Lelouch, C C's Clumsy Boyfriend

Chapter 1

Note: Code Geass is an anime that was done by the studio Sunrise.

Zero walked up to his teammates and said, "No crimes have happened in the last week."

Kallen replied, "We should have a victory party."

C. C, said, "A new villain could try to attack us."

Kaname Ohgi replied, "Since there haven't been any crimes, we're super safe."

Zero said, "We're going to find out how safe we are."

Tamaki asked, "What's your plan?"

Zero said, "We're going to look around the city for crimes to stop."

Diethard Ried didn't like Zero's plan, so he said, "If there's no crime around that means I won't do any crime fighting."

Zero thought about it and replied, "I agree with him about that. I probably wants us to fight the random villains that I dream about."

C. C. said, "The others and I will look for crime."

Zero asked, "What are newsboy and I supposed to do?"

C. C. said, "Hang around in the hideout, but stay away from trouble."

Diethard replied, "We're totally not going to cause any trouble."

C. C. said, "Actually, you two have been troublemakers plenty of times."

Zero proudly replied, "We're going to be super mature, this time."

C. C. and Zero's other teammates left. Zero and Diethard Ried played video games and ate dozens of snacks.

Emperor Charles knocked on the hideout's door. Zero opened the door and asked, "Why are you here?"

Emperor Charles had an evil smile on his face, while saying, "I want your hideout."

Zero replied, "We're never going to give it to you."

Emperor Charles knew that Zero and Diethard were easy to trick so he said, "Giving me the hideout would be a great idea."

Diethard replied, "It would mess things up."

Emperor Charles said, "If you don't give me the hideout, I'll probably try to have it destroyed several times. If you let me have the hideout, it'll be safe from my wrath."

Zero and Diethard thought about Emperor Charles' offer. Zero said, "Having a villain keep the hideout doesn't seem as bad as having the hideout destroyed. Me and my team will be a lot safer. I think that C. C. would be proud of me if I gave my arch enemy my hideout."

Diethard replied, "This is a great chance for us to be more heroic than ever."

Zero said, "You can keep the hideout, Emperor Charles."

Emperor Charles replied, "Thank you, fools. Pack up all of the stuff that you and your team own. They're not allowed to live here anymore." Zero and Diethard spent the next few hours packing up the stuff in the hideout. They put the stuff outside.

C. C. and the others returned. They looked around and found out that their stuff was outside. C. C. sighed and said, "Zero and Diethard have caused lots of trouble."

Kallen replied, "I'm hoping that they have a solid reason for doing this."

C. C. said, "Frankly, their reasons for doing things are loopy."

Zero tried to calm his teammates down by saying, "News boy and I found a way to protect the hideout, forever."

C. C. asked, "How will letting all of our stuff get rained on help our home?"

Zero said, "Since we let Emperor Charles have the hideout, he won't try to destroy it anymore."

C. C. sighed and replied, "That's a dumb reason to let him have the hideout, future husband."

Zero said, "What?!"

C. C. blushed and replied, "Don't worry about it."

Zero said, "Protecting the hideout is essential."

Diethard replied, "Zero and I should become guards."

C. C. knocked on the door. Emperor Charles opened it and said, "Hi, loser."

C. C. angrily responded, "You need to leave the hideout, forever."

Emperor Charles said, "Zero and newsboy let me keep it."

C. C. replied, "But they're not the legal owners."

Emperor Charles said, "Thankfully, I break the law a couple of times a day."

Zero asked, "What daily crimes do you do?"

Emperor Charles said, "I litter perfume stores and steal trees."

Diethard replied, "You sound cool, dude."

Emperor Charles said, "Since I've stolen Zero's hideout, that means that I'm controlling their team." He did an evil laugh.

C. C. said, "We're going to kick you out of the hideout."

Emperor Charles replied, "You won't do that. It's too hard to stop me." Emperor Charles ran around Zero's hideout. Zero and his teammates ran after him.

Zero whispered to Diethard, "We have to stop Emperor Charles, so we don't seem like the lame members of the team."

Diethard asked, "How could we kick him out of here?"

