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That Potions Lesson

Shield of Ice, Sword of Magic: A Harry Potter Fanfiction

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of its associated characters: all rights belong to JK Rowling. I do not own any crossover references used in the story: all rights belong to their original creators. I do own any OC spells explained at the end of a chapter.

Plot: whitetigerwolf's Scene Challenge Response: In the zoo, two girls heard Harry speaking Parseltongue: as a result, the life of the Golden Boy is changed as he becomes something more: something that's not the Golden Boy: never has been, never will be.

Challenge Information: SCENE CHALLENGE: So…the origin of this challenge is much different than my normal thought process. Most of the time, my ideas come from brainstorming story ideas. That or I'll be reading something, watching something, or playing a video game of some kind and the idea pops into my head or I ask myself, What would happen if...?

From there, I will either attempt to write a story, or post it as a challenge, depending on various reasons. This idea stems from something different. I had a dream of it...or at least a scene of it.

As I don't feel like writing it myself, I decided to post it as a challenge. And part of the requirements, shall be the incorporating of the scene, as best I can describe, from my dreams, along with the requirements relevant to it that I can decipher.

Requirements:Prior to attending Hogwarts, Harry must meet and befriend Daphne Greengrass and Tracey Davis

Harry must be sorted into Slytherin with Daphne and Tracey

Snape must remain Hostile to Harry

Eventual Harry Daphne, Harry/Tracey, or Harry/Daphne/Tracey

The following scene must be incorporated into the story: While in potions class, Snape verbally attacks Harry (to what extent is up to you). Before Harry can react, Tracey and/or Daphne intercede and assure Snape that they will be writing to their parents to have Snape 'Sanctioned' for his treatment of Harry, before escorting Harry out of the classroom.

No recommendations for this challenge.

Author's Note: So, talk about weird: what this writer says about ideas just coming to them, even when they're reading, watching or playing, is similar to how many of my ideas tend to come to me…spooky or what?

Anyway, I read this idea and, for a minute, I considered how it might work…then this came to me, so let's have some fun.

And, as always, if you don't like it, don't read it.

Dedication: I'd like to dedicate this story to whitetigerwolf for creating such an open challenge idea: my recommended reads are King of the Street by Dustedoffstories, Thanks to a Snake by Irish216, Dark Prince and The Allure of Darkness by LoveMyRomance, Harry Potter and the Unexpected Friend and Harry Potter and the Unexpected Dogfather by CaskettFan5, Harry Potter and the Slytherin Ice Queen by Hugo LR Reed, Harry Slithers In: The Philosopher's Stone, Harry Slithers In: The Chamber of Secrets, Harry Slithers in: Prisoner of Azkaban and Harry Slithers In: Goblet of Fire by Dragonson, Black Frost by SokoNinjaz, Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin by The Sinister Man and The Downward Spiral SagaHarry Potter and the Homecoming, Harry Potter and Salazar's Legacy, Harry Potter and the Year of Broken Chains, Harry Potter and the Return of the Lost, Harry Potter and the Dirge of Hope and Harry Potter and the End of War – by BolshevikMuppet99

Key Pairing: Harry/Daphne/Tracey

Other Pairings: To be determined

Normal Speech



Prologue: That Potions Lesson

"There will be no foolish wand-waving, or silly incantations in this class…"

Right from the first moment his life had taken a turn for the better – though many would claim it was for the worse – Harry had always known that Professor Severus Snape was someone who demanded and exuded respect, authority and power with every word he spoke.

However, as soon as the door to the Potions Classroom was thrown open, admitting said Potions Master, he also realised this was probably one of the biggest understatements he'd ever make at Hogwarts.

Each word was low in its tone, but clear as a bell and, even if he wanted to look away, he just couldn't.

Instead, Harry sat still and straight in his seat, transfixed and paying full attention to their teacher as he reached the front of the class, Daphne on his right and Tracey on his left, the young Slytherin student felt his heart grow warm and cold as he listened to the man's voice address him and the rest of the first-year class.

"As such, I don't expect you to understand the subtle science and exact art that is potions making…however, for those select few, who possess the predisposition…I can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses…I can tell you how to bottle fame, brew glory and even put a stopper…in death…"

Somehow, Harry knew that was the end of the man's impressive speech, but he couldn't tear his eyes away, even as Snape's gaze swept across the sea of faces looking up at him before, finally, he spoke again, "If you succeed in this class, you may yet find your lives proving fruitful, provided you do not give me cause to suspect you are as bad as the usual bunch of dunderheads I have to teach…but we'll see, I suppose…"

Before he could stop himself, Harry rolled his eyes at the older man's last remark: talk about an ideal pep talk for your students to help them be the best they can be.

