HIM - wolfstar

When I met him

If I had known what was gonna happen, I wouldn't have backed out.

First day of school.

Always great.

If you are an alien.

First day of school is the worst of the worst. Who even invented them? Why do we even go to school? I don't care about my fucking education, I just want to sleep and read. And eat chocolate, and drink hot cocoa, and-

You know what there's a lot of things I want to do but going back to school is not one of them. I have wasted my summer completely, like I always do, we haven't been any cool places I can brag about. The wildest thing that happen was that I woke up before eight.

James as that morning person he is was of course looking great and fresh and god knows what. I on the other hand look awful and tired. Which is weird considering I haven't done anything but sleep all summer. Oh, great times. Great times.

It´s a wonder that I even woke up this morning. That´s just how it is, everyone is tired the first day of school, James being the exception.

It´s Monday morning and the first thing we have is math. The greatest subject of all time. Sarcasm. I don't think anyone actually likes it, someone just hates it more than others, I´m the kind of person who doesn't dislike it. As I said earlier, I'm good at math. Thought I was being sarcastic back then? I wasn´t.

If I wasn´t so humble I would say that I´m the best in class. I am humble, so I guess I won't say it, but now you know and technically I didn´t tell you so that still counts as humble. If you ask me, and seeing as I'm the only person here, you can only ask me.

The teacher rambles on about something like it wasn´t the first day of school, like we all weren´t falling asleep. I try to concentrate about it, though it's hard, I allow myself to take a break.

He asks a question, no one raises their hands. He looks disappointed, we are probably learning about something we learned last year and probably should know. I probably know it because he is looking expectant at me, and I kindly ignore him. Staring at the clock that ticks soooo slow.

Mr. Slughorn ((our teacher)) is about to say something, but he is interrupted by a knock on the door. The persons come in before Mr. Slughorn gets to say anything. Is it weird to be so happy? Someone is interrupting class, that's not weird, that's normal.

The first person who comes in is our principal Dumbledore. An old looking man, but still young as a… something that is young. He isn´t bald like many people old people, but he had white hair with a white beard.

The next person who comes in is young. Definitely a student, he is not so tall, a little smaller than James perhaps. His hair is black, and his skin is white. He has black boots that matches his black leather jacket, he has a grey shirt under and black pants. He is all black and white, with grey eyes. I never thought anyone would look good with grey eyes.

The boy has a bored expression on his face, he doesn't look down, but somehow, he manages to avoid looking at anyone.

"Ahh what can I do for you Albus?" Slughorn kindly asks, though it was hard for him to hide the sneer, he hates to be interrupted.

Dumbledore who didn´t seem to notice it smiled. "We have a new student" he gestured to the young boy beside him, he then turned to the class, "I hope you all will make him feel welcome, and one of you will show him around" though he said it lightly, it was clear that the last thing was an order.

I did it because this new boy looked interesting. And hot. But also, because I'm nice, and I can't even imagine what it must feel like to move to a new place where everyone already know each other. It can't be easy to make friends.

Because of those reasons, I raised my hand. Dumbledore smiled at me. "Thank you, Mr. Lupin,"

Slughorn seemed to be the only one who noticed that we missed the obvious, we didn´t know his name. "Can I ask for your name young boy?" he asked when Dumbledore didn´t say anything.

The boy shook his head.

It was Dumbledore who spoke again. "He has… requested that no one knows his name, and if he requests such thing, I think its only fair that we don't speak his name" he said calmly and looked Slughorn directly into his eyes. Indicating that there was a reason for this we couldn´t know about.

Our teacher nodded understanding, as if he remembered something.

Peter Pettigrew raised his hand. "Yes Mr. Pettigrew?" Slughorn said and nodded to him, which for some reason means 'you are now allowed to speak'.

He asked the question we all wanted the answer to. "Why can't we know your name?" he asked directly to the young boy with the black hair.

Both Dumbledore, Slughorn and the whole class looked expectant at the boy who simply shrugged and answered; "It´s the best way I can avoid people talking to me"

Oh, he is good.

But I am here so there is no way he is allowed to not become friends ((or more)) with me. He was far too hot for that. When I say hot - I mean really hot, I think I'm almost turned on by just looking at him. I have never felt this way with anyone before.

"I´ll leave you to teach the class, Horace" Dumbledore said and the left the class.

Do you guys even want me to describe the class room? I think you all have some idea, have some expectations to how its gonna look like. So, to avoid any more confusion I´ll describe it very detailed, because why the hell not.

Its rectangular, wow big surprise. The walls are white and sticky with all the math-posters everywhere, on the left you see the door, you can use this to go out. Then there is the teachers-table in the middle, and windows on the right. We all sit alone on small uncomfortable wooden-tables. I sit by the window and the new boy sit it the right far down corner. In the shadows.

The perfect place to sit if you don't want to be seen.

I wanted to look at him, but his position any my position made it rather hard. Uhh, that could sound dirty. I wish it was.

The boy looks like he is paying attention to class, a nerd, I like that. I try to pay attention for the rest of the class, just as much as I tried before, but my mind only wants to focus on the boy. He is writing things down. Oh, dear god he is writing things down, in math class. Who writes things down in math class?

Let me answer that for you;


This hot guy is a nerd and I'm so hype over this what is wrong with me?

The class finally stops, I make my way for the boy´s table. We have some free time before next class, so I can show him around now. He puts his things down in an old bag.

"Ready to be shown around" I ask way too enthusiastic. I guess I'm just happy that I'm the first person who gets to talk to him.

He doesn't answer, he doesn't look at me, but he nods. I had thought he would be one of those types who talked way too much, I was wrong then, not that it's a bad thing. Its not good that he doesn't talk at all either. But he is still hot, so whatever.

"What's your next class?" nothing.

"Did you just move here?" nothing.

"How is it to move to a new place?" nothing.

"Have you been here before?" nothing.

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

I start to think that he can't even talk, that is until my last question.

"Do you want to eat lunch with me and my friends."

"Look…" he had raised his hand to point a finger at me, he slowly lowered it with a sigh. "You are probably a cool guy, but I don't know if you heard what I said before. I don't want any friends!" he turned back to looking away again, and didn´t say anymore.

What should I say now? The obvious? Should I just ignore what he just said?

"Why not?" I decided to ask dumbly. It is dumb, of course he won't tell me. Though there was the slightest chance, and I decided to take it.

"I came here to educate, not making friends." He replied simply. Okay, so he is a nerd, maybe too much of a nerd, but I can work with that. Maybe I can finally get a good study partner.

"Of course, that's obvious. Having friends is just a bonus" I interjected wisely.

"Or a downside" he murmured.

I don't think I was supposed to hear it, so I decided to ignore it. We continued to walk around, I told him where everything was, it felt like he ignored me, though I'm not sure if he did.