Chapter 10

Ines wanted to spend another day outside before it got cold and snow began to fall. She was able to convince Lily and Dorcas to take their studying, and for Emmeline, Mary, and Marlene to take their conversation to the courtyard. Ines had felt especially good that day, she had received a letter from her mother telling her that Molly Weasley was pregnant with her third child. Ines had no idea who Molly Weasley was, but had heard her mother complain plenty about her and her husband being blood traitors which made her good in Ines' eyes. Her mother often gossiped with other pureblood mothers, not wanting to fraternize with anyone below her high standards. Her mother had also written her to say that she was able to get the alterations done on Ines gown for the Malfoy wedding. As much as Ines had been dreading the event, she could never turn down an opportunity to look smashing.

She could hear Lily groan as they walked through the archway into the sunny courtyard. Despite the grassy lawn being littered with numerous students, Ines knew that Lily had an issue with the fact that the boys were there, more specifically James. They were seated around the fountain in the middle. Remus was reading, Peter was talking to a 3rd year Hufflepuff girl, James and Sirius were talking as they passed a Quaffle between them, no doubt James' doing. She didn't hate him but also didn't particularly love him. His infatuation with her was no secret, but she wasn't as receptive to it as James had hoped she would be. Remus spotted the girls from behind his book and waved at them, they all reciprocated. This action caused the attention of James and Sirius to be drawn to them. James smiled brightly "Alright, Evans!" calling across the courtyard. She smiled a polite smile, turning to Ines "I'll be going now" and stalked off to the grassy patch under the tree. "I'll meet you there!" Ines called, to not only Lily but the rest of the girls. Emmeline smirked slightly, and Marlene scowled as Ines walked over to where Sirius was sitting, smiling at her.

But before Ines could say any sort of witty comment that would wipe the smile right of his face, her view was blocked by a girl. Despite being behind her, Ines recognized her. Rather for her voice than the back of herself. "Sirius," She breathed, in her overly polite tone "How have you been, we haven't had the chance to catch up!". Cynthia Goodwin held a similar status to Ines and a name given to a few boys and girls across the school. Two sad eyes and one skanky smile, They practically pulse with the promise of promiscuity. They're easy to catch but too slippery to hold onto. Ines had never been too attached to anyone and found that others typically felt the same when it came to her. She wasn't an adventure, she was simply a prize to be had. Sirius and Ines found themselves at the head of the unspoken competition of sorts, one that they found no real intention of winning but had no problem continuing to try, despite there being no real end. Sirius smirked, his sultry glare practically emanating his confidence. "I'm doing fine Cynthia, yourself?". She beamed, and Ines rolled her eyes. "Fantastic. Listen, I was hoping that we could go to next Hogsmeade visit together, ya know, catch up?". There was a brief pause. One in which Ines found herself staring straight ahead, trying to convince herself that this couldn't possibly be happening right in front of her. All eyes of the boys were on her, all but Sirius' as they were too busy searching into Cynthia's. "Of course, I'll see you then Love." He muttered, giving her an alluring look.

She smiled, satisfied, and turned to walk away but was face to face with Ines. She was shocked for only a second, but it quickly turned into a malicious smile "Oh. Hi Ines didn't see you there.". Ines only glared, and Cynthia walked off. Leaving nothing between Ines and Sirius. She glared at him momentarily, conveying a look filled with both disgust and hatred. She took the seat next to him and turned to James. "We haven't had the opportunity to catch up did we?" Ines said, imitating Cynthia to the best of her ability, "You know, we haven't shagged in the fourth-floor broom cupboard by the charms class in quite a while.". She twirled her hair and pushed her chest up, pulling a dumb face mimicking Cynthia. The boys all laughed, all but Sirius "At least I'm getting shagged." he said, looking right into Ines' eyes. Ines turned to face him and leaned in "Who's to say I'm not" she whispered, before getting up and walking off in mock playfulness.

But she didn't get far before she heard someone shout "Give it back! Please, I need them.". She turned to see that Evan Rosier, flanked by Severus and Mulciber, was charming the books of a young Hufflepuff boy above her head and just out of his reach. Evan didn't notice Ines approach him until she grabbed the book from his charms clutches. She shoved it into the boy's arms and pushed him away from the situation. "Haven't you got anything better to do Rosier? Other than being an absolute tosser?" He brought his wand to his side and looked on Ines. She wasn't particularly short, but anyone compared to Evan looked like a house elf. "I could ask you the same. It's all just fun, ease up." Mulciber laughed behind him, somehow finding humor in the weakness of Evans comeback. "I'll ease up when you leave" Ines spat, bringing her wand under Evans jaw. She saw his breath catch, and he stared down at her, "I'd watch what you're doing Avery, you're forcing my hand. I doubt you'd like to spend the night in the hospital wing". She smiled, mocking him "Wonderful, if I get to punch a manic, lanky jerk in the face, my night will be complete, no matter where I spend it."

Before he could respond she heard a voice coming towards them "Rosier, back up." Oberon was standing with his wand drawn, staring at Evan and ignoring Ines. Evan scoffed and took a step back, "That's right, I forgot" he said in false seriousness, mocking Oberon "We can't touch her can we.". Oberon seethed and followed him with his wand. Ines couldn't believe him. After all these years when his main goal seemed to be to keep as far away from her as possible, he had asked this of his friends. He had driven such a deep stake into their relationship, it was now beyond mending.

Their summers and Christmas' spent at home were nothing but silent, only polite comments, and greetings. The fact that he had the nerve, regardless of how kind the gesture may or may not be, to 'protect' her disgusted her. Someone grabbed her arm, she knew it was Sirius, she could recognize his touch any day. She pulled from it, knowing he was restraining her from attacking her brother, but she wouldn't. He wasn't even facing her anymore, he was looking at Regulus. Regulus looked out of breath from hurrying over to them, and Oberon looked out of breath by just looking at him. Ines watched in fury as Regulus reached Oberon and reached his hand out, grabbing his arm just as Sirius did hers and ask 'what's going on, is everything ok?'. Oberon paused for only a second, before nodding and walking off, all his cronies following him. Ines watched them go until their black robes blended in with the shadows of the hallway.