Insulting them!

Unfortunately, Snape seemed to notice this as he snapped, "Potter!"

Straightening up again, Harry kept his eyes on his Head of House before he swallowed hard as he asked, "Yes Professor?"

"A point from Slytherin," hissed Severus, earning alarmed looks from many of the Slytherins, though none were more-horrified than Daphne or Tracey, both of whom subtly moved their hands into Harry's to stop him rising to the bait the man was obviously putting out for him.

"Why, sir?" asked Harry, trying to keep the disbelief out of his voice: what had he done wrong?

"Not paying attention…and that's another point for talking back to a teacher," replied Snape, earning a clenched jawline from Harry before he continued as he explained, "Now, if we're all done wasting time inflating your ego, let's see if you can manage to earn that snake on your chest, shall we?"

From Harry's right, he heard Daphne grinding her teeth together while Tracey was clenching Harry's hand tighter than he might have liked, but he didn't say anything to either girl as, instead, he gulped before he listened as Snape addressed him, "Tell me what would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?"

A rush of air from just behind Harry told him someone else knew the answer, but clearly didn't know how to follow instructions.

As for Harry, he gulped before he admitted softly, "I…I don't know, sir."

"Pity," drawled Snape, though as he did so, Harry thought he saw the edges of the man's lips turn upwards as he added, "Clearly…fame isn't everything, is it, Mr Potter? Perhaps you should have been sorted into Hufflepuff or even Gryffindor rather than wasting my time teaching such a pathetic, arrogant…"

"All right, that's enough!"

Even Harry's head snapped round when he saw Daphne rise up, her blue eyes as cold and hard as ice in her face while her jawline was clenched just as tightly as Harry's had been as she stared down Snape.

"Sit down, Greengrass!"

"Not before you apologise," argued Daphne, earning a gasp from the rest of the class while Daphne looked to Harry, offering him a rare smile that was only ever shown to him, Tracey, her parents and their closest of close friends, before she returned her attention to Snape, her voice edged by a cold, harsh tone of her own as she defended her friend.

"I can't believe you're a teacher, Professor Snape! Not only do you ask a first-year a question that's more NEWT level, but you also openly bully and belittle him just because he happens to look like a man who made your life hell!"

"Silence!" snapped Snape, earning a scoff from Tracey as she too rose up, her own dark, hazel-coloured eyes filled with a mixture of disbelief and mutual respect for Daphne and what she was saying.

"No, she's right," argued Tracey, placing a hand on Harry's shoulder as she told their teacher, "Harry's done nothing to deserve your treatment of him, Professor: so he looks like his Dad? He also has his Mother's eyes, you know?"

"Detention, all three of you!" snarled Snape, his eyes fixed on Harry as he snapped, "And that's another fifty points from…"

"Right!" insisted Daphne, already moving to gather her things as she looked down once more, "Come on, Harry, Tracey, we're leaving!"

"Where do you think you're going?"

"To find a competent teacher," answered Daphne, earning a faint flicker of a smile from Harry while the fabled Ice Princess of Slytherin continued laying into Snape as she added, "And to send word to our families, as well as their allies, about the piss-poor standards of teaching from a man who can't get over a grudge with a dead man, so he takes it out on the student."

"Teachers are meant to be neutral, Professor…though I use the term very loosely," added Tracey, patting Harry once on the shoulder as she told him, "Come on, Harry: you don't need your education threatened by this child!"


Even as Snape thundered out the demand, Daphne, Tracey and a still-shocked, but also cold-eyed Harry were already halfway out the door.

So, the adventure begins and, weirdly, I thought I'd start with the scene in question and then write the rest from there…but, anyway, it begs the questions: how does the Ice Queen know our hero, not to mention Tracey too?

Also, why do they seem so protective and caring about him and his future and what will this mean for everyone who thinks they have the right to dumb him down just to smooth their own egos?

(And I'm not just talking about Snape there, either)

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AN: Portrayals

Daphne Greengrass: Dove Cameron

Tracey Davis: Chloe Bennet