Zero said, "I'll use my blasting powers to knock him out." Zero turned on his blasting powers, but he accidentally blasted General Tohdoh. General Tohdoh passed out.

Diethard said, "Blasting our general is bad for our reputation."

Zero replied, "You might be able to beat up Emperor Charles."

Diethard smiled and said, "I'll use my broadcasting powers to stop him." Diethard turned on his news camera and ran after Charles. He accidentally started beating up Kallen instead of Charles.

Kallen replied, "Even though you're a nice team member, you're acting like a loopy fool, this time." Diethard finished his fight with Kallen. She passed out.

Zero said, "We did a terrible job, this time."

Diethard replied, "It seems like we're not as delightful as we thought we were."

Emperor Charles ran around the hideout while saying, "Since the two goofballs beat up their own teammates, it'll be extra easy to keep their hideout."

C. C. replied, "I'm going to get rid of your plans."

Emperor Charles said, "It's way too hard to get rid of me. I'm the master of evilness." He did an evil laugh. C. C. used her powers to attack Emperor Charles. Emperor Charles wasn't that powerful, so he passed out after two minutes of fighting.

C. C. floated to Zero and Diethard and said, "You two caused tons of trouble today. You guys need to be cooler."

Zero replied, "News boy and I are super powerful."

C. C. said, "You beat up our teammates instead of the villain."

Diethard replied, "I don't think we'll get punished for it."

C. C. thought about how to punish them. After a few minutes of thinking she said, "You guys can't have pizza for a month." Zero and Diethard started whining.

Kallen and General Tohdoh walked to the living room. Kallen asked, "What's going on?"

C. C. said, "Even though Zero and news boy defeated you, I managed to take care of the Emperor. I banned them from pizza for a month."

General Tohdoh replied, "Those guys are so obsessed with pizza that they could do crazy things." Zero and Diethard were so upset about their punishment that they broke the oven and the microwave. C. C. rolled her eyes.

The next day, Lelouch Lamperouge, better known as Zero, had a battle with Emperor Charles's henchmen.

Bismarck asked, "What should I do to Zero?"

Emperor Charles replied, "Do something that will scare him away. If things get too intense, I'll be too happy. Ha, ha, ha!"

Bismarck launched a bomb at the Black Knights' hideout. The hideout didn't blow up, but it got damaged. Zero asked, "Are you okay?"

Kaname Ohgi said, "Everybody seems to be okay."

Diethard Ried said, "How boring. I mean that's good."

Zero said, "A pretty simple attack. It barely hurt me or my hideout at all. It seems that Emperor Charles is running out of ways to intimidate me."

Emperor Charles said, "Lelouch probably assumes that the bomb had no effect on him. He's unaware that the bomb's purpose isn't to blow him up. It'll affect his body and his brain. He will be lucky if he can ride a bike after this, and his brain will be so affected that he will make dumber choices than usual. That should prove to that punk that I'm the opposite of outdated. Ha, ha, ha!"

Empress Marianne replied, "You will never be outdated. You'll always be the handsome emperor of Britannia."

Emperor Charles proudly stated, "That's the most accurate thing you've ever said."

Zero started riding home. However, he was still recovering from the bomb. He fell out of his ride and crash landed outside Ashford Academy.

C. C. sarcastically said, "Award winning driving."

Zero sarcastically replied, "I appreciate how sweet you are to me."

C. C. asked, "Where's your mask?"

Lelouch realized that his Zero had fallen off. He nervously said, "If anybody from the school sees me, they'll find out my secret identity. Do you see my mask?"

C. C. replied, "It's disappeared."

Lelouch said, "This is bad."

C. C. replied, "Something bad is always happening to you. It gets boring."

Lelouch angrily said, "I don't need your sassy attitude."

C. C. replied, "If you fed me more pizza, I would be in a more pleasant mood."

Lelouch whispered, "You're never in a pleasant mood." C. C. lightly slapped Lelouch. Lelouch said, "Ow!"

Some students were walking outside, so Lelouch hid in the garden bushes. Lelouch hid for several minutes.

