Chapter 5

As much as Ines protested, she was eventually dragged from her bed the next morning. She trudged around the room, unpacking only a bit as she didn't have a chance to the night before. "Dorcas, can you pass me my hairbrush?" she asked, as she rummaged through her trunk at the foot of her bed, looking for her left shoe. Dorcas, who had been washing her face turned from the bathroom in confusion, "I haven't got your hairbrush." Ines groaned and slammed her trunk shut, being quite dramatic. "I haven't got my shoe, my hairbrush, or any clue of what the hell I'm doing".

Suddenly the hairbrush in question fell in her lap, Lily had had it. Ines smiled at her gratefully, opening her arms up for a hug. When Lily didn't move they shot each other cheeky smiles and went to continue their morning routine. The girls had decided to wait in the common room, Emmeline stayed behind to fix her hair. She eventually found her left shoe and was able to fully put herself together. After applying a bit of makeup, she left the bathroom and walked to the door. Walking down the steps she heard someone call behind her "Wait" Emmeline called, "you forgot your tie". Emmeline had run down after her, but Ines had already made it down to the common room. She was immediately greeted with Sirius, holding her tie. They paused, staring at each other. Emmeline behind her, James, Lily, Dorcas, Remus, Mary, Peter, and Marlene were behind Sirius watching them in confusion and shock. James was holding back a smile, Lily's jaw was dropped, and Marlene looked close to tears.

"Ive, uh, got your tie" he whispered. Ines took it from him and whispered thank you, before walking past him to her friends. Lily broke from their spot and walked with her, trying to keep pace. Ines knew what she was going to ask and didn't want to give her a chance to. "Ines what was that about?" she asked once she caught up. Ines tried to keep it short and sweet, knowing that she was not likely to believe the truth on the matter. "I took off my tie last night in the common room, forgot it, and Sirius found it.". Lily scoffed, "Like hell. Either way, what was that.". Ines slowed down, as they had made it down 2 full flights of stairs and were in the entrance hall. "What was what?". Lily scoffed, "Oh maybe, the gazing into each other eyes thing." Ines rolled her eyes and made her way into the great hall to sit. Food had already filled the tables, so the girls began to pack things onto their plate.

It wasn't long until Severus walked up to their table. He hovered next to her, unsure as to whether he should sit or not. Ines didn't like Severus. It was hard to think of anyone who would willingly spend their time with Oberon to have a heart. On top of that, he had drifted from being utterly obsessed with Lily to being with Mulciber, Evan Rosier, Bertha Jorkins, and Regulus. All of whom exuded a sense of pureblood superiority and evil. Lily reluctantly turned to him and pulled her best-forced smile, "Hello, Severus. Nice to see you.". A faint blush could be seen on his cheeks, and it took all of Ines' power not to roll her eyes. "Hello, Lily. How are you?'. Lily, already quite finished with the conversation replied with a tight-lipped 'fine'. Severus, seeing his presence was no longer wanted, began to step backward. But, as he was not paying attention, walked right into James and Sirius. They grabbed his shoulders and pushed him backward, causing him to almost topple over, "Seeya Snivelly!" James shouted, grinning.

Ines reached out a hand to Lily, she knew that despite the fact that she hated Snape that losing a friend was hard. She felt a similar sadness when it came to Oberon. They could pass as the closest pair of twins, and they truly used to be. But it was no longer that way, a simple thing such as school houses were able to drive such a wedge between her and her family that the fact that Oberon went along with it proved to Ines the kind of person he was. Lily smiled, appreciating the gesture.

The group of kids all sat around in the seats surrounding Ines and Lily, continuing their conversation on the way down about some charm. Ines, who wanted to stand her ground that the 'gazing into each other eyes thing' was simply that, nothing more, with no feelings but platonic ones driving it, and slid closer down to Sirius. "Hi" she whispered, catching his attention. He turned to look at her and smiled. She sat next to him, listening to James and Remus' conversation. James had read the Daily Prophet aloud, as there was a new update on the mysterious floo disappearance of Violet Tillyman. It wasn't before long that McGonagall came around to pass out their schedules. She passed them to Lily first, giving her a smile, then to the rest of the girls. She then passed them out to the boys and Ines, giving them stern looks. "You have all dropped divination I see, why is that". They laughed, reminiscing, James explained it to her "we all decided to drop it after Professor Babbling told Ines that she would one day experience something that 'inspires stars to climb into the sky and light up the world.' and that's when we knew we had enough.". Ines rolled her eyes playfully, noticing a small tight-lipped smile from McGonagall, and took her schedule.

She received hers to find that she had Charms first, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, History of Magic, Transfiguration, and Potions last, with Astronomy at night. Students from other houses were darting around to compare their schedules with their friends. A 5th year Slytherin girl came to compare her schedule with a Ravenclaw girl sitting behind Ines. Ines peered over to them, only to find, to her disappointment, that she shared DADA, Astronomy, and Potions with the Slytherins. Meaning, she would have to see Oberon in three more classes than she wanted to.

After finishing their meal, Ines, James, and Sirius got up to leave. They had charms first, and Lily, not wanting to be late, stayed behind so to be closer to the room and not have to walk all the way from the quad. James was talking very enthusiastically about the upcoming quidditch season; "There are seven hundred ways of committing a Quidditch foul and all of them had happened during the World Cup match in 1473. Now I'm thinking, If the Transylvanian Captain was able to commit nearly half of them, create the Transylvanian Tackle, AND win the game, we should be able to get away with much more.". Before Ines could respond, asking how he found something so ridiculous someone called her name. All three of the kids turned to their right to find Quidditch Captain Gavin Gudgeon seated at the edge of the table. "Talking about Quidditch are you eh? Forgot to post it in the common room, but trials are this Thursday at 6.". Ines smiled, "thanks, I'll be sure to brush up with Brutus Scrimgeour's Beaters' Bible.". Gavin laughed, McGonagall had given her the book last year after she almost took out the teachers box with a bludger when the commentator, Gregory Cotton - who had been kicked from Slytherins team as he tried to transfigure the opposing teams Seeker Dougal McBride's head into a cabbage in order to get the snitch before him - had some rude remarks regarding her beating skills. Funnily enough, Scrimgeour first priority for a Beater is to ' take out the Seeker'.

