• Doing it for family

    A new disease is taking over the world. Not much time goes by before half the population is sick and dies, but that's not the worst part. They come back. Sirius is trapped in his flat all alone and wishes for someone to be his friends. One day, James and Remus come by.
  • Hear me out

    Sirius and Remus spent a week together alone in a beach house, where both revealed their true feelings for each other. Now they're back and Remus wants to come out to his parents.
  • Sirius the ultimate drama queen

    Sirius would do anything for the drama. Regulus just wants him to stay in the family. But asking Sirius to stop being dramatic is like asking the sky to stop being blue. Only harder.
  • Soon to be anniversary

    27th of December was the date Sirius and Remus got together, or rather, Sirius intended it to be. Though confessing one's undying love may be harder than he realized. WOLFSTAR. SQUIB AU.
  • The Marauders: solemnly together

    Life at Hogwarts isn t always easy. Pranks will be pulled, friends will be made, and secrets revealed... will the marauders be able to stick together through thick and thin, and be solemnly together until the very end?
  • HIM - wolfstar

    How do you make someone fall in love with you when they won't even talk to you? Remus Lupin is starting his last year at high school, expecting it to be normal, but when some boy shows up and make you fall madly in love, how can anything ever be normal? No, the real question is; is it the right thing?
  • A person without a wand is defenceless

    All Sirius ever wanted was magic and real friends, but that was the thing he could never get, because being born as a squib, his "friends" didn't want to live with him, cause they didn't want to bring him into danger. But maybe he can still make it on his own.
  • Saving Sirius

    Regulus never thought he would have to work together with Remus Lupin to get his older brother out of Azkaban after he was framed for being a death eater. However, Lupin was a perfect choice seeing as Sirius was the single most important person in both of their lives.
  • Calm his demons

    Remus tries to calm the wolf by punching a punching bag; a technique that seems to work. But when the bullies bully too much and he stands all alone with it, perhaps he needs a new way to stay calm. Perhaps he needs a friend.
  • Somebody to love

    Remus pursues a rock star career to finally be reunited with his true love. The only problem is that he disappeared eight years ago, though still, Remus is unable to move on.
  • Cleopetra

    Becoming an animagus isn't a piece of cake, even with a step-by-step guide that used to belong to your mom. But with the right person by your side (aka your extremely beautiful girlfriend) it's easier than it seems.
  • First-kiss anniversary gone wrong

    Remus planned a picnic for him and Sirius on their first-kiss anniversary, but it seems as if Sirius has plans of spending it with someone else.
  • Become a marauder

    When Sirius was sorted into Gryffindor his whole life turned upside down. His family and friends became his enemy, and how in Merlin's name was he supposed to survive without a single soul in the entire world to care for him? But maybe he just had to let go and someone will be there to catch him?
  • Sooner or later

    Lily Evans doesn't fall for James' charms, and what could possibly be the reason for that when James is the coolest guy in the school? (Jily and hint of wolfstar)
  • Slytherclaw - you for me, me for you

    Thea has never been to a ball before, but she gets the chance and she takes it. There is going to be a Halloween ball at Hogwarts this year, she couldn't be more exited.
  • Anniversary - Teddy Lupin oneshot

    Its the eleventh anniversary of his parent's death. He is dreadful for the day he has to go to platform 9 3/4 alone, though is he really alone?
  • The Marauders: solemnly together

    The marauders had never had any friends. but they all turn eleven, go to Hogwarts and then they are solemnly together.