HIM - wolfstar

When I discovered his name

I was so attracted to him, and it was wonderful.

I didn´t see him the rest of the day, not even for lunch, he was nowhere to be seen in the cafeteria. Now, say that I was disappointed, would be describing exactly how I felt. The guy had, of course, said he didn´t want any friends, though I hoped I could change it.

It's not easy to become friends with someone who avoids you.

At the end of the school day, I hadn´t seen him, not since this morning, it was like he had vanished, but I don't think that's possible, he probably just had other things to do. He is somewhere, I'm sure of it.

I step into the office-place, being the nice, humble and generous person, I am, I have been since freshmen year, helping other students with their homework in my free time. Also hoping that my life is a romantic-book or something so that I would find my one and only.

That hasn't happened yet. Yet!

"Hello Miss McGonagall" I greeted as I entered her office. Her office was neat and clean, everything was in order and looked perfect, this is one of my favourite places in the school, despite the clean stuff and the strict atmosphere, the place was very welcoming. I don't think anyone but she could make something feel like that.

"Hello Mr Lupin, anything I can do for you?" she asked kindly.

"I came here to sign up for the 'students help students' program ma'am"

McGonagall´s office is placed in such a way that it is almost impossible to look in, but its exceptionally easy to look out. It's like she´s a cat on the watch, hiding behind the bushes, waiting for the oblivious mouse.

"Of course, wait here a moment" she smiled at me and left the office. Right now, I was all alone in the office, I don't think any students have ever been in here alone, I must be really trustworthy. So now I am a trustworthy, nice, humble and generous student. I should get a prize for that.

My curiosity made me do what I did next. So, I guess I'm also curious now, though because of my curiosity, I´m less trustworthy and nice, still humble and generous though.

Oh, so humble.

I just want you to know that I have never done anything like this before, my life had never been an adventure. I want an adventure. Her computer was open on the other side of the table, slowly, and a little hesitant, I made my way for the other side of the table, the computer was on, and logged in.

She made it way too easy for me.

Quickly I found the list of students and looked it through, every now and then I looked up to see if McGonagall was coming. I found him as one of the last students on the list.

"So," James said as he dragged out the 'o', I had left McGonagall´s office, not any students had asked for help to their homework, so she would let me know if anyone wanted any. Guess I have free time at the moment. "How´s Mr New Guy?" he winked suggestively.

I laughed at his silliness, what did I do to deserve a friend like him?

"I bet you already asked him to eat lunch with us, am I right?" Peter laughingly added the last part when I blushed. "Why did he refuse then?" he asked seriously.

I shrugged my shoulders. "He says he doesn't want any friends" was the simple answer.

"And you hope the be the one to change that?" James teased after an awkward silence. I nodded. "What´s your plan?" he asked right after, "If I must assume you have one."

These two knew me too well.

"Oh, I have one" I answered dramatically, as I rubbed my hands together. The plan was new, just made in fact, but is surely going to work.

They both laughed. "Can we hear it then?" Peter asked.

"I´m going to have a secret with him, that always make you close with someone." James and Peter lifted their eyebrows, usually, I'm not the kind of guy who has dirty tricks.

"Are you going to spy on him or something?" James asked confused, when I shook my head he added even more confused, "how are you gonna find a secret then?"

"Already have one," I told them secretly, I loved the look on their faces like they were gonna know this secret I had too.

"What is it then?" Peter asked eagerly.

I had a dramatic pause, just to drag it a little longer than necessary. "I know his name" I whispered to them. Peter´s eyes turned big and James´s jaw dropped.

"What is it then?" James repeated Peter, but this time more eager to find out.

I shook my head. "If I tell you, it won't be a secret" I laughed. They had fake-hurt expressions on their faces. "And besides" I added before they could say anything, "I want him to trust me, so if I give his secret to anyone, he surely won't."

James nodded in agreement, but Peter still looked betrayed.

"Do you even know what you could get for this information?" Peter asked bewildered, "People has been placing bets on who can guess his name. I don't think anyone has gotten it yet, it must be pretty rare." He stated. If only Peter knew how right he was.

"It is special, I have never heard anyone named that but him" I agreed, special and beautiful. "And I do know what I can do with that information, I can be his friend" and hopefully more I added for myself.

"Or… You can get a lot of money" Peter suggested, I didn´t blame him for not knowing what its like to have limits, he basically swam in girls.

When I didn´t say anything, James took over for me. "Who wants money over love? And besides, if it doesn't work out…" he looked at me, "if, then he can reveal the name and get the money" not too bad, but I wouldn´t do it. There´s always a chance, and I don't care how long it will take for me to befriend him.

The whole next day I looked for him everywhere. We don't share too many classes and that annoys me, but could also be for the best, if he is there for every class, I won't be able to concentrate. I see him in our last class, chemistry with Slughorn.

I´m paired with the boy. I´m lucky, I´m really, really, lucky. Now he is forced to talk to me, maybe not in a friendly way, but it could turn out to be.

He doesn't talk too much if it's because he doesn't know what the subject is about, or because he knows it all already and he then doesn't need to talk, I couldn´t know.

But I like a mysterious man.

Unlike everyone else, the boy doesn't begin packing until the bell rings, which is just perfect for me, everything is so convenient for me. It makes me really happy and I feel brave right now, I decide to confront him now.

I waited till everyone was out of the classroom "So, how are you doing Sirius?" I ask kindly, perhaps a tad too sweet, but rather sweet than bitter.

Sirius looks shocked at me as if he got an electric shock, his face is unreadable, but it is obvious that he is shocked. His eyes were going wide and were full of regret.

"H-How…?" he stammers out, before he grabbed all his things and ran out of the classroom, and left me to stare after him.

I have a feeling that I just ruined it all.

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