Gavin had gotten up from his seat, implying he was going to walk with the three of them. Ines ignored James and Sirius' obvious displeasure in this and greeted Gavin with a smile. Ines and Gavin walked side by side, with James and Sirius skulking right behind them. "I want to try something new, the Bludger Backbeat, you backhand the Bludger, it's difficult to pull off with any precision but I think you can do it. very effective for disorienting opponents, who don't expect a Bludger to come at them in that way and-" Ines cut him off with a laugh, now passing the hospital wing staircase, "That is if I get off the team, trials are this Thursday you said?".

Gavin smiled softly, which turned into a haughty smirk, "Of course you'll be on the team, I'd be stupid not to have someone like you on it. It also means we can spend more time together.". Ines' pace slowed down at these words, she knew Gavin's games. She was able to catch a scoff from Sirius behind her as she did so. Ines gave him a teasing smile, causing him to blush. "Well I'll still be coming to trials, I'll see you then." at this she gave him a wink turned on her heel, to keep him waiting and to get James and Sirius out of there before they made one more snide remark. She grabbed their hands and pulled them back through the quad, cutting through the courtyard. James was the first to speak, imitating Gavin quite poorly; "Oh Ines, I'd be stupid to not have you on the team, how would I stare at your arse when you're above me on your broom?" The boys sniggered at her, all the way to charms.

As quickly as Ines found herself in charms, she was out of it. Day one expectation was to successfully perform the aguamenti charm. Flitwick hadn't thought out the lesson as thoroughly as he should have, especially considering who he would be having in his classroom. James' clothes had been drenched 20 minutes into the lesson, which then caused Sirius' clothes to be drenched 21 minutes in, and Ines' 22 minutes. They found themselves walking through the halls to McGonagall's office in sopping wet clothes, while Ines racked her brain for the charm that would make them dry again. After James had tried 'Incendio', causing a trail of flames to appear at the hem of unsuspecting 2nd-year Ravenclaws robes, Ines remembered 'Venteus' which the boys thanked her repeatedly for. McGonagall had heard the shrieks from the poor boy, and rounded the corner, calling them all into her office.

"Well?" she said sharply. "What happened?". Sirius kicked his feet up on McGonalls deck and leaned back into his chair, which was not a good sign "Minnie, it was all quite innocent. James' was suddenly taken over by a wave of water that just seemed to come out of nowhere." McGonagall pushed his feet from the desk, hoping to have a civil conversation. Her dream was quickly crushed when James slammed his hand on the desk "That's absolute blasphemy and you know! The water had to of come from you," before Sirius could argue against it, James continued his explanation "So I was merely defending myself from this vicious attack." McGonagall then turned to Ines, an obvious headache forming "Now how is it that you are also soaked, Ms. Avery?". Ines rounded on Sirius, looking him dead in the eyes as she spoke: "Sirius thought it would be funny to have a water fight, in a classroom, indoors, like an idiot!". While Ines and Sirius bickered, McGonagall looked to the Ravenclaw boy. At this point, the poor Ravenclaw boy was so overcome, there was no getting a word out of him. "All right," said Professor McGonagall, not unkindly, "go up to the hospital wing, please, and get Madam Pomfrey to give you something for burns and shock." When he had left the room, Professor McGonagall turned back to James, Sirius, and Ines. "What you three did was incredibly unacceptable and disruptive. I don't know how you expect to get through this year, your most important year, with this childish attitude."

The three kids lowered their heads - missing McGonagall's fleeting smile - not wanting to receive the full blow of her punishment. "How's my quidditch team going?" she asked. Their three heads snapped up. "Our what?" James asked. "You heard me." She said. Ines looked at her confused, and answered slowly "fine, professor. Trials are on Thursday.". She gave them a tight-lipped smile "All right then, wonderful. Now, please go to your next class, Defense Against the Dark Arts I believe."

They all left slowly, not entirely processing what had just happened, walking to their next class. Once they arrived outside of professor Merrythoughts classroom, they were greeted by the rest of their friends. Remus laughed at their confused expression as they approached, "So what's McGonagall got you doing? polish the silver in the trophy room without magic, clean out the bedpans in the hospital wing, loss of Hogsmeade privileges?" Peter laughed along with him, looking hopefully at Remus, hoping to hop in and add another layer to the joke, but Ines didn't give him a chance. "Nothing, at all" she whispered, as she whisked past him and joined arms with Lily's outstretched one. She could hear him exclaim in confusion behind her as she turned to Lily. "Nothing at all really? Why's that?". "I assume she didn't want us to miss quidditch, all she did was ask us what had happened and how this years team was going." The two of them laughed, now entering Merrythoughts classroom. Once they were seated, Ines next to Lily, James next to Sirius behind them, Remus next to Peter to their right, and Marlene next to Emmeline on their left Ines turned to face her. "Lily," she whispered, taking her focus away from the chalkboard "Do you know who it was that drenched James with water? Cause if it was Sirius I would have known before he had done it.". Lily only blushed, but as hard as she tried to mask it, turning away from Ines, she caught her. She stifled a giggle and smirked at her. She turned briefly to look at Sirius, who she grinned at. He smiled back, seeming to understand her unspoken message, and winked. Ines turned back to the front of the room, wondering why it was she was stifling a blush as well.