of the three of us who gets most girls. They say he is 'cute' or something, I don't understand girls. I think the only reason James doesn't get any girls is that he only has eye for one, the only one he can't have.

Oh well, Peter has light curly hair, but not the same kind of curls as James. His is more afro-curls, that is short and light, while James has small curls that hang from the top of his head.

You are probably all very interested in what I look like, but I'm not, so you won't find out, yet. I'll probably tell you sometime when I can actually see myself. Maybe tomorrow when I look worn.

Which reminds me, you don't know where I am right now. You see, I just finished my third year in high school, only a year left. I'm really good at math if you hadn´t guessed it yet. This party look like any other party, in primary school, it was of course "no-alcohol" parties. Now its more like "alcohol" parties, or "really-much-alcohol" parties. This party is one of those parties where there is really much alcohol, and maybe drugs, but that's not something I touch.

To make a long story short; there was a party, many people on little space, everyone smelled either of sweat, smoke or both, bad light, really noisy. Someone played truth or dare, spin the bottle or some weird card game. People took home, someone has sex upstairs, seen it all before, have been there.

Now you are probably wondering why I'm at this party. Well, wouldn't you be?

I'm not quite sure how I made it home that night, I think James´s parents picked us up, they are the best, pretty sure I'm sleeping at their place right now. Who knows. Is a little bit careless, it doesn't matter that much.

James hates how everything about him is brown. Brown skin, brown hair, brown eyes. He wants some more variation. I totally agree with him, though I'm too polite to tell him.

People call me polite, I don't know if it's positive or negative. They say I'm something special, that is, probably is most cases negative. It's not that I'm bullied or anything, but people tease, they just do. That's just how it is.

I open up my eyes.

Right enough, I'm at James´s house, I'm in his bed, without clothes. I don't even remember taking it off. Neither he or Peter is nowhere to be seen in this room. Did Peter even join us here last night? Usually, he goes home with some girl-friend of his.

My head hurts, and I just stare up at the ceiling. It's white. Most of the things in their house is white, it's so modern and expensive. I kinda like it, but my own house is better, it's darker, but it has more wood furniture and stuff. James's house is bigger though, and his parents always like to pick us up, so that's why I always sleep with him.

That and because none of us gets someone home, so it won't be weird. Though, the fact that none of us ever gets a girl, and we just hang out instead might be counted as weird. I don't care.

James, of course, being as rich as he has a four-poster bed, a giant bedroom that could possibly house ten four-poster beds. I like the view he has, but the curtains are drawn, so there nothing to look at now.

Someone knocks on the door and James comes in, would it be too weird if I thought he was the one knocking? Njah it wouldn't.

"How are you feeling?" he asks, I look at him. James being the amazing (morning) person he is, is of course already awake and dressed… and has hot cocoa in his hands, therefore the 'amazing' part.

I sit up and make sure the duvet is covering me completely.

"Headache" I tell him and takes the cup he offers me. "Was I bad last night?"

James usually never drinks at parties, which makes him the perfect person to ask if you did something stupid, it also makes quite a business for him seeing as he can reveal what others did. He never takes advantages of this.

"You could have been worse," he told without looking at me. I rolled my eyes.

"Just tell me"

"You… You almost stripped in front of everyone, then I decided it was time to go home. Thought you insisted you were sweating so you took off your shirt. Maybe a little less alcohol for the next party." He suggested. I didn't even blush when he told me, I know he is the only person who will remember this anyways.

I took a sip of the cocoa. It was nice and hot. The smoke flew into my face, kinda relaxing, in a good way. It reminds me of autumn, its summer now.

"Why am I naked now then?" I asked not particularly interested.

"You said that you had to be prepared if someone wanted to drop by and fuck you," James said matter of factly.

"Less alcohol for the next party I agreed laughingly.

Summer is ahead of me. Who knows what´s gonna happen. I could discover a secret that no one knows. I could be on the greatest vacation ever with my family. I could have the time of my life. I could meet the one and only.

Or I could do as any other summer and do absolutely nothing but read all day.

Though, I guess now that I'm not stripping ((ha ha joke)) at some party, I could tell you all what I look like, I have nothing better to do anyway.

I have brown hair, it's almost tawny, sometimes it is, sometimes it isn´t. I never know. Freckles cover just about everything on my face, which kinda looks cute if you ask me. I'm tall, even taller than James, so not this hot kind of tall, but awkward kind of tall. Jubi. My skin is mostly very-light-brown, sometimes I manage to get just a little tan, otherwise its red.

I spent most of my time hanging out with my friends, if not I'm reading, which I just love to do. Hurray for me, the nerd.

Oh, and by the way, my name is Remus Lupin.