The janitor was cleaning outside and saw Zero's mask on the ground. He said, "It seems like somebody lost their Halloween mask." The janitor broke the mask apart and threw it away.

Lelouch angrily said, "That fool should be fired."

C. C. said, "Hey, he cleaned your house after you dropped a 20-gallon carton of milk on the floor."

Lelouch said, "I still have my Zero costume which means if any teachers or students see me, they'll find out I'm Zero."

C. C. said, "Then take off the costume."

Lelouch said, "Okay." Lelouch took off his costume. Lelouch said, "Thankfully, I wear a t-shirt and swim trunks under my costume."

C. C. asked, "Why?"

Lelouch said, "Well, if I wore a regular outfit underneath my costume, I would be hotter than usual, which is hard to accomplish, because I'm so handsome." C. C. rolled her eyes.

Lelouch asked, "Am I not good looking?"

C. C. said, "Actually, you're the best looking, um, this isn't relevant right now."

Lelouch said, "Yeah, I need to save my secret identity."

C. C. said, "Be careful."

Lelouch said, "I'm the master of carefulness." Lelouch tripped and bumped into a tree that had a bee hive. A bunch of honey landed on Lelouch. The bees from the hive started chasing Lelouch. Lelouch was so scared that he screamed very loud.

Shirley Fenette looked outside and saw what happened. Principal Ashford asked, "What's going on?"

Shirley said, "Lelouch is covered with honey and being chased by a hive of bees. Should we help him?"

Principal Ashford said, "After I finish recording this and post it on YouTube."

C. C. said, "Lelouch, you're the most unsafe person in the history of life."

Lelouch said, "That's quite the honor, but I want to know how to escape the bees before we focus on getting me an award."

C. C. said, "They're after the honey."

Lelouch said, "I have honey all over my shirt. I have a smart idea." Lelouch threw his shirt into a tree. Lelouch proudly said, "Now the bees won't come after me."

C. C. said, "Lelouch, you have honey on your shoulders, too."

Lelouch said, "Oh, no." The bees still chased Lelouch.

C. C. said, "You need to find a place to go where the bees can't chase you. Think of a good and safe place, nothing dangerous or stupid."

Lelouch came up with a idea. He smiled and said, "I'll hide in the school's garbage can." C. C. facepalmed, while Lelouch went into the garbage can and put on the lid so the bees wouldn't go after him anymore. The bees flew away.

C. C. said, "Thank goodness they left. I think it's time for you to stop playing in the garbage can."

Lelouch said, "Hold on, I found like a dozen cool things from the garbage can that I want. I found a coloring book that's only partially ripped, candy wrappers, expired bread, and the shredded remains of my drapes."

While Lelouch shopped in the garbage can, the garbage truck came and put all of the stuff in the garbage can into the truck, including Lelouch.

C. C. tried to save Lelouch before the garbage truck drove away. C. C. said, "You can't leave, because I need your help."

The garbage truck driver asked, "What's going on?"

C. C. replied, "There's a guy in the garbage."

The garbage truck driver was confused. He asked, "What are you talking about?"

C. C. said, "My good-looking friend was being chased by bees and stupidly decided to hide in the garbage can."

The garbage truck driver said, "I don't think my boss would want me to put a guy in the dump. I'll get him out." He found Lelouch and gently threw him out of the garbage truck.

Lelouch said, "Thank you for saving my life, C. C."

C. C. replied, "You're welcome."

Lelouch said, "I hope that you can make a new Zero mask for me."

C. C. said, "I'll do that. Get me more pizzas."

Lelouch angrily said, "Okay." C. C. secretly uploaded a video of what happened to the Emperor.

The next day, C. C. talked to the Emperor and Empress about what happened. C. C. said, "It was quite an immature and foolish day, but I admit was oddly fun."

Empress Marianne said, "It's so cute how you saved your precious Lelouch."

C. C. replied, "Stop wording it like that."

Empress Marianne said, "Okay, future daughter."

C. C. angrily said, "That's an even worse way of wording it."

Emperor Charles said, "This is Lelouch's most delightful failure. I'll binge watch this on his birthday!"